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Revised September 2007
Any policies or procedures not specifically covered in this document will most closely follow similar
policies and procedures in use for PMEA state-sponsored events. Any other omissions will be governed by the District 11
Executive Committee in a manner consistent with the best interests of PMEA.

(Adopted by PMEA State Executive Council on June 16, 1984)

The system of band, chorus and orchestra festivals at the District, Region/State, and All-State levels is organized and
maintained by PMEA as one of its principal vehicles for implementation of its goals to further music education and encourage
the development of music programs in the schools. PMEA members who are directors of Orchestras, Choruses, or Bands in their
schools have the privilege of sponsoring students from their organization to participate in the various festivals, subject to the
regulatory policies of the State Executive Council, the individual PMEA District, and whatever powers the individual PMEA District
delegates to the collective body of participating directors to establish procedures.

PMEA is a private association of individual professionals, and as such, "may restrict participation in its activities and may impose
restraints providing they do not violate the 1 964 Civil Rights act, i.e. restrictions based on race, creed, or sex." PMEA adopts
officially the MENC policy from their legal advisors relative to the exclusion of students of non-members from participation in
event sponsored by MENC, and in so adopting, we substitute "PMEA" for "MENC". The statement therefore reads: Since PMEA,
rather than the school systems, is a sponsor of these events; we assume that there would be some financial and other support
given to the event by PMEA. This would appear to us to establish a "rational justification" for the exclusion. If there is this
rational justification the exclusion would not violate the federal civil rights law. The Supreme Court has distinguished two kinds
of classifications of students based on whether or not their teachers are PMEA members are obviously not a suspect
classification. Accordingly, to sustain the legality of such a classification, we need only to show that it has a rational justification
and, as indicated above, the PMEA sponsorship and support appears to us to be sufficient for this purpose."

PMEA holds that participation by a student in a PMEA festival is a privilege granted by, and authorized through, the membership
and active participation of the individual teacher/member who is the director of the given organization in the student's school. It
rejects the concepts of institutional membership; of membership by a school administrator who is not the director of the school
musical organization (intended as a method of qualifying students for festivals); or of sponsorship of a student by another PMEA
member who is not the director of a specific school performing group in that student's school. Exceptions, due to legitimate,
specific, extenuating circumstances will be detailed later in this document.


Music programs in the Public and Private Schools of Pennsylvania are eligible for participation. Participation by Home Schooled
Students: Home schooled students will be eligible to participate in PMEA festivals if they are sponsored by their local school
district and the appropriate member-director. Private School students will continue to be accepted as per current policy. April
1995, page 5 Opinion written by Attorney John Killian

   A. The student's School Director must be a current member of PMEA. Proof of membership shall be a routine requirement
      at all Acceptance Auditions and Festivals.

    B.   The student's School Director must be present and participate at Acceptance and Festival Auditions. The only
         acceptable excuses will be death in the family, illness of the School Director, or refusal of the school administration to
         permit the School Director’s attendance at the audition. Concrete evidence must be submitted to the District President
         in such an event, and a substitute must be provided. The penalty is forfeiture of the eligibility of all students from that
         director’s school.

    C.   The School Director has three areas of responsibility: As the official legal representative of his/her school and his/her
         students' parents, the School Director MUST be available in case of an emergency and he/she MUST also assist the
         host in any and all disciplinary measures affecting his/her student(s).

         The School Director MUST serve on assigned audition committees, tally committees, etc. as determined by the host of
         that festival. The School Director must be present for that assignment regardless of prior engagements, school or
         rehearsal schedule, etc.

         The School Director should represent the best interests of his/her students and his/her school at all official Festival
         Directors' Meeting(s).

    D.   In school districts where there are multiple high schools or multiple directors, all directors of those students must
          be present for the festival auditions and related functions.

         The District President, with the Festival Host, may jointly approve a qualified (PMEA member) substitute for the School
         Director when unique circumstances occur. Requests for substitute approval must be made prior to the Acceptance
         Auditions or the Festival itself. Extenuating circumstances and not personal convenience or preference should prompt
         the use of a substitute.

