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In this grant proposal we are requesting a total of $1,390,503 for direct costs and
$1,710,023 for total (indirect and direct) costs.
Dr X. will serve as Principal Investigator. In addition to her duties as a professor,
Dr. X co-directs the TC Research Center. Dr. X will donate 7% of her time to this
Dr. Postdoc, a minority Research Scientist, will serve as co-investigator. She will
coordinate the project, and supervise other literacy-related research activities.
She has extensive experience in measure development and video-tape coding.
She will spend 50% of her time on this project each year.
Dr. Project Director, Research Scientist, TC Research Center, has extensive
experience in evaluation research involving school partnerships. She will spend
5% of her time on this project each year.
Administrative Coordinator, TBN, is responsible for managing all Center
administrative activities (such as coordinating meetings, organizing data,
assisting collaborators, purchasing necessary materials, and supervising clerical
staff). The Administrative Coordinator will spend 15% of their time on the project
in each year.
Director of Finance will be responsible for the daily management functions of
financial matters, related project tasks and fiscal reporting. She will spend 15% of
her time each year on this project.
TBN: Research Assistant will be responsible for data collection, coding, and
project maintenance. She/he will spend 50% of her time on the project
each year.
TBN, Graduate Assistant will be responsible for project management, data
collection and coding, and assisting in information dissemination. She will be paid
$17.50 per hour for 20 hours per week.
Graduate Research Fellow will be responsible for data collection and coding,
project maintenance, and assisting in information dissemination. She will be paid
$15.25 per hour for 20 hours per week.
Note on Salaries:
We have accounted for an annual increase of five percent in the Director’s
salaries and four percent a year for researchers and other staff, which is in
accord with Teachers College Annual Cost of Living Increase Policy.
Fringe Benefits:
Fringe benefits consist of the following: legally required benefits which include
worker's compensation, unemployment insurance and severance allowance;
insurance and retirement benefits which include Major Medical, group life
insurance, disability insurance, and retirement annuity; non-cash benefits
consisting of vacation, sick time and other time off with pay. The fringe benefit
rate for professional staff is 37% of salaries and wages. The fringe benefit rate
for Graduate Assistant positions is 8.3% of salaries and wages.
We are requesting $39,960 to cover the expenses associated with general office
implementation supplies, and data collection supplies in Years 1 through 4.
General office supplies in Years 1-4 are $2,000, $2,000, $2,500, and $2,500.
Implementation supplies in Years 1-3 are $4,160, $12,480, $8,320 (video
tapes, books, web-based CDs, Teachers Manuals, participant take-home bags).
Data collection supplies (test kits, record forms,
protocols) for Years 1-3 are $2,000, $2,000, and $2000.
We are requesting a total of $11,000 for the project over 4 years to cover the
costs of
TRAINING CONSULTANT will provide on-site teacher instruction in curriculum
strategies and use of curriculum. In Year One, she will be paid $300 per day,
respectively, for work performed over 20 days. In Year Two, the work will
continue over 40 days at the same rates. In Year Three the work will be
performed over 20 days at the same rates.
CURRICULUM CONSULTANT will provide curriculum implementation and
trouble-shooting advice. In Year One, she will be paid at $400 per day for
work performed over 20 days. In Year Two, the work will continue over 40 days
at the same rates. In Year Three the work will be performed over 20 days at the
same rates.
DATA ANALYST CONSULTANT will provide statistical consultation services and
will be compensated at the rate of $72,881 over four years, disseminated
annually in amounts based on total time and services proffered. His hourly rate is
$28.00 and each year allows for fractional time.
A team of four graduate student data collectors will be hired to at the rate of $12
per hour for 120 hours of data collection in Year 1. A team of four data collector
will work 300 hours in Year 2 at $12 per hour. A team of four will work 180 hours
at $12 per hour in Year 3.
Teachers will be compensated for release time during training at the rate of $300
per day for four days of training for 14 teachers in Year One, 28 teachers in Year
Two, and 14 teachers in Year Three.
Funds are also requested for on-site consultant/coordinator for every two schools
at the rate of 25% of a salary based at $60,000 per year or $15,000 per year per
coordinator. Year One will have five coordinators, Year Two will have six
coordinators, and Year Three will have six coordinators. A four percent increase
in salary is requested for each year.
Incentives for Participants
Funds are requested to provide incentives for participants at the rate of $30 per
In Year One, there are 420 families and we will visit them twice annually. In Year
Two, there are 780 families and we will visit them annually. In Year Three we will
visit 360 families and meet once.
Incentives for Schools
We will pay each school $1,000 for their participation. In all years, we will need
10 schools for this work.
Funds are also requested to provide televisions and VCRs to classrooms at each
school at the rate of $500 each. In Year One we request $4,000 in Year Two we
request $8,000 and in Year Three we will need $4,000 for this expense.
Two computers will be purchased for project work in Year One for a total of
We are requesting travel money for 3 sets of activities: for teacher training, data
collection and to attend project related and dissemination meetings. Teacher
training travel will be to the training sites in the New York city area to train
teachers in using the curriculum. Data collection travel will to the participating
schools to collect data. Travel to meetings will be for regular project meetings,
location to be determined by funding agency and to meetings and conferences to
present findings from the study. In Year 1, $6,000 is being requested for travel
across all activities. In Years Two, additional funds for data collection travel have
been requested as the sample size will increase, ($7,000). In Year 3, in addition
to training and data collection travel, we intend on beginning our dissemination
efforts, hence travel money is included for presentations at meetings and
conferences. We plan to present data from this project (if abstracts
are accepted) at the Prestigious National Conference ($8,000). In Year Four we
request $3,000 in travel for follow up meetings associated with the project work.
We are requesting $4,000 in funds for the fourth year of the project to provide the
necessary materials to facilitate communication of findings.
The Teachers College indirect cost rate of 68.6% is taken from a base of direct
salaries and wages including vacation, holiday, sick pay and other paid absences
but excluding all other fringe benefits. KPMG Peat Marwick in New York City
audits the Teachers College accounting system annually.