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					Fall Graduation Access Information Accessibility, Wheelchairs, and Disability Accommodations
This is a comprehensive website designed to address access and accommodation topics for individuals with disabilities and/or impaired mobility attending the Fall Commencement Ceremony (graduate and/or undergraduate).

It is important to note that arriving at least one hour before the ceremony will help with your selection of parking and seating. Please make transportation and other arrangements with this in mind.

Two (2) weeks before the date of the Commencement Ceremony, students can pick up a “special needs” parking pass for family and/or friends who need accommodations due to a disability or impaired mobility. (Location: Services for Students with Disabilities Office, 250 S. Main Street, Suite 300, Blacksburg, VA)

For the Fall 2008 Commencement Ceremony, “special needs” parking passes will be available starting Friday, December 5, 2008 and continue weekdays through Friday, December 19, 2007 between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. ** NOTE**
Individuals do not need a “special needs” parking pass if they already have an official DMV handicap license plate or hang tag. Only those vehicles with DMV tags are eligible to park in designated handicap parking spaces. For individuals with impaired mobility (without a DMV tag) additional parking spaces have been allocated at the university ceremony. These vehicles must display the "special needs parking pass" on the dashboard of the car. The first two parking bays in the lot nearest Cassell Coliseum (lot on Spring Road) will be reserved for handicapped and “special needs” parking.


Ambulatory Seating (Accessible seating for non-wheelchair users)

Individuals who can transfer from wheelchairs or who are ambulatory can enter through the main lobby from the Washington Street entrance (front of the Coliseum) and proceed to any aisle. Accessible seating will be reserved in the first two rows as you enter the portals. Ushers are available to direct you to these areas. Wheelchairs and walkers must be folded and stored along the walkways to the portals. Individuals MAY NOT remain in their wheelchairs in the portal areas.

The band platform area is not accessible for wheelchairs (between Aisles 11 and 13).

 Non-Ambulatory Seating (Wheelchair users)
Ushers will be available to direct individuals to the appropriate entrance, seats and parking. Spring Road Route: Individuals who cannot or prefer not to transfer out of their wheelchairs should enter the Coliseum through the Merryman Center, which is directly across from the Coliseum Parking lot on Spring Road. Signs will be posted. Enter the Merryman Center front doors, go through the lobby and bear left down the long ramp. This will take you into the Jamerson Center. Follow the blue access signs down the hall and turn left into the Coliseum. Proceed straight ahead onto the floor of the Coliseum. Wheelchair users are seated behind the graduates. Folding chairs are available for a guest to sit with the person in the wheelchair. Additional seats are available on the rows directly beside or behind the wheelchair seating and are accessed from a small gate at the floor level. Ushers are available to assist guests along this route. Washington Street Route: Individuals who cannot or prefer not to transfer out of their wheelchairs can enter the Coliseum through the Washington Street entrance (front of the Coliseum) and proceed with their fellow guests to the elevator opposite Aisle 18. Individuals remaining in their wheelchair must be seated in the handicap seating area located on the gymnasium floor. Directions to the elevator: Enter Cassell Coliseum from Washington Street then veer to the left and the elevator will be on the left across from Aisle 18. Take the elevator down to the second floor of the Coliseum. Proceed through the adjacent hallway and the Coliseum entrance will be in front of you. Ushers are available to assist guests along this route. Wheelchair seating is behind the graduates and directly opposite the stage. One person may accompany and sit with the individual with impaired mobility. Other family members can sit in the first rows behind them in the stands which can be accessed from the floor of the Coliseum. When graduates begin to line up for the procession, the hallways on this level will be extremely congested and inaccessible until after all graduates are seated. The band platform area located on the main seating level is not accessible for wheelchairs (between Aisles 11 and 13). Access Map: FallGraduationAccessMap.pdf

Individuals Who Are Deaf or Hard of Hearing
Individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing: American Sign Language interpreters will be provided for the Fall Undergraduate and Graduate university commencement ceremonies. Should a person who is deaf or hard of hearing prefer a different mode of communication or the use of an assistive listening device, Services for Students with Disabilities should be contacted (540-231-0813 (V) or 540-231-0853 (TTY)) for this request at least 2 weeks prior to graduation. Every effort will be made to arrange for these services. In Cassell Coliseum, seating will be located in Section 8 near the floor of the coliseum. Due to limited seating, an early arrival time would be advised.

Floor of the Coliseum An accessible restroom is located in the hallway as you exit the elevator to the right on level two. Ambulatory Level The accessible restrooms are located near entries 14 and 17 and in the hallway in Jamerson Center across from Aisle 18. Other non-accessible restrooms are located around the ambulatory level.

Regular Blacksburg Transit (BT) routes will be running during graduation. If you need BT Access/Paratransit (handicap accessible bus), please contact the BT Access/Paratransit at least one week in advance to arrange wheelchair or other special needs transportation. Schedules and accessibility information are available by contacting www.btransit.org or by calling 540-961-1803.

Individuals needing wheelchair assistance will be required to bring their own personal chairs. Wheelchairs may be obtained from the following sources: (1) bring your own personal chair; (2) obtain a rental wheelchair from your local hometown area; (3) contact the Blacksburg wheelchair rental agencies listed below. Please make your arrangements for a wheelchair rental EARLY. Local Wheelchair Rental Agencies New River Valley Rent-All (540) 953-1211 / 3925 South Main St., Blacksburg, VA Open: Monday-Friday 8:30-5:00, Saturday 8:30-1:00 Price: $10.40 (includes tax) per day (24 hour rentals) Must have amount of rental in advance

Medi Home Health (540) 951-1786 / 3635 South Main St., Blacksburg, VA Toll Free: 888-317-6334 Open: Monday-Friday 8:30-5:00  Wheelchairs must be picked up by Friday. They are closed on Saturdays.

Price: $25 per week (minimum) /$75 per month Persons must pay the weekly cost even if the chair is needed only one day or a weekend. Must reserve two weeks in advance/must have valid credit card.

Carilion Home Care Services (540) 633-2223 / 48 W. Main Street, Christiansburg, VA Open: Monday-Friday 9:00-5:00 Price: $100 deposit (will be returned if chair is in good condition) $45 per month (standard 18X16 wheelchair) rental fee $83 per month (lightweight 18X16 wheelchair) Several chairs are available for rent. A 1-2 day notice must be given.

Who to Contact for Additional Questions
Services for Students with Disabilities at 540-231-0813 (V) or 540-231-0853 (TTY), e-mail: ssd@vt.edu ; or the ADA Coordinator at 540-231-4638 (V) or 540-231-7227 (TTY), e-mail: adainfo@vt.edu.

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