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FEBRUARY_ 2010 Newsletter


									                      VFW                                                NON PROFIT ORGANIZATION
                 DUWEL POST 7570                                           U.S. POSTAGE
               9160 LAWRENCEBURG RD                                             PAID
                HARRISON OHIO 45030                                        HARRISON OH.
                                                                           PERMIT NO. 18

                                       FEBRUARY, 2010 Newsletter

John Neal

Robert Ostertag

William Floyd

Paul Hilmer

Joe Blust

Allen Schmitz

Jack Ruthven

Harry Power                            Telephone: (513) 367-6633
                                      Web Page:
James Sizemore
Steve Fetzer                           SPONSORED BY VFW OHIO CHARITIES
Arthur Callaway
                                  COMMANDER’S MESSAGE
As we enter a new year I would like to reflect on the past couple of years and chart a path for
the future. In 2006 our post was almost $26,000.00 in the red at the end of the year. If we
look at the revenue generated in 2008 we were an outstanding 60% over that of 2007 and in
2009 we were 90% over that of 2007. In any business model that is phenomenal growth. In
2009 we were actually in the black. Remember without the revenue to sustain our post we
would not be able to support our veterans.
Because of the increase in revenue we were able to add approximately $35,000.00 of capital
growth and untold small improvements to our facility. Over the next couple of months we will
be getting a new roof which is badly needed along with a couple of other smaller planned
projects. We have done very well but we still have challenges ahead. I do believe we will
continue our growth and be able to enhance our support for the military and their families.
One of the most important aspects of what we do is obviously what we do for the veterans and
over the past year we have made great strides in securing help for out veterans who need
assistance. Jack Long and Andy Miller, Service Officers have allowed many of our older vets to
acquire assistance through the VA. I would strongly request any vet seeking to learn more
about what is available to contact either of these two members and start the process.
In closing I want to say once again “Thank You” to all and may God bless our troops.

John Neal, Commander

                                  CLUB MANAGER MESSAGE

Dear Comrades & Comradetts:

The new year has started out with a big BANG. We had a great New Year’s Eve Party, almost
sold out. The Skip Wolf Pool Tournament had 33 shooters with a 3way shoot-off for 1st place.
The monthly dance with Ritchie and the Students was sold out, they had the place “rockin” With
January winding down with Belly Fest. February is going to be a busy month: Feb. 6th with
Stagger Lee, Feb. 13th with the CODA band, Feb. 20th Corn hole Tournament and Feb 27th
Centerline band. Also in Feb starts the fish dinners. So if you can, come see us often and have
a good time. While on events, we are in the planning stages for a summer picnic on July 31st.
Also, I am trying to get an 8 ball tournament started Feb thru May. We are always looking for
new things to try. So if you have an idea, let us know.
In closing, I hope everybody stays safe and hope to see you at the Post.

Support Our Troops,
Bill Floyd, Jr. Vice
                                  SERVICE OFFICER MESSAGE

I’ am here to help all Veterans of the post get their V.A. Benefits. Call me if I can assist you
(513) 313-2711 (c).

God Bless Our Troops,
Jack Long, Service Officer
                                 DO YOU FEEL LUCKY

Friday $5.00 Drawing: Connie Miller (n/p), Don Janney (100%), Jerry Dyer (50%),
Patty Vines (100%)
Skip Wolf’s 3 Ball Tournament: Mark Schlarmann
Silver Strike Bowling Trournament: Sheri Callaway
This month we had five members / friends pass away; Past Post Commander, 1990-92
Howard Wolf, Albert Loos, Allie Rolfes, Edwin Haas and Katherine Wert. We also have
two members sick this month, Clyde Kober and Kim Noe. Let us keep these friends and
families in our prayers. February is going to be a busy month at the Post. I hope
everyone has a good time.
In closing, let us keep our service men and women, POW’s and MIA’s in our prayers.

Harry Power, Chaplain

                                   MEN’S AUXILIARY

Our by-laws have been voted in and submitted to the Post and the State. Thanks to
everyone who put hours and hours in over the past year plus to get this finished. Dues
are due now! If you haven’t paid yet submit them ASAP.

