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NATIONS                                                                                                               EP
                                                                                               Distr.: General
                   Governing Council                                                           29 October 2008
                   of the United Nations
                                                                                               Original: English
                   Environment Programme

 Twenty-fifth session of the Governing Council/
 Global Ministerial Environment Forum
 Nairobi, 16–20 February 2009
 Item 4 (a) of the provisional agenda*
 Policy issues:
 state of the environment

                   Activities to promote South-South cooperation
                   Note by the Executive Director


                              The annex to the present note provides information on activities of UNEP to
                       promote South-South cooperation. The annex has been issued without formal editing.

                   *      UNEP/GC.25/1.

 K0842386       151208

 For reasons of economy, this document is printed in a limited number. Delegates are kindly requested to bring their copies to
 meetings and not to request additional copies.

Annex I
                On-going UNEP regional and national activities in promoting South-South Cooperation.
Activity/Project                  Objective/Outcome                                      Progress             Geographic Focus        Collaborators
A. South-South Cooperation activities undertaken by UNEP/ROLAC
i.    Latin American Programme    Oriented to train legal officers of Spanish speaking   Ongoing since 2004   Latin America and the   Spanish Cooperation
      On Environmental Law        countries of the region and Brazil.                                         Caribbean region
      And Policies

ii.   Working Group Of The        Promotion of regional and sub-regional activities      Annual since 2007    Latin America and the
      Forum Of Ministers Of       directed towards furthering knowledge and              and on-going         Caribbean region
      Environment Of Latin        information exchange on access to genetic resources,
      America And The             benefit sharing and traditional knowledge
      Caribbean On Access And
      Benefit Sharing

iii. Preparatory Meeting For      Regional platform for exchange of information,         Implemented          Latin America region    UNFCCC
     Latin American Climate       debate and discussion on key topics to be addressed
     Change Negotiators (2007)    by the COP-13 of UNFCCC, thus helping countries
                                  to be better prepared for such multilateral

iv. Subregional Workshops on      Increase awareness among legal stakeholders on         Workshops held in    Latin America and the
    Access To Environmental       tools and mechanisms for Access to Environment         Mexico, Paraguay,    Caribbean region
    Justice                       Justice. A number of subregional workshops held to     Barbados and Peru
                                  sensitize the various stakeholders of the importance
                                  of this issue, review recent legal and judicial
                                  developments and identify key topics and challenges
                                  to advance in this field.

v.    PARLATINO Commission        Support to the Commission on Environment and           On-going             Latin America region    GEF
      on Environment And          Tourism on topics such as Access to Environmental
      Tourism                     Justice, guidelines for national regulation on
                                  ecotourism, etc.
vi. Capacity building             Environmental law support for lawyers, judges,         On-going             Latin America and the   Ministries of Environment
    initiatives in the field of   prosecutors, students and other legal stakeholders:                         Caribbean region
    environmental law              International Congress on Environmental Law


Activity/Project                   Objective/Outcome                                          Progress            Geographic Focus        Collaborators
                                     (Sao Paulo, Brazil)
                                    Latin American Seminar on Environmental Law
                                     (Salta, Argentina)
                                    International Meetings on Environmental Law
                                     (Mexico DF, Mexico)

vii. Advisory services and         Assistance with advisory and technical services in a       On-going            Latin America and the   Ministries of Environment
     technical assistance in       wide range of topical areas:                                                   Caribbean region
     diverse environment-related    Environmental law and MEA implementation
     work                             including drafting of new legislation and
                                      regulations, strengthening compliance and
                                      enforcement (water, solid waste management,
                                      environmental licenses,
                                    Synegetic Implementation of Biodiversity related
                                      MEAS in four selected countries
                                    Building the capacity of Judges to protect
                                      biodiversity in Jamaica, Haiti and the Dominican
viii. UE Programme On              foster cooperation between subregional and national        Under development   Caribbean region        CARICOM
      Capacity Building For        institutions in the Caribbean for assisting countries in
      MEAs Implementation in       the implementation of MEAs.
      ACP Countries

ix. Integrated Water Resources     Assessment and Update of Pollutants Discharge              On-going            Bolivia and Peru        Spain
    Management in the Lake         Levels (Titicaca Project):
    Titicaca, Desaguadero           Improve the water quality monitoring system of
    River, Poopo, Coipasa Salt       the TDPS System.
    Marsh System (TDPS              Promote a water culture programme together with
    System):                         national, regional and local authorities with
                                     special focus in selected communities of the
                                     TDPS System, and,
                                    Strengthen the integrated management of the
                                     TDPS System and the capacities of the Bi-national
                                     Authority of the TDPS System.


