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									                                                                               Appendix D: PhD programs in Social Work

Institution                   Description                                        Curriculum                                      Admission Requirements                     Comments

McGill University             The School of Social Work offers a PhD             The program consists of 90 credits: 15          Applicants must hold an MSW or, a          This is a bilingual program   program in social work/social policy in order      course credits (five 3 credit courses) and 75   BSW with a Master’s degree in a            offered jointly with Universite
work/programs/degree/phd      to respond to the pressing needs for               credits for the comprehensive examination       related subject from an accredited         de Montreal. It is designed to
/                             professors, social policy analysts and             and the dissertation.                           program, with a minimum CGPA of            prepare students for careers
                              researchers in Canada and Quebec.                                                                  3.5 on a 4-point scale.                    in the academy or as
                              Courses are offered in English at McGill. A        Courses:                                                                                   researchers in Canada and
                              parallel stream is offered in French at            Two required courses (6 credits)                International students for whom            Quebec, and it stresses the
                              Université de Montréal. Students have the           Thought&Theory Dev in Soc Wk                  English is a second language must          value of student exposure to
                              option of taking courses at either university.      Dissertation Seminar                          provide an official Test of English as a   the multicultural and
                                                                                 Three elective courses (9 credits). At least    Foreign Language (TOEFL).                  multiracial character of
                              The program aims to:                               one of the following two courses:                                                          Montreal.
                               Prepare graduates for careers in                  SWRK 722                                      The application should include:
                                 university teaching and research, policy         Adv Seminar on Social Policy
                                 development, evaluation of practice,            At least one of these two courses:                 The candidate's curriculum vitae;
                                 intervention, consultation, as well as the       Adv Res Methds &Anal:Quan Data                   A research proposal including a
                                 management of human services;                    Adv Qual Res Methods&Data Anal                    statement of the problem, short
                               Permit students to acquire the ability to        Optionally, one of the following to complete        literature review, research
                                 apply scientific methods of research to         the 9 elective credits:                             question, and methodology (1500
                                 the study of normative, analytical, and          Independent Study                                 words maximum);
                                 methodological questions;                        Any other masters or doctoral level              A one page narrative answering
                               Stimulate original research on pressing               course, in social work or a related            the question: Why do you want to
                                 social concerns                                      discipline, relevant to the thesis.            undertake this PhD program at
                                                                                                                                     this time?
                              Of particular value and importance is the          After completion of 12 course credits, the         Confirmation of Supervisor Form
                              opportunity for students to be exposed             student takes the Comprehensive                    2 official transcripts (all
                              throughout their program to the multicultural      Examination which includes written and oral         universities attended);
                              and multiracial character of Montreal.             components. Once the examination is                3 reference letters (minimum: one
                                                                                 complete, the student may register for the          academic);
                                                                                 Dissertation Seminar. Having completed the         A statement of the student's
                                                                                 course requirements, the student presents           availability for the program
                                                                                 his/her project to his/her Doctoral Committee       (indicate if there are any special
                                                                                 for final approval.                                 circumstances that would affect
                                                                                                                                     your taking classes);
                                                                                                                                    The Graduate and Postdoctoral
                                                                                                                                     Studies Office application form
                                                                                                                                     and application fee.
                                                                                                                                  Copies of research papers are
                                                                                                                                   also essential to the assessment.
                                                                                                                                   A sample of written work
                                                                                                                                   (publications, copy of the Masters
                                                                                                                                   research report, thesis, etc)
                                                                                                                                   should be submitted.

