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					                     4th Vermont Greening Up↑ Your Bottom Line –
            Conference & Networking Event for Vermont Businesses of All Sizes
               Wednesday, October 21, 2009 at the Stowe Mountain Lodge

AGENDA at a Glance
  8:00 – 8:50 am – Registration, breakfast, vendors (Ballroom)

   8:50 am – Welcome & Plenary Session: The Coming Carbon Market – Michael Dworkin, Vermont Law
      School (Ballroom)

   9:30 am – Plenary Panel: “The Business & Policy of Carbon” – A discussion of the potential
      business impacts of new carbon policy. Panelists: Ernie Pomerleau (Pomerleau Real Estate & Chair of
      the Governors’ Climate Commission); Doug Smith (Green Mountain Power – Power Supply Contracts);
      Ginny Lyons (VT Senate Natural Resource Committee Chair), Jonathan Isham (Professor of
      International Environmental Economics, Middlebury College); and Jonathan Peress (Downs Rachlin &
      Martin). Moderated by Mark Johnson of WDEV & broadcast live over WDEV stations.

   11:00 am – Networking BREAK (please visit vendor tables and leave your business card for pm raffles)

   11:30 am - Concurrent Sessions: 1) Building Business Sustainability & Redefining Profits with a Triple
      Bottom Line (Alder room); 2) The Nuts & Bolts of Carbon Foot-printing for Your Business

   12:30 pm LUNCH - Ballroom

   1:30 pm – Concurrent Sessions: 1) 21st Century Lighting- Beyond CFLs (Ballroom); 2) Greener
      Janitorial Products Options & the New Green Seal GS-37 Standard (Alder room)

   2:30 pm - Concurrent Sessions: 1) Understanding the Return on your Investment in your Energy
      Project (Ballroom); 2) Product Stewardship & Life Cycle Cost Analysis (Alder room)

   3:30 pm – Networking Continued & “Green Drinks” with sample local, organic snacks at Magnolia
   Bistro’s booth & Cash Bar with vendor raffle

SPONSORED BY: Vermont Business Environmental Partnership & Vermont Environmental
Consortium; Platinum Sponsors: Green Mountain Power; Green Mountain Coffee Roasters;
groSolar; VT Business Magazine; Silver Sponsors: Environmental Compliance Services;
Vermont Sustainable Jobs Fund; Efficiency Vermont; Cabot Creamery; Green Living Journal,
Radio Vermont Group, Lightworks and Interrobang Design

Please visit our Vendors & Sponsors who help make this conference possible, and leave your business
card for the vendor raffle at the Green Drinks networking session
Conference Vendors & Sponsors

Antioch NE Graduate School         vendor           antiochne.edu
Biomas Energy Research Ctr.        vendor           biomasscenter.org
Champlain Valley Urgent Care       vendor           cvurgencare.com
Cabot Creamery                     sponsor          cabotcheese.com
Chittenden SWMD                    vendor           cswd.net
CRS Recycling                      vendor           crsrecycle.com
Earth Turbines                     vendor           earthtubines.com
Efficiency Vermont                 vendor           efficiencyvermont.com
Encore Redevelopment               vendor           encoreredevelopment.com
Environmental Compliance Svcs.     vendor/sponsor   ecsconsult.com
Foley Distributing                 vendor           foleydistributing.com
Green Living Journal               vendor/sponsor   greenlivingjournal.com
Green Mountain Coffee              sponsor          gmcr.com
Green Mountain Power               sponsor          greenmountainpower.biz
gro Solar                          vendor/sponsor   grosolar.com
Interrobang Design                 sponsor          interrobangdesign.com
Kelley Office Systems              vendor           kelleyofficesystems.com
Lamoille Co SWMD                   vendor           lrswmd.org
Lightworks                         sponsor          lightworksvt.com
Marlboro College Graduate School   vendor           marlboro.edu
Spring Above Marketing             vendor           springabove.com
Spring Hill Solutions              vendor           springhillsolutions.com
University of Vermont- Business
Ctr.                               vendor           uvm.edu/vbc
USDA Rural Development             vendor           rurdev.usda.gov/vt
US Small Business Admin.           vendor           sba.gov/vt
VT Business Envir. Partnership     vendor/sponsor   vbep.org
Vermont Environmental
Consortium                         vendor/sponsor   vecgreenvalley.org
VT Business Magazine               vendor/sponsor   vermontbiz.com
VT Business Materials Exchange     vendor           vbmx.org
VT Sustainable Jobs Fund           sponsor          vsjf.org
William Maclay Architects          vendor           maclayarchitects.com

