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									Cottage Rental Questionnaire
Once again, thank you for your interest in renting our cottage. We need some background information about you. I would appreciate it if you fill out this short questionnaire and send it back to us as soon as possible. 1- Information about the person responsible for the cottage’s rental Name : Home Address : City : Postal Code : Phone Number : e-mail : Your residence is Rented : Employed by : Company Address : Business Phone Number: Years working for this company: 2- People that will occupy the cottage during your rental period. Indicate the week(s) you are interested in :

Province :


Number of Adults : Number of Children: Children Ages: What kind of pet do you have (if applicable) ? What breed? 3- Please give two references (no relatives) Name : Phone (Home): Occupation: Name : Phone (Home): Occupation:




Villa Soleil Phone: 416-225-4835 / 416-994-3475 Fax : 416-733-2892

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