Activity/Project                   Objective/Outcome                                       Progress   Geographic Focus          Collaborators
x. Environmental Training          Coordination, promotion and support of activities in    On-going   Latin America and the     Ministries of Environment
    Network for Latin America      the field of education, training and environmental                 Caribbean region          Academic institutions and
    and the Caribbean              education in the region.                                                                     universities
xi. Technical and policy advice    Three sub-regional networks of the national focal       On-going   Latin America and the     UNDP
    on Montreal Protocol           points of the Montreal Protocol, and promotion of                  Caribbean region
    provided through south-        activities of South-South cooperation for the
    south cooperation activities   exchange of information, experience and technical
                                   knowledge required to comply with the commitments
                                   made under the Montreal Protocol and training in the
                                   management of projects of the Multilateral Fund.
xii. Caribbean SIDS                a) establishment of a Biological Corridor between       Proposed   Caribbean                 EC
     Programme (South-South           Cuba, Dominican Republic and Haiti
     Horizontal Programme)             the establishment of a network of protected
                                         areas for Haiti and the Dominican Republic
                                       the creation of livelihood options as a means of
                                         contributing to poverty alleviation, human
                                         resources development and the establishment of
                                         a regional institutional mechanism for planning
                                         and management of shared resources between
                                         Haiti and the Dominican Republic
                                   b) Partnership Initiative on Sustainable Land           On-going   Caribbean                 UNCCD, UWI, GTZ,
                                      Management (PISLM) for Caribbean                                                          FAO, CARICOM
                                   c) The Jamaica Palisadoes Project- Rehabilitation       On-going   Jamaica
                                      after Hurricane Ivan with cooperation from Cuba
xiii. Rainwater Catchment          Promoting rainwater harvesting as a water supply        On-going   Nicaragua and Guatemala   IUCN, CCAD
      Capacity Building            technology for the achievement of one of the MDGs
      Programme                    that seeks to reduce the population without access to
                                   safe water by half, by year 2015.
xiv. Regional Council of           Facilitation for the exchange of information and        On-going   Latin America and the     UNDESA,UNIDO,
     Experts in Sustainable        experience on SCP (locally, nationally and                         Caribbean region          MERCOSUR
     Production and                regionally) 24 countries, 12 NGOs, 5 National                                                CARICOM
     Consumption                   Cleaner Production Centers, 6 business and labor
                                   organizations, 7 academic and research centers, 2
                                   regional banks and 10 members of international
                                   agencies worked together to develop a draft SCP
                                   action plan for LAC through capacity building
                                   activities, awareness events, and the creation of a


Activity/Project                  Objective/Outcome                                      Progress    Geographic Focus              Collaborators
                                  regional SCP Information Center.
B: South-South Cooperation Activities undertaken by UNEP/ROWA
i.    Arab-China South-South      Cooperation (since 2006) in the fields of              On-going    West Asia region              League of Arab State
      Environmental Cooperation   environmental protection, nature conservation, and                                               China
                                  sustainable development.

ii.   Arab-South America South-   Cooperation and capacity building in the field of      On-going    West Asia and Latin           China
      South Environmental         environment and natural resources management,                      America and the Caribbean
      Cooperation                 urban environmental management, climate change,
                                  sustainable energy development, natural disasters
iii. Oil and Gas Development:     challenges and lessons learned for effective           completed   Africa, Asia Pacific, Latin   UNDP, UNECA, CIDA,
     Sharing Experiences and      management of the oil and gas sector.                              America and the Caribbean
     Lessons Learned within the                                                                      and West Asia
     Framework of South-South

C: South-South Cooperation Activities undertaken by UNEP/ROA
i.    China-Africa Cooperation    Strengthen capacity of African countries in            On-going    Africa                        China, NEPAD, ECA
                                  environmental management in line with the China-
                                  Africa Co-operation Forum (FOFAC) which was
                                  established in 2000 with the framework of collective
                                  dialogue between China and African countries to
                                  promote peace and development on the basis of
                                  equality. Key elements of the initiative include
                                  a) Training Programme on Environmental
                                  b) Establishment of Central African Disaster
                                     Management Center in Brazzaville, Congo
                                  c) Carbon Sequestration initiative
                                  d) Primary Education Promotion in Urban Informal
                                  e) Strategies to mitigate declining flamingo
                                     populations in Kenya rift valley lakes
                                  f) Support to the establishment of African Climate


