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					                                                                                                       FINAL: 3/5/08

                  TROOP 719 EAGLE COURT OF HONOR 2008
EAGLE CANDIDATES:                     Wade Hirokawa
                                      Andrew Kim
                                      Daniel Inouye
                                      Jordan Chong
                                      Andrew Moncada
GUEST SPEAKER:                 Ken Kasamatsu, President of Branch Banking Division of Pacific
                               Commerce Bank. Eagle Scout and on the Board of Directors of
                               numerous non-profit organizations
MASTER OF CEREMONIES: Jimmy Matsushita (________________)
                      Advisor: Bill Hirokawa
Date:             March 8, 2008 (Saturday)
Place:            Ken Nakaoka Memorial Community Center
Time:             3:00 PM All Eagle families, Scouts, Parents and food arrives promptly.
                        Set-up tables/chairs/food/stage/displays/photos/Eagle pinning (rehearsal)
                  6:00 PM Food will be served
                  6:45 PM Program begins
                                            *    *   *   *   *
ASSIGNMENTS: First person listed in bold is in charge this year/(Second person) listed in italics is the
assistant for this year and will be in charge next year.
Program Chairperson                          Alison Arakawa              (310) 543-9309
Assistant Chairperson                        Traci Hino
Advisor                                      Geri Mizukami
                                                    *    *    *    *    *
Program Chairperson                          Alison Arakawa
                                             1. Prior year chairperson reserves the date in March (2nd Sat).
                                             2. Confirm in early November with Pauline Moses at Nakaoka
                                                 Center at (310) 217-9541 or that
                                                 reservation is set for March and file application by mail ASAP.
                                             3. Once City of Gardena approves the reservation request, request
                                                 funds from treasurer and submit payment.
                                             4. Meet with chairpersons from Annual Dinner and Pancake
                                                 Breakfast to allocate job assignments so as not to overwhelm
                                                 people. Distribute assignments at January Committee Meeting.
                                             5. Secure Guest Speaker and Reverend to give invocation.
                                             6. Inform Eagle of information needed in timely manner: name,
                                                 character board, eagle project contact, guest list (complete
                                                 names), biography, thank you speech, introduction speech and
                                                 person introducing. Give information to appropriate chairperson.
                                             7. Make sure jobs are completed in a timely manner.
                                             8. Set up the program/time schedule and ensure all chairpersons
                                                 receive the assignment, time schedule, scripts, and layout.
                                             9. Buy gift for guest speaker.

                                             Solicit Government Certificates: Alison Arakawa
                                             10. Research online for current officials and addresses
                                             11. Prepare, print, mail /fax/email letters for certificates on
                                                 letterhead to government officials, no later than mid-January.
                                             12. Keep track of Letters of Acknowledgements from Officials.
                                             13. Purchase and assemble scrapbook for certificates.

                                                                                                        FINAL: 3/5/08

                                             Invitations: Traci Hino
                                             14. Guest List: get updated Officials, District, Alumni, Eagle Guest
                                                 and Eagle Character Review Board Lists from Chairperson of
                                                 Annual Dinner. Include new alumni.
                                             15. Purchase, prepare template and print invitations. Mail
                                                 invitations to guests close to date of Annual Dinner.
                                             16. Record the names/number of guests attending. Important to
                                                 get first and last name of husband and wife for name tags.
                                             17. Prepare guest lists of those attending for Receptionists and give
                                                 list to them at least four days in advance so they can prepare
                                                 nametags. Late RSVPs will be phoned/emailed to receptionist.
Master of Ceremony                           Jimmy Matsushita (____________)
                                             1. Assign escorts for guest speakers, Eagle scouts and parents, 3 rd
                                                year and up and Alumni. Give them copy of layout. Ensure all
                                                are lined up and ready to go before part
                                             2. Obtain program script from chairperson
                                             3. Obtain updated guest lists from reception table
                                             4. Familiar self with Guest Speaker Biography
Flag Ceremony                                Senior Patrol Leaders
                                             4-6 Scouts 3rd year and up to help usher
                                             1. Make assignments at Greenbar meeting.
Scout Law Ceremony                           Craig Yabuta (Chip Hino)
                                             Advisor: Gary Kurashige
                                             1. Assign twelve scouts positions and give list of scouts to
                                                Chairperson for timeline.
                                             2. Have scout read (or memorize) script. Tape script to table in
                                                case scout forgets.
                                             3. Ensure candles are set up on stage with foil under candle and
                                                lighter is available. (bring one extra lighter).
                                             4. Ensure scouts know where to stand and how far apart from each
                                                other. Maybe label the floor on stage.
Voice of the Eagle                           Ron Doi (Neil Kubota)
                                             Advisor: ______________
                                             1 Assign the six scouts at each rank and give list to Chairperson
                                                for timeline.
                                             2 Obtain script and Review last year’s videotape.
                                             3 Line scouts up on stage, ready to hold poster of emblem and
                                                other hand to hold candle and light the next candle. Ensure
                                                scouts know where to stand and how far apart from each other.
                                                Maybe label the floor on stage. Have scout step forward during
                                                their part and step back when done.
Eagle Scout Challenge                        Don Hirabayashi (Steve Lee)
                                             Advisor: Roger Yamashiro
                                             1. Obtain script
                                             2. Ensure escorts (patrol leaders and seniors) are ready to escort
                                                eagles and parent.
Greet 719 Alumni Eagles                      Gary Kurashige (Jimmy Matsushita)
                                             Advisor: Jimmy Matsushita
                                             1. Assign Honor Guards (719 Alumni Eagle Scouts) and inform MC
                                             2. Assign Reading of Congratulation letters.
Honor Guards                                 719 Alumni Eagle Scouts
                                             Read letters of congratulations

