Quick View Plus for Windows 95 by akgame


									Vol. 13 No. 5                                                                                                                       June 1996

                                      The Newsletter of the Ottawa PC Users' Group (OPCUG)

                                                         Product review
Quick View Plus for Windows 95
        by Chris Taylor                           original. Embedded objects show up
                                                  as empty boxes. You can't copy text
        One of the nifty features that
                                                  to the clipboard and you can't print
        Microsoft added to Windows 95 is                                                   Coming up
                                                  from Quick View. Quick View is
        the Quick Viewer. For many                                                         You're on the air ........................................3
                                                  extension based-it can view
        common file types, you can right
                                                  documents only with one of 35            Club News
        click on the file in Explorer or on the
                                                  pre-defined file extensions, covering    Calendar of meetings . ............................... 3
        desktop and choose Quick View from
                                                  something like 29 file formats. I
        the pop-up menu. This opens the file                                               Member discount(s) ..................................4
                                                  showed a registry hack in the
        in a viewer where you can see the
                                                  December issue of the newsletter that    Reuse, recycle ............................................7
        contents without having to own and
                                                  allows viewing of any file with Quick    Membership and prizes . ............................ 8
        open the application that created the
                                                  View, but only the 29 supported file
        file.                                                                              Software Library
                                                  formats will be viewed anywhere near
        While this is very handy, it does have
                                                  properly.                                February and March disks ........................ ?
        its limitations. The document is
                                                                                           Internet SIG
        displayed in a single font, even if
        multiple typefaces and point sizes        Quick View Plus for                      I-SIG logo contest .....................................5
        were used in the                          Windows 95                               DTP SIG

                                                                                           Show & tell report .....................................6

                                                        Microsoft did not develop          . graphics formats (for example,
                                                        Quick View. They licensed it         BMP, GIF, CGM, TIFF, Windows
                                                        from Systems Compatibility,          icons & cursors,
                                                        makers of Outside In. Systems        DRW, and DFX)
                                                        Compatibility has been bought      . word processing formats (for
                                                        by Inso, who have released           example, Word, WordPerfect, Ami
                                                        Quick View Plus for Windows          Pro, DisplayWrite, XYWrite,
                                                        95 (QVP). Inso also has a            WordStar, MacWrite, and HTML)
                                                        version for Windows 3.1.           . spreadsheet formats (for example,
                                                        QVP replaces Quick View on           Excel, 1-2-3, Multiplan, Enable,
                                                        right-click menus in Windows         Framework,
                                                        95 and overcomes many of the         QuattroPro, and SuperCalc)
                                                        limitations in what was licensed   • database formats (for example,
                                                        to Microsoft. It includes            dBase, Access, Paradox, R:BASE,
                                                        viewers for over 200 file types:     DataEase, and Reflex)

