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					R4 Concordia (Rethink, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) is a working group of the Sustainable Concordia (SC). In the realm of sustainability, which promotes social equity, ecological integrity and economic prosperity, R4 concentrates its efforts on environmental initiatives while integrating social and economic components in its decision making process. The mission of R4 Concordia is to promote the re-thinking of our daily waste output, as well as reducing, reusing and recycling as much waste at Concordia University as possible. It will provide an opportunity for campus community engagement in promoting environmental stewardship at Concordia. The goals of R4 are as follows: 1. To educate Concordia campus community members (CCMs) on the importance of the four approaches to waste management as indicated in the R4 name; 2. To encourage CCMs to become actively involved in their recycling system; 3. To develop and support initiatives which evaluate and implement waste reduction and recycling practices. 1. State the title and date(s) of your project. 2. Full names of all those involved with the project, their student IDs, their phone numbers and e-mails (please indicate who is the primary contact) 3. How does this project fit into the mission of R4? 4. What is / are the objective(s) / goal(s) of your project? (list) 5. Please make a timeline that you will use in implementing your goals. 6. How will your project impact and / or benefit the Concordia community? 7. What kind of assistance will you need from R4 (website, volunteers, listserves, visibility, etc. )? 8. List the departmental services needed from Concordia (i.e. Custodial, Conference Services, etc) ? 9. Please attach a detailed budget (with your expected financial sources) 10. What are some potential challenges you may encounter and how do you anticipate to overcome them? 11. Others (slogan, comments, expectation you have from R4, etc)

NOTES: If your initiative requires monetary support from R4, please include a complete and detailed budget outlining precisely what you plan to spend. This proposal will be reviewed by the members of the R4 student group and will be assessed to ensure it follows the mandate of the organization. Suggested budget format: (thanks ASFA!) Expenses Description Amount Total

Revenues (anticipated or confirmed) Description Amount Total

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