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					Kingsnorth CEP School Parents and Friends Association
Church Hill, Kingsnorth, Ashford, Kent TN23 3EF – Tel No: 01233 622673
Registered Charity No: 1122386



Attendees: Sarah Woolf, Rebecca Ralph, Leigh Lloyd, Tara Wiltshire, Julie
Henning, Nikki Hollis, Sharon Downes, Mrs Foinette, Tara Hammond, Mrs
German, Rachael Budd, Jayne Hall, Marie Bailey, Hughie Cumpper.

   1. Apologies: Ian Hollis, Chris Riley, Sam Spencer.
   2. Minutes of last meeting confirmed.
   3. School Council/Ideas for money – Mrs German and Hughie, representing
      the school council, presented an idea for long term projects for the
      playground. Ideas included a climbing wall, a boat for key stage 1, and a
      stage which could be used for assemblies outside or the choir and houses
      with a seating area. Hughie showed pictures of these items. Mrs German
      suggested that a plan could be drawn up in ICT by year six of where they
      would plan to have the items and the prices. It was suggested a target
      chart is put up so parents can see what the money is being saved for and
      how the saving is going.
      Mrs Foinette said that the reception area has already spent £2,010 on
      their playground. Sue Archer will draw up a list of what has been spent.
      The playground equipment will cost £200 to fix and the parts have been
      SW suggested a form could be created for everyone to put ideas on what
      they want the money to be spent on. Mrs Foinette said you have to be
      careful ideas are not duplicated but suggested we discussed it with Mrs
   4. School Fete Feedback – LL said we only had 25 forms back but all 25
      enjoyed it, the air show was the most popular, but people also liked the
      sense of community, cake stand and crock smash. Fourteen said the
      tokens were a good idea. Other suggestions were more entertainment,
      more crafts, beer tent, face painting and maybe market it a little earlier.
      Date for next fete was suggested the 19th or 26th June. SD to check
      date with Rev Sheila but we also need to bear in mind other local
      activities around this time of year. 19th was the favourite.
   5. Disco – Friday 10th July. Agreed as the junior disco is sold out but some
      tickets being returned due to change of date, all names should be put in
      hat and pulled out at random. This will be done Wed after school. List of
      disco volunteers: Infants - Sarah Woolf, Tara Wiltshire, Rebecca Ralph,
      Sharon Downes, Jayne Hall, Julie Henning, Mrs Foinette, Becca Ashman,
      Leslie Taylor, Rachel Budd, Natasha Snelling, Rachel Lee. Juniors -
      Sarah Woolf, Rebecca Ralph, Sharon Downes, Tara Hammond – to get List
      99 checked and full CRB later date, Julie Henning, Mrs Foinette, Gill
      Slatter, Becca Ashman, Leslie Taylor. Mrs Foinette will ask for more
      teacher helpers. SW said the DJ will be leaving in middle of the junior
      disco but will leave his daughter to take over which she has done before
      but he will be back to pack up. SW confirmed Rachael Budd has 1,000
      glow sticks.
5.    Storytime – two more dates left. SW wondered if we could use the old
      hall if weather was poor. Mr Foinette said she usually takes Reception
      children there during storytime. It was agreed they could use the staff
      room if weather is poor. 15-20 parents tend to stay. Also SW said a few
      mums have pointed out that it is not clear on the literature supplied by
      the school if they have to buy all the uniform from the mobile unit or
      just some. Mrs Foinette said she would review what has been sent out.
6.    Leavers Books – SW confirmed that all the pictures have now been taken.
      We discussed when to present the books to the children i.e. at the
      service or leavers do. Mrs Foinette to decide will find out if giving
      prayer books or bibles out.
7.    Leavers Do - Mrs Foinette has hired 3 inflatables which will be on the
      grass in the playground or in the hall if the weather is bad. Each class
      will get 20 mins to play. Leavers Do to start at 3.15 -4.45pm. So far we
      have 54 children and 14 adults. Decided PFA will set up at 2.45 pm and
      wheel the BBQ out to the willow arbour area of pond area for safety.
      Food will be served at 4.15. SD volunteered to cut carrot sticks, lettuce
      and cucumber. Cold drinks offered to all and ice creams. Need to look
      out for special offers on Ice creams.
8.    Book Bags – Had more problems with quality. The stitching keeps coming
      apart. LL to look at alternative supplier.
9.    Water Bottles – Hamstreet School have their own drinks bottles. RR to
      look at suppliers and talk to Mrs Hirst.
10.   Theatre – Miss Emms has mentioned a company who will set up a theatre
      and we make money from selling tickets. Suggested doing this with
      Furley Park. SW to discuss further with Miss Emms
11.   Hats and Scarf – It was suggested that we sell hats and scarves with
      the school logo or just the name. Also discussed logo PE shirts in red
      which could be worn on school trips. SW to look into further. Also
      suggested Miss Manktelow was looking at sun hats. SW to liaise with
      Miss Manktelow. It was thought that some of these new ideas should
      await the arrival of the new Head.
12.   Finances – Bank balance currently £6,384. A cheque to St John
      Ambulance for the Fête still needs to be written. Agreed half money
      made at Fête from Bouncy Castle should be given to RR. Also need to
      agree how much to spend on fireworks for this year we spent £1,500 last
      year. Nick has a brochure.
13.   Lanyard – Mrs Foinette agreed it would be easier if PFA and volunteers
      had Lanyards rather than the stickers when going into school as they are
      regular visitors.
14.   Any Other Business – There was no interest in the wood auction so it was
      suggested we try at Christmas or Mrs Foinette said about putting on the
      table in reception on the open day on the 15th July. If does not go at
      Christmas if the person who supplied it agrees, we could put on Ebay.
15.   Date of next meeting - 14th September 2009 at 2pm.