Compai_ The 7th International Animation Festival Hiroshima 98 by by maclaren1


									Compai! The 7th International Animation Festival
Hiroshima ‘98 by Deanna Morse

I had heard from other filmmakers what a          number of films straight. This actually was
wonderful festival this is. How it was so well    not so much a problem.           During the
organized, friendly, respectful of the films,     screenings, I would take notes in the dark,
and how it was so interesting to be in            describing the film, or making a sketch of the
Hiroshima, to be in Japan. At other film          characters or scenes. After each film, I would
festivals, I’ve been with groups of               grade the piece. Sometimes my handwriting
filmmakers who talk and talk and talk about       was sloppy or overlapped, but at the end of
what a fabulous time they had at the              the day, I could use my notes to remember
Hiroshima festival. Now, I have joined that       the pieces we saw.
cheerleading club.
                                                  It was a rare opportunity to be able to see
I was asked to serve on Selection Committee       such a wide variety and quantity of films. It
so I experienced the festival as a bit of an      gave me a sampling of what is happening in
“insider”. In addition, I was elected             animation internationally. And of course, I
Chairperson and was the media                     saw some wonderful individual pieces; many
spokesperson. The other members of the            did not make the deep cut and were not
committee were Irina Margolina, a producer        included in the festival. Later, when I went
and writer from Russia, Thomas Reynolder, a       to Ottawa and SIGGRAPH I was surprised to
filmmaker and ASIFA Board member from             see some different pieces selected --works
Austria, Thomas Basinger, formerly the            that were not even entered in the 1127 we
animation programmer for the Stuttgart            screened for the Hiroshima competition.
festival (Germany), and Toshio Iwai, an           There is an amazing amount of animation,
interactive media artist from Japan. Most of      being produced each year. Much of it is
us met each other for the first time at the       independent work, self-expression by a single
Selection Committee, and we built solid           artist or small group of filmmakers.
friendships working together on the process.
                                                  Somewhere about half way through the
We met in Hiroshima for three weeks in May        process, several of us began to feel a bit
to view the 1127 entries (from 57 countries),     down. It was spring in Japan, but every day
and selected 64 films for competition and         we just sat in a dark room, screening films - it
screening during the festival. It was             seemed like we never were going to get
interesting, if a bit intense. We met for about   through this quantity of work. It was taking
10 hours every day for nearly 3 weeks. We         energy to look at each piece with fresh eyes.
spent eight hours a day in screening, and then    As filmmakers ourselves, we wanted to be
discussed our selections for another two or       fair, to give each piece equal respect. But we
three hours.                                      were drinking lots of coffee to stay “up”!

Each of us selected work based on our own         One night during our discussion, Sayoko
artistic criteria. However, we were each          Kinoshita, the festival director, told us a
looking for powerful animation. We                s t o r y. It was a long story, and took even
considered each piece on its own merits; we       longer to tell since it was translated for us
did not consider nationality in our judgment.     from Japanese to English. I will try to
                                                  paraphrase it: In old Japan, a young woman
People often ask me how I could keep that         got married and went to live on the farm of
                                                  her husband’s family. The mother- i n - l a w
                In this Issue                     instructed the new wife to clear an overgrown
  • Hiroshima                           1         field. The new wife looked at the sprawling
  • Letter from the Editor              2
                                                  land, and said “this is not possible! This is
                                                  such a huge field, and I can only clear a tiny
  • South Park: Greg Colton             4
                                                  patch each day, even though I work so hard!”
  • Non-Scientific Observations         6         The wise mother-in-law responded, “Don’t
  • Annual Retreat ‘99                  7         look at the entire field, you should only
  • 3 Frame Challenge                   8                          Hiroshima continued on page 3
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WINNER'S CIRCLE Progress Report                                                            Randall Rockafellow
by Rita Dobias
                                                                                           Web site:
Rita Dobias is the winner of the 3rd International Helen Victoria Haynes WORLD             http:/
PEACE Storyboard & Animation Scholarship Competition.
In the past few months I have started to      I choose to do this because of Director's
work on the animation for the story           onion skin feature. It will also make my     ASIFA/Central Conference:
board contest. Mainly I have been             characters look slightly different from      April 30-May 2, 1998
experimenting with character design           the background graphics and stand out a
and just the general appearance of the        little more during the animation.            To contribute or volunteer contact:
work. I have decided to use                   Unfortunately, I have had a some             Deanna Morse
Macromedia Director along with                distractions since I started this project,   Phone #: 616.895.3101
MetaCreations Painter. I like the             the worst being my husband's accident        E-mail:
realistic look and feeling that painter       in early September. Thankfully he is all     US mail: ASIFA/Central
gives while working on the computer. I        right, but he will need my care for about    c/o Deanna Morse
will be using it for the backgrounds as       a month. I am going to try to not let that   School of Communications
well as other objects.                        keep me from working on this project. I      Lake Superior Hall
                                              look forward to getting it finished for      Grand Valley State University
On the other hand I am going to use the       the conference next year.                    Allendale, MI 49401
paint box in Director for my characters.      - Rita Dobias

