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					                                                                                        Café Logos
                                                                                 265 Ponsonby Road
                                                                                       Ph.376 2433
Café Logos BREKKIE

Breakfast is served all day. It's vegan and vegetarian friendly.

Croissant, real Bagel, fivegrain Toast $..4.50
s/w preserves, honey, cream cheese, /butter

Muesli - Houseblend … s/w fresh banana and milk $7.50
served with soymilk OR joghurt $8.50

Avocado, thick sliced tomato, fresh basil & cracked pepper on pandoro bread drizzled w.
Balsamico & Olive oil $9.50

Grilled Mushrooms & fresh herbs in a creamy white wine sauce, served on toasted bagel $11.50

Whole- & Cornmeal Crepes - s/w homemade poached fruit, maple syrup,
grilled banana & whipped cream $10.50
add grilled lean farmers bacon $12.50

Freerange Eggs on toast (on request served with sidetoast & jam)
fried, poached or scrambled $8.50
with grilled bacon $10.50
w. smoked salmon, capers, dill & horseraddish cream $13.50

French Croissant - …filled with molten scrambled eggs, avocado, aioli & bacon
vegetarian: eggs, avocado, aioli & grilled tomato $12.50

Scrambled eggs Deluxe remix $11.50
the final word on scrambles.. freerange jumbo eggs, grilled veges mushrooms, fresh herbs &
spices with a hint of creamy blue vein cheese

Huevos Zappata … viva mexico!.. $10.50
Scrambled eggs with roast sweetcorn & chillibean tacosauce, folded in a soft tortilla

Poaccini …( our version of eggs Benedict ) $12.50
Tender grilled tomato and garlic grilled mushrooms, fresh spinach toasted bagel
topped with poached eggs and laden with a creamy sherry-mozarella sauce

LOGOS’ Big Breakfast - king of all breakfasts - $14.50 bacon, eggs, grilled mushrooms, slow roast
tomato, hash brown, tasty saussies, chilli beans

LOGOS’ Vegetarian $14.50
a sumptuous array of freshly grilled vegetable delights, hash brown, homemade
chilli beans, fresh herbs, toasted nuts and seeds and healthy five grain toast
Vegan version - grilled organic tofu swapped for eggs

Open 6 days 7 nights
Tuesday 5-late

Fully licenced
BYO wine
                                                                                         Café Logos
                                                                                  265 Ponsonby Road
                                                                                        Ph.376 2433
Eat LUNCH at Cafe Logos.
It’s vegan and vegetarian friendly.

Soup of the day -eternal goodness made from 100% pure natural ingredients, always vegan. s/w
breads $8.50

Easy-peazy - spicy ovenroast potato & kumara chunks, s/w aioli & sour cream or vegan style with
chutneys $6.50

LOGOS Gourmet Burger $12.50
-Chicken fillet, grilled, lemonnayse, mango chutney, capsicum, baby rocket, marinated roast
artichoke, cucumber, tomato, red onion & roasted zucchini
-Tempeh & Malaysian satay, sautéed spinach, tomato, cilantro, juicy mungbean sprouts, toasted
sesameseeds, panfried asian mushrooms & ovenbaked pumpkin
-Felafel & lemon couscous pattie with grilled aubergine, slowroast tomato & capsicum,grilled
zuccini, feta, kalamata olives, moroccan chutney,& onionjam

Pasta of the day…always divinely varied temptations! ( see blackboard )
Fresh spinach / tomato flavoured fettuccine - vegetarian $13.50
- w.grilled chicken $15.50

Middle Eastern Platter: a delicious arrangement of homemade dips, tapenade, turkish feta,
slowroast tomato,dolmas, grilled eggplant & homemade dukkah on turkish bread
-for dessert a piece of turkish delight- $15.50

Mighty sandwiches: fresh made to order on fivegrain, Salad, fresh veges & herbs, roasted nuts /
seeds, house lemonnayse & chutney $7.50
- add marinated organic grilled Tofu $9.50

Thai flavoured Wraps fresh spinach, glassnoodles, shi-take mushrooms, veges, mung beans,
coriander & lemongrass-bamboo-green curry coconut sauce w. grilled tofu $11.50
- OR grilled chicken $12.50

Smoked Salmon & Spinach : in herb pancakes on mesculin salad s/w a Wasabi-joghurt & dill
dressing $14.50

Also, salads and sides:

The Cosmopolitan lean farmers bacon, feta, crunchy almonds, cherry tomatoes, broccoli florets
and capsicum julienne on mesculin & rocket in a honey mustard vinaigrette $14.50

Summer Delight grilled zuccini, tender roast chickenbreast, honeydew melon, red onion
& toasted cashews dressed -lime vinaigrette $14.50

The Biogenic crisp lettuce, sprouts, freshly grated carrots, ginger & beetroot, nut & seedmix,
grilled tofu, sprinkled w. organic kelp s/w raita dressing $13.50

