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					ST. JOHN PARISH HALL - 450 Building (Great Hall) RENTAL AGREEMENT St. John Catholic Church 404 N. Dayton St. - Davison, MI 48423 Hall Telephone 810-653-9902 – Hall Rental Office 810-652-0304 TODAY’S DATE_______________________ NAME___________________________________________________________ ADDRESS___________________________________________CITY_______________________ZIP_______________ PHONE: HOME_________________ WORK __________________ Date of Rental___________________________

Type of Event ___________________Approx. # of Guests_______ Email Address ____________________________ Event will begin at approximately_____________ Will food be served?________ Will alcohol be served?__________ Name of Caterer _____________________ Bride and Groom’s Full Names___________________________________ Name on sign in front of hall ___________________________________________ GREAT HALL IS AVAILABLE FROM 8:00 AM UNTIL 2:00 AM THE DAY OF YOUR RENTAL I/We the undersigned agree as one of the conditions of renting the above premises, that I/we will not permit any unlawful business or activity on the premises, and no use shall be made thereof which shall be unlawful, noisy, offensive or contrary to any law of the State of Michigan or ordinance of the City of Davison. Further, it is understood that the Renter will be personally responsible for all injuries or damages to any person or property arising from the rental of the premises on the above date; and that the Renter shall be responsible for all activities of occupants during the rental period. It is also understood that St. John Parish has the right to cancel this rental if the use of this building is considered objectionable in any way. ST. JOHN HALL RULES AND REGULATIONS I/We explicitly agree to the following rules and policies governing the use of the St. John Parish Hall. I/We agree to enforce all conditions of this contract and I/we understand that violation of any of the terms of this agreement shall constitute sufficient reason to cause forfeiture of all, or part, of the security deposit as determined by the owner. 1. 2. Decorations and deliveries may begin at 8:00 AM on the day of the rental. The building and adjacent grounds are under the supervision of our hall supervisor. They shall have the authority to restrict the use of the building and grounds when, in their opinion, such use will be detrimental to the facilities or in violation of these rules. The building shall be subject to inspection at any time by our hall supervisor and anyone who may accompany them. We reserve the right to halt any function deemed by our hall supervisor or the City Police to be out of control. Parking of vehicles will be restricted to paved parking lots provided. No vehicle will be permitted on the lawns at any time. There will be nothing attached to the ceilings, walls, doors or lights. No tacks, tape, clay-like adhesives, or staples will be used for any purpose. Decorations, including banners, posters, etc., may be attached ONLY to the screw eyes provided in the walls. No confetti type decorations. CANDLES - If candles are used, they must be enclosed in glass. Renter will be responsible to ensure that the decorators are informed of these restrictions and that they honor them. No equipment will be moved from one room to another without explicit permission from the hall supervisor. Tables, chairs, etc., may NOT be taken outside the hall. Use of the halls public address system and speaker system are NOT included in the hall rental. All such required equipment must be provided by the renter. Use of any public address system outside the hall is prohibited. Renter will be responsible for setting up tables and chairs. Two (2) persons must be provided to handle any tables. Renter may leave tables and chairs set up after the function ceases. Gambling in any form is prohibited unless conducted under proper licensing by the State of Michigan. Conformance to State Liquor Laws is required. No alcoholic beverage will be served to minors or anyone who exhibits evidence of intoxication. All refreshments will be served and consumed inside the building. No drinks, bottles or cans, of any kind are to be taken outside.

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OPTIONAL: It is suggested that when alcoholic beverages are served the renter will provide one or more uniformed security guard(s) to patrol the parking area and grounds. When the kitchen is used, the renter MUST clean all the equipment used, including ovens, to the satisfaction of the hall supervisor. Grease, food and refuse MUST be disposed of in authorized receptacles that are provided. Disposing of any refuse in the sinks, drain, stool or lavatories, is not permitted. All trash bags, garbage, etc., must be secured and placed in dumpster provided. All music will cease by 1:00 AM. All guests must vacate the hall by 1:30 AM. Items of personal property and rental items are the responsibility of the Renter and must be removed by 2:00 AM. SECURITY DEPOSIT, RENTAL FEES, CANCELLATIONS, AND REFUNDS A security deposit is due at the time the contract is signed. The balance of the rental fee is due 90 DAYS prior to the event (a reminder postcard will be sent). If rental is cancelled within 14 days after signing contract, no deposit is forfeited. If the rental is cancelled anytime after the 14 days grace period but prior to 90 days before the rental date, the renter shall forfeit posted deposit. If cancellation occurs between 15 and 45 days prior to the rental date, the entire deposit shall be forfeited + ½ rental fee. If cancellation occurs 14 days or less before the rental date no refund. Some examples of forfeiture of security deposit are: a. Damage to any part of hall, equipment or lawn. b. Excessive litter, bottles, cans, etc. on property outside building. c. Attachment of anything to ceiling, walls, doors, etc. except as provided for. d. Inappropriate disposal of food, grease, garbage, etc. e. Other misuse of property. INFORMATION Liability insurance, which is required by the Diocese of Lansing, is included in the rental fee. This insurance is provided by Michigan Catholic Conference Special Events and issued in the name of the renter with St. John Parish named as insured. All communications should be directed to the hall supervisor. DO NOT CALL the RECTORY. Make all checks payable to ST. JOHN CHURCH. (A fee of $20.00 will be charged for all returned checks.) The renter should contact the hall supervisor ONE WEEK IN ADVANCE of rental date to make final arrangements.



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I have read and I do understand and agree with all the terms and conditions of this contract. Signed this day_________________20_______ Renter’s Signature ________________________________________

Name and Address where to send security deposit refund (if applicable): Name______________________________Address________________________________________________ City___________________________State_______________________________Zip_____________________ St. John Hall Rental Representative:____________________________________________Date________________20___________

HALL RENTAL RATE $_____________

Please no beverages with RED dye


$_____________ $_____________ $_____________

Please indicate location on your invitations: St. John Parish Hall - 450 Building 450 N. Dayton St., Davison



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