Memorial University         The Social Work PhD program was                  At least twenty-four credit hours in regulation   Applicants are required to submit:       This Ph.D. program provides   introduced in 1995 and is the only such          graduate courses, including: six credit hours                                              regionally relevant and
                            program in Atlantic Canada. Memorial             in foundation courses; six credit hours in           An application form for the School   accessible advanced and
                            University's PhD program in Social Work          advanced practice courses, or three credit            of Graduate Studies                  specialized education in
                            provides regionally relevant and accessible,     hours in advanced practice courses and               An application for admission to      social work. This program
                            advanced and specialized education in social     three credit hours in social work education;          the PhD program in Social Work       stresses “critical thinking” but
                            work. The program is research-based,             nine credit hours in research; and one three         Evidence of an MSW degree or         is not based in critical theory
                            stressing critical thinking and the production   credit internship chosen from the Internships         equivalent professional social       and practice. It is practice
                            of original and significant scholarship. The     in Advanced Social Work Practice, in Social           work degree, as determined by        based, and provides an
                            program focuses on (1) advanced social           Work Education, or in Social Work Research.           the Graduate Studies Committee,      internship experiences in
                            work practice and (2) social work education,                                                           School of Social Work                either social work practice or
                            emphasizing commitment to people and             Course work begins in May and is completed           Evidence of a minimum of three       education.
                            social justice.                                  over five semesters. Scholars must attend             years of professional practice
                                                                             two full time spring semester residencies and        Description of her/his intended
                            This flexible program uses faculty and           complete fall and winter semester courses             study and research plan
                            mentoring resources throughout North             either on or off campus.                             An up-to-date curriculum vitae
                            America and balances group learning with                                                               and samples of written work.
                            individually tailored instruction. The format    The Comprehensive Examination is
                            enhances access by employed social               normally taken in the in her/his seventh
                            workers and by those in remote and rural         semester.
                            areas. Scholars may complete a portion of
                            their program requirements from an off-          Completion of a Doctoral Thesis is required.
                            campus location. To facilitate course
                            delivery, all scholars must have internet

University of British       “The School of Social Work and Family            At least 15 credits of course work including:     Applicants with Canadian or U.S.         This Ph.D. in Social Work and
Columbia                    Studies is committed to collaborative                                                              credentials must meet the following      Family Studies is intended to     learning, research and practice with diverse        Social Work and Family Studies Doctoral       minimum academic requirements in         provide students with
                            communities to promote social well-being.            Seminar                                       order to be considered for the           backgrounds in either social
                            Building on over seventy years of Social            Social Theory, Ideology and Ethics            program:                                 work or family studies an
                            Work education and a quarter of a century of        One 3 credit substantive course selected                                               opportunity for advanced
Family Studies education at UBC, the                with Advisory Committee's approval                  Hold a Master's degree in Family    study in a research-intensive
recently merged School (1999) - the only         Two of the following courses:                           Studies, Social Work, or other      program. The program
such institution in Canada - draws on its twin    Advanced Data Analysis in Social Work                 related social science field from   provides “critical components”
disciplines in education and preparing              and Family Studies                                   an accredited university-level      for practice in research, policy
students as critically aware and reflective       Theory and Practice of Program                        institution                         analysis and human service
citizens, as family practitioners in the human      Evaluation                                          Meet the academic requirement       management, but does not
services and for entry level and advanced         Advanced Qualitative Inquiry*                         as prescribed by the UBC Faculty    express a focus on critical
professional social work practice.                                                                       of Graduate Studies: "overall       theory or social justice goals.
                                                 All students are expected to be admitted to             average of B+ (76% at UBC) in
The PhD Program in Social Work and Family        candidacy within two years of initial                   master's degree program"
Studies provides students with a background      registration**. To do this, students must:             Have sufficient preparatory
in social work, social policy, social                                                                    academic background to carry out
development or family studies, an                1. Complete a minimum of two terms of full-             graduate work, including graduate
opportunity for advanced scholarship and            time, on-campus study (residency) and                level courses in statistics,
professional growth in the context of a             all required courses                                 quantitative research and
research-intensive program. Specializing in      2. Pass their comprehensive examinations                qualitative research
either Social Work or Family Studies,            3. Have their dissertation proposal                    Show evidence of English
students are prepared for university teaching       approved                                             language proficiency
and research (theoretical and applied),
including program evaluation. The program        The typical student will enter the program,
can also provide critical components for         take their courses and complete their
professional practice in research, policy        candidacy exam within two years**. Doctoral
analysis and human service management.           dissertation research will then be conducted
                                                 in their third and fourth years.
