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					                                               2010 Muddog Classic Tournament
                                                    January 21st thru 23rd
                   Group A                                                               Group B

         A1 -      Pine Tree Blue                                              B1 -       Palestine

         A2 -      Chapel Hill                                                 B2 -       Robert E Lee

         A3 -       Henderson                                                  B3 -       Richland High

         A4 -       Hallsville                                                 B4 -       Glenda Dawson

         Time                          Thursday                      Friday                        Saturday

         8:30 – 10:00                                                B4 vs A2

         10:00 – 11:25                                               B3 vs A3                      B4 vs A4

         11:30 – 1:00                                                B2 vs A4                      B3 vs A1

         1:00 – 2:30                   A4 vs B1                      B1 vs A1                      B2 vs A2

         2:30 – 4:00                   A3 vs B2                      A3 vs B4                      B1 vs A3

         4:00 – 5:30                   A2 vs B3                      A4 vs B3

         5:30 – 7:00                   A1 vs B4                      A1 vs B2                      Championship

         7:00 – 8:30                                                 A2 vs B1

                                                                Tournament Rules

POINTS: 10 points system – 6 pts = win; 3 pts = tie; 1 pt per goal (up to 3); 1 extra pt for shutout. E.g. 0 – 0 tie game = 4 points.

LENGTH OF GAME: Preliminary & Semi-final – 35 minute halves, 5 minute half-time; the Championship games – 4 0 minute halves, 10
minute half-time. Four games guaranteed.

IN CASE OF TIE: Preliminary games can be ended in tie. The championship games, there will be two ten minute over-time (sudden death) with
a two minute half-time. It is still tied, U.I.L. shoot out.

EJECTION AND RED CARDS: Players and coaches receiving red cards will not be allowed to participate in their following game. When a player
accumulates more than 3 yellow cards during the tournament, one game suspension will be administered.

UNIFORMS AND COLOR CONFLICT: Team at the top of the bracket will be home team, wear white, and sit on the press box side of the field.

GAME BALLS: The home team listed at the top of each bracket will be responsible for furnishing three game balls.

BALL SHAGGERS: Each team must furnish a ball shagger to be stationed behind their goal during each game in which they participate. (Please
help us in this area; your cooperation keeps the tournament running on schedule.)

WEATHER: In the event of inclement weather the tournament format may be altered. e.g. single elimination, shorter games, goes straight to shoot-
out etc...Tournament Director and Referee will have final say on all tournament decisions. In case of CANCELLATION only half the entry fee will
be refunded. This enables us to cover all up front costs.

NUMBER OF GAMES: Each team is guaranteed FOUR games. Championship game @ 5:30 PM.

TEAM TROPHIES: Team trophies will be awarded to 1st and 2nd place finishers.



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