                                                                                                                        Continued on page 2

                    NEXT MEETING : TUESDAY, June 4, 1996 seep. 3
Quick View Plus Continued from page 1        essor formats is copied to the clip-        Printing
                                             board in Rich Text Format, which            Printing is quite good and reflects what
. presentation formats (Freelance,           means most formatting should be             you see on the screen. For heavily
  Harvard and PowerPoint)                    retained when you paste it into an-         formatted documents, this generally
. compressed file formats (Microsoft         other document.                             means that it would have been better if
  Binder, Unix Compress & TAR,               The graphic and presentation viewers        printed from the original application,
  and ZIP)                                   allow you to select portions of the         but if you don't care about absolute
Finally, it can also view DOS and            image and copy them to the clipboard        fidelity, or don't have the original
Windows executables and provide              for use elsewhere. You can set any          application, it is fast and easy.
version information, whether they are        image as your wallpaper. It does so by
16- or 32-bit, names of modules called       converting (if necessary) the image to
by the program, and so on.                   BMP format and stretching the image
                                                                                         Unknown file formats
                                                                                         You can have unknown files displayed
                                             to fit the desktop. There is no way to
                                                                                         in text (7- or 8-bit ASCII, ANSI, or
                                             have it convert a small image to a small
                                                                                         Unicode), hex, or you can choose not to
                                             BMP and tile it. I was a bit surprised to
WYSIWYG?                                                                                 display them at all. This worked for
                                             see the option to `Make Wallpaper'
QVP displays properly most of the                                                        most unknown file types, such as Win-
                                             while viewing a PowerPoint
formatting in documents, including                                                       dows help files. When I tried to view
                                             presentation. Choosing that option
typefaces, text sizes, bold, underlined,                                                 a.COM file, however, QVP complained
                                             resulted in a totally black wallpaper.
italics, OLE objects (on which you can                                                   "Sorry. A viewer for this format is not
double-click to open in the server                                                       available." If I renamed the file so that
application), bullets, graphics, and so      Database and                                it did not have a .COM extension, QVP
on.                                          spreadsheet viewers                         would then display the file.
The formatting is quite good, but it is      The database and spreadsheet viewers        Once you are viewing a file, often you
not perfect. In a WordPerfect 6.1 file, it   both display like a spreadsheet. You        then want to edit the file. A single
did not pick up columns,                     can select entire rows, columns or          click on a button in the QVP window
double-underlines displayed as single        groups of cells and copy to the             is all that is required as long as the file
underlines, and shadowed text                clipboard. The clipboard contents is        is a registered file type in Windows
displayed as normal text. However, it        pasted into a document as a table.          95.
picked up the different line formats
used in a table but missed the shading
                                                                                         What's the damage?
on a cell, and it picked up the decimal
                                                                                         Quick View Plus for Windows 95
alignment of numbers in a series of
                                                                                         should be available for under $80. If
cells. A paragraph with double spacing
displayed single spaced and triple           Compressed-file viewer                      you work for the Feds, it is available
                                             A few of the viewers go beyond basic        under Standing Offer, at prices ranging
spaced displayed as double spaced.
                                             viewing. With the compressed file           from $47.25 (for a single copy) to as
In a PowerPoint 4 presentation,
                                             formats, you can extract the files          low as $16.00 a copy (if you are buying
embedded clip art images and graphs
                                             without need of an additional utility.      15,000). A full install takes 5MB of
did not show up. This is due to the fact
                                             You can view UUENCODED files,               which 830KB is the help file, and
that presentations are viewed under
                                             which strangely, are labelled as being      30OKB are sample files. The viewers
QVP's graphics engine. The next
                                             an `embedded graphic'. You cannot           themselves are an all-or-nothing propo-
release of QVP, due in March 96, has a
                                             save the UUDECODED view of a file           sition. You can't, for example, elect not
presentations viewing engine which
                                             to disk.                                    to install the viewer for Volkswriter 3,
should correct this type of problem.
                                                                                         even if the chance of ever running
                                                                                         across such a file is almost nil. There
Text viewer                                                                              are 109 separate DLLs with the
The text viewers allow you to search         Graphic-file viewer                         program, so it should not be difficult to
for text within the document and you         For drawings, you can have them sized       allow
can copy text to the clipboard. Text in      to fit the window, shown full screen,                            Continued on page 5
most word proc-                              or scaled to the window's width or

