Are fraudulent claims eating away at your state unemployment

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					Are fraudulent claims eating away at your
state unemployment insurance trust fund?

               Every year, more than $3.5 billion is overpaid in
               unemployment insurance claims. Case loads increase
               as new, more sophisticated fraud schemes are uncovered.
               With Barts, you can capture, process and control
               overpaid unemployment insurance claims that are
               diminishing your state’s unemployment insurance
               trust fund.
Improving productivity in unemployment
insurance programs
The Benefit Audit, Reporting and Tracking System (Barts) is the only
packaged product that helps agencies prevent, detect and process both          Audit
fraudulent and non-fraudulent unemployment insurance overpayments.             • Benefit/Wage Crossmatch
Barts performs several types of audits and automatically manages cases,        • New Hire Crossmatch
which reduces paperwork and streamlines the adjudication process               • ICON Crossmatch
for agents, claimants and employers. It increases the overall efficiency,       • Individual Case Entry
productivity and reliability of unemployment insurance programs.
                                                                               Case Management
Providing advanced solutions for state agencies                                • Automated Fast Path
With more than a decade of proven success and eight state installations,       • Adjudicator Support
Barts ensures greater effectiveness for your unemployment insurance            • Management Support
program. Barts is fully configurable to meet individual state laws and          • Case Load Leveling
policies, enabling states to dramatically increase their overpayment
investigations with the same staff levels. Barts incorporates best practices   Investigation/Adjudication
across many state agencies, and also helps unemployment insurance              • Call Center Support
administrators to meet the new Government Performance and Results              • Adjudication Support
Act (GPRA) goals.                                                              • Claimant Support
                                                                               • Employer Support
Save millions with a fixed-cost solution
Barts’ fixed-cost solution saves state trust funds millions of dollars
annually by systematically managing the detection and processing
of unemployment insurance overpayments. The State of Washington
identified $14 million from 18,000 cases with only eight investigators.
Barts’ return on investment is stunning: costs are recovered in a matter
of weeks through trust fund savings, and by helping protect the state
trust fund balance, tax rate increases are kept to a minimum. As a
strong deterrent against overpayments and fraud, Barts can fulfill the
integrity requirements of your unemployment insurance system and send
a message across the state that unemployment fraud is not tolerated.

Software solutions backed by personal support
Barts completely automates more than 50 percent of overpaid audit cases
and allows staff to resolve an additional 35 percent of cases with just
a short telephone call. Barts fully supports the remaining 15 percent of
cases that require personal attention.
                                              Employers Benefit from Barts
                                            Barts makes full use of web technology so employers, as well as staff
                                            can access, respond and inquire over the Internet. Employers can even
                                            respond to quarterly crossmatch wage forms on the Web. Barts can
                                            automatically convert the many different ways employers report their
wages into the format the state requires, typically a weekly period with a Saturday end date. It also allows data to
flow through the system with no re-keying and greatly reduces form processing and handling.

The State of Washington captured $14 Million from
18,000 cases with only 8 investigators.
Payment Control Benefits                                   Investigation and Adjudication Features
• Improves overpayment collection rates                     • Provides web-based case management
• Provides actionable management reports                    • Summarizes weekly information at-a-glance
• Automates state and national New Hire                     • Fully customizes reporting
  reporting process                                         • Tracks case history
• Enables timely, proactive investigations,                 • Records interview comments
  which eliminates case backlog                             • Prints forms
• Automates stops, overpayments and
  adjudication data                                        Reporting and Tracking Features
                                                            • Prints ETA-227 Report
Auditing and Case Management Features                       • Provides full summary reporting
• Automates audits (New Hire, Target, State                 • Provides audit statistics
  Agency, ICON and SESA Employment)                         • Facilitates period-to-period comparisons
• Distributes case loads evenly                             • Tracks prosecutions
• Organizes staff assignments                               • Tracks time lapse in case life cycle
• Maintains case files electronically                       • Tracks state agency employees by agency
• Checks for repeat offenders
• Provides employer information online

On Point Technology’s Family of Packaged Products
for the Unemployment Insurance Industry
 • Barts: Benefit Audit, Reporting & Tracking System
 • Aware: Aggregate Workforce Analytics and Reporting Engine
 • GuidePoint: A Web Enabled Benefit System

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