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									                         Neighborhood Newsletter
          September, 2007                       Volume 1, Issue 3

Welcome New Neighbors                          Community Yard Sale
August was a big month for Upchurch Place.     We held our first Community Yard Sale
Our neighborhood grew to 24. To help you       Saturday, August 18. Our thanks go to
all get to know our new neighbors, some of     Marc Beard for organizing this event.
them have shared backgrounds with us…          Marc reports that the half-dozen families
                                               who participated sold nearly everything they
   Mark, Bonnie, Benjamin and Annie
                                               offered. If enough families are interested,
   Rombach moved to 1513 from New
                                               we may plan a spring sale. You can send
   Jersey. Mark is a finish carpenter, and
                                               suggestions for dates to k.a.stark@att.net,
   Bonnie, formerly in training and HR
                                               and we will publish them in upcoming
   communications, is currently staying at
                                               editions of the newsletter for comment.
   home caring for Benjamin, 8 and Annie,
   6. Mark makes a mean sweet potato pie,      Trees Need Water Too!
   and, having his roots in Pittsburgh, is a   Please don’t neglect to give your trees some
   Steelers fan. Bonnie grew up in South       water during the drought. We notice that
   Carolina, so coming to Raleigh is a kind    many are stressed and dying. Young trees
   of homecoming for her.                      need about an inch of rainfall a week (when
   Chris and Christie Malarkey at 1528         was the last time that happened!) That’s
   join us from North Raleigh. Christie,       about 10 gallons, applied slowly so it can
   originally from New Jersey, works for       sink into the ground to the roots. An easy
   SECU and Chris, currently a student at      way to accomplish this is to fill a gallon
   NC State working towards an Education       milk jug with water, punch a small hole in
   degree, is the manager and talent buyer     the bottom and let it drip onto the tree roots.
   for the Pour House Music Hall. Christie     Refill and repeat. Another method is to use a
   and Chris plan to spend their free time     sprinkler, set it to a small area, cut the water
   unpacking for the next little while!        pressure back so it barely sprinkles and set it
                                               under the tree for about an hour. It is harder
   Tammy Levy and her cat Missy at 1555        to measure the amount of
   moved here from Chicago. She sells          water using this method,
   packaging for the publishing and            but one rule of thumb is
   commercial industry. Tammy likes to         that as deep as you can
   bike, garden and do photography. She        push a sharp stick into the
   like sports but hasn’t yet revealed her     ground, that’s how far the
   favorite teams!                             soil has moistened.
   Billy and Lisa Byrd at 1547
   Tony Lengel at 1552
Contents                                                       Hold the Date! 3rd Annual
Welcome New Neighbors ........................... 1            Fall BBQ
Community Yard Sale................................. 1         Marcia and Ed are doing it again-- the Fall
Trees Need Water Too! ............................... 1        BBQ.
Know Your Covenants ................................ 2
Hold the Date! 3rd Annual Fall BBQ ......... 2                    When: Saturday, Oct.
Our Other Neighbors................................... 2          6th, 5:30 p.m. until ???
Aqua North Carolina ................................... 3         What: BYOB and
North Carolina State Fair ............................ 3          bring a covered dish.
Outdoor Dining ........................................... 4      Where: The
The Upchurch Exchange ............................. 4             Fontaine’s at 1556
                                                               Hope to see y’all there!
Would you like to be a feature writer or contribute
articles to the Upchurch Place Neighborhood                    Our Other Neighbors
Newsletter? E-mail your ideas or articles to the
                                                               Wednesday, September 12, our bovine
editor, Karen Stark, k.a.stark@att.net.
                                                               neighbors decided to take a walk through the
                                                               neighborhood and see what all the fuss was
The Upchurch Place Neighborhood Newsletter                     about over on the other side of the electric
is published monthly. Articles for publication                 fence.
should be submitted no later than the 25 of the
month. The UPNN retains the right to edit all                  Six Angus wandered off the pasture just
material submitted for publication.                            south of us and apparently toured the entire
                                                               neighborhood. Mr. Sauls rounded them up
                                                               in the Stark yard while they were making a
                                                               beeline for Jordan road. While they seemed
Know Your Covenants                                            docile enough, but they are a ton of beef on
Here are links to the covenants for                            the hoof, so you don’t want them walking
Upchurch Place:                                                over you!
http://rodweb01.co.wake.nc.us/books/genext                     Having discovered the grass is not really
/genextimages.asp?docid=106145776                              greener on the other side of the fence,
http://rodweb01.co.wake.nc.us/books/genext                     (except in Ed and Marcia’s yard) they
/genextimages.asp?docid=106145775                              seemed ready to go home after their big

Questions about the Covenants? Curious
about what is permitted or looking for a
clarification? Submit your questions to the
editor and we will get answers. However,
for formal permission, you must contact the
Developer, Doby Blackmon, 8715 Old Stage
Road, Raleigh, NC 27603