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2    Fall 1998
Hiroshima continued from page 1

consider the small patch you are           Indian, Welsh, Asian, and A u s t r i a n   the light source for an acrylic dome
clearing.” The young wife took this        animation; Animation for Peace, and         which contained morphed human,
advice. Soon, of course, the whole         Animation for Children. There were          animal or mineral images. These light
field was cleared. At the end, we          two wonderful presentations on Music        sources were choreographed to original
laughed as we remembered Sayoko’s          in Animation by Judith Gruber-Stitzer       music, also by Iwai. The animation
sage advice, given to us through this      and Normand Roger which included            was rhythmic and complex.
story.                                     works in progress, where we could hear
                                           the tracks develop in complexity.           Parties. Of course, no festival is
The films we selected for the                                                          complete without them. ASIFA Japan
competition program were varied.           For an enthusiastic full house, Academy     hosted a roof-top beer garden; there
Some conveyed visual statement of          Award winner Ray Harryhausen (the           were opening and closing receptions,
beauty and hope, others told a story.      International Honorary President) gave      traditional dance and bingo at a temple.
Some were quiet poems, others had          a retrospective of his puppet animation,    One day, buses took filmmakers to
louder voices, some tried to shake us      with his earliest films, made in his        Miyajima Island. Considered one of
up, asking us to question our              garage in 1945, and clips from the 16       the most beautiful spots in Japan,
assumptions. Each film expressed the       features he worked on (from “Mighty         Miyajima had tame deer, a swimming
voice of an artist, a voice that we can    Joe Young” to “Clash of the Titans” ).      beach, and tasty barbecue. This outing
understand whatever our native             He also showed sketches, armatures          was a big hit with everyone. On the
language. This is the beauty of            and models of his creatures.                island, they sell biscuits for the deer,
animation. Animation art knows no                                                      who are very hungry. They gobble the
boundaries or nationalities. Animation     In addition, there was an excellent daily   biscuits, as well as the paper wrappings.
art can speak to viewers across            festival newspaper, a lounge for            They insistently poke their noses in
geographical, political and territorial    animators, a Macintosh room,                open bags looking for more biscuits.
lines.                                     demonstration of new animation              One deer found Ray Harryhausen’s
                                           equipment, booths to buy books and          open camera bag, and Ray had to
The Festival's theme is "Love and          cels, a children’s workshop, and more.      wrestle with him to get his video
Peace". It is no coincidence that the                                                  manual back! (Ray got the manual
festival is held in Hiroshima, and there   There were two installations: the Renzo     intact, with just a couple of teeth marks.
is much awareness and discussion of        Forest celebrated the career of Renzo       The rest of us got a good laugh.)
the significance of having such a          Kinoshita, festival co-founder, who
festival in that city. We did not          died last year. The exhibit included        At the closing night of the last
narrowly select films based on that        artwork, storyboards, and sketches, and     reception, the S a y o n a r a p a r t y, you
theme, however... we selected the best     a retrospective program of his films.       could hear cheering outside the exit. A
animation regardless of theme or           Computer artist (and selection              group of strong festival workers were
content. The festival promotes peace       committee member) Toshio Iwai               doing D o n g a i - air tossing the
and understanding through its structure,   exhibited several interactive pieces and    filmmakers as they left. You lean back
by defining itself as an international     gave a presentation showing his             and are lifted -and tossed- in the air
animation festival. Artists, educators,    development and influences as a             three times, to three cheers. It was
and fans come together across national     computer artist. His work, which is in a    exhilarating. I wasn’t the only
borders, finding a community of peers      number of permanent collections             filmmaker who went back into the party
who share their love of animation art.     including the Exploratorium in San          to exit, and be air tossed, a second time!
                                           Francisco, was stunning. Iwai reworks
I returned to Japan in August as a guest   pre-cinema technology in a very             I offer a toast to the success of the next
of the festival and screened a short       contemporary way. Included in the           Hiroshima festival, in the year 2000.
program of my films. Another jury          exhibit were a number of hand-cranked       Cheers! Compai!
awarded cash prizes from the 60 films      three-dimensional Zoetropes. T h e s e
we selected.                               had simple clay figures, inside             Deanna Morse is an animator and
                                           traditional Zoetrope drums, but the         p rofessor at Grand Valley State
The festival lasted five days. Each        silver edges of the slits made them         University. She is currently president
night, competition films were screened,    seem holographic.         Four “T i m e     of A S I FA/Central, and is on the
and during the days a variety of           Stratum” pieces, half-domed crystal         International Board of ASIFA.
programs and workshops were offered        balls of moving energy, reworked the
in two theaters. Screenings included       Zoetrope concept with new technology.
national/regional programs: Russian,       A suspended video monitor provided