         If the School Director, or qualified substitute, does not meet the required prerequisites and responsibilities, NO

   A. A student must participate in his own school organization in order to be eligible to participate in any PMEA or MENC
      festival (Band for Band, Orchestra for Orchestra and Chorus for Chorus). The only exception to this rule may come if
      his school lacks said organization. (The original intent of this provision was to disqualify a wind or percussion student
      from participating in an Orchestra festival, when, although continuing membership in his school band, he chose not to
      participate in an active Orchestra in his home school. PMEA feels that to do otherwise would undermine the efforts of
      the director/member in his home school program. If there is an Orchestra in the school, the Orchestra director must be
      the sponsoring director/member; if there is no Orchestra, the director of the band may sponsor students for an
      Orchestra festival, subject to the rules of the individual district.)

    B.   Festival Participation Policy (as established by PMEA State Executive Council-- May 14,1982) Terms of an Individual
         Students Eligibility to Participate:

         All PMEA Districts must use an application form that contains the information of the following statement,
         “Students should not apply to participate in festivals if, for any reason (including religious activities), they plan to miss
         part of the affair. A student must participate in the complete festival program commencing with registration and
         concluding with the final concert, except in case of illness that must be verified in writing by a physician within 5 days
         of the festival. Students must rehearse and perform all musical compositions selected for the concert. (Amended, April
         14, 1999) All students participating are to be required to sign this application. It is also required that the student's
         parents, director, and school principal sign the application. The guidelines for exceptions and the appeal process which
         follow are to be listed in the correspondence to each director.

         Guidelines for Granting an Exception
                 The conflict must have developed after the date on which the student was selected for the festival. The
                  student is aware of the dates of these festivals well in advance and should not audition if a known conflict
                 The nature of the conflict must be unique" (e.g. A "once-in-a-lifetime opportunity” as determined by the
                  District President) This does not include regular season sporting events, performances of outside entities,
                  auditions or home school functions.
                 Maximum rehearsal time missed may be no more than four (4) hours.
                 The student may not miss a concert under any circumstance.
                 No exceptions will be granted once the festival has begun.

    C.   Student participation is determined by Acceptance Audition placement. Any student who declines/refuses to audition
         automatically excludes himself/herself from participation. Only 10th, 11th, and 12th grade students who are members
         of their school ensemble may audition for a place in the District Festival, and 9th grade for strings. The only exception
         will be if a school does not have an ensemble.

    D.   All schools are guaranteed representation in the District Ensemble if at least five students go through the audition
         procedure and the student representing that school has placed in the top 50% of the auditioners on his/her
         instrument. Balance will be the primary consideration in selecting the representative. This representative is NOT eligible
         for Region/State or All-State Ensemble consideration, but MUST re-audition for the purpose of testing
         preparation.(District 11 Exec Board 9/99)


   A. Student membership in PMEA District 11 Ensembles shall be determined by an Acceptance Audition.
   B. A student’s presence at the Acceptance Audition indicates consent and availability for the PMEA District Festival.

   A. The Chorus Acceptance Auditions will be held on the Saturday before Thanksgiving.
   B. The Instrumental Acceptance Auditions will be held the Second Saturday in December.

         If a major conflict occurs, an alternate date will be designated by the District President and the Audition Host.

   A. Each school may send a maximum number of 16 vocal students for Chorus Acceptance Auditions according to the
      following schedule: (however, they do not necessarily have to fill this maximum). A MAXIMUM OF 4 PER GENERAL
      VOICE CATEGORY (i.e., 4 total soprano I AND II, etc. for a total of 16. All Students MUST be pre-registered or they are
      ineligible to audition! On site registration is NOT permitted. Of schools that are unisex, the total number of auditioners
      from that school cannot exceed 8 total singers. There is no limit to the number of pianists.

