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CTD Label Rental Instructions (revised 8/08)
Center for Talent Development * Northwestern University * 617 Dartmouth Place * Evanston, IL 60208-4175 * Ph 847-467-0615 * Fax 847-467-4283
1. ELIGIBILITY TO RENT CTD LABELS Programs that meet the following criteria may be eligible to rent CTD labels. HOWEVER, CTD RESERVES THE RIGHT, AT ITS SOLE DISCRETION, TO DENY ANY REQUESTS. To document your potential eligibility, you must also submit with your label request any materials that you intend to send to students, including your program’s cover letter, brochure or catalog, and any other materials that may document your potential eligibility. CTD reserves the right to interpret information you provide regarding your program in determining potential eligibility. Please check all boxes that apply:  The program must show that it does not function as a means of college or university undergraduate recruitment.* *Colleges and universities with special programs targeted at high-achieving students (such as early entry programs) will be considered, but may only recruit from students who have given their permission (approx. 60% of our database). If this applies to you, check this box:   The program must advertise itself as intended specifically and exclusively for “gifted” or “talented” students.** **Private schools that maintain high academic standards will be considered, but may only recruit from students who have given their permission (approx. 60% of our database). If this applies to you, check this box.   To demonstrate that it is selective in its recruitment and acceptance of students, the program must publish (in its brochures and advertisements) entry criteria that use some means or combination of means (i.e., achievement test scores, Talent Search test scores, school grades, IQ test scores, teacher recommendations, etc.) to restrict admission to students with high academic achievement and/or potential. Teacher recommendations alone are not evidence of selective entrance criteria.  The program is sponsored by a nonprofit organization. 2. INFORMATION, RULES, AND DATES (please read carefully) • Students in our databases have taken an off-level test (ACT, SAT or EXPLORE) in 3rd-9th grades. • Names and addresses obtained from CTD are provided for one-time use only for the purpose of publicizing the program(s) described in this application. A mailing may not contain additional information on other programs or services distinct from those described in this application. Names and addresses may not be copied or reproduced in any way, and may not be added to a database for future use. Failure to abide by this provision will result in your organization being charged for each unauthorized use of our data, and may result in loss of future label-rental privileges. • CTD makes every effort to maintain good addresses, but cannot give credit or refunds for lapsed or changed addresses. • Names and addresses of several CTD representatives are included in every label rental batch to monitor the items sent with labels rented from the Center. Failure to use these labels may result in future label-rental privileges. • CTD reserves the right to waive or require additional information at any time. • Rental requests to publicize summer programs will not be processed until after January 31st of the year in which the summer program occurs. • Current academic names (with or without scores) will not be available until March 15th of that same academic year. • We will contact you with a quote (number of labels & price) before processing and sending your order. 3. CHARGES FOR LABEL RENTALS (Note: there will be a $50.00 charge for number inquiries before an application is received. This charge will be waived if a label order is placed.) Eligible programs are charged on a differentiated basis for labels we generate. Exemptions which qualify programs for a lower per-label rate are listed below. Please note: Private schools do not qualify for any of the following exemptions. Please check any boxes that apply to your program, and enclose documentation of each exemption.  The sponsoring organization is a state-supported pre-collegiate institution (a public school or district). Programs run by state colleges and universities are not eligible for this exemption.  The program is designed specifically for under-represented and under-served populations. Labels for such programs can be restricted by ethnicity and/or gender. This exemption does not apply to gender-restricted programs except under special circumstances (i.e., where women are underrepresented in a certain field).  The program is available at no charge to students because it is grant-funded.  The program will take place in a Midwestern state. To cover set-up charges, the minimum label rental charge is $100. Exemptions Cost per label Additional charges may apply, including the following: Private school (no $1.10 1. Very complex requests or those involving multiple criteria or counts exemptions apply) before ordering will be charged an additional $100 on the final invoice. 2. Rush orders (less than 10 business days) will be charged an additional 0 .75 $100 on the final invoice. 1 .50 3. There is an extra $20.00 charge on orders for peel&stick labels of more 2 .45 than 1000 labels. 3 .35 4 .30 Private schools: Please note that special pricing may be available for schools interested in reciprocal exchange of mailing label names. Contact CTD for details.