                                                                                          Fall 1998                               3
Moving West to Work on South Park
ASIFA/Central member Greg Colton recently left the midwest, moving to California to work on the TV series South Park.
This is Greg's first job after graduating from Grand Valley State University this summer. While he was at Grand Valley,
Greg produced a number of colorful and quirky animations, drawn from his bank of cartoon characters. He has a real
knack for animating energetic character movement in lively, upbeat scenarios. We weren't surprised to hear that he had
already found work in the business! We thought we'd catch up with what him, and hear a little about his work on South
Park. Greg wrote an article on the ‘98 World Animation Celebration which graced the pages of Frame By Frame’s
Spring edition.

Deanna Morse: Greg, you are just a          the show is done on such a quick                   work.
few months out of college, and you got      schedule, the computer comes in really
a job working at South Park! This is        handy. If Trey does a last minute re-              DM: Where do you actually work? Do
the dream of many a college student.        write or something, they can change                you work on a computer, a drawing
How did you get this opportunity?           shots or re-animate them really really             table? Do you have a little cubicle, or
                                            quickly! Also, with the computer, the              do you work with others in a big room?
Greg Colton: I had just headed back         animators can do some neat-o tricks
to Chicago after graduating from Grand      that would be tough if the show was                Greg: It's a relatively big area, and all
Valley and spending the summer              still done traditionally. "Spookyfish" had         the animators and TD's have their own
making a short cartoon. I was shooting      some really rad FX!!!                              cubicles with computers. When us lip
out my demo tapes and resumes all                                                              synchers come in, the animators have
over     the      country      (and    to   DM: What are you doing for South                   usually gone home by then, and we
Canada...hehe) just hoping someone          Park?                                              just grab one of their computers and try
would think my stuff was cool and hire                                                         not to mess up their area too much!
me. Lucky for me, my mom brought            Greg: I was hired as a freelance lip-
home a new issue of “Animation              synch artist. I worked on the episodes             DM: What kind of questions did they
Magazine”, and there was an ad in the       "Clubhouse", "Cow Days", "Chef Aid",               ask you in the interview? Did they ask
classifieds for South I called    and just a smidgen of "Spookyfish".                you to do some kind of a technical
them up, and Fed-Exed them my stuff.                                                           animation test?
When they got it, they told me that they    DM: How did you develop the skills to
were all staffed up for the movie, but      do lip sync work?                                  Greg: Ha! I didn't even have an
would pass my stuff on to the T V                                                              interview! I just drove out here, got a
people. I figured I'd never hear from       Greg: I made a two minute cartoon this             quickie training tutorial, and jumped
them again since I'd already been           s u m m e r, a n d I w a n t e d i t t o h a v e   right in on "Clubhouse"!!!
getting "rejection" letters from a bunch    voices. We never really learned how to
of studios already. The next day I got a    do lip synch in school, so I sorta taught          DM: How many people are on staff -
call from David Ya n o v e r, who's the     myself. Turns out the charts I made up             full timers and freelancers? What roles
Animation Coordinator on the SP             for myself to break down the phonetics             do they usually fill with freelance
movie. He liked my demo tape and            are pretty much the same thing they                talent?
basically said if you want the job, move    use professionally! So it worked out
out to Cali and it's yours! He had          pretty well!                                       Greg: Hmm....well, everyone except lip
moved out to California from the same                                                          synchers are full time. I never counted,
part of Illinois as me, so maybe he         DM: What is your typical day like at               but I'd say that there are like 15 or 20
understood that I needed that "first job"   South Park?                                        Technical          Directors        and
to get me going....I dunno!                                                                    Animators....about 10 or so Lip
                                            G r e g : Well, lip-synch artists work at          Synchers. And of course there's Matt
DM: Can you explain briefly how South during the day I was sleeping           and Trey who write, do the voices, and
Park is animated? It looks like cut-out,    pretty much! We basically come in,                 even edit sometimes....and there's
but I read that it is done with             and there's a bunch of storyboards and             Mary Kay who does all the female
computers...                                a shot list...and we just sign up for a            voices....and then there's coordinators,
                                            chuck of shots and jam on them until               editors, producers, storyboard
Greg: Yeah, the original pilot was done     they're done. It seems like it might be            artists.....It's not as big as most
traditionally with cut outs under a         repetitive, but I don't care, I really like        animation places I'm sure, but there's a
camera, but now it's computer               working there. I wish I had more hours             good chunk of people there.
animated. As Trey put it, it is still       right now, because the people there
technically stop motion animation.          are fantastic and it's just a blast being          DM: How many hours are you working
Before, they moved a character and          t h e r e . I ' m s t i l l sort of in a "fan"     a week? How far in advance do you
*click click*ed on the the     mentality, since I've been a big fan of            know if you will be called in for work?
clicking is done with the mouse. Since      the show and Matt and Trey's film                            South Park continued on page 5

