Grocery Coupons equals Grocery Savings

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Grocery Coupons equals Grocery Savings
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Whether you spend $200 or $400 a month on groceries, you probably wish you could save more money on your food bill.
Food coupons are a good way to cut down on costs. You may think it is not worth it to clip that "25 cents off" coupon, but
coupon users save anywhere from 10 to 25 percent on their annual grocery bills by clipping coupons. If you use the
product or eat the food, that "25 cents off" coupon is like having a quarter in your hand. That quarter could increase to 50
or 75 cents if your grocery store doubles coupons.

{mosloadposition advert1}You can find coupons on almost any product you use if you just know where to look. More than
80 percent of consumers will find grocery coupons in their Sunday newspaper. The newspaper often advertises that you
can save a certain amount of money by buying the newspaper, but that is only if you use the coupons for the products
included. Most consumers will only see a few grocery coupons for items they actually use.

Many grocery stores and pharmacies have in-store coupons with discounts on food, cleaning and health products. Often,
a store's competitor will honor the in-store coupon to keep you shopping at their store. Check with your store for its policy
on competitor's coupons.

The Internet has the best selection for food coupons and you can be selective about what you choose. The first place
you can look is your favorite grocery store's website. Many major retailers have online coupons on certain products.
These printable coupons can be taken to the store for more savings. Retailers also help consumers save even more by
doubling or tripling coupons. Some stores do this daily, some only on certain days of the week. You need one of the
store's discount cards to have your coupons doubled. Most stores will not double coupons that are more than 50 cents.
Check your store's policy for more information.

If you want to see if there are coupons on your favorite foods and products, many manufacturers have coupons on their
website. You can find them by simply typing in the brand name into your search engine. Proctor and Gamble makes
many foods and other products and has online promotions and coupons at Betty Crocker coupons can
also be found at Some of the companies will require you to register with their site to receive
special offers and promotions.

If you don't have the time to look at each manufacturer and grocery store for savings, many websites have grocery
coupons for a variety of products. SmartSource, which delivers coupons in most Sunday newspapers, has website at On the website, you can find printable coupons. You can pick and choose which coupons you
want to print. SmartSource coupons are also found at Coolsavings also has other coupons listed
and is a great source for finding coupons and money saving offers. Another website,, also has
coupons on groceries and other items. You can add to your savings by choosing to complete short product surveys or
reading more about the product. If you print coupons, you may need to download a coupon printer. This usually takes
only a few seconds.

If you are concerned that many of the products have preservatives, keep searching. Many health food stores and organic
food manufacturers know that consumers want to stay healthy and save money. You can find many coupons for organic
foods at You can also check the website of your favorite organic food store for more offers.                           Powered by Joomla!                                          Generated: 4 July, 2009, 14:19
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If you want to learn more about how to save money using grocery coupons, an Atlanta woman has set up a website
called Stephanie Nelson has written books and appeared on ABC's "Good Morning America"
touting the savings you can get by using coupons. Many people say they don't use coupons because it takes too much
time. Nelson advises that organizing your coupons is important to getting you on the way to saving big with food
coupons. You can purchase a coupon organizer at most discount stores for about $1. Being organized can save you time
at home and at the grocery store. If you have the time to organize your savings online, Nelson's website has a Virtual
Coupon Organizer. She also has advice about the best coupons available.                        Powered by Joomla!                                          Generated: 4 July, 2009, 14:19

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