2                                                  Ottawa PC Users' Group                                              June 1996
You're on the air
      by Julie Dustin                          either alerts you, re-
                                               cords the event, or
      t's the end of the business day and
                                               does both.
      your company has been
                                               As their corporate
      interviewed by a number of
                                               overview states, ac-
      television and radio reporters. You
                                               cesTV enables com-
      tell everyone in your office to
                                               puters to function as
      watch the news that evening.
                                               friendly, diligent, and
      Everyone does, except the
                                               pro-active helpers. A
      president, and no one recorded it
                                               PC can be an intelligent
      on their VCR. The chance to save
                                               personal assistant using
      company history is virtually gone.
                                               speech, voice, and video
      Televitesse Systems Inc. has an
                                               recognition, as well as
      impressive solution to prevent such
                                               neural networks.
      problems. Their product is called
                                               The product requires a
      accesTV. The next OPCUG
                                               Pentium PC running
      meeting will feature this futuristic
                                               Windows 95. The PC
      application of multimedia.
      Carol Martin, a communications                                                    The only drawback about this
      manager at Televitesse explains,         must also have a video capture           product is that you need a huge
      "The software monitors each              board, a closed caption extractor,       hard drive (no surprise to most
      channel for audio signals which          and a tuner. A single channel setup,     readers). One minute of recording
      match the user's predefined              with hardware and software, costs        can take anywhere from 4 MB to
      requirements. Any matching news          approximately $14,000. You can           22 MB of storage on your disk
      clips are recorded onto a disk. The      install this product on a network        depending on the video
      user can then see the video and          and have multiple queries running        compression used. So don't have it
      audio playback. In addition, the         over multiple channels. AccesTV          look for the word hockey or
      screen can be split into two             can be also used for editing and         baseball unless you can save onto
      windows so that you can see the          managing the storage of recordings.      CDs.
      corresponding written text. This text                                             See you on the air!
      is the same text used for closed
      caption broadcasting. We are
      working with broadcasters to in-
      crease the encrypted data that is sent    Calendar
      with each signal, to improve the          General Meeting Location: Sir Robert Borden HS
      searching and scanning."                  131 Greenbank Road
      This product costs more than a            General Meeting Time: 7:30 p.m. to 10 p.m.
      VCR but a lot less than paying            Date Topic
      someone to monitor tv channels and        Tuesday, 4 June                      Televitesse Systems Inc.
      then record only one channel at a         Next meeting will be sometime in September. Watch the PUB,
      time. You enter key words in a            try the answering machine, or just wait for your next issue of
                                                the Newsletter. Have a nice holiday!
      personal profiler. It then listens for
      those key words in any broadcast.
      AccesTV then

                                                     Please note the next meeting is the first Tuesday in June.

