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Asset Management    Read how Datastream 7i can help healthcare companies comply
for Healthcare      with JCAHO regulations and meet asset management challenges.

Asset Performance   Get a brief overview of the Government Accounting Standards
Management for      Board's statement 34 and learn how effective asset performance
the Public Sector   management helps ease compliance issues.

Content Services    Find out how Datastream 7i can help generate savings and
                    increase capital resources by maximizing inventory data and
                    streamlining inventory storeroom processes.

Datastream 7i       Learn more about how Datastream 7i combines broad asset
                    management functionality, Web architecture, asset analytics,
                    integrated procurement, and multi-site capabilities to help
                    companies improve asset performance.

Datastream 7i       Maximize the data captured in Datastream 7i with this powerful
Advanced            reporting tool. Learn more about Datastream 7i
Reporting           Advanced Reporting, a completely Web-based reporting solution
                    that allows users to create custom reports quickly and easily.

Datastream 7i       Discover more about how Datastream 7i Analytics enables
Analytics           companies to leverage their asset management data and progress
                    from simply managing their assets to managing the performance of
                    their assets.

Datastream 7i Buy   Read more about Datastream 7i Buy’s ability to improve
                    purchasing and inventory management, significantly reduce
                    Maintenance, Repair and Operations spend, and create time-
                    saving connections with their suppliers.

Datastream 7i       The Datastream 7i Calibration advanced module helps companies
Calibration          monitor and regulate their critical equipment. Discover how
                     Datastream 7i Calibration can help lower training and
                     administration costs and streamline work processes through an
                     integrated calibration and EAM solution.

Datastream           Explore how Databridge’s XML technology makes it possible for
7i: Databridge       companies to integrate Datastream 7i with other enterprise
                     applications like ERPs and CRMs, fully supporting a company’s
                     business processes and saving significant IT costs.

Datastream 7i: GIS   Learn how the Datastream 7i Geographical Information System
Integration          (GIS) module gives municipalities a unique advantage in the way
                     they track, locate, and manage assets.

Datastream 7i for
                     Datastream 7i offers a full suite of tools that help meet the unique
                     needs of facilities management.

Datastream 7i        Learn how Datastream 7i Mobile extends asset management to
Mobile               personnel in the field, improving workflow, ensuring data
                     reliability, and saving time.

Datastream 7i for    Datastream now delivers the capabilities of award-winning
SQL Server           Datastream 7i to companies using Microsoft SQL Server.

                     Learn about the Datastream 7i advanced module that specifically
Datastream 7i for
                     targets tire and fuel management, VMRS, warranty claim, and
Maintaining Fleets
                     inspection capabilities.

Datastream Now!      Datastream Now! is the fastest Datastream 7i deployment
Fast Track           available and is designed to get companies up and running in as
Training             little as four weeks.

MP2                  Discover how MP2 keeps maintenance operations running

MP2 Barcoding        Learn how MP2 Barcoding Plus makes barcoding and remote
Plus                 maintenance simpler than ever by combining the remote asset
                     management capabilities of MP2 with the convenience of a mobile,
                     GUI-driven Pocket PC-based solution.
MP2 Remote           Learn about the features that make it easy to manage assets
Access               across locations.

Science Companies Understand how Datastream can help ensure compliance with FDA
Address FDA          regulations, such as 21 CFR Part 11.

Retail Grocery       Maximizing asset performance and profits for the retail grocery
Industry             industry.

Services & Support   Discover how Datastream’s Professional Services and Support
                     help companies improve Asset Performance Management by
                     employing Best Practice methodologies, benchmarking tools, Web
                     services, and extensive asset management implementation

Top 10 Reasons to    Discover the top 10 reasons customers are migrating to
Migrate to           Datastream 7i, such as new features, Web architecture, and
Datastream 7i        advanced modules.

Web Services         Datastream 7i integrates with other enterprise applications easily
Toolkit              through web services. Learn how to integrate Datastream 7i using
                     the Web Services Toolkit, a step-by-step guide to making the
                     robust functionality of Datastream 7i available to core business

Demos *

Datastream 7i        Datastream 7i, the leading asset performance management
                     solution, is easy to use, flexible and configurable and provides
                     robust reporting options. Sample the robust functionality of
                     Datastream 7i in this automated product tour.

Datastream 7i        Building on its industry leading asset performance management
Analytics           solution, Datastream 7i, Datastream offers a powerful data
                    analysis tool, Datastream 7i Analytics.

Datastream 7i Buy   Datastream 7i Buy drives purchasing efficiencies and best
                    practices by integrating procurement with core asset management
                    functionality. With Datastream 7i Buy, customers can plan work,
                    track parts usage, manage stock levels, and replenish stock via
                    the Internet.