11:30 am – 12:30pm
Building Business Sustainability & Redefining Profits with a Triple Bottom Line (Alder
room) Innovative strategies to develop a sustainable workforce and specific tools and strategies
for measuring and reporting on a company’s progress toward sustainability will be shared.

      Intro / Building business sustainability – Jed Davis, Cabot Cheese, to provide a definition
       of sustainable business practices (SBP) – putting environmental practices in context of
       bigger picture, and tell the story of why SBP is important to Cabot’s business and bottom
      Workforce development as a component of SBP and ongoing research – Shanna Ratner,
       Yellow Wood Associates to address the costs to small business of an unsustainable
       (unavailable, untrained, unsatisfied, undereducated) workforce and innovative strategies
       to develop a sustainable workforce. The relationship between workforce practices and the
       triple bottom line will be discussed. VEC's research on workforce needs in relation
       to education and training available in Vermont for firms in Vermont's environmental
       sector will described.
      Measuring SBP / metrics – Paul Tangredi of ECS to talk about getting started – finding
       the right SBP metrics for your business, what are some core metrics everyone should
       have and why it’s important to measure. Maybe give an example or two of a small
       business getting started.
      SR Journey / social venture assessment tool – Will Patten, VBSR Reporting on SBP –
       brief overview and discuss what companies are learning / how their using to
       communicate internally with their stakeholders.
      Questions & Answers – everyone – and wrap up.

The Nuts & Bolts of Carbon Footprinting for Your Business (Ballroom)
Business-level carbon footprinting is an evolving art/science but there are generally accepted
principles, protocols, and methods for getting a firm handle on your business’ greenhouse gas
emissions and for reducing them cost-effectively and profitably. Panelists Greg Strong (Spring
Hill Solutions); William Maclay (William Maclay Architects) and Rob Downey (American
Flatbread) will discuss the latest thinking on assessing carbon production, reporting the results,
developing carbon reduction strategies, and leveraging the benefits of a reduced carbon
footprint with customers, employees, stakeholders, and the general public. Questions such as:
How will carbon footprinting help my business? When should I start measuring? What tools are
available? What should I include in the footprint? What about the footprint of my
products/services/employees? What should I do with the results? Who should I tell?, will be
addressed in this highly interactive and audience-participatory panel.

1:30 – 2:30pm
Product Stewardship (Alder room)
Product Stewardship is the concept that all those involved in the life cycle of a product take
shared responsibility for reducing the health and environmental impacts of that product.
Producers of the product have the greatest responsibility. Learn how this international
movement is being led by local governments, how some businesses are embracing the concept
and what is happening with product stewardship in Vermont. Presenter: Jen Holiday,
Chittenden Solid Waste Management District, Environmental & Safety Compliance Manager.
AND: Life Cycle Cost Analysis- This seminar will explain the basics of life cycle costing
including what it is, why it matters, and how it can be used to inform decision-making with
regard to investments in infrastructure and consumption choices. Examples of life cycle costing
will be presented along with information regarding its role in Yellow Wood’s Green
Community Technologies service. Presenter: Jeff Forward, Yellow Wood Associates.

