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Lesson Plan Template


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									                    Lesson Plan Template

              Lesson Topic: ______Dance________ Grade: __1st____
                     Date to be Taught: _____April 11_______

State Standard/s:
3.1 Name and perform folk/traditional dances from other countries.

English/Language Arts:
1. R.1.2 Identify the title and author of a reading selection.
1.LS.1.1 Listen attentively

Lesson Objective: (What do I want my students to and be able to do?)
Students will understand how to dance in a cakewalk
The students will be able to:
Demonstrate a cakewalk dance.
Identify the title and author of the book.

Teacher activities                            Student activities
Introduction (questions, prompts, modeling)

1. The teacher will instruct the children     1. The children will sit on the floor and
to sit on the carpet for reading.             wait patiently.
2. The teacher will introduce the book,       2. The students will listen attentively
Mirandy and Brother Wind and state the        (1.LS.1.1).
author and illustrator’s names.
3. The teacher will call on three students,   3. The students will raise their hands
one to find the author’s name, one to         patiently. When the students are called
point out the illustrator’s name, and one     on they will walk quietly to the teacher
to show the class the title of the book.      and point out the title, or author, or
                                              illustrator, so that everyone can see
                                              (1. R.1.2).
4. The teacher will give instructions to      4. The students will agree and listen
the class to pay attention because she        attentively.
will ask questions during the book.
5. The teacher will read the book asking      5. Students will raise a quiet hand until
questions                                     they are called on.

Guided Practice
1. The teacher will have the students         1. The students will follow directions by
stand up and find a partner. (If there is     finding a partner and a spot on the square
odd numbers then the teacher will pair
up. The students will also need to find a
place to stand on the square.
2. The teacher will explain the rules by      2. The students will listen attentively and
example. The teacher will first explain to    ask questions about any dance moves they
the students that they need to have a         are allowed to incorporate.
partner and create their own dance, by
incorporating high movements and low
3. The teacher will put on some African       3. The students will begin to dance to the
American music for the students to dance      music.
4. The teacher will complete and notice       4. The students will continue being
students’ accomplishments and                 creative in their dance moves.
5. After the dance, the teacher will ask      5. The students will return to their desks.
the students to return to their seats.

ACTIVITY TWO: DRAW A CAKE                     Independent Practice:
1. The teacher will pass out blank pieces     1. The students will wait until instructions
of paper, pencils, markers, crayons, etc.
2. The teacher will tell the students that    2. The students will create a cake on
they are to create a cake that they would     paper with markers, crayons, etc.
like to win at a cakewalk.

Closure:                                      Closure:
1. The teacher will ask the students if       1. The students will respond.
they would need Brother Wind to win a
2. The teacher will ask if any of the         2. Students will raise their hand until they
students would like to share their picture.   are called on

Assessment                                     Formative          Summative

The teacher will assess the students during the cakewalk by seeing if they are
able to stay in the boundaries and are participating.

How do your instructional strategies and student activities address the S A A C

The standards are addressed within the lesson plan.

Developmental needs of students (how are activities connected to developmental

Students will listen to age-appropriate literature.
Students will engage in an interactive activity.
Students are encouraged to use their imagination to create a dance.

English language learners

Don’t expect these students to understand everything.

Since the children are able to pair up, it will help English language students to
not be left behind.

Special needs

Be careful to not sterotype special needs children and create a bias.

Special needs students need to experience their full potential within the
activities by participating in everything.


This activity should be fun. Remember to encourage all students to participate.
Watch out for students who are being left out or excluding others. Stay

Resources and supplies needed

                          Mirandy and Brother Wind by Jerry Pinkney
4 cones or tape to create a square
CD player
African Music


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