From a family studies and social work
perspective, the School's faculty members        Students will normally take two courses per
are involved in areas of research including      term in their first year of residency (total four
Youth and Child Welfare, Parent-child            courses). In their third and fourth semesters
Relations, Couple Relationships, Family          they will take at least one additional
Violence, Families and Work, Aging, Health,      remaining course, develop a doctoral
Substance Abuse, Diversity, First Nations,       research proposal and take candidacy
Social Policy, Disability Issues, Community      exams.
and International Social Development.
                                                 Following the comprehensive examination,
                                                 the student will present a formal thesis
Note: The PhD program will NOT be                proposal for approval by the candidate's
accepting application for the 2006/7             committee before proceeding to the research
academic year. The next intake will be for       that will culminate in a formal thesis defense.
the academic year beginning September            The major requirement of the PhD is
2007.                                            completion of a research thesis reporting
                                                                                 significant and original scientific research.
University of Calgary         The PhD program, which began in 1994, was          The PhD includes a minimum of nine half-        Applicants to the PhD program must      This Ph.D. program prepares   the first doctoral degree in Social Work to be     courses in the student's area of                meet the following admission            students for roles as
.htm?page=ss_phd.shtml        offered in Western Canada. The program             specialization. After the completion of all     requirements:                           researchers and educators.
                              prepares students for roles as advanced            courses, students prepare a research             A Master of Social Work or            The goal is to facilitate study
                              researchers and educators and is designed          proposal and complete candidacy                     equivalent graduate degree with a   and research within the
                              to facilitate study and research within the        examinations. Course work, research                 minimum grade point average of      student’s area of interest and
                              student's areas of specialization. Students        proposal, and candidacy examinations must           3.50 on a four-point scale          specialization and to build
                              work closely with faculty advisors to devise       be completed within 28 months of entering        Substantial professional              student strengths. The
                              programs that build on existing strengths and      the program. Thesis research is then                experience                          program does not approach
                              meet educational interests and goals.              conducted under the supervision of a             Proficiency in the English            these goals from any
                                                                                 supervisory committee, with an oral                 language.                           particular theoretical or value
                              Collectively, the academic staff represents        examination at the end of the process.                                                  perspective.
                              an impressive range of expertise in child and      Students have a maximum of six years to
                              family practice, gerontology, community            complete their degree.
                              development, multicultural/multiracial
                              practice and research, management in non-          Required courses include:
                              profit organizations, social policy,                Research Foundations: Epistemology
                              international social work, qualitative and            and Professional Knowledge-Building
                              quantitative research, and other issues of          Social Work Theory, History, and
                              concern to social workers.                            Philosophy
                                                                                  Research Methods I: Quantitative
                                                                                  Research Methods II: Qualitative
                                                                                  Quantitative Data
                                                                                  Integrative Research Seminar.
                                                                                  Three half-course options relevant to the
                                                                                    student's area of specialization.

University of Manitoba        Mission Statement: To pursue knowledge             The program consists of: (a) 27 credit hours    Admission requirements include:         The stated goal of this     and provide accessible and inclusive               of coursework, (b) a candidacy examination,     1. Master of Social Work degree, or     program is to develop skills
aculties/social_work/docu     educational programs that will advance the         and (c) a Ph.D. thesis.                            equivalent, from an accredited       for research and teaching,
ments/PhD_Application.pd      fields of social work practice and social policy                                                      degree-granting university, with a   with particular emphasis on
f                             at all levels and that will contribute to the      Course Requirements include:                       minimum grade point average of       research concerning
                              development of societies in promoting              Social Work core courses (6 credit hours):         3.0. Applicants who possess a        Aboriginal people and
                              respect for human rights and dignity,               Perspectives on Knowledge for Social             B.S.W. degree and a non-social       women. The program is not
                              individual worth and well being, diversity,           Work (3 credit hours)                           work Master’s degree may be          grounded in critical theory,
                              social inclusion, and the principles of social      Development of the Social Work                   admitted to a qualifying year        although its emphasis on
                              justice. To prepare students for ethical,             Profession (3 credit hours)                     during which the student may be      Aboriginal peoples and
                              competent, critically reflective, innovative,      Research Courses (12 credit hours):                required to complete all or          women reflect interest in
                              anti-oppressive, accountable, and effective                                                           selected core courses of the         social justice goals.