    B.   There is a provision for schools that place four students in a single vocal division through the audition process. As a
         reward during next year’s audition process, that school may send a fifth student to audition in any given single voice
         category. It is up to the school director to add that extra slot to any voice part he or she sees fit, as long as any single
         voice division from that school does not exceed five voices. At maximum, if all 16 students would place the previous
         year, 20 students may be sent to auditions, but only five students per category may audition. (There cannot be six
         sopranos, for example and only four tenors)

    C.   Each participating school shall return the PMEA District 11 application form together with a $2.00 per student
         registration fee (CHECK MADE PAYABLE to the Audition Host school as specified in the host school’s invoice) and sent
         to the Acceptance Audition Host. The application form MUST be returned by a cut-off date specified in writing. After
         this date, the application may not be considered. Each application will be dated on the day it is received by the
         Acceptance Audition Host.

    D.   The audition host in a mailing, either postal or e-mail, preceding the audition will specify substitute procedures. All
         substitutes will be automatically appended to the audition list and will try out at the end of the auditions.

    E.   Voice parts for the pre-registered students may not be changed at the audition. Directors are strongly urged to
         carefully choose the audition classifications when sending in the original registration forms.
    F.   The size of the District Chorus shall be 160 auditioned vocal students, i.e., 20 per voice part. The District President
         MUST approve any changes to this number. There will be two student accompanists.

    G.   The host of the school may supplement the 160-voice chorus with up to 16 of his own students for the experience and
         is responsible for the preparation and conduct of those designees. If the audition host is different than the festival
         host, the audition host director may supplement the choir with no more than 8 selected students with the approval of
         the festival director. Housing cannot be guaranteed for these supplemental students and is up to the abilities of the
         festival host to allow them to participate.


    A.   Each school may send a full contingent of students, grades 10-12 and may include grade 9 string players. These grade
         9 string players are NOT eligible for Region/State or All-State consideration.

    B.   Each participating school shall return the PMEA District 11 application form together with a $3.00 per student
         registration fee made payable to and sent to the Acceptance Audition Host. Each application will be dated on the day it
         is received by the Acceptance Audition Host.

    C.   Students that register for auditions on more than one instrument, must indicate a preference order on the registration

    D.   All Students MUST be pre-registered or they are ineligible to audition! On site registration is NOT permitted.

    E.   The District President must approve any additions or deletions before the Acceptance Auditions. All changes must be
         for reasons of improved performances or instrumentation needs.

       By state policy adopted on Jan. 6, 1995, schools who send students to district-level events as representatives will not
       be included in the percentage formulas which control the number of students sent on to Region/State events.
       Representation of schools that have no student legitimately winning placement in District Band or Orchestra will be
       handled as follows:

             To be represented, each school must send a minimum of 5 students to the Acceptance Auditions.
             The breakdown between Band and Orchestra can be varied as long as the total number of students is 5 or
             greater. Student “no shows” or students not completing the entire audition will not be counted.

    F.   The corresponding Festival Host and the District President will select the student scoring the highest from each non-
         represented school and select that student for either District Band or Orchestra. Each school will be represented in
         either the band or orchestra, but not both. The District President may alter the representative selected to avoid
         instrumentation problems in the corresponding ensemble. Representation will only be guaranteed if a student has
         scored above the median on their instrument. The District President will decide questionable cases, keeping the spirit
         of the representation policy in mind.

    G.   The Festival Host may place member of the host school’s ensemble in a District Festival, but such entries may
         not be more than 10% of the total festival participants.

    H.   PMEA District 11 BAND Instrumentation. The size of the District 11 Band will be predetermined as below, plus
         any students added for representation.
                           Flute – 14 (1 will cover Piccolo)
                           Oboe – 4 (1 will cover English Horn)
                           Bassoon – 4
                           Bb Clarinet – 24 (1 will cover Eb Clarinet)
                           Alto Clarinet – 2
                           Bass Clarinet – 4
                           Contra-Alto Clarinet – 2
                           Alto Saxophone – 6
                           Tenor Saxophone – 2
                           Baritone Saxophone – 2
                           Trumpet – 15
                           French Horn – 12
                           Trombone – 10 (1 will cover Bass Trombone if needed)
                           Euphonium – 6
                           Tuba – 8
                           String Bass – 1
                           Total Percussion - 8

    I.   Specialized music.
         Eb Clarinet, Piccolo, and Bass Trombone will not be selected by audition. Color instruments for District 11 Band will be
         chosen following the Region-State Band model.

