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Wedding Celebration Pack
             TEL: 01695 624426
                                   20% off Sunday-Thursday 15% off Friday
                      Warm Pastry Tartlet                                              Fully Inclusive Extras
  Filled with wild mushrooms, smoked ham and a cream sauce.
                 King Prawns and Lime Dressing                                     Blue or Red Carpet Reception
               With baby leaves and exotic fruits.                                 Bride & Groom greeted by
                         Hors d’oeuvres                                             Management with Lanson Black Label
            Smoked salmon, king prawn, Parma ham,
          fresh melon and pate with herb leaves salad.                              Champagne
               Served with a choice warm breads.                                   Bucks Fizz Reception drink for your
                     Smoked Chicken Salad                                           Guests on Arrival. Canapé’s can be
Topped on Moroccan cous cous with sun-dried tomatoes, enhanced
                     with a honey dressing.                                         supplied as an optional extra @
                             *******                                               ½ Bottle from the exclusive wine
                       Leek & Potato Soup
                  Lamb & Vegetable Broth Soup                                      2 Bottles of Mineral Water per table
                                                                                   Glass of Champagne from Champagne
             French Onion Soup with Cheese Soufflé
                                                                                    Fountain dressed with strawberries or
             Pink Grapefruit and Champagne Sorbet                                   raspberries
                                                                                   Hire of Room for daytime celebration
            Passion Fruit and Peach Schnapps Sorbet
                                                                                   Choice of floral arrangement for each
                     Lemon and Lime Sorbet                                          table.
                                                                                   Table ribboning in your choice of
                    Roast Breast of Duckling                                        colour
   With black cherry and cognac or orange and Cointreau sauce                      Exclusive Top Table setting with skirt,
                   (please make one selection)                                      draped table linen and ivy trail.
                      Roast Barrel of Lamb
                   With mint and rosemary jus                                       Includes Crystal cut glass & Villrooy &
                      Roasted Fillet of Beef                                        Boch cutlery, Ritz bone China crockery
                       With Madeira sauce                                          Candelabra on the Top Table
                         Sea Bass Fillets
                   With a saffron cream sauce                                      White linen napkins for all guests.
                                                                                   Management to act as Master of
                                 *******                                            Ceremonies
                           Chocolate Tulip
   Chocolate cup filled with chocolate and Grand Marnier soufflé                   Hire of cake stand and knife
 floated on chocolate and fruit sauces surrounded with berries and                 Souvenir wedding memento frame.
                        dusted with icing sugar                                    Overnight accommodation in a Suite
                   Strawberry Brandy Snap Basket
Strawberries soaked in vodka and bound in whipped cream layered                     which includes Breakfast for Bride &
                            into the basket                                         Groom, champagne, strawberries and
            Selection of English and Continental Cheeses                            shortbread, chocolates and flowers in
                Served with biscuits, grapes and celery
                          Lime & Panacotta                                          the sitting room.
Italian style dessert served with shortbread biscuits and a compote                2 Aqua pack bouquets for you to give
         of fresh raspberries, blue berries and blackcurrants                       as gifts.
                                                                                   Menu Tasting for Bride and Groom
                           Optional Extra                                           (To ensure the menu meets your requirements.* Also
                       Coffee and Cream                                             ideal for a family get together. Additional guests
               With handmade chocolate selection.                                   charged at 50%)
                              £2.50                                                First Anniversary lunch or dinner
                                                                                    (a voucher for £50) with overnight accommodation

                          Per Guest
              31st March 2006 – 31st March 2007
     *Please select one starter, one soup or sorbet, one main course and one dessert. All main course meals are
     served with a selection of seasonal vegetables and potatoes. Dietary requirements catered for on request.
                             31st March 2007- 31st March 2008 £58.75 per person
                                                   Inclusive of all as above.
           Inclusive of VAT at the standard rate of 17.5%. However service charges are left purely to your discretion.
                                                 Prices Valid till 31st March 2008
                                        20% off Sunday- Thursday 15% Off Friday
                                                 Discounted offer only applies with evening buffet

