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									Uncle Ben’s Cabin Big Bear Lake, CA
Mailing address: 3119 Joy St. West Covina, CA 91791 626-732-3555 URL: www.bigbear-cabin.net email: inquiries@bigbear-cabin.net

Instruction for Filling Out Rental Agreement
1. Fill in all blank spaces as applicable. 2. Makes sure your IN and OUT dates are correct. 3. Verify the nightly rate entered. 4. Sign page one of the agreement where indicated and date. 5. Sign page 2 of the agreement where indicated and date. 6. Keep page 3 for your records. 7. Return signed agreement pages 1 and 2 with Security Deposit check and the rental fees if applicable.

Look forward to having you at Uncle Ben’s Thank you, and ENJOY your stay!

Ben Sanchez

Agreement instructions

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