                             social work practice at all levels. In particular,      Advanced Qualitative Research in Social       M.S.W. stream consistent with the
                             to prepare Aboriginal students for social work           Work (6 credit hours)                         applicant’s Ph.D. focus of study.
                             practice in culturally appropriate and                Advanced Quantitative Research in            2. Minimum research competency in
                             sensitive ways. To create and maintain a                 Social Work (6 credit hours)                  qualitative or quantitative
                             learning environment that promotes and               Teaching Requirement (3 credit hours):            methods equivalent to the level
                             supports respect for difference, risk-taking,         Seminar in Post-Secondary Instruction           required for the Master of Social
                             democratic participation, a spirit of inquiry,           (129.745) (3 credit hours) OR                 Work degree from the University
                             equity, innovation, originality, and                  An alternative requirement that                 of Manitoba, with a minimum
                             collaboration. To acknowledge, support, and              addresses teaching (3 credit hours)           grade of 3.0 (B). Although the
                             promote different traditions of knowledge and        Electives (6 credit hours):                       minimum requirement is for one
                             different methods of knowledge gathering.             One elective in the student’s area of           course, applicants are expected
                                                                                      specialization (3 credit hours)               to have basic competency in both
                             The Ph.D. is an advanced degree, focusing             One additional elective (3 credit hours)        qualitative and quantitative
                             on developing skills for research and                                                                  methods.
                             teaching. A full range of opportunities for          Candidacy Examination:                         3. Evidence of scholarly ability,
                             study is available, and we particularly              The candidacy examination consists of a           through publications in refereed
                             encourage research concerning Aboriginal             major paper on a topic within the student’s       journals, other scholarly work of
                             people and women.                                    general area of study and an oral                 equivalent standard, or courses
                                                                                  examination of the topic covered in the           taught in accredited university
                                                                                  paper.                                            programs must be provided.
                                                                                                                                 4. A minimum of two years of
                                                                                  Thesis Research:                                  professional practice experience
                                                                                  The student’s Ph.D. advisory committee,           in social work.
                                                                                  chaired by a thesis advisor, provides advice
                                                                                  and guidance in the development of the         Applicants must also provide:
                                                                                  proposal for the thesis, and during the
                                                                                  ongoing research phase.                           A detailed Curriculum Vitae
                                                                                                                                    A dissertation proposal (no longer
                                                                                                                                     than 2000 words)
University of Toronto        The Faculty of Social Work at the University         Ten graduate level half- credit courses, or    To be considered for admission           This program focuses on
http://www.socialwork.utor   of Toronto is distinguished by its emphasis          their equivalent, as follows:                  applicants must meet the following       competence in the conduct of    on evidence based practice; by its practicum                                                        requirements:                            research. Its goal is to
=1                           education; and by a governing structure that         a) The following required courses in                                                    prepare graduates to
                             brings together teaching faculty, field              research:                                      1. A Master of Social Work degree        contribute to advancement of
                             instructors, students, alumni, the profession,        Intermediate Statistics and Data Analysis       or an equivalent Master's degree      knowledge and practice in
                             the administration, and the University as                (half-credit)                                 with a B+ average from an             various fields of social work.
                             partners in the realization of the Faculty's          Epistemology and Social Work Research           accredited program in a university    While a stated objective is to
                             mission. The Faculty's current program of                (half-credit course)                          of recognized standing.               impart knowledge of policy
                             teaching and research is organised around             Designing and Implementing Qualitative       2. Competency in basic statistical       and practice issues in social
                             four areas of specialisation: children and               Social Work Research (half-credit             methods at an introductory level      work, it does not explicitly
                           their families; mental health and health;            course)                                          (an introductory statistics course    approach these subjects from
                           diversity and social justice; and gerontology.      Designing and Implementing                       is offered in the first term of the   a critical perspective.
