TI-83 Calculator Rental Agreement by eddie22


									Halifax West High School Mathematics Department

TI-83 Calculator Rental Agreement
Halifax West High School agrees to:
  supply the student with a TI-83 calculator in excellent working condition for the duration of the semester replace the calculator at no cost to the student should it fail to work properly under normal use

The student agrees to:
      pay the $30 rental fee in full upon pickup of the calculator from the math department office (C241) exercise proper care and handling of the calculator in his/her possession supply necessary batteries (4 AAA cells) as needed report any malfunction or loss to the teacher immediately pay for replacement or repair to the calculator in the event of loss or damage return the calculator upon completion of the final exam OR withdrawal from the course (whichever occurs first)

Serial number of TI-83 ______________________School code____________ Issued to ____________________________________________________
Name of Student

Enrolled in ___________________ with_______________________________
Math Course Math Teacher

Date____________________________________$30.00 paid by:

 

cheque cash


Home phone #______________ _____________________________
per HWH Math Department


Upon return of calculator and cable in acceptable condition: Date________________________________ Received by_________________________

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