                       Fresh Fruit Medley                                                      Fully Inclusive Extras
    Duo of melon served with fresh pineapple, strawberries and                       Blue or Red carpet reception
                           fruit sauce.
                                                                                     Bride & Groom greeted by management
            Freshly Poached Salmon and Prawn Platter                                  with bubbly
                     Served with seafood sauce
                                                                                     Bucks Fizz Reception drink for your
                               ******                                                 guests on arrival. Fruit shoots for children
      Hotel Prepared Cream of Chicken and Sweet Corn Soup
              Served with crusty bread roll and butter
                                                                                     Two glasses of Australian chardonnay or
           Hotel Prepared Puree of Seasonal Vegetables                                cabernet sauvignon served with your meal.
              Served with crusty bread roll and butter                                Two large bottles of mineral water on each
                 Hotel Prepared Minestrone Soup                                       table.
              Served with crusty bread roll and butter
                                                                                     Sparkling wine for fountain poured by Bride
                               ******                                                 & Groom for the toast.
                  Steak of Roasted Sirloin of Beef
`                    With a rich red wine sauce
                                                                                     Hire of room for day time celebration
                                                                                     Choice of floral arrangements for each
                    Supreme of Chicken Breast                                         table.
           Served with a white wine and mushroom gravy
                                                                                     Table Ribboning in your chosen colour.
                        Roast Leg of Lamb
                With a redcurrant and port wine jus
                                                                                     Top table draped in matching colours, with
                               ******                                                 ivy trail.
                      Strawberries and Cream                                         Candelabra on the top table and an
    Plump fresh strawberries dusted with icing sugar with phsalis                     exclusive table setting include Crystal cut
                  served with fresh pouring cream
                                                                                      glass, Villrooy & Boch cutlery & Ritz bone
                     Chilled Chocolate Pyramid                                        China crockery.
                       With Tia Maria cream
                                                                                     White linen for top table and a choice of
                      Individual Lime Panacotta                                       coloured napkins for all the guests.
      Italian style dessert served with fresh raspberries, blue
                                                                                     Management to Act as Master of Ceremonies
                       berries and blackcurrants
                                                                                     Hire of cake stand and knife
                  Citrus Tart with Clotted Cream
                   Served with fresh clotted cream
                                                                                     Souvenir wedding memento frame.
                               ******                                                Overnight accommodation in a suite
                           Optional Extras                                            inclusive of breakfast with sparkling wine
                      Coffee and Cream                                                and strawberry shortcake and mineral water
                        With chocolate mint                                           in the sitting room.
    Coffee and selection of Handmade Chocolates                                       2 Aqua pack bouquets for gifts
                                £2.50                                                Menu tasting for Bride & Groom
                                                                                      (Dinner will be provided from chosen reception menu to
                                                                                      ensure it meets your required tastes. Also great for family
                                                                                      get together! Additional guests 50% off)
                                                                                     First Anniversary Lunch or Dinner (voucher
                             £38.95                                                   for £40)
                           Per Guest

             31st March 2006-31st March 2007+

    *Please select one starter, one soup, one main course and one dessert. All main course meals served with
                 seasonal vegetables and potatoes. Dietary requirements catered for on request.
                            31st March 2007-31st March 2008 £42.50 per person
                                             Inclusive of all as above.
      Inclusive of VAT at the standard rate of 17.5%. However service charges are left purely to your discretion.
                                                        Prices valid till 31st March 2008
                                      Is Available
                 Saturdays from 30 September 06 to 31st March 07
             Sunday to Friday Inclusive from 1st April 06 to 31st March 07.
                      15% Off Sunday-Thursday 10% off Fridays
            Cream of Vegetable Soup                                          Fully Inclusive Extras
           Served with crusty bread roll & butter
            Prawn and Egg Marie Rose                                   Blue or Red carpet reception
                                                                       Bubbly greeting for the Bride &
      Fan of Melon with Fresh Raspberries
                                                                        Groom on arrival
                          ******                                       Bucks fizz reception drink on arrival
             Roast Breast of Chicken                                    for all your guests.
             Served with a rich gravy                                  One glass of House wine with your
               Roast Loin of Pork
             Served with apple sauce
                                                                       Glass of sparkling wine with tower
                                                                        for toast.
                 Roast Turkey                                          Hire of room for day time
    Served with stuffing and cranberry sauce                            celebration
               Prime Roast Beef                                        2 posy bowls for top table and posy
         Served with Yorkshire pudding                                  bowl in your chosen colour for
                          ******                                        individual tables.
                                                                       Top table draped and bowed
           Deep Apple Pie and Cream
                                                                       Choice of coloured napkins
 Fresh Cream Profiteroles and Chocolate Sauce                          Management to act as Master of
        Black Forrest Gateau and Cream                                 Hire of cake stand and knife
                          ******                                       Overnight accommodation in Bridal
                      Optional Extra                                    room for Bride & Groom with
                 Coffee and Cream                                       breakfast
            With chocolate mint
 £1.95 upgrade to hand made chocolates for

