Southern University and A M College Student Union Facility Rental by eddie22


									Southern University and A&M College Student Union Facility Rental Evaluation
Please indicate your level of satisfaction with the following rental policies and procedures.
Very Satisfied Satisfied Neither Very Satisfied Dissatisfied Dissatisfied

1. Office staff (courteous, helpful, did everything possible to meet your needs) 2. Rental facility (cleanliness, safety, setup as specified). 3. Custodial staff (courteous, helpful in assisting you with your needs). 4. Supplies and equipment (ample and appropriate). 5. The Room Rental Process. 6. The ability of the Union Staff to solve problems with the event. 7. The availability of meeting rooms.

Please answer Yes or No to the following:
Yes No Not Applicable

1. If equipment and supplies were not available at the facility, were you given alternative suggestions to obtain what you needed? 2. Was the time allowed for decorating sufficient? 3. Are you willing to pay for additional hours, if needed? 4. Would you use our facility again? 5. Would you recommend our facility to another person? 6. Were you able to reserve your first choice of rooms for the event? 7. If you were not able to reserver your first choice of rooms, were you able to reserve a room that was satisfactory for the event?

Your event was for a:

Student Organization

University Department

Other/Non-Campus Event


Thank You for your services.

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