June 1996                                      Ottawa PC Users' Group                                                        3
Member discount(s)
    by Bob Herres                           Media Mountain is a Kanatabased
                                            company that sells CDROM
    Grand & Toy Media Mountain
                                            Software across North America at
    Public.net, and W.O.Stinson & Son
                                            discount prices. Their software is
    Ltd, offer to OPCUG members
                                            shipped to your door by Express
    discounts on a variety of products.
                                            Post Payment may be paid by Visa,
                                            MasterCard, or COD. Delivery time
                                            in urban areas is 2-3 business days
                                            and 3 - 5 days in outlying areas.
    Grand & Toy: quality                    Pre-arranged pickup is available at
    office products &                       their Kanata office. There is a small
    furniture                               charge for shipping per order:          Like setting up your public.net
    Grand & Toy is offering a special       Ottawa $4.50 (discounts do not          account there is a one time ad-
    discount card to each OPCUG             apply to shipping charges). COD is      ministrative fee to add the Email
    member. This Card allows you to go      extra.                                  option. This fee is $15 if you wish to
    to any Grand & Toy store and            To receive this 10% discount,           use your current usemame (for
    receive a discount of 25% on office     mention your OPCUG membership           example, al012@mail.public.net) as
    supplies and 10% on furniture. The      card at time of ordering.               your Email address, or $30 for a cus-
    discounts apply only to articles that   See the extensive list of titles at     tom username like j -doe
    are picked up. Payment may be made      their Home Page and On Line             @mail.public.net. (Custom usemames
    by cash, interact, credit card, or      Catalog at: http://in-                  cannot contain CAPITALS, spaces,
    cheque. These discounts do not          foweb.magi.com/-mountain/               or special ' characters, and are limited
    apply to items marked `net'. In the     Media Mountaih, 73 Stone-               to 20 characters in length.) Public.net
    case of any item on sale, the lowest    meadow Dr., Kanata, Ontario,            is offering OPCUG members a
    price applies (sale price or            K2M 2M3. Phone: 613-5912052             custom username for only $25.00
    discounted before-sale price).          or 1-800-578-7684. Fax:                 instead of $30.00. Mention your
    Members are asked to show their         613-591-9525. Email: moun-              OPCUG card at time of ordering, or
    OPCUG card at a general meeting to      tain@magi.com                           note OPCUG and membership
    receive their Grand & Toy card.                                                 number on your application. Like
    Grand & Toy stores are located at       Public.net: custom                      your public.net account, Email is
    Merivale Mall, Rideau Centre,                                                   sponsored by one or two lines of
                                            Email setup
    Billings Bridge Plaza, 116 Albert St                                            advertising in the header of your
                                            Public.net Internet Email offers
    (at Metcalfe), Place d'Orleans, St.                                             Email messages (which does not
                                            more than 15% off Custom Email
    Laurent Shopping Centre,                                                        censor, violate the confidentiality of,
    Gloucester City Centre,                                                         or in anyway interfere with your
                                            Public.net is running a POST
    Carlingwood Mall, and Bayshore                                                  Email messages). Each mail box is
                                            OFFICE PROTOCOL server that
    Shopping Centre.                                                                restricted to 1 megabyte of disk
                                            allows you to send and receive
                                                                                    space, and mail expires after 30 days.
                                            Email directly through your
    Media Mountain:                                                                 To activate your Email account send a
                                            public.net account. Using one of
                                                                                    cheque or money order along with
    CD-ROM software                         the many Internet mail utilities and
                                                                                    your phone number, username and, if
    Tom Bowie of Media Mountain             our Email option you can compose
                                                                                    desired, a cus-
    offers all OPCUG members 10%            and read mail off-line, send files                        Continaed on page 5
    off Media Mountain's already            and attachments with your mail,
    competitive pricing. This discount      and use the direct mail links found
    applies to all of their several         on many web pages.
    hundred in-stock titles.

4                                           Ottawa PC Users' Group                                             June 1996
                                   Internet SIG
I-SIG logo contest
         by Jean Stalker                            I-SIG in the Web
                                                    The Internet SIG is estab-
                                                    lishing a presence in the
                                                    World Wide Web.
        At the April 30 OPCUG meeting               You can now browse the schedule of
        I-SIG Coordinator David Curling un-         up-coming meetings, refresh your
        veiled the winning design in The            memory on recent meetings, request      of the feature article on VRML
        Great I-SIG Logo Competition. This          a place on the SIG's email list, or     (Virtual Reality Modelling Lan-
        design appears for the first time in        link to some particularly cool web      guage) in the March issue of
        this issue. The winner is Stephen           sites.                                  Monitor Magazine, will discuss and
        Leung of Corel                              The address is: http://www.syn-         demonstrate the present capabilities
        Corporation.                                apse.net/-Today/isig.htm. It is         of this emerging technology and
        Stephen's simple, distinctive design        flagged with Stephen Leung's            speculate about what the future will
        will call attention to announcements        distinctive I-SIG logo.                 hold. The meeting takes place on
        and news bulletins from the I-SIG           We're still learning; please drop in    Thursday, June 13 from 7:30 -9:00
        in the PC-News and in the Internet.         and send us your comments and           p.m. at the Ottawa-Carleton Centre,
        We thank everyone who contributed           suggestions.                            I11 Lisgar Street, Ottawa. For
        to the competition, particularly those                                              additional information, contact
        who submitted designs and the panel                                                 David Curling at 731-5381 or email
        of distinguished judges _ David             June meeting: virtual                   him at curlingd@loday.com.
        Curling, Bert Schopf, and Chris             reality in the Web Web
        Seal.                                       sites that you can walk through!
                                                    Martin Kolesar, author