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Center for Talent Development * Northwestern University * 617 Dartmouth Place * Evanston, IL 60208-4175 * Ph 847-467-0615 * Fax 847-467-4283

Helpful Tips for CTD Label Rental Request Instructions & Application
Although we have tried to make the label rental request form as clear as possible, there have been several areas which seem to cause confusion. In an effort to clarify these areas, we have developed these tips to help you fill out the enclosed label rental request application more specifically. This will help speed the process along at your end and at ours. ELIGIBILITY TO RENT CTD LABELS Please review these guidelines carefully. In order for us to process your application, we MUST have a copy of ALL materials which will be sent to the students whose names we provide, even if you have sent us similar or identical materials in the past. These materials may include, but are not limited to, the following: • Copies of all brochures, which students will receive. If different information will be sent to different groups of students, we need all of the different pieces. • Cover letters, which will accompany the brochures. • Application materials, business reply cards, etc. Please make every effort to send all materials at the same time, along with your Label Rental Application. This will speed the approval process and eliminate a great deal of confusion. INFORMATION, RULES, AND DATES Please pay particular attention to the information in this section. Most importantly, please note the second item. The data provided by the Center is for one-time use only for mailing labels. You are not permitted to retain the names and addresses for any purpose. Failure to abide by the provision will result in denial of future label requests. To protect the integrity of our data and the privacy of our students, we are only able to send electronic data files directly to a mailing house. We are not able to provide data files to individual institutions; all data that goes directly to your school must be sent as peel&stick labels or in a pdf file which you may then print out onto your own label stock (Avery 5160 or equivalent). We regret that we cannot make exceptions to this policy. If you need to use the same data in a follow-up mailing, please indicate this on your application so that we may send both sets of labels and invoice you for both uses of the data. CHARGES FOR LABEL RENTALS If you have a question about whether your institution is eligible for any of the listed exemptions, please contact Jody Rosenbaum at 847-467-0615. She will be happy to answer your questions. CUSTOMER INFORMATION  Please be sure to include the program name and dates.  Please include the current e-mail address of the person who will be responsible for answering all questions regarding this application. If the labels are to be sent to a different person, this information can be entered in section 2. LABEL SPECIFICATIONS AND DATA DELIVERY This section, more than any other, causes considerable confusion. Please read carefully!  Please note that there is a turnaround time of TEN BUSINESS DAYS in processing labels. This is a MINIMUM; certain points of the year are more hectic than others and thus label requests take longer to process. There will be an additional $100 charge for “rush” orders (orders in which either the count or the labels are needed in fewer than ten business days from the time we receive your completed application, including brochures or mailers).  It is very important that you provide us with a requested delivery date. The following definitions will aid you in choosing which items to check in this section. • “Current grade levels” – These are the grade levels for the academic year already in progress (or, in the case of applications processed in the summer months, the academic year just past.) • “Current year’s participants” – This includes students who are testing during the current academic year. These th names are not available before March 15 . • “Previous year’s participants” - This includes ONLY students who tested during the previous academic year. This st th is the option to select if you are requesting delivery between September 1 and March 15 and are interested in the most recent batch of students. • “Participants from all available years” – This includes ALL students who have ever registered with us and who meet your other criteria.