                                                                                                        FINAL: 3/5/08
Presenters                                   Ensure number of Republican same as Democrats
Stage Program Support                        Nancy Shimane (June Nakagawa)
                                             Advisor: Linda Nakashima
                                             1. Greet Alumni
                                             2. Pins and Awards support on stage
                                             3. Assist assignments of Alumni Eagle to read commendations.
                                             4. Give copies of certificates to be read by Alumni
                                             5. Verify MC list is in order and updated.
Slide Show                                   Kenny Chong (Kevin Colwell)
                                             1. Obtain photos and music
                                             2. Ensure projector is available and in good working order
                                             3. Make copies of slide show for Eagle Families
Plaques and Certificates                     Mike Oshimo (Hiroshi Arakawa)
                                             Advisor: Ross Fujimura
                                             1. Engraving contact: Mike Hirahara at E&H Engraving, 19800
                                                Hawthorne Blvd. #414 (inside Old Towne Lock and Key), (310)
                                                371-7544, Fax (310) 371-5645.
                                             2. Get Eagle certificate from Eagles to be mounted.
                                             3. Obtain Eagle’s official advancement letter to Eagle rank, which is
                                                needed to purchase Eagle kit (Eagle pin, tie-tac, patch) from
                                                Scout shop [3000 Shoshonean Rd, San Pedro (310) 832-7139].
                                                Pick up extra patch for each scout to put in trail to eagle plaque.
                                             4. Obtain Eagle scarf from Eagle Scout one week prior to be
                                                presented again that evening. Give to Stage Program Support
                                                chairperson that evening with Eagle Kit.
                                             5. Request Eagle patch from Eagle after ceremony so Eagle kit
                                                stays intact.
Program Design / Printing                    Chip Hino (Karen Kaji)
                                             Advisor: Patsy Matsushita
                                             1. Purchase program layout/covers.
                                             2. Verify District and Government Officials are current & accurate
                                             3. Obtain eagle biographies from chairperson and photo of Eagle
                                                and one with parents from Eagle Portraits chairperson.
Eagle Boards / Table Set-up                  Marion Doi (Midori Kubota)
                                             Advisor: Nancy Fujimura
                                             1. Distribute specifications for Brag Rags
                                             2. Assemble Eagle display boards/Eagle Book/Brag Rag with brag
                                                rag stands (base, pole and emblem in lock up) with Eagle
                                                Parents’ help.
                                             3. Ensure perpetual Eagle Plaque displayed on Eagle Table.
Stage Set-Up                                 Miles Watanabe (Kurt Kuniyoshi)
                                             Advisors: Chip Hino
                                             1. Stage set-up: lights, Eagle banner and Eagle Scout lighted stand
                                                (both in lock up), sound system (2 microphones).
                                             2. Purchase and set up candles: 6-3-6 on tables [12 white, 1 red, 1
                                                white and 1 blue]
                                             3. Bring heavy fishing line to hang up Eagle banner.
                                             4. Set up skirted table on front-center stage.
                                             5. Operate PA system during program/curtains/lighting on stage.
Balloons                                     Janice Oshimo (Karen Tanaka)
                                             Advisor: Pauline Hirabayashi
                                             1. Purchase red/white/blue balloons with helium.
                                             2. Fill Eagle Balloons.
                                             3. Assist at the reception table, if needed.

