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					                            TANDBERG                        Transform any meeting space into a video communications
                                                            hub. The TANDBERG Quick Set C20 delivers the absolute

          Quick Set                                         quality of 1080p video in a simple-to-deploy, easy-to-
                                                            manage and easy-to-use system. Whether you're just

                                                            getting started with video communications or
                                                            conducting a large-scale deployment, the Quick Set C20
                                                            delivers the performance you would expect from a larger
                                                            system — in a compact, feature-rich package.
                                                            DESIGN FEATURES                      APPLICATION FEATURES        PERFORMANCE FEATURES
                                                           	 	 ransforms	a	flat	panel	            S
                                                                                                	 	 hare	multimedia	and	      O
                                                                                                                            	 	 ptimal	definition	
                                                             display	into	a	1080p	high-	          presentations	at	the		      up	to	1080p30
                                                             definition	meeting	space             touch	of	a	button           H
                                                                                                                            	 	 .323/SIP	up	to	6	Mbps
                                                           	 	 imple,	intuitive	                  B
                                                                                                	 	 asic	API	available	       T
                                                                                                                            	 	 akes	advantage	of	the	
                                                             connections	make	set		               over	IP	(Telnet	or	SSH)     TANDBERG	Total	Solution	
                                                             up	as	easy	as	connecting		           D
                                                                                                	 	 ual-display	option	       for	Management,	including	
                                                             a	DVD	player                         available                   Multiway,	recording		
                                                           	 	 uick	Set	C20	provides	
                                                             Q                                  	 	 D	content	sharing	
                                                                                                  H                           and	streaming	and	firewall	
                                                             up	to	1080p30	resolution	            with	720p	and	WXGA          traversal	services
                                                             with	a	4x	zoom	camera	         	
                                                           	 	 uick	Set	C20Plus	provides	
                                                             up	to	1080p30	and	720p60	
                                                             resolution	with	a	12x	zoom	
     Quick	Set	C20	includes	the	Codec	C20,	PrecisionHD	      camera
     1080p	4x	or	12x	Camera,	Performance	Mic	20,	remote	
     control	and	cables.
                                                           	 	 tandards-compliant	1080p	
                                                             solution	—	compatible	
                                                             with	standards-based	video	
                                                             without	loss	of	features
                                                           	 	 leek,	compact	design	
SET DELIVERED COMPLETE WITH:                                   AUDIO STANDARDS                                                PRECISIONHD 1080P 4X CAMERA
C	 dec	C20,	PrecisionHD	1080p	4x	or	12x	Camera,	Performance	   G	.711,	G.722,	G.722.1,	64	bit	MPEG4	AAC-LD                    1/3"	CMOS
 Mic	20,	remote	control,	cables	and	power	supply	                                                                             4	x	zoom
                                                               AUDIO FEATURES                                                 	+15°/-25°	tilt,	+/-	90°	pan
BANDWIDTH                                                      CD-Quality	20KHz	Mono                                          43.5°	vertical	field	of	view
H.323/SIP	up	to	6	Mbps	point-to-point                          1	acoustic	echo	canceller                                      72°	horizontal	field	of	view
                                                               Automatic	Gain	Control	(AGC)                                     o
                                                                                                                              F	 cus	distance	0.3m–infinity
FIREWALL TRAVERSAL                                             Automatic	Noise	Reduction                                      1920	x	1080	pixels	progressive	@	30fps
TANDBERG	Expressway™	Technology                                Active	lip	synchronization                                       t
                                                                                                                              O	 her	formats	supported	(configurable	through	Dip-switch):	
H.460.18,	H.460.19	Firewall	Traversal
                                                                                                                                1920	x	1080@30	fps,	1920	x	1080@25	fps,	1280	x	720@30	fps,	
                                                               AUDIO INPUTS (4 INPUTS)
VIDEO STANDARDS                                                                                                                 1280	x	720@25	fps
                                                               2	x	microphone,	4-pin	MiniJack
H.261,	H.263,	H.263+,	H.264                                                                                                   Automatic	or	manual	focus/brightness/white	balance
                                                               2	x	RCA/Phono	(mixed	to	mono)	
                                                                                                                              Far-end	camera	control
VIDEO FEATURES                                                 AUDIO OUTPUTS (3 OUTPUTS)                                      Dual	HDMI	and	HD-SDI	output
