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LATI Schedule at-a Glance   CMD   Spring 2005
    WEEK                     TOPIC/MODULE                                       OBJECTIVES
Week 1            “LATI Learning Journey: WIIFY?”         Discover the program overview and anticipated outcomes.
                  Getting to know you and your library    Meet each other and share experiences.
March 17, 2005    Learning! And Reflections               Discuss latest brain/learning research.Explore personal
10 AM – 3PM                                               learning style activities. Post in your online journal - do this
West County
Library –Anne     The LCNs                                Meet your Learning Circle Network.
Arundel County
                  The LATI website and Strive 4-5:        “Test drive” the latimd.org intranet. Examine learning
Shading denotes   Subject Resources                       modules. Conduct an “on-the-fly” look and practice collating
Face-to-Face                                              a fingertip resource.

Week 2            Learning Quote                          Introduce yourself & Share your favorite learning quote on the
March 20, 2005                                            General Discussion Board.

                  Strive 4-5: Subject Resources           Examine and collate”fingertip resources”

                  Readers‟ Advisory Readings              Select your titles and start reading. Try an e-book? Read the

                  Mystery Shopping                        Discover and document: what is a mystery shopping
Week 3            Project idea                            Share your Showcase project idea on the Project Ideas
March 27, 2005                                            Discussion Board. Read/comment on others‟ ideas.

                  Strive 4-5: Subject Resources           Examine and collate”fingertip resources.”

                  Customer Service                        Read the Better Communication = Better Customer Service
                                                          module and workbook and review the CD tutorials. Complete
                                                          the exercises in the handbook. Complete your 1st checklist.

                  “Libraries in the 21st Century”         Discuss your thoughts on the article and “wild cards” on the
                                                          Libraries in the 21st Century Discussion Board. Read what
                                                          others say.

Week 4            Great Books Discussion Program –        Talk about great books. Network with other colleagues.
April 3           April 5/6                               Have fun!

                  askusnow!                               Be a customer. Ask a virtual reference question about
                                                          something you want to know. Save the transcript

                  Strive 4-5: Subject Resources & World   Examine and collate”fingertip resources.”

Tuesday,          Search Tools & Strategies – Take 1    Discuss and examine search tools: Directories, „Engines,‟ what
 April 12, 2005                                         they are, how they work and their features. Explore & Practice
West County                                             search strategies and techniques.
                  Maryland‟s askusnow! Virtual          Explore the world of virtual reference with Joe Thompson,
                  Reference service                     askusnow! Coordinator.
Wednesday,        Finding Information: Strategies and   Explore your own creativity for providing “reference” services
April 13,2005     Techniques                            with Wesley Wilson, Chief State Library Resource Center
West County                                             (SLRC).
Library           Strive 4-5: Subject Resources         Discuss Basic Reference‟ fingertip resources‟ & Challenge.

                  Search Tools & Strategies – Take 2    Discuss and examine resources for learning, evaluating web
                                                        sites, citing web sources, web searching principles and the
                                                        “hidden” or invisible web.
Thursday,         Customer Service Interview with       Practice reference interviewing with children.
April 14, 2005    Children                              Develop strategies for coping with “Imposed Query” situations.
Maryland City @
Russett Library   Readers‟ Advisory for Adults          Experience the readers‟ advisory skills of nationally-recognized
                                                        expert, Michael Gannon. Explore how you can, indeed, tell a
                                                        book by its cover.

                  Next Actions                          Clarify fieldwork activities/practices and Week 9 at Pratt Library.
                                                        Tie up loose ends.
                    Mystery Shopping                        Comment on a peer mystery shopping experience.           4
Week 10
May 15, 2005        BC=BCS Checklist                        Complete your 3rd behavior checklist.

Week 6              Strive –Case Scenarios
                    Worst 4-5: Subject Resources            Examine LCN “worst-case scenario” tips
                                                            Post yourand collate”fingertip resources.” on the Worst-Case
April 17, 2005                                              Scenario Discussion Board (or send to webmaster for posting if a
                    Mystery Shopping                        separate document). on the Mystery Shopping Discussion
                                                            Share your experience
                    eBooks                                  Board. Complete your 2nd behavior checklist.
                    Reflections                             Share your experience and–thoughts on eBooksweekly.
                                                            Post to your online journal remember, do this Discussion
Week 7              The World Almanac                       Board.
                                                            Complete only 10 questions. Bring task to Session 2
April 24, 2005
                    Strive 4-5: “Finger-tip” Subject
                    E-books                                 Examine and collate “ fingertip resources.” Congratulations – you
                                                            Explore and experience an e-book
                    Resources                               are 4/5ths done – Right?
Week 11             Search Engines
                    Strive 4-5: Subject Resources           Examine Practice #3.
                                                            Completeand collate”fingertip resources.”
May 22, 2005
Week 8              Community Information Practices         Complete & submit Practice #3.
May 1, 2005         Strive for 4- 5: “Finger-tip” Subject   Examine and collate “ fingertip resources.”
                    Health Module Practice                  45 done – only 10more to go!– your choice.
                                                            Complete only 5 questions
                    Project Work
                    Strive 4-5: Subject Resources           Examine pulling it together.
                                                            Focus on and collate”fingertip resources.”
Week 12             Strive 4-5: “Finger-tip” Subject        Jackpot – All Done! Submit completed Challenge.
May 29, 2005        Resources & Basic Refeence
                    Intergenerational Programming           Finish preparations
                    YA Readers‟ Advisory                    Complete book and survey.
Week 9 – F2F        ProjectPratt Free Library & State
                    Enoch Work                              Discover pulling it together and adding the finishing touches.
                                                            Focus on what SLRC has for you and your customers.
Tuesday,            Library Resource Center (SLRC)          Tour the secret stacks, sub-floors , subject departments and new
Week 132005
May 10,             Core Collection                         Select your 25 must have items for your desert island library –
                                                            wing with Wesley Wilson.
June AM2005
9:30 5, – 4:30                                              Submit your Core by June 11.
PM                  Project at-a-glance GROW-TH
                    YA Readers‟ Advisory                    Experience the world of Young Adult readers with YA experts:
all Assignments
Pratt               brochure                                Prepare brochure, edit and send to webmaster.
                                                            Sheila Anderson and Deb Taylor.
by June 5, 2005
Library/Baltimore   Portfolio
Wednesday,                                                  Select contents for portfolio, structure, arrange and assemble.
Week 142005
May 11,             Intergenerational Programming           Explore the creativity and fun of early literacy and preschool
Thursday, 4:30
9:30 AM –           The Showcase                            WOW everyone with your creativity:with the Carroll your customer
                                                            storytime programming for all ages Display/Share County
June 16, 2005
PM                                                          Library project, your GROW-TH
                                                            service Outreach Department. project brochure and your
11:30 AM – 3 PM                                             learning portfolio. Celebrate your Learning Journey and
Annapolis           Library for the Blind & Physically      Discover the resources and your certificate. Exhale ;-)).
                                                            Accomplishments! Receive services for visually/physically
May 12, 2005
Sheraton Barceló    Handicapped (LBPH)                      disabled customers. Tour of LBPH with library staff.
9:30 AM – 4:30      Survey (approximately 4-6 weeks         Complete online survey and provide valuable feedback. Thanks.
NEXT!               SLRC Core Resources
                    later)                                  Meet SLRC Department Heads, ask questions and find out their
                    LA Community                            “core fingertip resources.”
                                                            Continue your learning journey – check out the LA Community.

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