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					Rental Car Guidelines All Drivers must be a minimum of 21 years of age. All drivers must be authorized by the department to drive a rented vehicle.

 DO rent from Enterprise Car Rental as the agency of choice (others are
acceptable if Enterprise does not serve the destination location)

 DO rent in the name of Kent State University, not your personal name.
Renting in the university’s name will guarantee the contracted pricing. (This also makes payment and/or collision/loss filings easier to identify.) University purchasing cards cannot be used for the rental of vehicles. The local Enterprise (Stow-Kent) will bill Kent State University. Any other location or agency will need to be paid by the employee and the employee will need to request reimbursement using an employee expense reimbursement form.

 DO take valid KSU vehicle “proof of insurance” with you before travel
begins. University proof of insurance can be printed from the following website: Proof of insurance cards are good for one fiscal year only. The University’s fiscal year is from July 1 – June 30.

 DO purchase optional “Personal Accident Insurance” (PAI) coverage  DO make sure that the University has checked the status of all drivers. It is
the department’s responsibility to make sure that a valid license has been issued. Points on a license should also be factored in when determining authorization to drive.

 DO purchase all optional and mandatory insurance when renting vehicles
outside the U.S. DON’TS:

 DON’T purchase “collision change waiver” insurance on rentals in the U.S.  DON’T purchase “optional liability limits” on rentals in the U.S.

NOTE: Your department may require special authorization before renting a 15 passenger van. The University requires all drivers of 15 passenger vans to attend van training and submit to a Motor Vehicle Records check of their license. Under no circumstances is a department permitted to contact Enterprise directly to rent a 15 passenger van.

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