                     Per Guest

       31st March 2006-31st March 2007
    Price is all Inclusive of the above

Please order one starter, one main course and one dessert. All main courses are served with seasonal
         vegetables, roast and new potatoes. Dietary requirements catered for on request.
                              31st March 2007-31st March 2008 £37.95

         Inclusive of VAT at the standard rate of 17.5%. However service charges are left purely to your discretion.
                                               Prices valid till 31st March 2008
                                            Ideal for renewal of Wedding Vows
                                               Available Monday – Thursday*
                               *(Not available on bank holiday weekends and subject to availability)

                                                                                  Fully Inclusive Extras
                   Cream of Vegetable Soup
             Served with crustry bread roll & butter
                Fan of Melon & Seasonal Fruits
                        with Fruit Puree
                                                                       Blue or Red carpet reception
                                                                       Bubbly greeting for the
                         Prawn Cocktail
                                                                        Bride & Groom on arrival
                              *******                                  One glass of wine with your meal.
                   Freshly Baked Roll & Butter                         Choice of coloured napkins
                                                                       Management to act as Master of
                               *******                                  Ceremonies
                     Breast of Chicken Diane
           Coated in a brandy cream & mushroom sauce                   50% off overnight accommodation for
                       Roast Sirloin of Beef                            Bride & Groom
         Served with Yorkshire pudding & rich meat gravy
                       Supreme of Salmon                               Evening room hire 50% Off
                 Coated in a cream & leek sauce                        Evening buffet of:
                        Roast Leg of Lamb
                       With rich meat gravy                                o Assorted large pizzas
                        Honey Roast Ham                                    o Barbeque chicken drumsticks
                    With a cider & apple sauce
                      Brie & Brocolli Pativier                             o Black pepper & sea salt chips
                With a cream of leek & saffron sauce                       o Buttered French bread
  All main courses are served with roast potatoes and sauce. Your          o Coleslaw
vegetable selection of carrots, french beans & new potatoes will be        o Pasta salad
                        served family style.
                                *******                                    o Mixed leaf salad
                     Fresh Cream Profiteroles
                   Topped with chocolate sauce
                       Black Forrest Gateau                           Upgrade to
             Presented with sweetened whipped cream                    Bucks fizz reception for £1.50 per guest
                             Apple Pie
                        With pouring cream                             Champagne Tower           £2.50 per guest
                                                                        (Glass of sparkling wine included)
                           Optional Extra
                        Coffee and Cream
                       With chocolate mint.

               Please order one starter, one main course and one dessert, which will be served to
                          all your party. Dietary requirements catered for on request.
                        Only £25.00 per guest attending day & night receptions
                       Additional £6.95 per guest attending night only reception
                                         Inclusive of all as above
               Inclusive of VAT at the standard rate of 17.5%. However service charges are left purely to your discretion.
                                                     Prices valid till 31st March 2008
                                                          Civil Weddings
     Holland Hall is registered to hold Civil Wedding Ceremonies on the premises. This has to be
  Co-ordinated with the Registrar at the Town Hall, Ormskirk, for which there is a separate charge.
Included in Civil Ceremony charge is room set-up, an area for the signing of the certificates and floral
  decoration of ceremony table, and use of our MP3/Cd/P.A system, which can be used for the Civil
                                            Wedding service.
                                      2006 £150.00. 2007 £150.00

                                          Vegetarian & Dietary Requirements
   Wide selections of dishes are available. However should you have any specific requirements then we
                   will be only too happy to discuss them with you, prior to the event.