Member discount(s) Continued from page 4                                           Quick View Plus Continued from page 2

tom username to: OTTAWA.public.net, 106-15 Capella Crt., Nepean,                   some choice of what viewers should be
Ontario, K2E 7X1. Web site address: http://ottawa.public.net. Phone:               installed. A network version is available. As
723-1897                                                                           any good Windows 95 application should, it
                                                                                   comes with a complete uninstall routine. I am
W.O.Stinson & Son Ltd: heating oil                                                 really impressed with this program. I often
W.O.Stinson & Son Ltd is offering Ottawa and area OPCUG members a                  want to take a peek at the contents of a file
full 6 cent per litre discount for heating oil. In addition to this, members are   and this program does a far better job than
also entitled to 10% off an Annual Furnace Service Plan. Stinson is a              anything short of having the original program
family owned company serving Ottawa since 1937, with offices in                    that created the file. Highly recommended for
Kemptville and Arnprior. Stinson provides reliable heating oil delivery as         any Windows 95 user. Note: There is now a
well as heating and air conditioning service.                                      fully-functional 30day trial version of Quick
The cost of heating oil is 36.9 cents less 6 cents equalling 30.9 cents            View Plus for Windows 95 on The PUB. The
per litre.                                                                         file name is QVPTRW32.EXE, and you can
Contact Mary Lynn Geddes or Bob Herres and mention your                            find it in the Windows-Miscellaneous file
OPCUG membership.                                                                  area.
W.O. Stinson & Son Ltd., 4727 Bank St, Gloucester, Ontario.
Phone: 822-7400 or 1-800-267-9714

June 1996                                            Ottawa PC Users' Group                                                        5
                                                   DTP SIG
DTP SIG: Show and tell report
    by Bert Schopt, DTP coordinator        to restore broken radio dials and        puter Colour Graphic Formats &
                                           displays. He outlined the                Optimizing Graphics for the
    The May 7 th meeting of the                                                     Internet". Everyone is welcome to
                                           techniques (in WordPerfect
    Desktop Publishing Special                                                      attend and a special invitation is
                                           Graphics, no less!) he used to
    Interest Group was jam-packed                                                   extended to our friends at the
                                           restructure displays where only a
    with a flurry of interesting                                                    Internet SIG. (P.S.
                                           shattered shard remained of the
    presentations from SIG                                                          Congratulations to all who
                                           original glass.
    members.                                                                        submitted designs for the I-SIG
                                                                                    logo contest.)
                                           Speeding right along was Tim
    An evening full of                                                               The DTP SIG meets on Tues-
                                           Mahoney, who detailed image
    interesting insights                   editing techniques used to show
                                                                                    day June l Ith at Digital Paradise
                                                                                    - 14 Colonnade Road, Nepean.
                                           how sponsor's decals would appear
                                                                                    Please arrive
    Leading off was H. J. "Clem"           on a retouched racecar photo.
                                                                                     between 7:15 and 7:30 to enter
    McClemens with his review of           Twisting and resizing an image to
                                                                                    the building. Hope you can all
    several hard-to-find and fasci-        make it fit the perspective view of a
                                                                                    make it!
    nating publications related to         curved surface is no mean feat! It
    computer graphics and related          did look as real as you can make
    fields of interest. His selection      out on a race car at full speed! Tim     Summer challenge
    appear at the end of this article.     also showed the results of restoring      Can anyone volunteer to compile
                                           a 100-year old postcard for a            our DTP SIG membership
                                           special event souvenir.                  information into a database? All
    Second up was Paul Blakely, who
    demonstrated some advanced                                                      the member info is in hard copy at
    methods used in web page design.                                                this time.
    Paul.showed that content is                                                     Thanks.
    paramount and making                   Last up was yours truly, who
    information easy to navigate is the    touched on some technical features
    way to better web page design.         and special effects used in
                                           producing a 2-colour calendar
                                           using CorelDraw 6 and Photoshop
                                           3.05.                                   Last minute addendum
    Next, Jean Vaumoron gave a
                                                                                   Clem McClemens just called in
    detailed account of the creative
                                                                                   his publication list:
    process he used in not only            Lots of neat stuff! We've gotta do
    translating, but illustrating a book   a member's Show & Tell again in
    as well. Techniques range from         the fall... and a session on service    Flash - the Premier Journal of
    building an electronic dictionary,     bureaus... and have some more           DTP
    tailored to each major translation,    software guests in... and lots of       Digital Publishing - Designing
    to using Corel Draw to improve the     other stuff (your input is              Graphics (Australia)
    readability of the finished product.   important, folks).                      Adobe Magazine - free to
    The book was printed straight from                                             registered Adobe product
    the Vemura files to the image          Next meeting                            owners
    setter.                                In the meantime, our last meeting       Desktop Publishing by Design
                                           before the summer break will be         - Jan White & Ronnie Shusham
                                           June I I (the General Meeting falls     The Magic of Image Processing -
    Alan Brown's hobby is restoring        on our usual 1St Tuesday that           good PhotoStyler tips!
    old radios. In his show & tell, he     month). The topic will be
    explained how computer                 "Understanding Com-
    graphics is helping him