                                                                                Quantitative Social Work Research (half-         program to ensure that students
                           The Ph.D. program is designed for social             credit course)                                   meet this prerequisite).
                           workers who want to assume leadership                                                              3. Educational and professional
                           positions in teaching, research, policy and      b) Complete a required                               experience that will indicate a
                           administration. Upon completion of the           thesis/comprehensive seminar (during                 capacity to undertake research-
                           program, graduates obtain competence in          second year of program):                             oriented post-graduate work.
                           the following areas:                              Doctoral Thesis/Comprehensive Seminar           4. Must show evidence of facility in
                                                                                (half-credit- CR/NCR).                           the English language.
                              Ability to conduct research using a range
                               of paradigms and methods which span          c) Complete 5 graduate elective half-credit
                               quantitative - qualitative approaches and    (or equivalent), at least one of which is taken
                               which inform and advance social work         at the Faculty of Social Work, and at least
                               knowledge and performance in areas of        one of which is taken in another graduate
                               direct practice, community intervention,     department at the University of Toronto.
                               and policy development.
                              A broad understanding of the major           Following completion of the course work,
                               practice and policy issues in social         students are required to satisfactorily
                               welfare and the profession of social         complete a Comprehensive Paper.
                              Substantive knowledge of a field of          Following completion of the Comprehensive
                               social work (defined by students'            Paper, candidates propose and complete a
                               research interests), including questions     thesis which shall constitute a distinct
                               in that field which need to be addressed     contribution to knowledge in the field of
                               empirically.                                 social work and must be based on research
                                                                            conducted while registered for the Ph.D.
Wilfred Laurier            Since September 1987, a doctoral program         Course Work                                       The PhD program seeks applicants         This program is designed to
University                 has been offered by the Faculty of Social        The program consists of a minimum of nine         who possess the following                prepared graduates for   Work. This program provides students with        half-credit courses. Five courses are required    qualifications:                          leadership roles in education,
ge.php?grp_id=30           the opportunities for advanced scholarship       courses for all students and four electives                                                research and specialized
                           and professional growth, and prepares            corresponding to the students’ study plan            A Master of Social Work degree       practice in human service
                           graduates for leadership roles in fields such    and interests. The required courses are as            from a recognized university,        organizations. Research
                           as higher education, research and                follows:                                              normally with at least an A-         skills are emphasized. The
                           specialized practice in governmental or           Multivariate Analysis for Social Work               average in the Master's program.     program does not focus on
                           private human service organizations.                  Research                                         Applicants with other graduate       critical perspectives on social
                                                                             Advanced Qualitative and Quantitative               degrees and strong social service    work.
                           Our PhD program is for students with Master           Methods in Social Work Research                  experience may be considered
                           of Social Work degree or the equivalent. Our      Social Work Thought and Theory                      under exceptional circumstances.
graduates are employed in a variety of           Development                                     Normally, a minimum of three
professional capacities. Many of our            Epistemology and the Nature of Social            years post MSW social work
graduates are employed in university             Work Knowledge                                   experience. In addition, the
teaching positions; others are employed as      Applied Qualitative Research Methods             applicant must provide evidence
executive directors of social service                                                             of a level of professional
agencies, public service, consulting, and    Comprehensive Paper                                  competence suitable for
research in the private sector.              The PhD comprehensive paper serves to                admission to the PhD program.
                                             assess the student's ability to: (1) integrate      Evidence of scholarly ability for
                                             social work knowledge, theory and practice;          clear and creative thinking and
                                             (2) analyze the implications of knowledge            the ability to pursue independent
                                             and theory for social work practice; and, (3)        study.
                                             demonstrate a broad knowledge of the
                                             selected area of study.

                                             Students who successfully complete the
                                             comprehensive examination are admitted to
                                             candidacy for the PhD degree and are
                                             entitled to register for the doctoral
                                             dissertation (SK899).

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