21st Century Lighting – Beyond CFLs (Ballroom)
"Proper lighting is important at every small business, whether displaying product, ensuring staff
can perform their tasks, or providing ambience. With recent advances in the market, new
technologies can replace existing lighting in almost every application—all while using less
power in the process. Investments in energy-efficient lighting are often the most cost-effective
changes a small business owner can make at their site. This session will illuminate the
appropriate applications for new lighting products, provide examples of cost savings through
using them, and inform about available Efficiency Vermont rebates. Fluorescent, metal halide,
halogen infra-red, and light-emitting diode (LED) technologies will be covered in detail."
Presenter: Tim Perrin from Efficiency Vermont.

2:30 – 3:30pm
Greener Janitorial Products Options & the New Green Seal GS-37 Standard: (Alder room)
Carol Westinghouse of Informed Green Solutions, Inc., will provide an overview of third-party
certification organizations and the revised GS37 Standard for Institutional and Industrial
Cleaners. Mark Michalisin of SCA Tissue will explain what sustainable papermaking process
involves & what a buyer should look for when evaluating various janitorial paper products for
use in their business, the differences between green seal & Ecologo certifications; procurement
guidelines to differentiate the difference between various levels of recycled content; post-
consumer vs. post industrial waste content; and the ability to consider closed loop recycling
partnerships with paper mills. Also covered will be using today’s technology-driven reduced-
use dispensers for source reduction of waste and David Hughes of Foley distributing will
explain new technologies of chemical fee cleaning.

Understanding the Return on your Investment on your Energy Project (Ballroom)
When scoping out a potential renewable energy or energy efficiency project, one of the first
things a business needs to do is figure out how to pay for the project. Cash Flow is the key.
This workshop will cover How to do a preliminary assessment of a renewable energy project’s
fiscal viability and the options for financing as well as incentives that available on a state and
federal level. Speakers: Gaelan Brown, Gro Solar; Karl Johnson, VT Dept. of Public Svc.
Paul Comey of Green Mountain Coffee Roasters will give some insights on their experience
with a renewable energy project.
Speaker BIOS:
Gaelan Brown, VP of Marketing for Gro Solar has an entrepreneurial sales and marketing background spanning various sectors
including IT, e-commerce, renewable energy and multi-channel consumer-packaged goods, and he is active in several community and
national non-profits. Prior to joining groSolar he was the Senior Manager responsible for developing new direct-marketing and retail
distribution channels for Green Mountain Coffee which grew from $0 to over $200 million in annual sales during his tenure. As co-
founder and VP of Sales & Marketing for Infopia.com Gaelan spearheaded an industry-leading multi-channel web-marketing platform
in partnership with eBay, Amazon, Ubid, Overstock and others. He also co-founded the Carbon Shredders, a non-profit that works to
guide home-owners through an online ―Low Carbon Diet Program‖ that aggregates the C02 reductions resulting from basic residential
efficiency-measures. Gaelan got his BA in Mass Communication and Economics from Washington and Lee University.

Jed Davis is Director of Sustainability for Cabot Creamery Cooperative. Born and raised on a six-generation family farm, Jed moved
to Vermont in 1991 to begin working at Cabot and has held a variety of marketing, sales and operations positions. In 2008, Jed was
named Cabot’s first Director of Sustainability and his efforts now center on helping Cabot achieve its own understanding of
―Sustainability‖ – ―living within our means and ensuring the means to live‖ – from cow-to-creamery-to-customer. Jed represents
Cabot on state initiatives including the Vermont Sustainable Agriculture Council and Green Up Vermont

Rob Downey, Co-Owner, American Flatbread Burlington Hearth. Rob is an environmental lawyer, green business enthusiast,
strategist and entrepreneur based in Burlington, Vermont. Rob's diverse background includes industrial sales, politics, land use
planning, economic development and energy-efficiency financing, environmental and tax policy research, and wind energy market
development. More recently, Rob has co-developed several restaurants in Vermont including the Bobcat Cafe in Bristol, American
Flatbread at the Marble Works in Middlebury, and in Burlington. More restaurants are planned. Rob also serves on the Board of the
Intervale Center, and regularly advises other entrepreneurs.