4    Fall 1998
Continued from South Park on page 4

Greg: hours lately...I haven't       DM: Do you find that it is easy to get          back, I probably should have used
been called in for about three weeks!          an interview?                                   After Effects, but I was way more
With my particular job there are no                                                            comfy with Director, so I just went with
guaranteed hours. Back in September            G r e g : The closest thing to an               it. I edited it all together using the
I was doing 30 or so hours a                   interview I had so far was a quick              Media 100. That was so rad, because
week....but currently I haven't been in        meeting with Film Roman's recruiter. I          synching up sound effects and music
at all. It really just all depends on the      really couldn't tell if he was interested       and everything was SOOO much
work load that is there....when I get          in me or not...but then again, it's Film        easier than editing tape to tape like I
called, it's usually around 3 PM the           Roman! He's got TONS and TONS of                had been before! I even got some
day they want me there.                        demos and stuff to look at! He did              smashing stereo sound FX going that I
                                               give me a character layout test which I         couldn't do before!
DM: So, your work there is coming to           finished and gave back to them. I'm
a close - what else have you been              supposed to get graded on it, but I             DM: You mentioned that someone was
looking for?                                   haven't heard anything yet besides a            interested in distributing the film - any
                                               letter saying that there are no                 news on that?
G r e g : I've been driving around             positions at this time. It seems like it's
Burbank and Hollywood and stuff                hard             to    get      an    actual    Greg: Well, Manga Entertainment has
dropping off my demo tapes and                 i n t e r v i e w...usually I just get a call   a shorts division called "Chaos
resumes and portfolios. I've been              telling me to pick my stuff up.                 Animation", and they expressed
making lots of calls and bugging                                                               interest in licensing my short. Further
people....I hope they're not getting to        DM: Can you tell us something about             details may erupt, but I don't have
peeved with my persistence! But it's           your recent film “Jamofo”? What was             much info at this time...hehe.
rare people call you back, so I keep           the inspiration?
dialin'...                                                                                     D M : Do you have any tips or
                                               Greg: It was based on a short radio             suggestions for other recent graduates
D M : I think a resume is pretty self-         script I wrote for a scriptwriting class.       in animation who want to make the
e x p l a n a t o r y, but can you describe    It was short and stupid, but I liked            move to LA?
what it on your demo tape and                  it...and I wanted to know what these
portfolio?                                     characters looked like that I was               Greg: Don't expect to get hired right
                                               writing about. So, I came up with               away.....but keep being persistent, and
Greg: Well, I tried to follow most of the      these funky little noseless bastards            stay positive! It hasn't done much
studio guidelines as best I can with the       with wacky hair, and Jamofo and Barlo           good for me yet, but hey....I'm hoping
materials I have. They say that demo           were born. I expanded the script so             something will turn up soon.
tapes should be 5 minutes or        the cartoon could last a couple
my tape's just about five minutes with         minutes...and that was that.                    D M : Thanks, Greg, for sharing this
my best stuff first (in case they turn it                                                      information with us! Good luck on
off half way thru). As far as a portfolio      DM: Technically, how did you create             finding your next job. I'll be eager to
goes, I really don't have a lot of             the “Jamofo” project?                           see where you land next!
finished stills or "artsy" I put
together this book of drawings from            G r e g : Well, after storyboarding it, I       Greg: Thank you thank you! hehe...I
my sketchbooks to show the variety of          recorded the voices on DAT. I                   bugged Columbia Tristar enough so
character styles, poses, emotions, etc.        managed to use bits and pieces of               that they're gonna give me a Dilbert
that I can do. I also put a few life           whatever equipment there was at                 character cleanup test! whoohooo!
drawings and my “Jamofo” storyboard            Grand Valley. I really suck at using            I'm gonna pick it up tomorrow!
in there. I have way less life drawings        those big audio boards with all the
than I should in my portfolio. They            knobs and shit, so I just used the              Greg Colton can be reached at
REALLY wanna see that stuff! Don't             portable DAT and took it into the     
get me wrong...I took life drawing             recording booth with me...hehe. Much
courses and it really did help my              easier! Then I broke down all my                Deanna Morse is an animator and
character drawing skills...I just didn't       phonetics on charts I made....started           professor at Grand Valley State
end up keeping a lot of the stuff I did in     drawing non-stop like an idiot... inked         University. She is currently president
those mistake. However,           the drawings with a big fat sharpie             of ASIFA/Central.
I'm still hoping I can sell myself on my       marker and probably inhaled too many
other skills....I mean, I figure that          marker fumes...then I scanned all my
writing, boarding, drawing, coloring,          images into Photoshop and then
and editing a couple short cartoons            imported everything into Director
has to count for something!!!                  where I assembled it all. Looking

