; Rental Property Fire Safety Inspection
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Rental Property Fire Safety Inspection


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									Rental Property Fire Safety Inspection
Galesburg Fire Department

Life Safety/means of Egress
• GENERAL: exit stairways, doors, aisles, corridors shall at all times be maintained in a safe condition… free of obstructions. • All required emergency escape windows and doors shall be operational and available to occupants of sleeping rooms. • Storage: Combustible material shall not be placed or stored in any portion of an exit.

•Number of exits: Every story exceeding two stories above grade shall be provided with not less than two independent exits. •Every occupied story which is totally below grade and greater than 2,000 square feet shall be provided with not less than two independent exits •Sleeping area secondary means of egress windows – Second floor 5.7 sq. ft. First floor 5 sq.ft.

•Windows must be at least 20” wide and 24” tall and have total sq. ft. required for floor.
•Emergency Escape: Every sleeping room located in a basement shall have at least one operable window or exit approved for emergency egress or rescue. Window shall be no less than 5 sq. ft. no less than 20 wide, no less than 24 inches tall.

Unsafe Conditions

Structural integrity and weak areas that may need maintenance.

Handrail needed for exterior steps Exterior stairway found in a state of deterioration shall be repaired immediately

Obstructions in the path of egress travel

Third floor apartments need two independent exits.

Chair blocking bedroom exit

Clean exit stairway. Sturdy handrailing.

What is the most significant contributing factor to the spread of fire and smoke in this picture?

Unsafe Conditions
• Dangerous conditions: contribute to the spread of fire. • Accumulation of grease • Accumulation of waste material – excessive storage of any combustible material. • Improperly installed equipment • Vacant structures shall be secured.

Missing ceiling tiles can cause quick fire spread to upper floors

Accumulation of rubbish in an apartment storage room

Water leaking has saturated plaster ceiling.

Address posted must be visible from the street in contrasting color to background. Minimum of 3” numbers.

Fire Protection Systems
• Smoke detectors – in every story of a dwelling unit – including basement. • Within 15 feet of every sleeping room. • Landlord is responsible for installation of working smoke detectors, and in common hallways, the landlord is responsible to install and maintain.

Smoke detectors and pull station alarm
Batteries missing or pulled away from contact.

Smoke detectors within 15 feet of every bedroom Installed on the ceiling and at least 6” from any wall, or on a wall located between 4-6 inches from the ceiling.

4 –6 inches

Alarm systemsMust be maintained per NFPA 72

Extinguishers must be maintained and properly mounted

Exit signs must point in the direction to the exit discharge

Water based Fire protection systems must be maintained in accordance with NFPA 25 Standard for Inspection, Testing and Maintenance of the system.

• Electrical hazards shall be abated. All hazardous electrical conditions in permanent wiring shall be brought to the attention of the electrical code official. • 30 inches of clearance for electrical service equipment • Multiplug adaptors, unfused plug strips or any other device not complying with NFPA 70 shall be prohibited.

• Extension cords and flexible cords  Shall not be a substitute for permanent wiring Shall not be affixed to structures Shall not extend through walls, ceilings, floors or floor coverings. Shall not be subject to environmental damage or physical impact. Unapproved electrical conditions • Open junction boxes and open-wiring splices shall be prohibited. •Approved covers shall be provided for all switch and electrical outlet boxes. •All electrical motors shall be free of excessive accumulations of oil, dirt, waste and debris.

Electrical Hazards…
Open Splices

Proper amperages of fuses for wiring.

Panel cover plate installed

Open splices need to be in electrical box

Home made electrical outlet/extension cord/multiplug… fire hazard!

Open junction box Plate cover and switch missing Interesting ceiling light


Chimney and Heating Appliances
• All existing chimneys, smokestacks or similar devices for conveying smoke or hot gases to the outer air and all stoves, ovens, furnaces or other heat producing appliances shall be constructed in accordance with the building and mechanical codes. • They shall be maintained in accordance with NFPA 54 and 211.

• Cloths dryer: Do not exhaust dryer into a chimney, furnace cold air duct or any other common duct, attic or crawl space. •Do not use nonmetallic flexible duct for dryer. •Gas shut-off needed within 5 feet of gas appliance.

Any uncoated brass connector should be replaced immediately

• Interior finish: The interior finish and trim shall be maintained as approved. • Decorative material: Excessive combustible material such as – light bulbs decorated with paper, burlap, fish netting or similartype of material suspended from the ceiling.

Are the above pictures fire hazards?

Application for Appeal
• Incorrectly interpreted code • Equally good or better method of fire prevention • Filed on a form from the code official within 15 days after notice served. • Economic hardship alone is not an adequate justification for appealing

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