         The First chair players (then progressively through the section) will be given the opportunity to prepare the specialized
         music if they so desire. In the case of Bass Trombone, the third trombone players will be given the opportunity.

    J.   PMEA District 11 Band Altered Instrumentation. Depending on availability of students, facilities and musical needs,
         instrumental groupings should be based on standard instrumentation. The Festival Host and District President will
         decide on the size (number per section) of the winds and percussion. Such a division should be Standard Part Divisions
         in multiples of 2 if possible.

    K.   PMEA District 11 ORCHESTRA Instrumentation. The size of the District Orchestra will be pre-determined as below, plus
         any students added for representation.

    L.   Depending on availability of students, facilities and musical needs, string instrument groupings could be based on the
         following formula:

                                             INSTRUMENT               A     B       C
                                             VIOLIN I                 10    14      20
                                             VIOLIN II                10    16      20
                                             VIOLA                    8     12      16
                                             CELLO                    8     10      16
                                             BASS                     4     8       10

    M. There may be stringed instruments added or subtracted in multiples of 2 as is necessary. The Festival Host and
       District President will then decide on the size (number per section) of the winds and percussion. Such a division
       could be:

                                              FLUTE                             4
                                              CLARINET                          4
                                              OBOE                              4
                                              BASSOON                           4
                                              FRENCH HORN                       6-8
                                              TRUMPET                           4
                                              TROMBONE                          4
                                              TUBA                              1
                                              TOTAL PERCUSSION                  4

   A. The Acceptance Audition shall consist of scales, sight-reading, and required Audition Repertoire.

    B.   An Audition Repertoire List will be provided yearly in the Spring Newsletter.

    C.   The Audition Repertoire List shall be divided into a continuing cycle of three or four years. If a majority of School
         Directors present at the regular general meeting at a District Festival agree that a re-evaluation and/or revision is
         necessary, then a Review Committee consisting of no less than three (3) members shall be established with a mandate
         to delete and replace material that does not accomplish an accurate and artistic evaluation of a given instrument
         and/or which could be replaced by a more suitable composition.

    D.   Students will be rated solely on the basis of their performance. Every student must audition.

    E.   PHOTOCOPIES ARE STRICTLY PROHIBITED AT AUDITIONS. No student may complete the audition with photocopied
         solo material. Please make sure your students are using correct editions of printed music for auditions. Performance
         differences between editions may affect a student’s final score.

    F.   Suggested that audition host provide a separate holding area for students who have completed the audition, so that
         auditioned students cannot interact with non-auditioned students.

   A. The official judging form will provide areas for the following:
                Tryout Number
                Scoring categories
                Judge's Signature

    B.   The official judging form will include the following five (5) areas of professional judgment:
                   1) Tone Quality
                   2) Intonation
                   3) Rhythm
                   4) Preparation
                   5) Musicianship (Phrasing, Dynamics, Expression)

C.   The official judging form will use the following general rating scale, which ranks terms with numerical equivalents:
               Superior 17-20
               Excellent 13-16
               Good 9-12
               Fair 5-8
               Poor 1-4
               Unprepared 0

D.   All judging is by blind audition.

E.   The excerpts will not be announced prior to the student’s entry in the audition rooms.

F.   Failure to complete any portion of the audition will result in the disqualification of the auditionee.

G.   At minimum, two judges will score in the following manner:
     FIRST ROOM: SCALE (10 points) and FIRST AUDITION SELECTION (100 points) per judge
     Scales are based on the following pitches:
     Soprano 1: A to A
     Soprano 2 and all tenors: G to G
     Alto 1 and Bass 1: D to D
     Alto 2 and Bass 2: C to C


H.   Sight Singing procedures:
     Students may sing with solfege syllables or a neutral syllable.
     Two judges will hear the sight singing. Scoring will be based on pitch and rhythm accuracy using 10 points
     maximum per category, for a possible total of 20 points per judge.