Tuscan Dew marinated artichoke hearts, sundried tomatoes, fresh pear, olives & shaved
parmesan on mesculin , drizzled w. Balsamico di Modena & olive oil $13.50

Sides : authentic turkish flatbread ( Pide ) or Pandoro five grain (on request as garlic breads)
homemade chutneys, pestos, tapenade, hummus, sundried tomatoes,feta $3.00 each

Open 6 days 7 nights
Tuesday 5-late

Fully licenced
BYO wine
                                                                                         Café Logos
                                                                                  265 Ponsonby Road
                                                                                        Ph.376 2433

An healthy list of salads and appetite warmers.
Menu is vegan and vegetarian friendly.

Breads & Dips an assortment of diverse vegetarian dips & our own dukkah s/w extra virgin olive
oil and authentic turkish Pide bread $9.50

Vietnamese Temple Rolls organic tofu, fresh cilantro & toasted sesame seeds rolled in rice paper
s/w dipping sauces $9.50

Bruschetta italian style garlic, rock salt & herb crusted bread $6.50

Soup of the day always vegan, served with bread $8.50

Creamy white wine & garlic pan sauteed button mushrooms $11.50

Antipasti grand entrée for two…a delectable variety of grilled vegetarian delights, dips, pestos,
cheeses, olives… s/w fresh breads


Zorbas the Greek feta & chickpea salad, mixed with red onions, cucumber, tomato, kalamata
olives, fresh thyme & cumin s/w tzatziki dressing & mediterranean flatbread $16.50

Pollo Valencia Orange & Chicken Salad warm tender freerange chicken fillet, roast capsicum &
zuccini, freshly sliced orange, juicy green beans, toasted cashew nuts and spanish onion on
mesculin, infused with a orange oil & mango vinaigrette 1 $17.50

The Merchant of Venice a roast ensemble of aubergine, zuccini, capsicum & mushrooms,
bocconcini cheese, marinated artichoke hearts & fresh basil (seas.) on salad greens & spinach s/w
balsamico di modena & olive oil $17.50

Open 6 days 7 nights
Tuesday 5-late

Fully licenced
BYO wine
                                                                                        Café Logos
                                                                                 265 Ponsonby Road
                                                                                       Ph.376 2433
The dinner menu.

All food is prepared fresh to order.
The bread is organic, the chicken is free range.
The menu is vegetarian and vegan friendly.

Tofu and Vegetable Skewers s/w malaysian satay sauce and a side of scented jasmin rice $16.50

Calamari infused w. lemon & sweet chilli, flame panfried with ginger root, sesame seeds &
capsicum, tossed in udon noodles & springonions, finished with fresh coriander $16.50

Spanish style Chicken & Chorizo tender ovenbaked chicken, enveloped in a flavoursome crust of
oregano, cumin, rosepaprika & cayenne, panfried chorizo sausages,served on a sofrito of
capsicum, spanish onion, garlic, & pimento stuffed olives, s/w rice and a tomato & sherry jus

Pacific Rim Coconut Curry curried pumpkin, organic tofu, broccoli, courgette & toasted cashew
nuts in a fragrant green curry sauce served on springonion & coconut rice $16.50

Fettucine / Pasta of the day fresh artisan pasta dancing to the chefs newest tunes ( see blackboard
) $17.50

Nachos, Vegetarian or free range Chicken …an oldtime favourite Viva Mexico…with el paso beans
in homemade salsa, a variety of seasonal veges, melted tasty cheese, topped w. sourcream & fresh
herbs $14.50

Smoked Salmon & Herb Pancake Stack layered with sauteed spinach & onions, served with a side
salad & a tequila-lime mayonnaise $18.50

Seared Moroccan Tofu on ovenbaked zuccini, pumpkin, capsicum & aubergine, flavoured with the
scents of northern africa, served on a pistachio & lemon cous-cous with panreduced red wine jus

Thai Wrap fresh spinach, glass noodles, shi-take mushrooms, raw veges, juicy mungbean sprouts
& alfalfa, toasted sesame seeds & fresh coriander in a lemongrass-bamboo & green curry coconut
sauce w. organic tofu $14.50 w. freerange chicken $15.50

Logos’ Chicken Breast ovenroast with fragrant rosemary sprigs, s/w roast garlic & herb potato
wedges in a chardonnay cream sauce, topped with a rocket, almond & parmesan pesto $21.50

Arborio Risotto authentic mediterranean rice dish, with a melange of herbs, veges and
sauces…vegetarian, vegan or freerange chicken varieties available..
-creamy white wine, mozarella & mushroom
-tomato, red wine & thyme
-pumpkin, lemon & basil
vegetarian option $17.50 w. freerange chicken $18.50

Open 6 days 7 nights
Tuesday 5-late

Fully licenced
BYO wine

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