Jeff Forward is a Senior Associate with Yellow Wood Associates, a consulting business located in St. Albans Vermont specializing
in natural resource-based rural community economic development since 1985. Jeff has a degree in community planning from
Woodbury College and has been working on energy efficiency and renewable energy issues for more than 15 years. In addition to his
work with Yellow Wood, Jeff is a Wood Energy Specialist and has worked with state and federal agencies as well as local school
districts throughout the country to assess the potential for using biomass in institutional settings. He has been the Richmond Town
Energy Coordinator since 1991.

David Hughes is a sales consultant with Foley Distributing in the sanitary supply industry for over 26 years representing over 100
manufacturers of cleaning products, supplies & equipment, washroom systems & foodservice packaging whose efforts focus on
transitioning as many Vermont businesses, schools and other entities toward the use of environmentally preferred products & training
programs; ISSA Member (International Sanitary Supply Assoc.; and a NPTA Member (National Paper Trade Association). He is a
graduate of Champlain College

Jon Isham is an associate professor of economics and environmental studies at Middlebury College. He is the co-editor of Ignition:
What You Can Do to Fight Global Warming and Spark a Movement (Island Press 2007) and the co-founder of Brighter Planet, a
global-warming services company based in the town of Middlebury. The recipient of several teaching awards, his students have gone
on to found Step It Up, 350.org and powerpastcoal.org and be leaders of the climate movement. He lives in Cornwall with his wife
Tracy and their three daughters.

Karl Johnson currently serves as Technical Consultant and Advisor to the Department of Public Service.
In addition to consulting, expert witness, project management, business development and marketing assignments, Mr. Johnson has
experience growing companies, developing new business, and a proven track record of resolving sensitive regulatory & legal issues
and achieving positive outcomes in all types and jurisdictions of regulatory and public processes with a focus on energy, the
environment, and business initiatives. He has a degree in civil engineering, and has worked on energy and environmental matters for
with more than 30 years.

Senator Virginia Lyons, Vermont: Elected to the Senate in 2000, Senator Lyons has served as Chair of the Natural Resources and
Energy Committee since 2003. She has a Doctorate from the University of Vermont and brings over 40 years of experience as a
College Biology Professor and in local government to her legislative work. Senator Lyons organized three weeks of formal
presentations for the VT legislature on challenges and opportunities of Climate Change and was a recent policy consultant at the
Rocky Mountain Institute. Senator Lyons passed into law state green house gas reduction goals and other legislation for Vermont’s
sustainable Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy, land use, and economic future. Recently she received awards for her work on
Environmental and Children’s product safety laws. In addition to Co-Chairing the Vermont Commission on International Trade and
State Sovereignty, Senator Lyons is a member of the Senate Health and Welfare, Legislative Joint Energy, VT Champlain Citizens
Advisory and other Committees.

William Maclay, AIA, LEED AP, president of William Maclay Architects & Planners of Waitsfield (VT), has been recognized as a
leader in innovative, healthy and ecological architectural design for more than 35 years. Through its team of LEED-accredited
professionals, the firm offers a full-range of architectural services for all phases of residential, commercial and institutional projects.
For more information visit www.maclayarchitects.com.

Mark Michalisin is the Marketing Manager for SCA Tissue, and has 15 years in both Sales and Marketing; is a Member of SCA
Americas Environmental Core Team, the Sustainability Program – SCA Tissue NA, and a Member Eco-Logo Advisory Committee

Will Patten, Executive Director of Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility since May of 2007, began business career by
opening natural foods restaurant in Rutland, The Back Home Cafe, in 1971 and in 1986 opened Ben & Jerry's franchise #12 in
Rutland. Joined Ben & Jerry's Homedmade corporate office in 1991 as Operations Manager, Retail Operations. Worked in Karelia,
Russia to build Ben & Jerry's manufacturing and retail business. Named Director of Retail Operations in 2001 with global
responsibility for 600 Ben & Jerry shops in 14 countries.

