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					Calculator Rental Contract Mathematics Department Hopkinsville High School
We agree to rent and care for a TI-89 calculator issued to ____________________________ by Hopkinsville High School for the 2007-2008 school year. In addition we agree to honor the terms and conditions listed below in this contract. We agree to: 1. Pay the $20 rental fee prior to issuance of the calculator to the student. 2. Care for the calculator as instructed by the mathematics teacher. 3. Report any malfunction immediately to the math teacher. 4. Return the calculator by the deadline set by the Math Department or whenever the student withdraws from Hopkinsville High School or drops this math course. 5. Pay the replacement cost of $150 for a damaged, lost, or stolen calculator. 6. When turning in the calculator, the student must also turn in a new pkg of 4 AAA Duracell or Energizer batteries or be charged a $5.00 obligation.

_________________________________ (Student Signature)

_______________ (Date)

_________________________________ (Parent Signature)

_______________ (Date)

*********************************************************************** For Hopkinsville High School Use Only Rental Fee received $ ________ Cash/Check _______ Date: _____________ TI-89 Serial Number _________________________ Inventoried _________ *********************************************************************** To Be Completed When Student Receives Calculator I verify that I received the calculator identified above in working condition. Student’s Signature ___________________________ Date ______________

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