Datastream 7i       Calibration of the equipment, instruments, and processes used in
Calibration         manufacturing is essential in achieving the high-level of precision
                    required by regulatory agencies like the Food and Drug
                    Administration (FDA) and the International Organization for
                    Standardization (ISO). Through this automated product tour, learn
                    how the Datastream 7i Calibration advanced module addresses the
                    unique needs of regulated industries.

Datastream 7i       Datastream offers computer based training as an innovative
Computer Based      alternative to traditional classroom training. In this online demo,
Training (CBT)      see how Datastream 7i Essentials CBT delivers comprehensive
                    educational coursework on the latest features of Datastream 7i,
                    with the ease and flexibility of computer-based training.

Datastream 7i GIS   Datastream partners with ESRI, the leading geographic information
Integration         systems provider, to bring Datastream 7i GIS Integration. In this
                    online demo, see how Datastream 7i seamlessly integrates with
                    existing ESRI GIS software to streamline work processes through
                    rapid deployment and application adoption, enabling organizations
                    to take action more quickly and reduce infrastructure maintenance

MP2 Access 2000     Take a look at MP2 Access 2000 features and modules for asset

ROI Calculator *
ROI Calculator        Calculate your company's potential savings from improved asset
                      management with Datastream's return on investment calculator.

Seminar Videos*

Integration of        Steve Sherman, GIS Manager for the City of Greensboro, presents
Datastream 7i, GIS,   their solution to integrate Datastream 7i with ESRI ArcGIS and the
and Call Center       City Greensboro call center. In this in-depth online seminar,
Technology            Sherman describes the challenges that that City faced and how
                      they were met with a combination of Datastream technology and
                      applications the city already had. (1 hour)

Using Datastream      With preventive maintenance (PM) management, Datastream 7i
7i for Preventive     users can create PM tasks based on a fixed date, flexible time
Maintenance           period, or meter usage. In this online seminar, learn how to
                      maximize equipment uptime while keeping operational costs in-
                      line through the preventive maintenance feature of Datastream 7i.
                      PM revision control, task routing, and scheduling are discussed.
                      (15 minutes)

System Overviews

Datastream 7i         Get a brief overview of Datastream 7i product features, including
                      electronic records and signatures, VMRS, and multi-organization,
                      -security, and -currency.

MP2 Access 2000       Learn about Access 2000 system features through screenshots
                      and brief functionality descriptions.

MP2 6.0               Read descriptions and view screenshots of each MP2 module.

System Requirements
Datastream 7i        View the system requirements for Datastream 7i.

MP2                  View the system requirements for MP2 6.0 Oracle, MP2 6.0 SQL
                     Server, and MP2 Access 2000.

White Papers *

Asset Performance    Asset Performance Management is the secret to making significant
Management           reductions in operating expenses and improvements to the bottom
                     line. This white paper covers how by combining enterprise asset
                     management (EAM) software with cross-functional data analysis
                     and advanced analytics you can make decisions that optimize not
                     just your company’s assets, but also operational and financial

Databridge           Understand how the Databridge exchange works seamlessly both
                     in a client/server environment and over the Web to lay the
                     foundation for an effective integration effort.

Datastream 7i: 21    Find out how Datastream 7i meets and exceeds the requirements
CFR 11 Compliance of the Food and Drug Administration's 21 CFR 11 regulations.

Datastream 7i and    Discover how BAIM integrates Datastream 7i and Oracle
Oracle Financials    Financials to provide a single integrated solution for financial and
Integration          asset maintenance management.

Datastream 7i Buy:   Learn how Datastream 7i Buy provides users with a variety of
Order Acceptance     options for sending and receiving purchasing information, both
and PO Echo          from Datastream 7i and other enterprise applications.

Datastream 7i        Discover how Datastream 7i Mobile Solutions - Datastream 7i
Mobile Solutions     Mobile, Datastream 7i Phone, and Datastream 7i Barcoding -
                     extend the power of Datastream 7i asset performance
                     management to workers out in the field.

Datastream 7i:       Explore how Datastream uses new technologies, including Web-
Technology That       architecture and Web Services, to enhance asset management
Matters               functionality.

Power &               Through the power of Web services, Datastream 7i integrates
Flexibility: The      seamlessly with ESRI ArcGIS expanding the capabilities of both
Integration of        systems. Discover the benefits of accessing asset information
Asset Performance     directly from a GIS and using geospatial data to manage assets.
Management and

The Hosted Value      Review the components and benefits of Datastream's hosted
Proposition           offering.

* Indicates registration required

> Datastream 7i Demo

Datastream 7i, the leading asset performance management software solution, is
easy to use, flexible and configurable and include robust reporting options. View
screenshots and sample the robust functionality of Datastream 7i in this self-
running demo.

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