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Girls Soccer Booster Meeting


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									                                     OHS Girls Soccer Booster (“GSB”) Meeting
                                   Sunday, July 22 – Orange Middle School Library.

Attendance: Diane Arcara, Barbara & Regan Cole, Jennifer Cunningham, Melinda Deakins, Wendy & Brian Deffubagh,
Debbie Garda, Coach Kelly Gilliam, Leah Hilty, Dan Jay, Lisa Jackson, Tina Meyer, Janice Miller, Mary Beth Owens, Ann
Pfau, Kim Pearce, Carol Ratnasingham, Diane Stein, Kathy Weaver, Neil and Karen Wheeler,

The Meeting was called to order by Ann Pfau, President at 7:05 p.m. The May 21, 2007 meeting minutes were approved.

Olentangy Athletic Boosters (“OAB”) Report – As requested at the May 21, 2007 meeting, Kim Pearse, on behalf of the
OHS Girls Soccer Boosters, suggested at the June OAB meeting that Homeowners be notified, via the Olentangy List
Serve, of the upcoming OAB Fundraising Drive scheduled for August 20th. There was not a positive reception to this
suggestion at the meeting. Melinda Deakins, who works at the District Offices agreed to follow-up with this suggestion.

Treasurer Report – Kim Pearse, Treasurer, reported that the Wal-mart Candy Bar Sale, held on July 21st, 2007 was a
success. 540 Candy Bars were sold by 3:00, allowing the 3:00-5:00 shift to be cancelled. The Team sold $540 worth of
candy bars and received $142.95 in cash donations for a total of $682.95. Wal-mart will match this amount, bringing our
earnings to $1,365.90. With our initial cost for the Candy Bar purchase being $270.00, our Total Earnings for this Fund
Raiser is $1,095.90. Kelly Murray worked the candy sale from 9:00-3:00 with no break. It was suggested that a $25 gas
card be given to Kelly as the Top Salesperson of the day bringing our total funds raised for this event to $1,070.90

Coach’s Report – Coach Kelly Gilliam represented Brian Billips who was unable to attend the meeting. She confirmed
that the Kid’s camp was a terrific fund raiser and there were a total of 132 female campers this year. It was suggested that
next year, the Camp Volunteers be asked to arrive on the first day of Camp by 3:00, instead of 3:30. Campers started
arriving earlier than expected and the additional 30 minutes to set-up would be of benefit. A reminder that there are extra
camp T-shirts for sale for $10.00. Please see Ann Pfau if you are interested.

Cox Concessions – Because the budget is in such great financial shape, it was suggested and approved that if a
girl/family member would like to work Cox Concessions, the money they earn will go directly toward the purchase of their
$75.00 Warm-up Cost. The next opportunity we have to work for Cox Concession will be during the Ohio State Fair,
August 4 or 5th. There was a raise of hands as to who might be interested in participating. Debbie Garda will confirm with
Cox how many committed girls/families we need, and what specific date will we be assigned.

Corn Hole Tournament – Friday, August 10th is the new scheduled date for the Corn Hole Tournament/festivities. The
girls will already be at Orange Middle School for practice, and there is a JV/Varsity Parent Meeting scheduled there as well.
 Lisa Jackson has volunteered to coordinate the evening of events. Lisa will provide hot dogs and Bahama Momma
sausages. More details will be announced as soon as the Facilities Request has been approved.

OYAA Night Coordinator is still needed.

End of Season Banquet – Mary Beth Owens has agreed to Chair this even.

The Silent Auction Committee requested $250 to purchase baskets, cellophane, ribbon etc. to enhance some of the
Silent Auction donations. The Boosters made the motion and the motion was approved to allow for this expenditure.

The remainder of the meeting was used to discuss the Strongsville tournament schedule.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:10.

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