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Page 3 of 4 LABEL SPECIFICATIONS AND DATA DELIVERY (continued) th For example: let’s say you request all current 9 graders. students who participated in the 2007-2008 academic year, • Checking “Previous year’s participants” will give you the th th who are now 9 graders – in short, students who were 8 graders when they tested. • Checking “All available years”, however, will give you all students who are now 9th graders – the 8th graders who th tested during the ’07-’08 school year, but also the students who were tested in the ’06-’07 school year as 7 graders, th or in the ’05-06 year as 6 graders, and so on down the line. You will generally get a much larger number of names if you choose “all available years”. Other criteria: This is the place to add criteria such as gender, ethnicity, or income. The data will include name, address, city, state, and zip; if you need other information included in the file (generally grade or gender), please specify it in this section as well. Label delivery: Please see the INFORMATION, RULES, AND DATES section above for more information regarding label delivery options. Sort order: If you don’t specify an order, the data will be sorted by zip code. SCORE CRITERIA • SAT and ACT are administered to 6th-8th graders; 9th graders may only take the ACT. If you’re looking for a large number of names among elder students, it’s best to include criteria for SAT and ACT. EXPLORE is administered to rd th 3 -6 graders. • Please specify AND or OR when choosing criteria. There is a vast difference between “SAT MATH SCORE > 500 AND SAT VERBAL/READING SCORE > 500” and “SAT MATH SCORE > 500 SAT OR VERBAL/READING SCORE > 500”. The latter will get you a larger number of students. If you don’t specify AND or OR, your order will be delayed until we can contact you.

If you have further questions or need more information, please contact Jody Rosenbaum at
Revised 8/08

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2008-2009 CTD Label Rental Application
Center for Talent Development * Northwestern University * 617 Dartmouth Place * Evanston, IL 60208-4175 * Ph 847-467-0615 * Fax 847-467-4283 1. CUSTOMER INFORMATION Contact Name ______________________________ Title ______________________________________ E-mail address ______________________________ Institution __________________________________ Program Name: _____________________________ 2. LABEL SPECIFICATIONS AND DATA DELIVERY
Requested delivery date: _________________ (Please allow at least ten business days for processing. Rush orders are subject to an additional $100 setup fee.) If you wish to specify number of labels, please indicate here: Minimum: _________ Maximum: _________ Data Criteria: (Note: To avoid processing delays, please read the instructions carefully before completing this section.)  Participants from all available years  Previous year’s participants only  Current year’s participants only (Not available until March 15, 2009)  Other ______________________________________________________ Current grade levels: (circle grade(s) desired) (HS graduation year) 3

Street Address ______________________________ City, State, Zip ______________________________ Phone ________________ Fax _________________ Have you rented labels from CTD before? Y / N Dates program will run: ________________________




















Geographic area:

IL  IN  MI  MN OH  WI  ND  SD Other states ______________________________  Zip code range ___________________________________________________________ Other criteria not listed above: _______________________________________________________________________  Send peel&stick labels to school address provided ($20  Send pdf file to contact person additional charge for 1000 or more labels)  E-mail data file to mailing house representative at this e-mail address: ___________________________________ Name of mailing house ______________________ Your contact person there: ________________________________ Data format:  Tab-delimited  Comma-delimited  Excel  Other _______________________ NOTE: Electronic data files can only be provided to mailing houses, not to schools. Schools will receive peel&stick labels in the mail or a pdf file via e-mail (see “Helpful Tips” for more information.)

 

2018 2017 2016 All states nationwide Specified states:








  


Please note: SAT scores are available for 6-8 graders, ACT for 6-9 graders, and EXPLORE for 3 -6 graders. Important: If you specify more than one score criterion, you must indicate whether you mean AND or OR.  No score criteria  Use score criteria below: SAT > ____ or ACT > ____  Math AND / OR Reading SAT > ____ or ACT > ____  AND / OR ACT > _____ or EXPLORE > _____  English AND / OR ACT > _____ or EXPLORE > _____  Science AND / OR ACT > _____ or EXPLORE > _____  Composite AND / OR SAT > _____  Combined





I certify that I have read and understand the label rental instructions, that I meet the eligibility requirements to rent CTD labels, and that I will abide by the rules. Signature ________________________________ Title _________________________ Date _____________
Any questions regarding completing this form should be directed to Jody Rosenbaum at For Office Use Only Date Rec’d _________ Apprv’d __________ Price __________ Rel=1? Y / N
Revised 8/08

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