Tim Perrin, BEP is a Business Development Specialist with Efficiency Vermont, the state’s provider of electrical energy-efficiency
services. Tim assists business and residential customers across the state with identifying opportunities for improving the energy
efficiency of homes and businesses. He has much experience working large, medium, and small businesses to address a variety of
energy concerns that exist in their facilities. Tim holds a degree in environmental chemistry from Middlebury College.

Ernie Pomerleau, President, Pomerleau Real Estate, with over 2 million square feet
of Commercial Property Management. Appointed as Chairman of the Governor’s Commission on Climate. Recipient of the Individual
Environmental Merit Award presented by the Environmental Protection Agency, New England Division – 2008. Directorships:
Chittenden Bank Corporation; Vermont Federal Bank – Chairman; Eastern Bankcorp - Executive Committee Vermont National Bank;
Burlington Development Association (Chair); United Way Campaign (Division Chairman); Burlington Rotary Club (Executive
Board); Flynn Theatre for the Performing Arts (Vice-President) – Founding; Lake Champlain Regional Chamber of Commerce, and

Shanna Ratner is the Principal of Yellow Wood Associates, Inc., a consulting firm located in St. Albans, Vermont specializing in
rural community economic development since 1985. Ms. Ratner has over 24 years experience managing complex research initiatives
and analyzing rural economic development opportunities. She has worked closely with federal, state, and local governments, citizen
groups, and non-profit organizations in identifying and implementing solutions to a range of natural resource-based development
challenges. Recently, Yellow Wood Associates, under the direction of Ms. Ratner, has developed a service for rural communities that
allows them to evaluate alternative technologies to enhance municipal infrastructure. Green Community Technologies  has served
communities in six states. Ms. Ratner holds a Master of Science degree in Agricultural Economics from Cornell University and a
Bachelor’s Degree in Value Systems from New College in Sarasota, Florida.

Doug Smith is the Manager of Energy Resource Planning at Green Mountain Power Corporation. Doug has primary responsibility
for GMP’s power supply planning, rate design, and load management activities. His roles at GMP include seeking new long-term
power supply contracts, and establishing GMP’s outlook for wholesale electricity market prices. Doug also oversees GMP’s
purchases of emission allowances under the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative Program, to cover the output of GMP’s Berlin
generating plant. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from Brown University, and has worked in the
electricity industry for 23 years. Prior to joining GMP in 2007, Doug was the Technical Director at La Capra Associates, a Boston-
based consulting firm that forecasts wholesale electricity prices and assists several Vermont utilities on power planning matters.

Greg Strong, President, Spring Hill Solutions, LLC. Building on fifteen years of experience designing, developing, assessing, and
marketing renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies and services, Greg founded Spring Hill Solutions
(www.springhillsolutions.com) in 2002. Spring Hill offers expertise in systems design and integration, project management, research,
strategic planning and business development, and commercialization in the areas of clean energy, sustainability, and carbon

Paul Tangredi, Director of Energy Services at Environmental Compliance Services, has launched a sustainability consulting and
greenhouse gas assessment service and recently begun consulting on development for solar projects, specifically on landfills, as well
as developing new effort to provide residential energy air sealing services. Paul is the Co-Chair of the Pioneer Valley’s Plan for
Progress- the regions blueprint for economic development, and is active with the Environmental Business Council of New England’s
Committee on Climate Change. In the past, Paul’s community involvement included Director of the Western Massachusetts Energy
Trust. He holds a Masters of Business Administration and a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering, both from Western
New England College.

Carol Westinghouse is a specialist in environmentally preferable purchasing (EPP) of institutional cleaning products. She developed
the groundbreaking Cleaning for Health program for INFORM Inc. and has recently established her own national non-profit
organization, Informed Green Solutions, Inc. a partner of INFORM.Ms. Westinghouse has served as a member of the Green Seal
Stakeholders Group, representing NGOs to help revise Green Seal’s™ GS-37 Standard for Institutional and Industrial Cleaners and on
a CleanGredients Fragrance workgroup to develop a standard for the EPA’s Design for the Environment program. She holds a BS in
Environmental Science from Johnson State College.