Activity/Project                    Objective/Outcome                                         Progress      Geographic Focus         Collaborators
                                       Policy Center
                                    g) Biodiversity and renewable energy
                                    h) Support to the Great Apes Survival Project
                                    i) Rainwater harvesting to improve ecosystem
D. South-South Cooperation activities undertaken by UNEP/DTIE:
i.    Network of Institutions for   The NISD provides a platform for cross fertilization      On-going      global
      Sustainable Development       of experiences, sharing expertise, and development
      (NISD)                        and implement cross-border and cross –regional
                                    initiatives. The network comprises 50 institutions
                                    including national training and research institutes,
                                    regional organizations, universities, and international
                                    and non-governmental organizations (NGOs)
ii.   The Trade and Biodiversity    To enhance capacity in developing countries to            On-going      Jamaica, Cameroon,
      initiative                    develop and implement policy recommendations that                       Uganda, Mauritius,
                                    safeguard biological diversity while maximizing                         Madagascar, Papua New
                                    sustainable development gains from trade                                Guinea)
                                    liberalization in the agriculture sector.
iii. Initiative on Promoting        The initiative provides opportunities to learn from       On-going      East Africa
     Production and Trade of        each other’s experiences and challenges and thus
     Organic Agricultural           help build capacity for production and trade of
                                    organic agriculture
iv. Wildlife Trade Policy           to build national capacities to review, revise, and       implemented   Madagascar, Nicaragua,
    Review Initiative               better implement national wildlife trade policies                       Uganda, and Vietnam
v. Ozone action                     a) Capacity building of National Ozone Units              On-going      global
                                    b) Project/sector related South-South Cooperation
                                    c) Policy and regulations related support
                                    d) Contact group meetings on HCFC related Ex-Com
                                       decisions, guidelines and phase-out management


Activity/Project                  Objective/Outcome                                        Progress      Geographic Focus              Collaborators
vi. Sustainable Consumption       Marakech Process on the 10 Year Framework                On-going      global
    and Production                Programme and cleaner and safer production
                                  a) InWEnt/UNIDO training on Energy Efficiency
                                  b) Fifth African Roundtable on Sustainable
                                     Consumption and Production (ARSCP-5)
                                  c) UNEP APELL project in Sri Lanka
                                  d) UNEP Safer Production-Corporate Social
                                     Responsibility (SP-CSR) project
                                  e) UNEP project for the development of Chemical
                                     Accident Prevention Programmes in South East
                                     Asia (CAPP-SEA)

vii. South-South Cooperation      to share best practices and lesson learned in waste      Implemented   Africa, Asia Pacific, Latin   NAM Center, Basel
     Workshop on Waste            management, law and governance in developing                           America and the Caribbean     Convention, Japan
     Management, Law and          countries and identify practical approaches for                        and West Asia
     Governance (Bali,            strengthening institutional capacities in these areas
     Indonesia, 19-21 June 2008   using South-South Cooperation approaches

viii. Capacity-development for    Building capacities in several developing countries to   On-going      global
      the clean development       provide them with the skills and resources needed to
      mechanism (CD4CDM)          analyse the technical and financial merits of projects
                                  and negotiate possible finance agreements.

ix. Africa Rural Energy           To develop new sustainable energy enterprises that       On-going      Africa
    Enterprise Development        use clean, efficient, and renewable energy
    (AREED)                       technologies. The delivery is supported by a number
                                  of partners on the ground that helps with the
                                  selection of entrepreneurs, delivery of tools and
                                  providing hand holding services to entrepreneurs.
x.   The Global Network on        The main objective of GNESD is to carry out policy       On-going      global
     Energy for Sustainable       analysis on thematic energy issues which can
     Development (GNESD)          facilitate in reaching the Millennium Development
                                  Goals (MDG). GNESD is a UNEP facilitated
                                  knowledge network of developing world Centers of
                                  Excellence and network partners, created in 2002.


Activity/Project                 Objective/Outcome                                        Progress            Geographic Focus          Collaborators
xi. Promoting Industrial         to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases by            On-going            China, Vietnam, India,
    Energy Efficiency through    identifying and implementing energy efficiency (EE)                          Hungary, The Czech
    a Cleaner Production /       improvements as an integral part of Cleaner                                  Republic and Slovakia.
    Environmental                Production (CP) assessments in industrial
    Management System            enterprises. The project helped participating National
    Framework                    Cleaner Production Centres to integrate energy
                                 efficiency concepts into CP approaches and include
                                 energy efficiency activities as a comprehensive part
                                 of their core programmes.
xii. Developing Financial        This project aims to substantially increase              On-going            Brazil, India and China
     Intermediation Mechanisms   investments in energy efficiency by the domestic
     for Energy-Efficiency       financial sectors in Brazil, China and India.
     Projects in Brazil, China
     and India

xiii. Network for                The aim of NESTLAC is to disseminate, promote            On-going            Latin America and the
      Environmentally            and facilitate the implementation of Environmentally                         Caribbean
      Sustainable Transport in   Sustainable Transport (EST) options in Latin
      Latin America and the      America and the Caribbean.
      Caribbean (NESTLAC)