6                                          Ottawa PC Users' Group                                           June 1996
                                     Software library                                                Club news
Disk of the month #121                                                                   Reuse, recycle
            by John Rasmussen, Software          Coloring Book can be learned            Bring your old computer magazines,
            librarian                            and used by children without any        books, or any other computer
        The content of the April 1996            adult supervision. Special              paraphernalia you want to GIVE
        DOM) follows:                            requirements: VGA.                      AWAY to the general meetings, and
                                                                                         leave them in the area specified. If
        Accent Corn                              Here 1.0 Beta 1                         you don't bring something, you may
        With this utility, you can easily        A program that makes it easy for        want to TAKE AWAY something of
        enter accented characters within         you to post your ever-changing          interest, so look in on this area. Any
        almost any program or from DOS.          dynamic PPP or SLIP Internet            item left over at the end of the
        The accent entry format remains the      address to a finger account, thereby    meeting will be sent to the dumpster.
        same no matter what application          allowing others to look up your
        you are using, and normal keyboard       current Internet address and contact
        operation is not affected.               you. Since other users will now be
                                                 able to locate your current address,
                                                 you will be able to use talk servers
            BarClock                             such as WinTalk; FTP servers such
                                                 as WinQV/Net, Serv-U, and
        A small utility that displays useful
                                                 WFTPD; and HTTP servers such as
        information such as the time (in any
                                                 HTTPD and ZB Server.
        number of time zones), the date, free
        memory, free resources, and free                                                 LIM expanded memory. Just type
        disk space in the caption bar of the                                             MARK before you load a TSR, and
        active window. In addition,              HTML TUTORIAL 2.0: the                  when you need to get rid of the
        BarClock optionally monitors the         only web publishing                     TSR just type RELEASE.
        system and issue a warning if you        tutorial you'll ever need!
        run low on memory, resources, or         This tutorial is a great way to learn
        disk space.                              the language of the World Wide          NAVPAGE
                                                 Web. It covers text formatting, page    A program that dials and sends a
            BOLOBALL v2.1                        design, tables, frames, graphical       maximum message of 80 characters
        Play against the computer in this        content, and links for html, ftp, and   to an alpha-numeric pager
        strategy marble maze game. Your          other Internet services. Easy to use,
        objective is to get your marbles to      it contains plenty of samples and
                                                                                         Windows CodeBack
        the bottom of a maze filled with
        ramps, walls, black holes, and much
                                                                                         A disassembler designed exclusively
        more! Block your opponent by             INCONTROL.EXE
                                                                                         for Microsoft Windows
        pushing your marbles into strategic      (version 1.01)                          applications. It can disassemble
        positions to stop him from doing the     An installation control program for     New Executable format files (such
        same to you. Just a pure                 Windows. It supervises an               as .EXEs, .DLLs, .DRVs, etc.),
        ADDICTIVE strategy game.                 application's install utility and       Linear Executables (.386s and
                                                 writes a report file of changes         .VXDs), and can extract LE files
        Coloring Book Version                    made to your system.                    bounded into W3 files (such as
        2.0                                                                              WIN386.EXE). The current version
        Including 10 pictures, this program      MARK AND RELEASE                        does not include support for
        supports 50 colours, sound effects,     This application is easy to use to       conventional DOS .EYE files, OS/2
        keyboard, mouse, printing, and          manage both standard and                 2.x LX, or Win32 PE files, but you
        joystick control.                                                                can disassemble OS/2 NE files.