Native	16:9	Widescreen                                         2	x	RCA/Phono	(dual	mono)1	x	HDMI,	(digital	main	audio)        Upside-down	mounting	with	automatic	flipping	of	picture
Advanced	Screen	Layouts
Intelligent	Video	Management                                   DUAL STREAM                                                    SYSTEM MANAGEMENT
Local	Auto	Layout                                              H.239	(H.323)	dual	stream                                      Support	for	the	TANDBERG	Management	Suite
                                                               BFCP	(SIP)	dual	stream                                          o
                                                                                                                              T	 tal	management	via	embedded	SNMP,	Telnet,		
VIDEO INPUTS (2 INPUTS)                                        Support	resolutions	up	to	WXGA	(1280	x	768)                     SSH,	XML,	SOAP
1 X HDMI INPUTS, SUPPORTED FORMATS:                                                                                           Remote	software	upload:	via	web	server,	SCP,	HTTP,	HTTPS
1920	x	1080@60	fps	(1080p60)                                   PROTOCOLS                                                      Remote	control	and	on-screen	menu	system
1920	x	1080@50	fps	(1080p50)                                   H.323
1920	x	1080@30	fps	(1080p30)                                   SIP                                                            DIRECTORY SERVICES
1920	x	1080@25	fps	(1080p25)                                                                                                  Support	for	Local	directories	(My	Contacts)
1280	x	720@60	fps	(720p60)                                     EMBEDDED ENCRYPTION                                            Corporate	Directory
1280	x	720@50	fps	(720p50)                                     H.323/SIP	point-to-point	                                       n
                                                                                                                              U	 limited	entries	using	Server	directory	supporting		
640	x	480@60	fps	(480p60)                                      Standards-based:	H.235	v2	&	v3	and	AES                          LDAP	and	H.350
800	x	600@60	fps	(SVGA)	                                       Automatic	key	generation	and	exchange                          Unlimited	number	for	Corporate	directory	(through	TMS)
1024	x	768@60,	70,	75,	85	fps	(XGA)                            Supported	in	Dual	Stream                                       200	number	local	directory
1280	x	1024@60,	75	fps	(SXGA)                                                                                                 Received	Calls
                                                               IP NETWORk FEATURES                                            Placed	Calls
1 X DVI-I INPUTS, SUPPORTED FORMATS:                           DNS	lookup	for	service	configuration                           Missed	Calls	with	Date	and	Time
Analog	(VGA):                                                  Differentiated	Services	(QoS)
1920	x	1080@60	Hz	(1080p)                                      IP	adaptive	bandwidth	management	(including	flow	control)      POWER
1280	x	720@60	Hz	(720p)                                        Auto	gatekeeper	discovery                                      Auto-sensing	power	supply
1600	x	1200@60	Hz	(UXGA)                                       Dynamic	playout	and	lip-sync	buffering                         100–240	VAC,	50/60	Hz
1280	x	1024@60,	75	Hz	(SXGA)                                   H.245	DTMF	tones	in	H.323                                      75	watts	max.	for	codec	and	main	camera
1280	x	960@60	Hz                                               Date	and	Time	support	via	NTP
1024	x	768@60,	70,	75,	85	Hz	(XGA)                             Packet	Loss-based	Downspeeding                                 OPERATING TEMPERATURE AND HUMIDITY
1920	x	1200@50	Hz	(WUXGA)                                      URI	Dialing                                                    0°	C	to	35°	C	(32°	F	to	95°	F)	ambient	temperature
1680	x	1050@60	Hz	(WSXGA+)                                     TCP/IP                                                         10%	to	90%	Relative	Humidity	(RH)
1440	x	900@60	Hz	(WXGA+)                                       DHCP
1280	x	800@60	Hz	(WXGA)                                                                                                       STORAGE AND TRANSPORT TEMPERATURE
                                                               802.1x	network	authentication
1280	x	768@60	Hz	(WXGA)                                                                                                       -20°	C	to	60°	C	(-4°	F	to	140°	F)	at	RH	10–90%	(non-condensing)
Digital	(DVI-D):                                               SECURITY FEATURES
1920	x	1080@60	fps	(1080p60)                                   Management	via	HTTPS	and	SSH
1920	x	1080@50	fps	(1080p50)                                                                                                  APPROVALS
                                                               IP	Administration	Password
1920	x	1080@30	fps	(1080p30)                                                                                                   i
                                                                                                                              D	rective	2006/95/EC	(Low-Voltage	Directive)	—	Standard	
                                                               Menu	Administration	Password
1920	x	1080@25	fps	(1080p25)                                                                                                   EN	60950-1
                                                               Disable	IP	services
1280	x	720@60	fps	(720p60)                                                                                                     i
                                                                                                                              D	rective	2004/108/EC	(EMC	Directive)	—	Standard	EN	55022,	
                                                               Network	Settings	protection
1280	x	720@50	fps	(720p50)                                                                                                     Class	B	—	Standard	EN	55024	—	Standard	EN	61000-3-2/-3-3
640	x	480@60	fps	(480p60)                                      NETWORk INTERFACES                                              p
                                                                                                                              A	 proved	according	to	UL	60950-1	and	CAN/CSA-C22.2	No.	
800	x	600@60	fps	(SVGA)	                                       1	x	LAN/Ethernet	(RJ-45)	10/100/1000	Mbit                       60950-1-07