                                                         Inviting Children
   Inviting children can always be an interesting challenge. In an effort to make them feel part of the
   day we have developed a couple of options for you, for the daytime. However, we recommend that
                  they leave before 9.00pm, and they need to be supervised at all times.

      Meals- 50% off Inclusive Price - Children under 12                                         Drinks
   Childs 1        Small portion of main meal
   Childs 2        Choice of children’s menu served with chips            Bottle of Fruit Shoot on arrival and one with
                   & beans. Roll and butter, small portion of
                   adult starter or soup and speciality ice cream
                                                                                            the meal.
                   or Cornetto.

                                                     Champagne Fountain
   This is provided on all our Drinks Reception packages* and includes sparkling wine or champagne as
specified on your chosen package. This gives an excellent photographic opportunity. Excludes Lilly. It is
                           possible to upgrade to champagne for an extra charge.

                                                     Dressed Fountain
To give the fountain a little something special we can dress the glasses with either fresh strawberries
       or raspberries for an additional charge of 50p per person. Included in Jasmine Package
   Bridesmaid     Bridegrooms Father     Brides Mother     Bridegroom   Bride   Brides Father    Bridegrooms Mother   Best man

                                         This is an example of a traditional top table setting
                                                            Seating Plans
 Seating plans will be discussed with you at the time of the final arrangements, normally 28 days prior to the
 wedding date. The three questions we are asked most frequently are:
    1. Can we mix family and friends? – The answer is “yes”
    2. Who sits where on the top table? – There are many formats; here is one we find most are comfortable
    3. Can I have a top table where everyone sits around a table? – “Yes” this can be a block or a round
                     Remember there are no hard and fast rules; it is your day so seat people
                                                        Toast & Speeches
It is traditional that speeches take place after the wedding breakfast, however, a standard charge of £250.00 is charged per
45 minutes if you decide to speech before the meal, this will cover the cost of staff. We will invite the Bride & Groom to cut
the cake and then start the champagne fountain. Traditional order of speeches are as follows:-
1st – Brides Father – Proposes a toast to the Bride & Groom
2nd – The Groom Responds – Doing Thank You’s and proposing a toast to the Bridesmaids
3rd – Best Man – Final Speech

                                                           Cake Cutting
 Should you wish your cake to be cut and portioned on the evening, the charge will be 30p per guest attending and includes
                                      all labour charges and supply of cocktail napkins.
  The cake will be put on platters, and placed around the room. Any portioned cake left at the end of the evening will be
                       disposed of. (Please note that this meets current health & safety regulations).

                                                      General Information
  The all inclusive prices are based on 45 guests or more, a supplement of no less than 5% or no more than 10% will be charged
     on numbers significantly less than this figure. (The charge will be agreed after discussion with the Hotel Management)

  The menu and details must be given to us no later than 28 days prior to the wedding, with final numbers and final settlement
                 made 10-14 days prior. Payment should be made in accordance to the Terms & Conditions policy.
    Please bring your table plan for display, your place cards (sorted in table and seating order, with children, vegetarians or
   dietary requirements highlighted), wedding cake and any additional items you require placing on tables the day prior. If you
            wish to personalise your tables further, an extra charge will be incurred. Please ask at the time of booking
                                 A second copy of the seating plan is required for the hotel to use.

                                                       Confetti & Favours

     Due to local complaints we would ask you to remind your guests that confetti is not to be thrown on hotel property. If it
 is essential that you require a photograph of a confetti shower, then a charge will be made of £35.00, as we have to ensure
                                            that none is blown onto local property.
                                    Alcoholic favours are not allowed due to licensing laws.

                                         Prices are Valid up to 31st March 2007
 The bookings for a wedding are on the understanding that all our terms and conditions are accepted. Any alterations must
                            be made in writing and confirmed by the management at the hotel.
               For wedding receptions taking place after 31st March 2007 please refer to terms and conditions

                                                       Evening Room Hire
                                Garden Suite                           £300.00 valid till 31st March 2007
                                Dean Wood Suite                        £225.00 valid till 31st March 2007
                                Terrace Suite                          £225.00 (New spring 2007)
                                Fully inclusive of Hire of private room, private bar, balloons or flowers on tables, candles
                      on tables, tables draped in chosen colour and your choice of coloured napkins. Both suites have use
                                                         of the hotel gardens and terraces