June 1996                                        Ottawa PC Users' Group                                                       7
             Ottawa PC News                                                                Club news
Ottawa PC News is the newsletter of the Ottawa
PC Users' Group (OPCUG), and is published
                                                       Membership                    ...

monthly except in July. The opinions expressed
in this newsletter may not necessarily represent
the views of the club or its members. Deadline for
                                                         prizes for OPCUG members

submissions is four sundays before the general
meeting.                                                      by Mark Cayer, Membership            show was Glenn Lambert.
GroupMeatings OPCUG normally meets on                         Chairman
the second Tuesday in the month, except in                                                         Welcome to the club Glenn.
July at Sir Robert Borden HS, 131 Greenbank
Road, Nepean. Meeting times are 7:30 p.m.
to 10 p.m.                                                    Membership                           OPCUG meeting of
Fees Membership: $25 per year. Disk-of-the                    Each month membership renewal
Month: $25 for either 5.25-in or 3.5-inch diskettes                                                April 30
                                                              notices are mailed out to those
(10 diskettes).                                                                                    Thanks to Borland Canada for
Mailing Address                                               folks whose memberships are
3 Thatcher St., Nepean, Ontario, K2G 1 S6                                                          the:
                                                              nearing their renewal date.
Telephone answering machine 723-1329                                                               • Delphi T-Shirt, won by
Bulletin board--the PUB (BBS)                                 Please remember to update any
Up to 28.8 kbps v.34              228-0665 (6 lines)
                                                                                                      Duncan Petrie
                                                              pertinent information and mark
Chairman                                                                                           • Copy of Paradox Version 7,
Harald Freise                              828-3411           down how much you are
                                                                                                      won by our Sysop, Chris
                                                              enclosing so that we can keep
Tony Frith                            (819)671-0401                                                   Taylor
Secretary                                                     those records `straight and up to
                                                                                                   Thanks to Lotus Canada for the
David Reeves                               723-9658           date'.
Membership Chairman                                                                                copy of Lotus Smart Suite, won
Mark Cayer                                 224-8031                                                by Kurt Baumgartner.
Software Librarian
Jorgen (John) Rasmussen                   821-3040                                                 Congratulations to all the winners
Judy Tomlin (assistant)                   821-3040            Welcome                              and thanks very much to the
BBS Sysop
Chris Taylor                              723-1329            Winner of the draw for a rebate      presenters for their generosity.
Newsletter                                                    of membership fee from the
Chris Seal (editor)                       831-0280
Julie Dustin (assistant editor)           823-1552            recent Unexpo Computer
Jean vaumoron (Mr.) (layout)              731-7847
Public Relations
Bob Herres                                836-7532
Bob Walker                                489-2084
Beginners' Comer
To be announced
DTP SIG Coordinator
Bert Schopf                               838-3492
Fox SIG coordinator
Andrew Ross MacNeill (voice/fax) 596-3313
Internet SIG coordinator
David Curling                             731-5381
OS12 SIG Coordinator
Jocelyn Doire (Mr.) Please contact via PUB
Paradox SIG coordinator
Larry Chop                       236-8761 (days)
Windows SIG coordinator
Philip Baker                              247-9555

                                                        PC Users Group Of Ottawa (OPCUG Member #:
                                                        B066 Expires: Never) C/0 Chris Taylor 3
                                                        Thatcher St. Nepean, Ont. K2G 1S6

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