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Train the
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Train th Workpla             er
                  ace Traine is a com     mprehensiv two-day workshop that ena
                                                     ve          y            p          ables
supervissors, mana                       nt
                  agers and departmen leaders to train ad        dults effect  tively and cost
         ly. Exerci
efficientl         ises througghout the workshop provide an opportun          nity to praactice
essentia communi                                     chniques and ideas to make training
                  ication skills, various training tec                        o
                  p           al
last. This workshop is essentia for develloping exce                          es.
                                                     eptional training abilitie

Topics include:

    Adults Learn
How A

       over the va
   Disco                   s
                 arious ways in which adults learn
                            ts         arning proce
   Learn how to involve adult in the lea          ess
       tify      o
   Ident ways to make learning enjoya  able
       over the relationship b
   Disco                               arning and t 5 sense
                             between lea          the     es

    ning fo Train
Plann     or    ning
      ermine training needs f individua and gro
   Dete                     for       als     oups
       training obje
   Set t                     d
                   ectives and goals
      anizing the training pla for maxim
   Orga                      an                  iveness
                                       mum effecti
      elop the Tra
   Deve                               nd         session eva
                 aining session plan an training s         aluation

    ning Delivery
      ctice various methods o effective communic
   Prac           s         of                 cation skills
      age               d            earners
   Mana special needs and difficult le
   Learn to use au                      ively
                 udio visual aids effecti
   Ident the 6 steps of skill training

           ng   t
Make Trainin Last
       over how effectice coa
   Disco        e                       reinforce yo training efforts
                            aching will r          our
                  e                      low employ
   Learn to provide feedback that will all                  ke       ments and be
                                                  yees to mak improvem
      ountable for their action
   acco           r           ns
       tify                ewards and recognition which will maximize the learner
   Ident various forms of re        d           n                               r’s
                             actices and encourage on-going and meani
   Reinforce good training pra         d         e                               ng
                                                                    ingful trainin
   for th future.
       over how excellent tra
   Disco        e           aining increa
                                        ases emplo
                                                 oyee satisfa          reduces sta
                                                            action and r         aff

     ring Ser
Inspir                   ng   ue
            rvice / Growin Valu

        our     e          he
This is o promise to you. Th AHLA off                        as        and-alone
                                      fers all our seminars a either sta
       ms       rt          egic and on
program or as par of a strate                     ning plan fo your orga
                                      n-going train          or        anization.

       contact us to discuss y
Please c          t                     dual require
                             your individ          ements.

             TELEPHHONE 780.436.6112      #401 – Centre 104
             TOLL FREE 888.436.6112                    Trail
                                          5241 Calgary T NW     
             EMAIL                        B
                                          Edmonton, AB T6H 5G8

Human Resource Development Pillar Mission
       Our        e           the          d     resource pra
       O purpose is to raise t standard of human r                       e
                                                            actices in the
       Alberta tourism and hospitality indus
       A                                   stry.

       We         t         ng           in          y
       W commit to developin the profit i people by educating aand
       demonstratin each of th seven fun
       d          ng         he                      as        o            m
                                         nctional area of HR, so that tourism
       and hospita is the ind
       a         ality                   oice in Alber
                             dustry of cho           rta.

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