God Bless Our Veterans,
Mike Kober, President

                           LOVE OUR VETERANS – SOCIETY

This is the first month that we will be e-mailing LOV-S members their newsletter. If you
do not receive one, please contact me or Fay Belew and we will correct the problem.
LOV-S will be selling desserts during the Fish Frys beginning Feb. 19 thru April 2nd.
Contact Becky Stephenson if you have any questions. If you are able to donate a
dessert any Friday, please write your name on the Canteen board and have it down at
the Post by 4pm Friday. All desserts are appreciated and welcomed. The Post needs
volunteers to work the dinners, if you can volunteer, come to the meeting on 2/9, 7pm.
Thanks to all our volunteers who have been helping with the dinners, ham shoots and
cleaning of the Post. Come down to our next meeting, Feb. 25th 7pm.

God Bless America
Bev Hilmer, President
                           QUARTERMASTER’S COMMENTS

Just a little recap of the year 2009. The Post has come a long with all the capital
improvements and the Veterans and their families we have helped. That is our purpose
here! We ended the year in the black. Thanks to the LOV-S ladies and the Men’s
Auxiliary for all their help. A lot more work is to be done. But with your help, we will get
it done! 2010 looks to be busier with a lot more activities. We‘re planning a summer
picnic, will be having 5 Cruisin’s this year, and we’re planning a lot more dances.
Speaking of dances we are getting bigger and you need to make reservations early
because the crowds are getting bigger.
We have lost a lot of members this past year and they are the ones that built this Post
so keep their family in your prayers.

God Bless America and Protect or Troops,
Paul F. Hilmer, Quartermaster
                      FEBRUARY, 2010                Web Site:

☺HAPPY HOUR 3 to 6 p.m. Monday thru Thursday☺
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          Open Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri @ 3pm                    Open Sat, Sun @ 8am

 Sunday       Monday        Tuesday       Wednesday           Thursday             Friday         Saturday
             1             2             3                4                   5                  6
 Amvets                                                                       Smoked Sausage       DANCE NITE
              Line Dance                                                        & Scalloped        LIVE BAND
Post #13                                                      Men’s Aux.
                Lessons                                                        Potatoes Din.     STAGGER LEE
Breakfest        7-9pm                                          Mtg.            4:30-7pm           COUNTRY/
  8:am            $5.00                                        7:30pm                                ROCK
                                                                                   $5 Drawing    8:30p-12:30am
 1-7-10                                                                             7:30pm
                                                                                                  $5.00 cover
      ↓                                                                        DJ/Karaoke
                                                                                Rob & Bev
7            8             9             10               11                  12                 13
   #15                                     Euchre 7pm                             $5 Drawing     VALENTINE
HAM SHOOT     Line Dance                                                                           DANCE
                            Fish Fry                                               7:30pm
                Lessons                                                                          C.O.D.A. BAND
  SUPER          7-9pm      Meeting           Drawing
  BOWL           $5.00        7pm             7:30pm                              D/J JASON      8:30p-12:30a
  PARTY                    Everyone                                           MAR-DI-GRAS
                                                                                                 $5.00 cover
  CHILI                                                                          PARTY
                           Welcome                                                                  PUBLIC
COOK OFF                                                                      BRING SNACK          WELCOME
                           To Attend
3pm Start                                                                      & DRESS UP
                           Need Your                                            (Canteen)
Judge 6pm

14           15            16            17               18                  19                 20
     #16       1898                        Euchre 7pm                          #1 Fish Fry        CORN HOLE
     HAM     Sinking of    E-Bd 6:30                         Harrison Gp.&      4:30p-7p          Tournament
    SHOOT      U.S.S.      Members            Drawing       American Heart     $5 Drawing        12pm Sign up
               Maine       Mtg. 7:30          7:30pm                             7:30pm           & 1pm Start
                                                            Quarter Auction                      Call Bill or Paul
              Line Dance
                                                                  6pm         DJ Bill & Lisa
                Lessons                                                                              for info.
                                                            Public Welcome    Karaoke 8pm
                  $5.00                                                       Monthly Birthday
21           22            23            24               25                  26                 27
                                           Euchre 7pm           LOV-S          #2 Fish Fry       DANCE NITE
 Bowling                                                         Mtg.           4:30p-7p         LIVE BAND
              Line Dance
Tourn. 6pm      Lessons                    $ Drawing             7pm                              CENTER LINE
                 7-9pm                      7:30 pm                               $5 Drawing         ROCK
                  $5.00                                                            7:30pm
                                H/G                                                              8:30p12:30am
                                                                                                  $5.00 cover


                            (Looking for new members to help us help Veterans)

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