                                     Maximum Numbers for Evening Reception
     Garden Suite                       300 Guests
     Deanwood Suite                     200 Guests
     Terrace Suite
     Discos-                    £150 paid on the night. Unless included in the package
     Bands & Cabaret Artists    Prices available on request
     Your own entertainment can be arranged although an electrical test and Public Liability Insurance
     document must be provided before the event.
            We place as much importance on your Evening Wedding Reception as the Daytime.
      The evening buffet will be supervised by a member of our experienced management team, and
        manned by our experienced staff. Throughout the buffet service, the food is replenished as
       The buffets are displayed, with the hot food served on heated display cabinets and in heated
                                                chaffing dishes.
               It is tradition at Holland Hall Hotel that the Bride & Groom open the buffet.
    Buffet A                          Buffet B                            Buffet C
    Chicken Curry & Rice              Chicken Curry & Rice               Chicken Curry & Rice
    Baked Ribs                        Baked Ribs                         Baked Ribs
    BBQ Chicken Drumsticks            BBQ Chicken Drumsticks             BBQ Chicken Drumsticks
    Assorted Large Pizzas             Assorted Large Pizzas              Assorted Large Pizzas
    Jacket Potatoes                   Jacket Potatoes                    Onion Bhaji
    Spring Rolls                      Spring Rolls                       Spring Rolls
    Coleslaw                          Onion Bhaji                        Coleslaw
    Pasta                             Coleslaw                           Pasta
                                      Pasta                              Mixed Salad
                                      Bread Rolls                        Bread Rolls
                                      Cold Meat Platter                  Cold Meat Platter
                                                                         Salmon Platter
                                                                         Beef Bourguignonne
                                                                         Minted New Potatoes
      £9.45                              £11.45                                  £14.45

                                           Additional Items
                                      Salmon & Prawn Platter £75.00
                                           Dressed Salmon £50.00
                               Cheese & Biscuits board serves 40 guests £75.00
`                                      Sandwiches £1.50 per person
                                    Meat Platter serves 40 guests £50.00

              31st March 2006-31st March 2007 Buffet A £10.45, Buffet B £12.45, Buffet C £15.45

      Prices are per guest attending the function. All guests attending must
           be catered for, and seating will be provided for that number.
     Standard Selection of Desserts - Assorted gateaux & cheesecakes                £3.50 per Guest
     (Please allow dessert catering for at least 50% of your guests).
     Desserts are served when the queue from the buffet has finished

     Due to health & safety legislation, our risk assessment allows a maximum time for the buffet to be
     displayed of 11/2 hours. Please note that at this time any food left will be destroyed and cannot be
                                            taken off the premises.
      A selection of 5 items              £14.95
      A selection of 6 items              £16.95
      A selection of 7 items              £18.95

                   BBQ MENU :
                      BBQ Baked Ribs
                 BBQ Chicken Drumsticks
                  Cumberland Sausages
                 Grilled Sirloin Steak (4oz)
Grilled Salmon Steak Marinated in a fresh Lime & Olive Oil
             Selection of Hotel Prepared Pizza
                      Vegetable Kebabs
                    Chicken Breast (4oz)
                     100 % Beef Burger
                    100% Lamb Burger

      Included in the price are the following:
              Jacket & Minted New Potatoes
                      Mixed Salad
                       Pasta Salad
                 Buttered French Bread
                       Relish Tray

                     1 Item £3.50
                     2 Item £4.50
                     3 Item £5.25
             Fresh Strawberries & Cream
          Lemon Tart served with Clotted Cream
             Lancashire Cheese & Biscuits

      Canapés Selection @ £2.95 per person
       Roast sirloin of beef & horseradish sauce
          Oak smoked salmon & crème fraiche
              Mini cheese & tomato Pizzas
Chicken liver & wild mushroom pate with cranberry sauce
           Prawns bound in Marie Rose sauce
                                          HOW TO BOOK
Wedding accommodation will be booked automatically for the Bride & Groom in one of our Bridal Suites.
 We would also, upon request, by the Bride & Groom, book rooms for the Bride & Groom’s parents and
 grandparents. All other wedding guests will book their own accommodation requirements as required.
                                   No block bookings can be made.