                                                                                                  Fall 1998                            5
            CALL          An outline of the discussion topics                                   April 15, 1999 or $50 afterward at the
                              and short biographies of the                                      conference. Do not mail Regsitration after
        FOR PAPERS,              panelists should be provided                                   April 15 - bring your Late fee to the
      PRESENTATIONS                when submitting a proposal.                                  Conference.
                                    Workshops should be of
  7th Annual ASIFA / Central        interest to a wide range of                                 Rooms should be reserved through the
Midwest Animator's Conference attendees - from                                                  conference center. Room reservations are
                                    professional animators to                                   available for 2 nights only (Friday &
         and Retreat               non-animators and those                                      Saturday) for approx. $132 single
                                 with an interest in the art                                    occupancy. Prices vary and are subject to
       Friday, April 30 -      form: introduction of new                                        change. Outside cabins and camping are
           Sunday,         technology or new techniques,                                        also available, plus there are other
                                                  creative approaches, collaborative            accommodations nearby. Contact the
THE CONFERENCE                                    projects, etc. Please be very specific        lodge for room reservations.
The Conference is open to anyone with             about equipment and space needed for
an interest in animation. You do not need         your workshop, including what you will        TRAVEL
to be ASIFA/Cenral member to attend or            supply yourself.                              Utica, Illinois is located on the Illinois
present. The setting, Starved Rock State                                                        River, about 90 miles west of Chicago
Park in Illinois, located on a 125'               POSTER SESSIONS                               (approx. 90 minutes), at I-80 near I-39
sandstone butte overlooking the Illinois          Poster sessions will provide opportunities    (Illinois route 51).
River, is named for an Indian tribe that          for animators to present their own work,
starved to death during a siege. The park         or the work of other animators. Let us        ADDRESSES
boasts 18 canyons, waterfalls, spectacular        know what format (film, videotape, etc)       All Proposals & Conference Registration:
rock formations and 15 miles of trails.           you will need, and the length of your         M. L. Haynes
The amenities in the resort's lodge include       presentation. Your proposal should            Conference Chair
an indoor swimming pool, whirlpool,               include a short biography of the artist       3400 W. 111th Street, Box #324
kiddie pool and saunas.                           whose work you are showing. Stills,           Chicago, IL 60655 USA
                                                  slides, sample reel or a video clip may be
PAPERS......... PANELS......... A N D             requested if we run out of time slots.        Papers: email or
Papers can be on any subject relating to          DEADLINES
animation - independent, personal,                Proposals for workshops, panels, poster       Make check payable to: ASIFA / Central.
experimental, educational, commercial,            sessions and papers in draft form should
social, political, critical, theoretical issues   be received by Feb 14, 1999. Notification     RESERVATIONS
in historical, contemporary or future             of acceptance will be made by March 15,       STARVED ROCK LODGE &
contexts or computer related topics - are         1999. Papers should arrive by March 30,       CONFERENCE CENTER
welcome. Selected papers will be                  1999. Conference Registration fee should      P. O. BOX 570
published in Frame by Frame, the                  be received by April 15, 1999. Housing        Highway 178 & 71
quarterly publication of ASIFA/Central or         Reservations should be made with the          Utica, IL 61373
posted on the ASIFA/Central website.              lodge as soon as possible, housing is         phone: 800 - 868 - 7625
                                                  limited.                                      fax: 815 - 667 - 4455
Panels are to be organized and proposed                                                         e-mail:
by one presenter who is responsible for           REGISTRATION & RESERVATIONS
contacting the other panelists in advance.        Advance Registration fee is $40 through