I.   Sight Singing guidelines:
     Melodies will be written in one of the following major keys: Bb, F, C, G, D
     Range not to exceed the interval of a tenth
     Melodies will be five to eight measures in length.
     Time signature will be either ¾ or 4/4.
     Melodies will be composed using whole, half, quarter, eighth and dotted half notes; and their equivalent rests.
     There will be no syncopation.
     Melodies will have skips no greater than a third, and only those found in the tonic triad. All other motion will be
     Melodies will start and end on the tonic (“do”).
     Melodies will be entirely diatonic – no accidentals.

J.   Composition and preparation of Sight Singing Materials:
     A qualified composer should be secured to write two or three viable, musical examples that meet all of the
     guidelines outlined below.
     Examples should be the same for all voice parts. Sight singing examples should also be written in a singable,
     moderate tessitura. This could easily be accomplished by printing each example in a key appropriate to each
     voice part.
     A review committee made up of at least two emeritus (retired) choir directors should convene at least two
     weeks prior to the audition to look over the examples for any problems (music that does not meet the
     criteria), and to select appropriate keys for each voice.
     Materials should be prepared and copied by a District 11 officer (one who does not have students auditioning
     for the chorus). The officer should decide which of the two or three examples will be used for the audition.
     No current District 11 director (or student) should have access to the sight singing materials prior to the audition.

K.   Piano Auditions
     Students must play a portion of the musical selection as an accompaniment responding to a live conductor.
     Student will also play portions of the vocal score as open score in any combination including four part open score.
     Scales will be played using two hands, four octaves in parallel motion. Major scales, natural and harmonic minor scales
     up to four sharps and four flats may be selected.
     Arpeggios – two hands, four octaves starting in root position, major and minor up to four sharps and flats.

        Piano Adjudication Sheet
                 Rudiments 20 points 10 points each
                 Scales (accuracy/technique/velocity)
                 Arpeggios (accuracy/technique/velocity)
        Accompaniment (played in response to the conductor) 60 points 20 points each
                 Pitch Accuracy
                 Response to the Conductor
        Vocal Score Reading 20 points 10 points each
                 Single Line (pitch and rhythm accuracy)
                 Four-part (pitch and rhythm accuracy)


   A.   All Festivals must use the OFFICIAL District 11 Judging Forms for the Acceptance Audition and for District Festival
        Seating Auditions.

   B.   The official judging form will be used in three phases of professional judgment including:
        String, Woodwind, Brass Solo Auditions 100 points 20 points each
                  Tone Quality
                  Pitch Accuracy and Intonation
                  Rhythmic Accuracy and Tempo
                  Articulation and Technique
                  Dynamics and Expression

        String, Woodwind, Brass Scale Auditions 60 points 20 points each
                 Tone Quality and Range
                 Pitch Accuracy and Intonation
                 Articulation and Technique

        String, Woodwind, Brass Sightreading Auditions 40 points 20 points each
                 Rhythmic Accuracy and Tempo
                 Tonal Accuracy and Musicianship

        Total Percussion-Solo Auditions 100 points 20 points each
                 Rhythmic Accuracy and Tempo
                 Pitch Accuracy (Mallets/Tympani)
                 Phrasing and Interpretation
                 Dynamics and Expression

        Total Percussion-Snare Rudiments/Mallet Scales Auditions 60 points 20 pts each
                 Rhythmic Accuracy and Tempo
                 Pitch Accuracy (Mallet)

        Total Percussion-Snare/Mallet Sightreading Auditions 40 points 20 pts each
                 Rhythmic Accuracy and Tempo
                 Tonal Accuracy and Technique

   C.   The official judging form will use the following general rating scale:
                  17-20 Superior
                  13-16 Very Good
                  9-12 Average
                  5-8 Fair
                  1-4 Poor


   A.   The Tabulation Committee shall consist of the Host Director, one Executive Council Member, and others designated by
        the Host Director.

    B.   The Tabulation committee shall divide into two-person teams that shall compute audition scores. A second team
         will re-check all figures, reducing the chance of error.