                                        Accommodation Rates
   Accommodation rates are per guest, and includes accommodation with breakfast, a lighter,
    healthier option is served throughout the summer months & at certain other times during
    the year. A full English breakfast can be ordered, for which a supplement of £5.00 will be
                   The rates are based on a twin room or a double room sharing

   Saturday Only                         Standard Room                                £40.00
                                         Hall Rooms                                   £52.50
                                         Hall Suite (Bedroom & Lounge)                £65.00
                                         Family Rooms charged as standard room
                                         + £10 per child per night

  Friday Only                            Standard Room                                £35.00
                                         Hall Rooms                                   £45.00
                                         Hall Suite (with bedroom & lounge)           £55.00
                                         Family Rooms charged as standard room
                                         + £10 per child per night

      Family rooms are situated in the Cottage, which is situated across the car park,
                                overlooking the Golf Course.
   Hall Rooms are situated in the original part of the 17th century Grade 2 listed building
                              and have free view TV installed.

                   Special Weekend Rates per person for 2 nights stay
  2 Night Stay                 Standard Room                              £65.00
  Friday & Saturday           Hall Rooms                                  £82.50
                               Hall Suite (Bedroom & Lounge)              £112.50
                               Family Rooms charged as standard room +£20.00 per child
                               for two nights
  & Also Spring & August Bank Holiday Mondays Standard Room                      £27.50
                                                 Hall Superior Room              £40.00
                                                 Hall Suite (Bedroom & Lounge) £57.50
                                                 Family Rooms charged as
                                                 standard room + £10 per child per night

                  A deposit of £30.00 per room is required to confirm the booking
                    Rates are valid from 1st April 2006 – 31st March 2007

   We do not operate an all night beverage service. Last orders on Friday & Saturday are 12.30am.
                                      WEDDING & FUNCTIONS TERMS AND CONDITIONS

In order to avoid any misunderstandings regarding reservations the              General (contd)
following is a resume of the terms and conditions of the Holland Hall
Hotel for weddings and functions held at the hotel.                             B)     Notwithstanding anything contained in these terms, the company will not be
                                                                                       liable for any failure to perform its obligation to the client in whole or in part
Confirmation By The Client                                                             as a result of any of the following circumstances.
                                                                                                    1.    Strikes
All bookings are held an option until confirmation in writing is received                           2.    Other Industrial Action(s)
by the client. Anticipated numbers of guests must be advised to the                                 3.    Fire at or Near the Hotel
hotel at the time of the booking and will be identified as the minimum                              4.    Flood at or Near the Hotel
guaranteed number on the hotel’s confirmation.                                                      5.    Civil unrest, dispute or Commotion
                                                                                                    6.    Act of God Including Interruption of Utility Services or
Cancellation and Amendment Charges                                                                        Mechanical Failure
                                                                                                    7.    Legal action against the company, not resulting from its
In the unfortunate circumstance that you have to cancel or postpone                                       negligence, preventing the supply of its services.
your confirmed booking at any time prior to the event, the hotel will                               8.    War
make every effort to re-sell the space on your behalf. We do reserve            c)     The client is advised that Holland Hall Hotel has a policy of offering family
the right to charge a cancellation fee based on the following below. We                service at all of its functions.
do recommend however that you take out a cancellation insurance                 d)     Corkage is available on all wines, champagnes and sprits and a levy will be
policy.                                                                                charged to offset the cost of using glassware, the licensee, breakages and use
                                                                                       of facilities.
Between 3-6 months in advance     – 25% of anticipated charges                  e)     Holland Hall Hotel has a certificate, which allows the license to sell alcoholic
Between 1-3 months in advance     – 50% of total anticipated charges                   liquor on the premises until 1:00am, however last orders are at 12:30 with
Between 14-31 days in advance     – 75% of total anticipated charges                   dancing until 1:00am at the latest.
Between 3-14 days in advance      – 85% of total anticipated charges            f)     The hotel has a policy of only accepting bookings with minimum numbers
Less than three days in advance   – 100% of total anticipated charges                  between May and September to meet the revenue and these are as follows:
                                                                                       (which is a basic guide of our requirements)
                                                                                             Garden Suite                         Deanwood
The hotel reserves the right to require a deposit of £300 when the                           2006        £4000                     2006     £2250
booking is confirmed in writing. Should the customer fail to pay such a                      2007        £4400                     2007     £3300
deposit within 10 days of being required to do so, the hotel may treat
the booking as being cancelled by the customer. In any event of                        ESTIMATED NUMBERS FOR       THE ABOVE BASED ON THE CAMELLIA PACKAGE
cancellation, the deposit is non-refundable. Full pre-payment is                       AS FOLLOWS
required 28 days prior to the date of the function. The deposit is held                     2006    DAY             60             2006     DAY         45
until 2 weeks after the event as a damage/loss waiver, when subject to                      2006    EVE             150            2006     EVE         100
no damage or losses, it will be refunded in the form of a cheque.                           2007    DAY             65             2007     DAY         50
                                                                                            2007    EVE             165            2007     EVE         125
Liability Examples
                                                                                       IF THE NUMBER REQUESTED FALLS BELOW THE MINIMUM, THE DIFFERENCE
                                                                                       WILL BE CHARGED ACCORDINGLY (MINIMUM NUMBERS
     a)    The hotel will be liable to the client and/or persons
           attending the function for injury to persons or loss or
           damage to property only where and to the extent that is has               g) If the numbers reduce between the time of booking (and paying the deposit)
           been negligent but otherwise will be under no liability to                   and making full prepayment by more than 10% each number thereafter will
                                                                                        be charged at the prevailing rate.
           them whatsoever.
                                                                                     h) Future price and minimum revenue rises will be based on an increase of costs
                                                                                        taking into account, government minimum wage and national insurance rises,
     b)    The client will be liable for any loss or damage to the hotel’s
                                                                                        also the requirement for terrorism insurance and proposed increases of utility
           property including walls, light fittings and equipment
                                                                                        bills, business rates, and to take into account the meeting of new European
           (including items hired for their use) or injury to any person
           including the hotel’s staff and shall indemnify the hotel                    legislation. We expect prices to rise by between 5-10% above RPI*
                                                                                        (government expectations are 2.5%/3% for the current fiscal year). *Retail
           against any loss or liability (other than the hotel’s liability in
           (a) above) arising from the function.                                        price index.

