Academic Regalia Rental Form Simmons College Commencement Phone Fax Email by eddie22


									Academic Regalia Rental Form Simmons College Commencement 2006 Phone: 1-617-521-2054 Fax: 1-617-521-3098 Email Address: FACULTY RENTAL FORM Name: Phone Number: Department:

Please provide your shipping information only if you would like your order shipped. Shipping will be an additional charge of $6.95 for UPS Ground service. (UPS Will Not Ship To PO Boxes).

Select Your Rental Order from the Price List: DOCTORAL:
Tam, Gown, Hood & Tassel Pkg. Tam, Gown, Gold Tassel Tam Gown Hood $74.96 $46.98 $30.00 $25.98 $27.98

Cap, Gown, Hood & Tassel Pkg. Cap, Gown,Tassel Gown Hood $49.96 $24.98 $22.98 $24.98

Please contact the bookstore if you prefer to buy rather than rent. Exact Wording of Your Degree: From (College or University Name): City & State: Height: Tam Size: (Measure 1” Above Ears) Do You Need Plus Size? Yes or No Please Select Your Method of Payment: Visa Mastercard AmEx Account Number: Exp. Date:


Budget #:__________

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