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					                                                             Rather than offering individual starters and main courses, re:Verse serves
                                                     “Small Plates” that are designed for sharing among friends and are brought to the table
                                                    steadily and continuously throughout the meal. The Europeans find food and drink are the
                                                          binder for social networking. So at re:Verse we only serve food for that reason
                                                                                   “The Restoration of the Soul!”
A   S O C I A L     B I S T R O

                      Tomato Basil Bisque $6                                                        P I TA P I Z Z A S
                       Arugula & Pear Salad
     Shaved fennel, toasted almonds,grape tomatoes, red onion,                                             THE Original
       baked pancetta,& Maytag bleu cheese vinaigrette $9                                     Goat cheese, pesto, roasted peppers,roma
                                                                                            tomatoes, olives, red onions & parmesan $9
                      THE “Hot Bacon” Salad
             Spinach, dried cranberries, candied walnuts,                                                      Sonoma
         red onions, Greek feta & warm bacon dressing $11                                      Pears, Bilbao Spanish Chorizo, Brie $9
                      Pistachio Chevre Salad                                                              re: Pulled Pork
     Warm Pistachio goat’s cheese atop spring mix in a blasamic vinaigrette
                                                                                    Braised Pork with a Black Berry BBQ sauce, cream cheese,
      with artichoke hearts, yellow bell peppers, & kalamata olives $10
                                                                                       white Vermont Cheddar, topped with fried leeks $9
                              Derby Salad
     Smoke Turkey on chopped iceberg, watercress & arugula in a                                           “On The Road”
      red-wine vinaigrette. Topped with egg, pancetta, red onion,                   Roasted garlic, ricotta cheese, with grilled rosemary chicken,
           roma tomatoes, avocado & Maytag Cheese $10                               spinach, artichoke hearts, roma tomatoes, Kalamata Olives.
                                                                                                    Finished with hot chili oil $9
                          THE Greek Salad
                   Kalamata olives, tomatoes, cucumbers,
                        roasted peppers & feta $9
                                                                                                 Almond-Piccata Tilapia
                              Bistro Salad                                          Tilapia*, toasted almond-Piccata compound butter atop a
         Haricot vert, tomato, Pancetta, pine nuts, hard-boiled
                                                                                         bacon, spinach & parmesan potato gratin $19
          egg with & chunky green olive vinaigrette $10
                                                                                          Horseradish-Encrusted Salmon
                                                                                          Salmon*, goat cheese croquette, beurre rouge
                         Ras Hanout Shrimp                                                    served with seasonal vegetable $18
              Grilled shrimp* & a tomatillo-feta relish $12
                                                                                                 Ancho Chili-Rubbed Ahi
                       Flash-Fried Calamari                                        Ahi tuna*, cucumber-ginger slaw & saffron-Israeli cous cous $19
                    With flash-fried artichoke hearts, agro
                  dulce sauce & roasted red pepper aïoli $9                                  Big Bowl ‘O Noodles a la Med
                                                                                        Grilled chicken atop roasted peppers, artichoke
                                  Ceviche                                              hearts, Castelvantrano olives, basil, spinach, pine
        Seafood* salad with wonton crisp & fresh avocado $13                           nuts with linguine. Topped with goat cheese $15

                      re: Calamari & Chorizo
           Sauteed with EVO, white wine & garlic, served on
      a bed of sliced cucumbers & saffron-Israeli cous cous $12

                       Maryland Crab Cakes                                                           THE Greek Chicken
                                                                                             Herbed goat cheese & pancetta-wrapped.
                    Black bean-corn salsa & roasted garlic
                                                                                            Served with pine nut risotto and an olive,
                             crème fraîche $12
                                                                                               garlic-artichoke amogia sauce $18

                                                                                                     THE Mac ‘n Cheese
                                                                                       Our Five-Cheese blend with a crispy -Panko crust,
                         Phyllo Baked Brie                                                 topped with pan-seared Diver scallops &
                    With a cranberry-apple chutney $8                                            sauteed Bilbao Chorizo $MP
                       Red Pepper Hummus                                                        Pork Tenderloin Roulade
                           Feta & grilled pita $8                                      Pork tenderloin * stuffed with cranberries and figs,
                                                                                          served with a creamy herb risotto, asparagus
                   Moroccan Chicken Eggrolls                                             & accompanied with a sage brown butter $18
                  Rolled with corn, black beans & cilantro,
                        with an agro dulce sauce $9                                                        Steak Frites
                                                                                         Our house cut, Morroccan coffee & coco-rubbed
                      Satay Chicken Skewers                                          12 oz. Kansas City Strip* with a carmelized onions &
               Curry-marinated chicken with a Moroccan                               Crimini mushrooms au jus, on a bed of sauteed - black
                   BBQ sauce & cucumber salad $7                                      berry spinach. Served with Garlic Pom Frites $MP
                     THE Mini-Mac ‘n Cheese                                                      Brie-Stuffed Tenderloin
      Our Five-Cheese blend with a crispy -Panko crust, topped                                Center-cut filet* stuffed with brie, garlic
      with pan-seared scallops & sauteed Bilbao Chorizo $MP                                  rosemary mashed potatoes, haricot verts
                                                                                                 with a port wine reduction $MP
                      Greek Flaming Cheese
                         Kasseri Cheese in flaming
                          Ouzo & lemon juice $9