                                                    NEW YORK ANIMATION FESTIVAL
                                                    New York City April 1999 Call for entries
                                                    First annual comprehensive festival for       New York Animation Festival
ASIFA/Central gained it’s youngest recruit          all types of animation, including film,       PO Box 1513
on August 11, 1998. Logan Xavier was                video and digital animation of any genre.     Peter Stuyvesant Station
born to proud parents Rich and Leslie               Student and international entries             New York, NY10009
Sharp. Rich has been an ASIFA member                encouraged.                                   USA
since his college days. Those who                   Deadline: February 1, 1999                    Tel: (212) 982-7781
attended the Spring Conference and                  Early Deadline: January 4, 1999               Fax: (212) 260-0912
Retreat may remember Leslie and Rich                For entry form or information, send your      E-mail:
hanging out around the hot tub...                   name, address or e-mail                       Web:
Congratulations!                                    address to:                         

6    Fall 1998
“Animators Converge in `99 for Annual Retreat “
by Mary Lou Haynes
Over the past 6 years, a new animation event has been            corners of the country to gather and re-energize with
quietly developing in a quaint town just over an hour's          kindred spirits.
drive southwest of Chicago, in the heart of Starved Rock
State Park.                                                      Included on the agenda is time for: a Bar-B-Que, nature
                                                                 hikes along the miles of marked trails, swimming in the
At just about the time that Spring officially debuts and the     indoor pool and relaxing in the ever popular hot tub.
Midwest is finally starting to thaw out, animators from
around the country convene for the annual ASIFACentral           The Retreat also features a competition designed to
Midwest Animators Conference & Retreat in Utica,                 encourage student animators. The Helen Victoria Haynes
Illinois.                                                        WORLD PEACE Storyboard & Animation Scholarship
                                                                 Competition is unique because a portion of the prizes are
The hotel/lodge, which is near the site of a legend of Indian    awarded to the winners for turning an `idea' into a
lore, sits atop a phenomenal bluff at the edge of the Illinois   completed project.
River. The scenery is spectacular, the surroundings rustic,
and the accommodations cozy.                                     Conference dates for 1999 are April 30 - May 2, 1999. You
                                                                 should reserve your rooms at the Lodge now. They will go
This event, sponsored by the Midwest Chapter of the              fast! The deadline for the WORLD PEACE Storyboard &
International Animated Film Association, brings together         Animation Scholarship Competition is Feb 14, 1999.
an informal group of attendees to hear featured speakers,
view animation, and discuss various aspects of the               The Conference is always in need of sponsors, seminar
animation business.                                              presenters, and student volunteers. To sponsor, present,
                                                                 volunteer, or for information on the 7th Annual ASIFA
Some of the 1998 presenters were Kim White of PIXAR,             Central Midwest Animators Conference & Retreat, send e-
("A Bug's Life") and Annette Browning of the                     mail to:
Northwestern University, Film & Video Department.                Midwest Animators Conference at or
                                                                 leave a message by calling 773-233-9397 ext.9 or write the
The focus of the gathering tends to be artistic and personal,    address below.
yet the commercial end of the artform is not ignored. It is
an excellent opportunity for animators laboring in distant       For information and rules for the 4th Annual International
                                                                 Helen Victoria Haynes WORLD PEACE Storyboard &
For the past decade, the Whole Toon Catalog                      Animation Scholarship Competition, or to volunteer as a
has been a central resource for animation                        judge, send e-mail to: WORLD PEACE SCHOLARSHIP
videos, laser discs and books for animation                      at or for a pre-recorded message call
lovers everywhere. Two years ago, the Whole                      773-233-9397 ext. 3. or send a brief note including a SASE
Toon Catalog became a part of Facets Video,                      with 1st Class postage to :
the Chicago-based non-profit distributor of                              M. L. Haynes
foreign, classic American, silent, documentary,                          3400 W. 111th Street, Box #324
experimental and animation films on video. If                            Chicago, IL. 60655
you would like a copy of their upcoming new                      Please indicate your interest in either the CONFERENCE
edition of the Facets Whole Toon Catalog                         or COMPETITION, or both. Allow 4-6 weeks for
please write:                                                    processing.
Facets Whole Toon Catalog
                                                                 To reserve your room(s) for 1999 ASIFACentral Midwest
1517 West Fullerton Avenue                                       Animators Conference & Retreat call Starved Rock Lodge
Chicago, IL 60614                                                & Conference Center at 1-800-868-7625.
email:                                          web site:
fax: 1-733-939-5437                                              email:

