Rental of Holm Cultram, April 1604 by eddie22


									Rental of Holm Cultram, April 1604 CRO PR122/135 A 10 page parchment document, somewhat damaged around the edges, and with some holes. Each side lists tenants under subheadings of place, with 12 monthly columns, some containing figures, mostly in the April column, with several in the June column. At the end the document is dated 1604 and signed Rowland Chambers. Presumably the rentals actually date from the preceding year. Page 1: The title and probably the first place name heading are missing, and the first tenant’s name is incomplete: ****** Cuthbert **sgraine George (?) Simkine Thomas Higgson Wm. Gibson Cuth Barkhouse Jo Watson (this added in a different script) T*** Railton Hew Higgson Sowterfeilde Robert Berwis Richard Chambers John Peter Thomas Barne John Harrison Robt Taylor Peter Allonbye Thomas Knobleys (?) Mabell Barne Wm Tindell William Tindell Antho Ullorke Antho Challoner Leonard Kirk**wmann John Willye Thomas Bristeye Page 2: The top of the page is again damaged and the first tenant’s name is incomplete and partially unreadable. It is impossible to determine whether there was a place name heading at the very top, but it appears not. The tenants list may therefore be a continuation of the Sowterfeilde list from page 1 ****ward ***orke John Ullorke John Faulam John Hall

John Stamp for Biglands Robert Tordeife Robt Berwis William Langekaike William Berwis Heighelawes: Anthony Wilkinson Jant Osborne William Watson Thomas Downe Robt Denes Annis Osborne Anthony Haton Janat Haton William Watson for Biglands Richard Huddert William Wilkenson John Biglands Thomas Chambers Thomas Wilkenson James Biglands

Page 3: Again the top of the page is frayed, and part of the place name and the first tenant’s name are missing: (Abb)eycowbyre: *****rd Kendall Thomas Tremell John Allison Robt Sanderson Thomas Berwis William Osmotherley William Langekaike Robert Barne George Jefferay Thomas Huggson Richard Staiyt Robert Barowdell Matthew Denes Sandenhouse: John Peat John Peat John Peat Senior John Chamber Next name obliterated by a hole in the parchment John Hodgson Hewe Stamp

Robt Barne Robt Storkedell Robert Shaw Richard Atkenson

Page 4: Intact; continuation of the list of tenants for Sandenhouse: John Kendall Hewe Stamp ** Blalocke **** Staiye Thomas Berwis Robt Hodgson Brownerige: John Smithe George Auston Robt Hayton John Watson Anthony Auston John Henderson Henry Askeye Newcowper: John Watson Thomas Miller Robt Kitson John Kitson John Kitson Junior *** Taylor John Barwis Ederside: Thomas Sime John Sime Steven Berwis Page 5: Again the top frayed and one tenant’s name obliterated. This is almost certainly a continuation of the list of tenants of Ederside: ****** William Haton William Auston Cuddyhille Plasketland: William Watson William Auston Robert Spaite

Thomas Fordsefe John Sibson John Whinfeild John Peter John Messenger Hewe Laithes John Pape Martin Whinfeild Anthony Keye Bennett Tiffine William Berwis Addam Laithes Pellethowe: Thomas Wysse John Sealby John Langkaike Thomas Langekaike William Ritson Page 6: Intact. List of tenants in Pellethowe continues: George Knobley John Clarke Edward Mandenell Robt Benson Robt Ritson Robt Stubbe Robt **** John Chambers Nelle Auston Anthony Chambers Ouldemaubourghe: John Barbor William Nelson Abram Osmotherleye ***heid Osmotherlay John Sibson Senior Janat Martinde John Sibson Junior John Osborne John Temple Tho. **shon (this added in a different hand) William Brewhouse John Haton William Sibson Blank Sibson John Wade

Page 7: Top frayed. First name may be missing. There does not appear to have been a place name heading, so this probably represents a continuation of the list of tenants in Old Mawbray: Antho Chambers ** Ullorke John Osborne Senior John Brewhouse Robt Haton Jo Haton New mawburghe: Robert Sawlle Robt Pethouse Blank Hewet John Langkaike John Haton Robt Waite John Fendell William Pethouse Ric. Osborne Janat Atkinson John Haton John Fendell William Aikton John Osborne The final name on the page is obliterated Page 8: Intact. The place name heading at the top and subsequently are in considerably smaller script than those preceding: Wulstye: Robt Waite Robt Doughtye Robt Sawle William Sime Robt Haton William Chambers and Ro Cha. John Seathye Lease: John Barne Robt Ritson Robt Wayt **** Wilson ** Wayit (This replaces John Willson, which has been crossed out) Wm Dwender Blank Auston John Atkinson John Barne

Janat Paipe Blank Wanton John Ostell John Swaile Tho Atkenson Blank Sanderson Page 9: The top left corner is torn, obliterating the first part of the place name. Once again place names are in large bold script. *****ude: John Barne Cuthbert Lowther Hewe Berwis Anthony Haton John Kirkbrid Ric Swaile William Haton John Pein Arthur Chambers John Wilson Thomas Waite Ellen Stepheson Antho Dande Skinburnees: John Hewet John Taylor Robt Glaisters John Huddert John Talor Senior John Wellon Senior Rowland Dwaipe George Messenger Robt Hatte William Hewet Junior There may be a name missing at the bottom of this page, which is torn Page 10: Intact. Continues list of Skinburness tenants: John Dande John Meller Junior Calvey (or Cawey): Thomas Chambers Robt Chambers John Askeye Antho Waite Tho Draipe Antho Wyese

George Porter Robt **llort Antho Porter Simond Sanderson William Draipe Sevaille: Robt Atkenson David Corey Tho Sanderson John Spoite William Wyese Tho Tindell John Mandell **** Wender Tho Gordon John Stevenson Page 11: Top left corner frayed. One tenant’s name may be missing. Several holes down the left side obliterating at least 3 tenants and two place names: ******* Hew Askeye Robt Smithe Rabye: Thomas Chambers Robt Hodgseson Robt Chambers Thomas Lademan John Keye John Binge for Hodgson Thomas White Jo Cleane John Briye Thomas Tremell John Kitson ***** tson ***** (place name obliterated) Hew ****ey Robt Hodgson Rowland Chambers Robt Ayton Robt Steille William Dunnett Rowland Skelton Robt Langekaike Antho Penrise ********

William Smithe Robt Steille George Auston *awen Auston New***: ****** Page 12: left side badly frayed, many names obliterated or incomplete. Continuation of tenants of New***: Robert Watman Junior John Brige Robt Watman Senior Robt Howson Thos Anderson Antho Penrise John Bigland Antho Burghe Antho Maut John Peater Robt Askey John Skelton John Ritson Thomas Brewhouse Steven Skelton Thomas Marton Robt Marton Cath Studhome Molle Auston **** Penrise **** **lye **** *enrise ***th Mane **** Musgraive **** Langkaike **land Skelton **** Chambers ****ton: **** Skelton **** Viccarman **** Viccarman **** Charles **** Barne Junior **** Barne Senior The document appears to end with a signature etc as follows: **** *uius operis **** Rowlandum Chambers

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