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                        23 Norfolk Road, Maghull, Merseyside, L31 5NY

Autodesk 3D Studio Max, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Autodesk Maya, Zbrush, Adobe Premiere,
Fusion Adobe Flash, some Mudbox,
A hard working 3D digital animation student studying at the University of Hertfordshire who is looking for
work in the industry, in a fast paced learning environment. I work better to deadlines and I am always look-
ing for ways to improve my animation through different software and resources. As well as working i love the
social side of things and I am always looking to meet new people.

GCSE’s                                     A LEVEL’s
8 passes including:
Art - A                                  Art - B (B,C,D - A,A,A)
Maths - B                                Geography - B
English Lit - B                     Travel and Tourism - D
Science - C
 Camp Puhtok - 8th June - 16th August 2009 Employer - Alexi Cousouris
 Here i was a Camp Councellor for children aged 6 - 16 over the summer of 2009 Tel: 410 329 6590
 as part of the Camp America Programe.                               

Other than my Interest in 3D technology and animation i have many interests such as LEADERSHIP. I
worked at camp puhtok to train my leadership skills to become efficient whilst keeping a good environment
for my co workers and the children.
I am also a keen guitarist i enjoy concerts, festivals and just jamming with friends. i enjoy many sports one
being football and i have also recently taken up Squash as a means to keep fit and try to play as often as
possible whilst I am in university.
In many cases I am your ‘average Joe’ however i believe i have the personality to stand out and make friends
as I am always looking to make new ones.

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