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									Alamo Car Rental - Focus on Vacationers
Alamo Car Rental is a popular car rental company based in the U.S. The name would suggest that it started long ago in Texas but that's not the case. Alamo got its start in the mid 70s with all of the company's locations in Florida. Alamo Car Rental has revolutionized the car rental industry. Here is an overview of the company and why it has become so popular.

Alamo Car Rental started off fairly small and faced the competition of many established car rental companies. The company was the first rental agency to focus on vacationers and not the business travel market. Before its start, most renters were business people and most families flew to their destination or drove their family car. Alamo promoted car rental as an alternative to the high cost of flying or putting wear on the family car.

As a way to promote their new marketing strategy, Alamo was the first rental company to offer unlimited mileage. Now families could drive cross state without the worry of paying per mile. This was a new concept since most renters would just use their car in town. Their strategy worked and Alamo Car Rental quickly grew and by the early 80's the company was building large facilities in major tourist cities across Florida.

Over the years Alamo Car Rental has grown and has locations at major and most minor airports in the U.S. They also operate (sometimes under different names) in many cities worldwide. They have partnered with many major vacation and travel organizations including cruise companies and Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida.

Alamo Car Rental was also the first company to give customers the ability to complete a rental contract via the internet. Many companies followed their lead and now most rental companies offer contracts via the internet. The company continues to find more ways to use technology to make renting a car easier such as automated check-in and speedy car return.

Alamo Car Rental has revolutionized the car rental industry and continues to focus its attention on the vacation customer. They offer a number of specials in vacation destinations and offer many options for family size cars. Alamo is also partnered with many airlines to offer discounts as well as frequent flyer accrual. This is in addition to other discounts such as AAA and senior discounts.

The next time you need a car rental, consider Alamo Car Rental. They have revolutionized the car rental industry and continue to offer leisure travel customers great value for their money. Visit their website or call their reservations to get a quote and reserve your rental.

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