                       Fondue Artichoke Dip                                                               Asparagus           $5
               Goat & cream cheese, sundried tomatoes,
              artichokes hearts, roasted red peppers $10                                                Haricot Verts            $5
                  Tenderloin with Goat Cheese                                              Rosemary Mashed Potatoes                           $5
         Beef tenderloin*, roasted red pepper, Granny Smith
             salsa & sherry mustard vinaigrette. $MP                                                  Mac ‘n’ Cheese               $6
                     re: Grilled Pita Bread             $3

                                                                                      *Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry,
                                                                                      seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of
                                                                                      food-borne illness. Kansas City, Missouri Health Department

                                                                                                                                          w w w. r e V e r s e K C . c o m
                                                                                                                                        Let’s Eat Restaurant Group. 2.04.2010
                                                                                     RE: CHAMPAGNE & SPARKLING
                                                                                     4- O Z . P O UR S                                                  glass/bottle
                                                                                     M oët & Chand on “ Rosé I mp eri al” N V (Champagne)                $12/$80
                                                                                     M oët & Chand on “ N e ctar I mp eri al” N V (Champagne)            $12/$80
                                                                                     M oët & Chand on “ Impe ri al ” N V (Champagne)                     $12/$99
                                                                                     Do mai ne Chando n “ Etoi l é” R osé N V (California)               $12/$65
                                                                                     Do maine Chando n “ Bl anc de N oirs” Ro sé N V (California)        $10/$46

                                                                                     Cri stali no Brut Cava N V (Spain)                                 $7. 5/$30
                                                                                     V i ll a Sand i Pro secco N V (Italy)                                $9/$36
                                                                                     Zard e tto Prose cco N V 187ml (Italy)                                  $8. 5
RE: WINES BY THE GLASS                                                               Ke nwood “ Yulupa” Brut N V 187ml (California)                          $9. 5
WHITES                                                         petite/glass/bottle   M umm Cuve é Brut N V 187ml (Napa)                                       $14
Salnon Creek Chard onnay (California)                            $3. 5/$7/$28        Pi p er Hei d si eck Brut N V 187ml (Champagne)                        $18. 5
Ironstone Chard onnay (California)                                 $4/$8/$32         Veuve Cli cq uot Ye llow N V 1/2 b ottle (Champagne)                     $45
Balle tto Chard onnay (Russian River Valley)                       $4/$8/$32         M ont M arçal Brut Cava N V (Spain)                                      $30
                                                                                     Schramsb erg Brut R osé 2005 (California)                                $65
Fori s Dry Gewürztrami ner (Oregon)                              $4. 5/$9/$36
                                                                                     “ J ” Spark li ng Brut 2002 (Russian River Valley)                       $75
Saracco M oscato d ’ Asti (Italy)                                $5/$10/ $40
                                                                                     M oët & Chand on “ Dom Pe ri gnon” 2000 (Champagne)                     $300
Campagnola Pi not Gri gi o (Italy)                                 $4/$8/$32
                                                                                     Pomme ry Brut Royale N V (Champagne)                                     $76
Banfi Le R i me Chard onnay- Pi not Gri gi o (Italy)              $4. 5/9/$36
                                                                                     Pi p er Hei d si eck Brut N V (Champagne)                                $78
Ki ona Ri esl i ng (Washington)                                  $3. 5/$7/$28
                                                                                     Veuve Cli cq uot Ye llow Lab e l N V (Champagne)                         $90
Kung F u Gi rl R i esl i ng (Columbia Valley)                      $4/$8/$32
                                                                                     Veuve Cli cq uot Rosé 2000 (Champagne)                                  $130
Bod egas Pe nascal Sauvi gno n Blanc (Spain)           $3. 5/$7/$28
                                                                                     Loui s Ro ed ere r Brut Premi er N V (Champagne)                         $86
M anu Sauvi gnon Bl anc (Marlborough, New Zealand)     $4. 5/$9/$36                  Loui s Ro ed ere r “ Cri stal” 2000 (Champagne)                         $450
Cloud y Bay Sauvi gnon Blanc (Marlborough, New Zealand) $6/$12/$48                   Tai tti nger Brut M i ll esi me 1999 (Champagne)                         $98
A ngove “ N i ne V i nes” V i ogni e r (Australia)       $4/$8/$32