                                                                                       Anticipated Numbers: (Day) ………………. (Night) ………………
     c)    The client is advised to consider arranging insurance for the
           function covering public liability and loss and damage to its
                                                                                       Signed By the Client:…………………………………………………………………………………..
           property and that of persons attending the function.
                                                                                       Date: ……………………………………………………
     d)    Guests with confirmed room reservations who do not stay for
           all nights booked will be considered non-arrivals and liable
                                                                                       Signed for and on behalf of Holland Hall Hotel:………………………………………….
           for the applicable cancellation charge.
     e)    Any items related to the event should be collected the
           following day, otherwise the hotel cannot be held
           responsible for any mislaid goods.                                          Function Organisers

     f)    Due to the change of licensing laws 2005, it is illegal for                 1.    Holland Hall Hotel prides itself on its recruitment polices and its
           customers to bring on the premises any alcohol, we can not                        compliance with all statutory obligations connected with the protection
           only confiscate these items but we can also remove the                            of dignity and rights of our employees.
           person(s) in question off the premises.                                     2.    It is the company policy that all of its employees have to be treated
                                                                                             with dignity and respect and as a responsible employer; we believe that
                                                                                             we have the duty to our employees to protect them from inappropriate
General                                                                                      behaviour including the following.

     a)    The hotel will take all reasonable steps to fulfil the
                                                                                Assault- Abuse-Harassment-Threats- Drunkenness
           reservation to the best of its ability and in accordance with
                                                                                Unfortunately a very small number of our guests have engaged in such behaviour
           the details provided. However, it reserves the right to
           provide alternative services of at least an equivalent               consequently we fell bound to advise guests that this behaviour will not be
                                                                                tolerated. In the event that we become aware of anyone behaving inappropriately
           standard at no additional cost to the client.
                                                                                we reserve the rights to take such steps, as we consider reasonably necessary in
                                                                                order to protect our employees and guests. We are sure that you will welcome this
                                                                                action and look forward to your support in this respect.
                                                                                                                                                         JAN 01/05

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