    C.   The Tabulation room shall be off-limits to everyone except the Tabulation Committee.

    D.   If the Tabulation Committee discovers any tied students in the top twenty-five (25) positions, the tie scores will
         be delineated using the solo sheet captions from top to bottom.

    E.   Total scores for each phase of the audition will be distributed within 48 hours of the audition date to each registered

    F.   The results of Acceptance Auditions must be supplied to each participating school director with total readouts of
         every student's ranking.

   A. Use the 1998 Harp Procedure/Application Form. District and Region Orchestra hosts receive this material in September.
      All tapes are to be sent to the State Harp Judge for Region and All-State ranking.


   A. The Host Director, requiring the signature of the director, the principal, the parent/guardian, and the student, will send
      an Official Form. This TYPED form must be returned by a SPECIFIED DATE with the student's registration fee to the
      Host Director. If not returned promptly, the first alternate of that part will be accepted.

    B.   Alternates are determined according to the results of the Acceptance Auditions, after approval by the District President.
         Directors will be expected to send only alternates who have prepared the music, thereby insuring that the student
         fulfills the audition requirements. If Alternate 1 is not prepared, Alternate 2 will be contacted. If no alternates are
         adequately prepared, that section is complete without the Alternates. The Host Director determines this after a
         conference with the District President. To honor the integrity of festivals and students preparation, drop-outs within
         two weeks of the festival will not necessarily be replaced with alternates.

    C.   Festival Reseating Auditions Festival Hosts should ask the conductor to avoid rehearsing audition material prior to
         these auditions Instrumental auditions will credit students with 60% of the Acceptance Audition score. Chorus
         Reseating Auditions do not use this policy.

    D.   No student will be allowed to participate in the festival, unless all appropriate medical forms are submitted to the
         festival host.

    E.   All student members must be housed within the community of the festivals unless prior arrangements are made with
         the host director. If the host cannot house all students, the neighboring schools must be made aware and
         transportation arrangements within legal parameters of the participating school must be made by the participating
         school director. PMEA assumes NO responsibility for liability for student transportation in such circumstances.

    F.   In designing concert programs, festival hosts/All-State chairpersons should avoid the use of the phrase "public
         schools". Either "Music in Public and Private Schools" or "Music in the Schools of Pennsylvania" is preferable.

    G.   It is illegal to make any recording of PMEA Festivals.

    H.   Students who participate in any PMEA Festival must provide their own personal medical insurance, and musical
         instrument (loss or accidental damage) insurance.

    I.   District Festival Hosts will provide each successful participant with a PMEA medal in place of a Certificate of

   A. District 11 schools hosting Region/State festivals, will follow policies and procedures in use for PMEA state-sponsored
      events. Any other omissions will be governed by the District 11 Executive Committee in a manner consistent with the
      best interests of PMEA.

   B.   Music from the concert program and the assigned equalizer piece will be used for the festival seating audition and
        promotionto the Region/State Festival.

   C.   Student commitment to the All-State Festival should be firm. PMEA State Festival eligibility is based on the chronology
        of the Region festivals. When signing and submitting a Region Festival Contract, students must make a decision
        regarding their availability for the current All-State ensemble, at the time of submitting the contract. Once a student
        indicates acceptance of a seat in an All-State ensemble, and become eligible for a seat during a Reseating Audition,
        they are expected to honor that signed contract. These students should indicate in future Region/State Festival
        contracts (in that year) their unavailability for All-State seats in any Festival Region contracts that follow. Students and
        directors are expected to commit to the FIRST All-State ensemble opportunity they accept. DIRECTORS should check
        the names of all Region/State participants that were previously chosen for All-State and support that student’s
        responsibility to maintain their commitment.

   D.   Specialized music: Piccolo, Eb Soprano Clarinet, English Horn, and Bass Trombone:
        1. The First chair players (then progressively through the section) will be given the opportunity to prepare the
           specialized music if they so desire. In the case of Bass Trombone, the third trombone players will be given the

        2. Players accepting this opportunity will also prepare and re-audition their assigned music. The choice of player for
           each piece of specialized music will be determined in advance of the festival.