1024	x	768@60,	70,	75,	85	fps	(XGA)                                                                                           Complies	with	FCC15B	Class	A
1280	x	1024@60,	75	fps	(SXGA)                                  OTHER INTERFACES
                                                               USB	host	for	future	usage                                      DIMENSIONS CODEC C20
VIDEO OUTPUTS (2 OUTPUTS)                                                                                                     Length:	13.8"/35.0	cm
                                                               PRECISIONHD 1080P 12X CAMERA                                   Height:	1.2"/3.0	cm
                                                               1/3"	CMOS                                                      Depth:	5"/12.7	cm
1920	x	1080@60fps	(1080p60)	
                                                               12	x	zoom                                                      Weight:	4	lbs/1.8	kg
1280	x	720@60fps	(720p60)	
1366	x	768@60fps	(WXGA)	                                       +15°/-25°	tilt,	+/-	90°	pan
1280	x	768@60fps	(WXGA)	                                       43.5°	vertical	field	of	view
                                                               72°	horizontal	field	of	view                                   *
                                                                                                                                  requires option
1024	x	768@60fps	(XGA)	
1280	x	1024@60fps	(SXGA)	                                      Focus	distance	0.3m–infinity                                   All specifications subject to change without notice, system
640	x	480@60fps	(VGA)	                                         1920	x	1080	pixels	progressive	@	60fps                         specifics may vary.
800	x	600@60fps	(SVGA)                                           t
                                                               O	 her	formats	supported	(configurable	through	Dip-switch):	
                                                                                                                              All images in these materials are for representational purposes only,
                                                                 1920	x	1080@60	fps	(HDMI	only),	1920	x	1080@50	fps		
LIVE VIDEO RESOLUTIONS (ENCODE/DECODE)                                                                                        actual products may differ.
                                                                 (HDMI	only),	1920	x	1080@30	fps,	1920	x	1080@25	fps,		
176	x	144@30,	60fps	(QCIF)	                                                                                                   TANDBERG and Expressway are registered trademarks or trademarks
                                                                 1280	x	720@60	fps,	1280	x	720@50	fps,	1280	x	720@30	fps,	
352	x	288@30,	60fps	(CIF)                                                                                                     of TANDBERG in the U.S. and other countries.
                                                                 1280	x	720@25	fps
512	x	288@30,	60fps	(w288p)	
                                                               Automatic	or	manual	focus/brightness/white	balance             All other trademarks are property of their respective owners.
576	x	448@30,	60fps	(448p)	
                                                               Far-end	camera	control
768	x	448@30,	60fps	(w448p)	                                                                                                  MTBF PRODUCT RELIABILITY/MTBF The predicted reliability
                                                               Daisy-chain	support	(Visca	protocol	camera)	
704	x	576@30,	60fps	(4CIF)	                                                                                                   is expressed in the expected random Mean Time Between
                                                               	 (4x	Camera	can	not	support	Daisy	Chain)                      Failures (MTBF) for the electronic components based on the
1024	x	576@30,	60fps	(w576p)	
                                                               Dual	HDMI	and	HD-SDI	output                                    Power On Hours:
640	x	480@30,	60fps	(VGA)	
                                                               Upside-down	mounting	with	automatic	flipping	of	picture        Power On Hours (POH) > 69 000 hours
800	x	600@30,	60fps	(SVGA)	
1024	x	768@30fps	(XGA)                                                                                                        Useful Life Cycle > 6 years
                                                                                                                              ISO 9001 certificate is available upon request
1280	x	768@30fps	(WXGA)
1280	x	720@30,	60*fps,	HD720p60)	
1920	x	1080@30fps	(HD1080p30)


                                                                                                                              Quick Set
                                                                                                                              TANDBERG WORLD HEADQUARTERS
                                                                                                                              Philip Pedersens vei 20
                                                                                                                              1366 Lysaker, Norway
                                                                                                                              Tel: +47 67 125 125
                                                                                                                              Fax: +47 67 125 234
                                                                                                                              Video: +47 67 126 126

                                                                                                                              1212 Avenue of the Americas,
                                                                                                                              24th Floor
                                                                                                                              New York, NY USA 10036
                                                                                                                              Tel: +1 212 692 6500
                                                                                                                              Fax: +1 212 692 6501
                                                                                                                              Video: +1 212 692 6535

                                                                                                                              Februar y 2010

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