                                                                                                        FINAL: 3/5/08
Hostess / Reception                          Karen Kaji (_____________)
                                             Reception Table: __________, __________, __________
                                             Advisor: June Nakagawa
                                             1. Receive guest list (file) from Chairperson
                                             2. Prepare nametags for guests. Special ribbon nametags for
                                                officials and special guests and guest speaker.
                                             3. Obtain perpetual place cards from lock up for chairs at end for
                                                honored guests, Eagle parents, immediate family/relatives,
                                                Eagle Scouts, Troop 719. Tape card at both ends of each row of
                                                chairs to reserve seats. Use similar signs for different lines at
                                                reception table so can direct guests and check off of one list only
                                             4. Provide pens, highlighters, paper, scotch tape, nametags, etc.
                                             5. Highlight names of guest that are present, assign a runner from
                                                reception table to MC, give updated list to MC by 6:45 PM.
                                                Large Print please, including name and title. Guests will arrive
                                                late, so make sure that MC is aware of guests that need to be
Corsage & Boutonnieres                       JoAnn Yamashiro (Lois Colwell)
                                             Advisor: Yuki Ide
                                             1. Make corsage for each Eagle mom.
                                             2. Carnation boutonniere for each Eagle dad, guest speaker, MC.
                                             3. Contact Boulevard Florist (310) 219-7600 for flower donation
                                                (owner Mark Granovitz).
                                             4. If extra flowers, make arrangement for cake table.
Refreshments                                 David Wada (Yoshi Ide)
 Coffee & Drinks                             Advisor: Alan Masukawa
                                             1. Purchase (check with supply chairperson first if need to
                                                purchase) and prepare punch, ice, coffee, tea, water (2 cases).
                                                (See proportions used last year)
                                             2. Use aluminum containers lined with paper towels to catch excess
                                                liquid from igloo coolers, coffee maker, hot water makers, or use
                                                liter bottles cutouts.
                                             3. Bring extension cords to hook up coffee and hot water.
                                             4. Use regular ground coffee, individual decaf coffee, green tea
                                                bags, creamers, sugar and stir sticks. Check in storage and/or
                                                refreshment family for supplies before purchasing.
                                             5. Return equipment and extra supplies to storage.
Mothers Club                                 Nancy Fujimura (Nori Lee)
                                             Advisor: Joanne Kim
                                             1. Coordinate sign up of heavy finger food, triple recipe.
                                             2. Coordinate food set up at Nakaoka Center.
                                             3. Consider having separate food for scouts and/or potentially
                                                having them eat early since most will be part of the program.
                                             4. Eagle Cake - delegate someone to order and pick up cake have
                                                Eagles’ names on cake and at Nakaoka before rehearsal for
                                                picture taking.
                                             5. All mothers help decorate room with balloons, cover tables and
                                                arrange food on tables.
                                             6. Bring knives/servers for cake.
Supplies / Paper Goods                       Jamie Watanabe (Rouxann Kuwata)
                                             Advisor: JoAnn Yamashiro
                                             1. Punch: punch base (coordinate with Refreshment Chairperson),
                                                troop igloo cooler, long handle spoon to mix, measuring cup
                                             2. 90-cup coffee maker, 30 cup hot water maker.
                                             3. Oval snack plates for finger food, cake plates for cake,
                                                styrofoam and paper cups, napkins. Eagle Napkins: contact
                                                Chris Shiozaki or Kevin Kaneko.
                                                                                                       FINAL: 3/5/08
                                             4. Plastic forks, knives, chopsticks, salt, pepper and shoyu.
                                             5. Paper tablecloths or butcher paper, masking tape table skirts
                                             6. Baskets with liners, trays or containers to hold utensils,
                                                condiments, cups, napkins, etc.
                                             7. Bring serving utensils and take out containers for leftovers.
                                             8. Bring dishwashing soap, kitchen towels, paper towels, foil,
                                                plastic wrap and baggies (large).
                                             9. Return all supplies to storage.
Eagle Portraits                              Eagle Families
                                             1. Eagle families determine how would like done. Previously used
                                                photographer: Roger Sunada.
                                             2. Need photos for Eagle albums and newspapers-single (8x10),
                                                group (4x5) and with parents (4x5) with light background.
                                                (provide photo to Stage Support, Publicity, Program Design)
Photographers                                Arnold Kaji, Hiroshi Arakawa, John Shimane, Cheryl
                                             Masukawa (Wade Inouye, Doug Mizukami, __________)
                                             Advisors: Ron Doi, Doug Mizukami, Yoshi Ide, Cheryl Masukawa
                                             1. See list of photos to take and divide up assignments.
                                             2. Make sure cameras are in good working order, check camera
                                                settings, ensure you have enough capacity on memory card.
                                             3. We will have Eagle Pinning rehearsal at 4:30 PM at which time
                                                we will take Eagle pinning photos, family photos, and picture of
                                                Eagle with cake.
                                             4. Assign one person to consolidate all photos and copy onto CD for
                                                Eagle families.
Video                                        Keith Shiozaki (Miles Kuwata)
                                             Advisor: Mark Nakashima
                                             1. Video tape entire Eagle Court program.
                                             2. Switch on the “night shot” during dark parts of program: scout
                                                law, slide show, etc.
                                             3. Make DVD copies for Eagle Scouts and next chairperson.
Publicity/Newspaper                          JoAnn Yamashiro (Helen Wada)
                                             Advisor: Barbara Moncada
                                             1. Need photos of Eagle Scout and biography.
                                             2. Submit after Eagle Court but before summer.
                                             3. Find out when the announcement will be printed and get copies
                                                for the Eagle Scouts and their parents.
Set-up and clean up of hall                  Everybody
                                             1. Senior Patrol Leader assign patrols for specific clean up at Green
                                             2. Chairs, Tables, Sweep/Mop, Empty Trash/Reline Can, Kitchen,
                                                Ensure nothing is left behind.