SECTION 1: FESTIVAL PARTICIPATION POLICY (as established by PMEA State Executive Council-May 1982)

   A.   Procedures for Requesting an Exception and Appealing an Exception Denial:

        PROCEDURE                                                            POSSIBLE ACTION
        STEP 1

        Student's Director confers with Host Director.                       None

        STEP 2
        Host Director confers with District President                        2 Yes Votes = Exception Granted

                                                                             2 No Votes = Exception Denied
                                                                             Split Vote = Confer with Immediate Past President
        STEP 3

        (OR PROCEDURE FOR REGIONAL QUESTIONS                                 - - Step One)

        District President confers with other District President of Region   2 Yes Votes = Denial Overruled

                                                                             2 No Votes = Denial Approved

                                                                             Split vote = Confer with of State President


        PMEA State President                                                 Final Decision

   B.   Once selected, if the student cannot participate in the festival it is the responsibility of the student's director to contact
        the host before the registration deadline of the event in order that an alternate may be selected. There will be NO
        refunds for anyone declining their chair within two weeks of the festival.

   C.   A student sent home for disciplinary action will not participate in any subsequent PMEA festival for the remainder of
        that current school term, but may be eligible to participate in the following year if that student is an underclassperson.

   D.   Authority for granting exceptions found to be compatible with PMEA goals will reside with Executive Council. A written
        petition to the appropriate District President must be initiated by a certified music teacher who is a PMEA member prior
        to a meeting of the Council, which, in turn, precedes the selection process for the festival. The District President would
        be responsible for investigating the validity of the request and for preparing copies of a written brief on the situation
        for Council.
          The District President would then present the report to the Council with his recommendations. (Council members
         could add discussion notes to their own copies, and following formal action, could file the document for reference in
         the future regarding established precedent.)


    A.   Students participating in the festival will be expected to comply with the PMEA-approved STUDENT CODE OF
                Behavior and appearance should positively reflect you, your school and PMEA
                You must adhere to all PMEA and host school rules.
                While attending this PMEA Festival, you are not permitted to purchase, possess, consume or be under the
                 influence of alcohol, drugs or any illegal substances.(except for authorized prescription drugs)at any time.
                Conduct is the responsibility of each student. Use common sense and good judgment at all times
                If you are found responsible for stealing or vandalism, you and / or your parents will assume full financial
                Tobacco products are not allowed by law.
                Any accidents, injuries or illnesses should be reported to the host director during the day and to your host
                 family throughout the night.
                You are required to be on time, and to remain, for all scheduled events during the festival.
                Possession of weapons is strictly prohibited
                You are expected to be musically prepared and to accept the results of your audition(s) with grace and

    B.   Students participating in the festival will be expected to comply with behavior codes of their home school and the host

    C.   Any school director may remove his or her student from the festival for disciplinary reasons. Should a director choose
         this action it should be made clear to the student that it is the director’s decision and not that of PMEA or the festival

    D.   If it is necessary to remove the student from the festival: A conference will be held with the student, host director,
         home school director and a PMEA officer in attendance. At this meeting, the student will have opportunity to refute
         charges brought against him or her. At the conclusion of the meeting, the decision of dismissal will be made jointly by
         the host and home directors and the PMEA officer. If dismissal is chosen, the PMEA officer will notify the School
         Director, and if possible, the student’s parents.

    E.   Students disciplined at a Region/State Festival shall be subject to punishment deemed appropriate by the Region Chair
         including, but not limited to: exclusion from the concert, dismissal from the festival, ineligibility to participate in future
         festivals, withholding of medals, and letter of reprimand/concern to parents, school administrator, and PMEA
         sponsoring member director.

Any issues of irresponsibility or poor conduct by a school director or student not specifically covered in this document will be
handled at the disposition of the District 11 Executive Committee in a manner consistent with the best interests of PMEA.


Section 1: Any policies or procedures not specifically covered in this document will most closely follow similar policies and
procedures in use for PMEA state-sponsored events. Any other omissions will be governed by the District 11 Executive
Committee in a manner consistent with the best interests of PMEA.



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