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     Construction procedures
     The speeded-up administrative service timeframe provided to certified investors according to Encouragement of Investment Act is
     marked in bold.

Description of the        Authority                Required documents and procedure                                Fees       Timeframe         Legal
main procedures                                                                                                                              framework
1. Transformation of      1.Commissions to         During the procedure for change of the designation of       State fees     90 days     Law for
the legal status of       the regional             the agricultural lands they shall be categorized in 10      are            60 days     Preservation of
the land from             directorates             categories according to the productive capacities of        determined                 Agricultural
agricultural to           "Agriculture and         the soil and climatic conditions, the relief and            by a Tariff                Lands
industrial (if the land   forests" - when the      technological qualities of the land, its fitness for        of the
purchased is              requested area is up     production of different kinds of vegetal production, and    Council of
agricultural).            to 5 ha and the land     the imposed restrictions of land usage, under               Ministers.
                          is located in the land   conditions and by an order, determined by an                The fee is
                          areas of the             Ordinance, issued by the Council of Ministers.              paid by the
                          settlements on the       Preliminary steps and documents:                            owner of
                          territory of the         1. Act for categorization of the agricultural land at the   the
                          respective region;       change of its designation issued in compliance with         agricultural
                                                   The Ordinance for Categorization of Agricultural Land       land who
                          2. Commission for        2. Determined necessary platform or track with a            has
                          the farmlands - in       project for detailed development plan and a positive        required
                          the remaining cases.     decision for environmental impact assessment, issued        the change
                                                   by the order of the Protection of Environment Act.          of its
                                                   3. Approved detailed development plan according to          purpose or
                                                   article 129 from the Law for Spatial Planning.              by the
                                                   4. Ownership title on the land                              investor
                                                   In the presence of an approved detailed development
                                                   plan the owner of the land or the investor of the site
                                                   shall propose a change of the designation of the
                                                   necessary agricultural land. The commissions shall
                                                   take a decision within 14 days from filing of the
                                                   proposal. Along with the proposal the applicant must
                                                   file 2 copies of the approved detailed development
                                                   Copy of the decision for change of the designation of
                                                   farmlands for purposes other than agricultural shall be
                                                   sent within 7 days from its enactment by the respective
                                                   commission to the cadastre office at the location of the
                                                   real estate for entry into the cadastre.

2. Design Visa          The chief architect of   1. Application form                                      According to     14 days   Law for spatial
                        the respective           2. Documents for ownership title                         Article 9 from   5 days    planning
                        municipality             3. Documents certifying the right to build               the Law for
                                                 4. Documents for limited property rights                 Local Taxes
                                                 5. Other documents                                       and Fees the
                                                 Remark: The environmental impact assessment is           Council
                                                 conducted prior to issuance of a design permit visa in   determines
                                                 compliance with the Protection of the Environment Act    the fees for
                                                                                                          design visas
                                                                                                          for each
3. Preparation and      The chief architect of   1. Application form;                                     According to     1 month   Law for spatial
approval of draft       the municipality;        2. Document proving the property or the construction     Article 9 from   14 days   planning
architectural project   The district governor    right;                                                   the Law for
                        if the project           3. Design visa                                           Local Taxes
                        includes more than                                                                and Fees the
                        one municipality;                                                                 Municipal
                        The Minister of the                                                               Council
                        Regional                                                                          determines
                        Development and                                                                   the fees for
                        the Public Works if                                                               each
                        the project includes                                                              municipality
                        more than one
                        district or is of
                        national significance

4. Coordination and      The chief architect of 1. Application form;                                           According to 1 month     Law for spatial
approval of technical    the municipality;      2. Document proving the property;                              Article 9 from 14 days   planning
or working investment    The district governor 3. Design visa;                                                 the Law for
project                  if the project         4. Three copies of the investment project;                     Local Taxes
                         includes more than     5. Environment impact assessment;                              and Fees the
                         one municipality;      (Art. 144 Law for the spatial planning)                        Municipal
                         The Minister of the                                                                   Council
                         Regional                 The following documents should also be enclosed:             determines
                         Development and        1. Preliminary contract with NEK (National Electric            the fees for
                         the Public works if       Company) for connecting to the electricity                  each
                         the project includes      distribution network                                        municipality
                         more than one          2. Preliminary contract with VIK (Water and Sewage
                         district or is of         Company) for connecting to the water and sewage
                         national significance     network
                                                3. Approval of the project by the competent fire safety
                                                   authority (for sites with over 200 work places and
                                                   other listed buildings)

5. Construction permit The chief architect of   A permission for construction in the cases when                Tariff №14   7 days      Law for spatial
                       the municipality and     approval of investment design is not required, shall be        for the fees             planning
                       for the towns with       issued only on the basis of the application for                gathered by
                       district division -      permission to the chief architect and document for             the Ministry
                       upon decision of the     ownership, established construction right or right to          of Regional
                       Municipal Council -      build on other’s property by force of special law. If          Development
                       by the chief architect   approval of investment project is required it must be          and Public
                       of the district.         enclosed with the written application.                         Works

6. Certificate for the   Director of the        1. Written request to the Director of the National             Article 31of   1 month   Ordinance № І-
compliance with the      National               Directorate ”Fire and accident safety”                         the Tariff     14 days   117 issued
fire safety rules        Directorate ”Fire      2. Construction, technical and technological                   № 4 for the              15.05.2003 for
                         and accident           documentation                                                  fees,                    state fire
                         safety”                3. Presence of specialists and experts when it is              gathered                 prevention
                                                necessary for the certificate examinations.                    by the                   control, fire
                                                4. Receipt for paid state tax                                  Ministry of              extinguishing
                                                5. Other requested documents when necessary.                   Interior                 and rescue
                                                The authorities of the National Directorate “Fire and          determines               activity.
                                                Accident Safety” shall examine the site for compliance         the fees
                                                with the fire safety rules within 1 month from the date
                                                of the written request. They shall make a record for
                                                the results from the examination, on the basis of
                                                which, shall be decided if the site is in compliance with
                                                the fire safety rules. The certificate is valid for 3 years.