                                                                                        Fall 1998                            7
ASIFA/Central Members: 3 Frame Animation Challenge.
This is Randy Rockfafellow your                                 Whether you've 10 years experience
member directory coordinator                        page             behind you, or if your just starting
passing on some information               with bio/resume info.          out, this is an opportunity to help
about the 3 Frame                                                            contribute to the creation of a
Animation Challenge.             So the animation gauntlet has been            diverse animation gallery.
                              cast down. Who dares to answer the
The new ASIFA               challenge...                                          But if you’re to busy, or
International                                                                      feel this is too hard or
webmaster is calling      For eligibility and technical specifics on how to         not worth it, that just
for 3 frame              prepare and send your 3 frame animations for the means I'll have to step
animations for the 3    web contact the ASIFA International webmaster,               up and take all the
Frame Animation         Thomas Renoldner at                   glory...
Gallery on the ASIFA                                                                 -Randall Rockafellow
International web        I encourage your partcipation in putting                   ASIFA/Central
site.                     animations on the International animation                 Volunteer Coordinator &
                           organization's web site.                                Webmaster
             2                Each one of us, as animators have our             Also, if you haven't
              3                  own style/personality and there is           already, check out your
              Go!                    no better way to share that            membership listing on the web
                                           than on the web.             page. Help me make sure your
Any animation submitted will get a                                 listing is posting your current email,
spot on the main page for a brief time. The                 web page and bio information. Hope to hear
rewards for participation are recognition for             from you.
your work and a link to your website or to a              -Randy Rockafellow

    Non-Scientific Observations on Common Elements in Animation Entries...
    by Deanna Morse           about Snowmen. Two films used the
                                            same title. (It didn’t matter, we selected    Common styles and themes
 Viewing the 1147 entries of the
                                            one for competition; it won an award.)        animation “reality” films, animating to
 Hiroshima Animation Festival, I thought
                                                                                            documentary sound tracks
 I could make some real concrete
                                            In this list, I’ve tried to cull more than    the effect of television on little babies
 statements about the nature of the work
                                            two instances.. so here they are - my non-    live action and animation intercut
 being done in animation today. Well, I
                                            scientific observations about what we         men in prison, men in chains
 can’t. It’s just too varied. We saw a
                                            saw...                                        dream diaries
 wide variety of films and techniques -
                                                                                          people become insects, dragonflies
 drawn, puppet, clay, paint on glass, cg,
                                            Common ways of starting films                 people get trapped in a computer game
 timelapse, image processed, cel, mixed
                                            in the clouds                                 bank robberies
 media, sand drawn on film...
                                            in the morning,                               old men alone in houses
                                            an alarm clock wakes up the protagonist       dark stories
 However, I did keep some notes during
                                            in the night as the day begins
 the three weeks of screenings. Mostly, I
                                            in a starfield                                Reoccurring visual elements
 wrote down things that were similar, so
                                            using a newspaper to reveal the plot          big lips, men with big cheeks, buxom
 that I could share this information with
                                              points                                       ladies
 my students. Looking back at my notes,
                                            films that took a long time to get started;   characters with two different sized eyes
 sometimes it was just oddball stuff. For
                                              took too much time establishing a           blood shot eyes
 instance, we screened two films in a row
                                              “mood” before the story kicked in
 that featured angry babies, then two                                               Non-Scientific Observations continued on page 9