Volume 1, Issue 3, September 2007                                                                 2
                  Aqua North                    the managed water systems under Upchurch
                  Carolina                      Place.
                  The     water    for    our   If you are curious where our water comes
                  neighborhood comes from a     from, you can visit the North Carolina
                  community well managed        Department of Environmental Services,
                  by Aqua, NC, part of Aqua     Division of Water Resources.
                  America,     the   nation’s
largest publicly traded water utility. Aqua     North Carolina State Fair
NC provides public drinking water and           Fall is just around the corner, and one of the
wastewater services to approximately            premier Fall events here in the Triangle is
240,000 residents in 46 counties throughout     the NC State Fair, held at the Fairgrounds
North Carolina and has an established a         off Blue Ridge Road (between Hillsborough
reputation for providing its customers with a   St. and Wade Avenues, the same location as
quality, plentiful water supply.                the weekly Flea Market (another must do
Our well draws upon an extensive aquifer
that underlies the area. You may have           Part of the fun of the State Fair is the
noticed this past month that a second well      exhibits and competitions. I enjoy the
was drilled in our community. This well         gardening and flower exhibits. If you like to
will provide backup in case our current well    grow flowers and think you’ll have some
falls below the capacity requirements.          outstanding examples still alive in your
                                                garden around mid-October, try entering
Since we use a private water supply, we are     them into the Flower Show. Anyone can
not subject to the water restrictions imposed   enter, and based upon my observations from
by Raleigh and the surrounding towns that       prior Fairs, even the most humble flowers
draw upon the Raleigh water supply,             stuck in a water bottle are given equal space
including Garner. However, we all are           with pampered blooms.          Flower show
experiencing the same drought. Though our       categories include cut annuals, cut
water supply does not visibly display the       perennials, cut foliage and herbs, ornamental
impacts of the drought, as does Falls Lake or   grasses, cut roses, and many others. During
Jordan Lake, higher than normal water           the ten-day Fair there are three separate
usage during drought months, and lack of        shows, providing plenty of opportunity for
rainfall to replenish the ground water are      all gardeners to get their entries shown.
surely having an effect.                        Rules and entry forms are posted on the
Aqua NC maintains the annual report for our     State Fair website
drinking water on line. According to the                          (http://www.ncstatefair.org
2006 report, our water system has no                               /2007a/Competitions/Prem
violations and exceeds all Federal or State                       iumBook/2007DeptE.pdf).
requirements for contaminants.
                                                                  Don’t delay since the
(http://www.aquanorthcarolina.com/Default                         deadline for entry is
State/NC/FolderID/1159/SessionID/%7B5D                            Monday September 17,
CF64F0-7A58-4B34-9D4E-                                            5:00 p.m.
Data for our community well can be located
either by searching for its PWS ID#
NC4092038, or by the alphabetical listing of

Volume 1, Issue 3, September 2007                                                    3
Outdoor Dining
                            By Diana McGarry       The Upchurch Exchange
The temperature may be in the triple digits
but there’s no reason not to put some heat in                    THE SHUPESTER’S YARD
your dinner. When it’s too hot to cook in                           SERVICE: Mow Yard,
the kitchen, the grill is the perfect way to                       Weed Eat, Blow Driveway,
make a great meal. My favorite and easiest                         $25.00 - Call Brandon at
dish to cook on the grill is ribs, sweet                           919-662-9066
potatoes and corn on the cob.
I like to use a brown sugar-based rub on the
ribs. I take a quarter to half a cup of brown      Basic Needs Ministry Thrift Shop
sugar, depending on how many ribs I’m              Do you have books, toys, household
cooking, and add my favorite herbs and             items or clothing in good condition that
spices. To the brown sugar, add cayenne            you don’t need or don’t use? Consider
pepper, paprika, basil, oregano, garlic            making a tax-deductible donation of
powder – or whatever combination of spices         your items to the Basic Needs Thrift
sounds good. I like to cut the rack of ribs in     Shop. Located behind the Peddler’s
half to make them easier to turn. Spread the       Village off NC 42 near the I-40
rub on both sides of the ribs at least an hour     interchange (driveway next to the
before grilling. Preheat the grill to about        Bojangles), the Basic Needs Thrift Shop
300 degrees. Grill on indirect heat for 30-35      sells donated items to raise money to
minutes each side. The ribs will be done           cover the cost of running the food pantry
when the meat pulls away from the bone.            and warehouse. Basic Needs is a 501(c)
                                                   (3) charity serving Garner, Angier,
While the ribs are marinating in the rub, peel     Clayton, Fuquay-Varina and Cleveland
and slice up a couple of sweet potatoes and        Township.
place in heavy-duty aluminum foil. Add             Hours of operation are Saturdays 9-6
some butter, cinnamon and a sprinkler of           and Monday evenings 6-9.
brown sugar. I place this on an upper rack         For more information, see
on the grill at the same time I put the ribs on.   http://www.4042needs.org/index.html
The sweet potatoes will be done when the
ribs are ready.
For the corn on the cob, I like to steam them
in their husks. Remove the silk and soak in
water for about 30 minutes. Put them on
direct heat the last 20 minutes of cooking
time. You’ll want to turn the corn every 5
minutes or so until done. The corn should
be soft when poked with a fork. A nice             Advertising in the Upchurch Place Neighborhood
                                                   Newsletter is free to residents.
cold White Zinfandel or White Merlot               Contact Karen at k.a.stark@att.net with items for sale,
makes the perfect wine paring. Good Eats!          services offered or help wanted ads.
                                                   Please keep your ad to 20 words or less, and include your
Diana McGarry can be found reading her grilling    contact information.
cookbooks as much as she grills dinner             Ads will run one month unless renewed by email.
                                                   The Newsletter and its publishers make no warranty or
                                                   representation for the advertisement material provided, nor
                                                   are they liable for any misrepresentation or damages.

Volume 1, Issue 3, September 2007                                                                  4

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