REDS                                                           petite/glass/bottle   RE: BORDEAUX BLENDS & VARIETALS
Loui s Jad ot Beauj ol ai s- V i llage s (France)      $3. 5/$7/$28
                                                                                     R amsay Cab ernet Sauvi gnon (Napa)                                      $36
A lamo s Cabe rnet Sauvi gno n (Mendoza)                 $4/$8/$32
                                                                                     Be nzi ger Cab erne t Sauvi gnon (Sonoma)                                $48
Dynami te Cab ernet Sauvi gnon (North Coast)            $5/$10/$40
                                                                                     M erryvale “ Starmont” Cab erne t Sauvi gnon 2005 (Napa)                 $62
Sull i van “ Red I nk ” Cabe renet Ble nd (Napa)        $6/$12/$48
                                                                                     “ Dare” b y Vi ade r Cabe rnet Sauvi gnon 2006 (Napa)                    $70
N ewton Cl aret (Napa)                                  $6/$12/$48
                                                                                     M ount Veed e r Cabe rnet Sauvi gno n 2006 (Napa)                        $90
Colore s d e l Sol M alb ec (Mendoza)                    $4/$8/$32
                                                                                     R enteri a “ Stag’s Le ap” Cabe rnet Sauvi gno n 2006 (Napa)            $110
Gougenhe i m M al be c (Mendoza)                       $3. 5/$7/$28                  Cakeb read Cab erne t Sauvi gnon 2006 (Napa)                            $140
T he Ve lvet De vi l M erlo t (Columbia Valley)         $5/$10/$40                   M arston Fami ly V i neyard Cabe rnet Sauvi gno n 2004 (Napa)           $150
Hob N ob Pi not N oi r (France)                          $4/$8/$32                   Hei tz “ M artha’s V i ne yard ” Cabe rnet Sauvi gno n 2000 (Napa)      $175
“ N ext: ” b y Ki ng Estate Pi not N oi r (Oregon)      $6/$12/$48                   Châte au St. George s Bo rde aux 2003 (France)                           $65
M onte A nti co Sup er T uscan (Italy)                  $5/$10/$40                   Pahl me yer “ Jayson” N apa R ed W i ne (Oakville)                       $80
Raw Power Shi raz (Adelaide Plains)                    $4. 5/$9/$36                  Pahl me yer “ Propri etary Re d ” Bord eaux Blend 2005 (Napa)           $199
V i num Cel lars “ PET S” Pe ti te Si rah (Clarksburg)  $5/$10/$40                   “ O pus O ne ” by Rob ert M ondavi 2005 (Napa)                          $250
Lube rri “ Sei s” R i oj a (Spain)                      $5/$10/$40                   Cai n Cuvée N V (Napa)                                                   $69
Tape na Temp rani llo (Spain)                           $5/$10/$40                   York Cre ek “ Spri ng M o untai n” Cab Franc 2005 (Napa)                 $70
Ravenswood “ O l d V i ne s” Zi nfand el (Lodi)        $4. 5/$9/$36                  “ Etho s” Château Ste. M i chel le 2005 (Columbia Valley)                $60
FLI GHT (Three 2 oz. pours of any of the above wines)           $10                  St. Franci s M erlo t (Sonoma)                                           $45
                                                                                     Chap pe lle t M e rlot 2004 (Napa)                                       $89

RE: WHITES                                                                           Shafer M e rlot 2005 (Napa)
                                                                                     Pri de M tn. V i neyard s M erl ot 2006 (Napa/Sonoma)
M arti n Cod ax A lb ari ño (Rias Biaxes, Spain)                             $30     Duck horn M erl ot 2006 (Napa)                                           $95
Camb ri a “ Katheri ne ’s V i neyard ” Chard onnay (Santa Maria)             $36
Hei tz Chard onnay 2007 (Napa)                                               $60
A rtesa Chard onnay (Carneros)                                               $42     RE: REDS EVERYONE SHOULD TRY
Pi erre Sparr Pi not Blanc (Alsace, France)                                  $28     M asi Campofi ori n R i passo (Veneto, Italy)                            $40
K V i ntners V i ogni e r 2007 (Columbia Valley)                             $50     O rnel lai a Te nuta d ell ’ O rnell ai a 2000 (Bolgheri, Italy)        $250
Torb eck “ Wood cutte r’s” Semi l li on (Barossa Valley)                     $30     Dutto n Go ld fi e ld Zi nfand el 2006 (Russian River Valley)            $55
                                                                                     Châte au M ontele na Zi nfande l 2006 (Napa)                             $60
RE: PINOT NOIR                                                                       Sto ryb ook Zi nfande l “A ntaeus” 2006 (Napa)                           $75
                                                                                     E. Gui gal Côtes d u Rhone (Côtes du Rhône)                              $28
Kenwoo d Pi not N oi r (Sonoma)                                              $40
                                                                                     N umanthi a Te rmes 2006 (Spain)                                         $60
Si d uri “ Clos Pe pe ” Pinot N oi r 2007 (Santa Rita Hills)                 $89
                                                                                     K Vi ntner’s “ O vi d e” 2007 (Walla Walla Valley)                      $110
Rob ert Si nsk ey V i ne yard s Pi not N oi r (Los Carneros)                 $75
                                                                                     Eld e rton “ Co mmand ” Shiraz ‘04 (Barossa Valley)                     $110
Gary Fe rre ll Pi not N oi r 2006 (Russian River)                            $85
                                                                                     Earthq uak e Peti te Sirah 2005 (Lodi)                                   $56
Landmark Pi not N o ir 2008 (Sonoma)                                         $80
                                                                                     L’ Aventure “ O p ti mus” 2006 (Paso Robles)                             $65

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