8     Fall 1998
Non-Scientific Observations continued from page 8
                                                                                          A Question for ASIFA International
skulls                                       the camera goes into an eye                  Members
a face turns into a gorilla face             we look through a spyglass
cowboys                                                                                   As you may have read in the current
circus                                       Common sounds                                issue of ASIFA News, an arrangement
constellations- clouds, rain                 burping                                      has been made with ASIFA Hollywood
mountains and water in computer              solo piano                                   to convert all of the memberships to
animated films                               background sounds of computers,              international status and print an
mermaids                                      televisions, radios                         English-only version of the newsletter
castles, seashores, sand                     classical music                              to go to those members.
spaceships, space shuttles                   sonatas
people with their heads cut open             doors that trigger a sound when they         This English-only newsletter will save
clocks and watches, gears                    open                                         money for ASIFA International as it will
flies and maggots, spiders                   farting                                      cost less to print. It will also save on
dragons, cows, birds, bees, butterflies                                                   mailing costs, as it is printed and
cats and dogs, lizards                       This is not to suggest that all of these     mailed domestically.
saws for hands                               things need to be avoided. We selected
computers, televisions, radios               films for competition that shared these      So here’s the question for you - Do
sharkfins                                    common elements. Some of them even           you wish to continue to receive the
teeth as a decorative element in a scene     won prizes. But films that had a fresh       newsletter in three languages as it has
checkerboards, stripes                       style or characters grabbed our attention    been, or would you be satisfied with
                                             more quickly!                                an English-only version? If you are
Common camera gestures                                                                    satisfied with English-only, it would
the camera goes into the mouth and away      -Deanna Morse                                save some costs for ASIFA

    L.A. Chapter SIGGRAPH                    Attending the event will be industry
                                                                                          If you have any opinions on the
                 and                         specialists, educators, professionals,
                                                                                          subject, I would welcome your views.
                                             students, SIGGRAPH and WIAmembers
   Women In Animation-L.A .                  and non-members. Those established in the
                                                                                          Please contact me at the address on
          Chapter (WIA)                      computer animation industry will provide     the back cover, or at
 In Association With the Economic            insight and direction to attendees seeking
                                             knowledge.                                   Thanks! Deanna Morse
Alliance of the San Fernando Valley
                                             Find out what you need to know about         Fees:
      CAREER BOOT CAMP                       resumes, demo reels, networking,             Postmarked by February 1st:
      Sunday, March 7th, 1999                interviewing, and internships.               $29 Students
         9:00 am - 5:00 pm                                                                $40 Members of:
                                             Last year's Career Boot Camp was a great     ACM/SIGGRAPH
                                             success with over 600 attendees, and 40      L.A. Chapter SIGGRAPH
Location:                                    speakers from companies such as Walt         Women In Animation
Universal Hilton                             Disney Feature Animation, Industrial Light   $55 Non-Members
555 Universal Terrace Pkwy                   and Magic, Digital Domain, Rhythm and        After February 1st & At-the-Door:
Universal City, CA91608                      Hues, Sony Pictures Imageworks, Blue         $45 Students
818.506.2500                                 Sky/VIFX and other industry giants.          $60 Members of:
If you are interested in breaking into the   L.A. Chapter SIGGRAPH and WIA                L.A. Chapter SIGGRAPH
computer animation industry and need to      membership is not required for this event,   Women In Animation
know what it takes, come learn from the      but a registration fee will be charged to    $75 Non-Members
experts.                                     members and non-members to cover the
                                             day's events.                                Credit cards will not be accepted.
Get guidance on job entry procedures and
educational programs which relate to the     Aform will also be available to download     We hope to see you in March, 1999.
computer industry needs at CAREER            at L.A. Chapter SIGGRAPH's website:
BOOT CAMPon Sunday, March 7, 1999  
from 9-5 pm.                                 pp/bootcamp

                                                                                            Fall 1998                          9
Fall 1998

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