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Band calander


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									Band Calendar
4-Jan 18-Jan 1-Feb 15-Feb 29-Feb 14-Mar 28-Mar 11-Apr 25-Apr 9-May 23-May 6-Jun 20-Jun 4-Jul 18-Jul 1-Aug 15-Aug 29-Aug The royal 12-Sep 26-Sep 10-Oct 24-Oct 7-Nov 21-Nov 5-Dec 19-Dec 5-Jan 19-Jan 2-Feb 16-Feb 1-Mar 15-Mar 29-Mar 12-Apr 26-Apr 10-May 24-May 7-Jun 21-Jun 5-Jul 19-Jul 2-Aug 16-Aug 30-Aug The royal 13-Sep 27-Sep 11-Oct 25-Oct 8-Nov 22-Nov 6-Dec 20-Dec 11-Jan 25-Jan The royal 8-Feb 22-Feb 7-Mar 21-Mar 4-Apr The royal 18-Apr 2-May 16-May 30-May 13-Jun The royal 27-Jun 11-Jul 25-Jul 8-Aug 22-Aug 5-Sep 19-Sep 3-Oct 17-Oct 31-Oct The royal 14-Nov 28-Nov 12-Dec 26-Dec

12-Jan 26-Jan The royal 9-Feb Central tavern 23-Feb 8-Mar 22-Mar 5-Apr The royal 19-Apr 3-May 17-May 31-May 14-Jun The royal 28-Jun 12-Jul 26-Jul 9-Aug 23-Aug 6-Sep 20-Sep 4-Oct 18-Oct 1-Nov The royal 15-Nov 29-Nov 13-Dec 27-Dec Mark Chris Jeff Bill

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