E: South –South Cooperation activities undertaken by UNEP/DEPI
i.   Management of Freshwater    South-South Cooperation programme to strengthen          Under development   Global                    Regional and sub-regional
     Ecosystem through south-    national, sub-regional and regional capacities for                                                     governmental institutions
     south cooperation           water resources management within the framework
                                 of the UNEP Water Policy and Strategy. Key
                                 components of the programme include:

                                 a) Establishing a global South-South facilitation
                                 b) Facilitating knowledge exchange and awareness
                                 c) Skills development.
                                 d) Institutional Development
                                 e) Projects to demonstrate South-South Cooperation
                                    in the application of the ecosystem approach in


Activity/Project                   Objective/Outcome                                        Progress    Geographic Focus            Collaborators
ii. South-South Cooperation        Western Indian Ocean - Addressing Land-based             On-going    Maritime countries of the
    for the Sustainable            Activities in the Western Indian Ocean (WIO-LaB).                    Western Indian Ocean
    Management of Marine and       The project has supported a strong intra-regional                    region
    Coastal Ecosystems             framework for cooperation between institutions and
                                   experts from the Western Indian Ocean region
                                    The Forum for Academic and Research
                                      Institutions, (FARI).
                                    Consortium for Conservation of Coastal and
                                      Marine Ecosystems in the Western Indian Ocean
                                   Promoting        regional     cooperation    in    the   On-going    Mediterranean region        Mediterranean
                                   Mediterranean - Mediterranean Strategy for                                                       Commission for
                                   Sustainable Development (MSSD): a forum advisory                                                 Sustainable Development
                                   body and a forum for dialogue for Contracting
                                   Parties to the Barcelona Convention together with
                                   and civil society, including local authorities, socio-
                                   economic actors and environmental NGOs. It works
                                   through its Mediterranean networks to promote
                                   South-South sustainable development through the
                                   exchange of experiences and lessons learned as well
                                   as institutional capacity building.

iii. Mainstreaming                 Exchange of expertise and experiences, technical         On-going    Africa
     Environmental                 cooperation on curriculum design, cooperative action
     Sustainability into African   research, and joint development of tools between
     Universities (MESA)           participating universities.

iv. Bilateral and sub regional     a) Technology support to enhance the capacity of         completed   Africa                      European Commission
    cooperation to save to the        Great ape range state focal points in six African                                             UK
    Great ape in Africa               countries to implement the Great Apes Survival                                                Brazil
                                      Partnership project.
                                   b) South-south technical cooperation that led to the
                                      replication of the successful wildlife law
                                      enforcement cooperation model from Cameroon
                                      to Republic of Congo
                                   c) South-South      dialogue    in    environmental


Activity/Project             Objective/Outcome                                      Progress   Geographic Focus        Collaborators
                                cooperation for peace-building and stability
                             d) Landuse planning and biodiversity conservation in
                                the context of biomass production for bioenergy

F: South-South Cooperation activities undertaken by UNEP/DEWA
i.   GEO-4 process           Asia-Pacific:                                          On-going   Asia Pacific region
                             a) Central Asia integrated environmental assessment
                             b) Greater Mekong Environment Outlook
                             c) South Asia Environment Outlook (SAEO) 2008
                             d) Vulnerability Assessment of Freshwater
                                Resources to Environmental Change
                             West Asia:                                             On-going   West Asia region        League of Arab States
                             a) Environment Outlook for the Arab Region                                                CEDARE
                             b) Core set of sustainable development indicators,
                                and guidelines
                             c) Pan Arab Environmental information network
                             Latin America and the Caribbean region:                On-going   Latin America and the   Ministries of Environment
                             a) Development of guidelines for thematic and                     Caribbean               Local authorities
                                ecosystem/watershed application of the GEO                                             Stakeholders
                                methodology                                                                            Research institutions
                             b) Development of the GEO Cities methodology
                                version 3.0
                             c) Development of the impact strategy for GEO LAC
                             d) GEO Regional, Sub-regional and Ecosystem-scale
                             e) Preparation of core set of indicators of ILAC
                                Development and maintenance of the GEO LAC
                                Data Portal



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