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                                 Jessica Milazzo


2006-2007                    AniMagic                                                               New York NY
Flash Animation Supervisor
Part of management team that created production structure for workflow and character set up for upcoming PBS
kids series. Supervised a team of 11-22 Flash animators, culled assets for the team, worked with Background and
Design departments to ensure Flash usability of assets, collaborated closely with the key pose and finishing animators:
distributed scenes, provided direction for the animators following the show director’s vision, ensured the file setup
was friendly for animation and After Effects delivery.

Created Flash animation for use in Cartoon Network live action pilot.

Animated “Speed Racer” in Flash using existing and new assets in preparation for After Effects. Created all Flash
animation from layout to lip-synch using the Cintiq.

                              Plus et Plus                                                           New York NY
Lead Animator/Animator
Worked closely with director to flesh out and animate several Flash spots for television advertisements shown
internationally for Sunsilk hair products.

Worked on development of TV spot for the United Nations.

2006                       Dennis Earl Moore Productions                                                New York NY
Worked directly with the client to help them realize their vision for a minute and half 4 ‘ x 6’ animation projected on
a moving display for the Mount Vernon Museum. Simultaneously animated and co-directed 3-4 other animators for
the project.

                           Wachtenheim/Marianetti                                                     New York NY
Clean up Artist
Did clean up work on traditionally animated Flash short for Coca-Cola.

                            KaliRa/Funkmation Studios                                                 New York NY
Created several Photoshop images for use in “Sesame Street” animated and live action interstitials in cooperation
with the director’s vision.

Animated interstitial “Punk Rock Angel Girl” created by the singer Jewel for Nickelodeon. Created character assets in
Photoshop as well as character animation drawn directly into Flash using a Wacom tablet. Utilized symbols where
appropriate. Executed clean up in Flash.

                            MishMash Productions                                                    New York NY
Layout Animator
Prepared Flash Files for character animation by creating symbol assets drawn within Flash using a Wacom tablet in
reference to Character Model Sheets for full-length feature, “Queer Duck- The Movie”. Created basic animation.

2005                         Cartoon Pizza/Sesame Workshop                                             New York NY
Created character animation using symbol libraries in Flash for “Pinky Dinky Doo”, a Sesame Workshop/Cartoon
Pizza production for Noggin and BBC. Fielded retakes including reorganizing files, creating new and tweaking existing
animation, lip sync and effects according to director and producer notes in order to finalize animation for post-
Key Poser
Prepared key poses and camera moves for animation using character libraries and levels in Flash following storyboards
on “Pinky Dinky Doo”.

2004                      Cartoon Network                                                            London UK
Traditionally animated “Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy” sting in tandem for Cartoon Network UK. Executed
clean up in Flash.

2002 - 2003                Angry Naked Comics
Complete production on several creator owned online and print comics, including character design and illustration,
page layout, and book design; “Patchouli One Shot” was distributed internationally through Diamond Distributing.

Co-created and illustrated a web comic for screenwriter Kevin Smith’s movie information website on tight deadline.


2000                      The Runaway                                                 McGee Street Productions
Base Camp Production Assistant
Coordinated actors with production, wardrobe, and make-up departments for on set arrival for television movie.

2000                      Summer Catch                                                                 Warner Bros.
Production Assistant
Coordinated extras for onset arrival. Maintained lockups for major motion picture.

2000                     Imitation Is Suicide                                                             Independent
Art Director
Designed and decorated sets. Created and placed props for independent short.

1999                       Happy Campers                                                           New Line Cinema
Set Dresser/ Props
Prepared, dressed and dismantled sets. Created and placed props for major motion picture. Coordinated work
schedule with needs of two different departments. Created several comic style drawings of lead actress for use in

2003-2004          London University of the Arts/ Central St. Martins                                   London UK
Postgraduate Diploma in Character Animation

2002-2003             School of the Visual Arts                                                     New York NY
Animation As Fine Arts Medium; Continuing Education
Illustration Portfolio; Continuing Education

1991-1996           Shepherd College                                                          Shepherdstown WV
BFA Painting; Magna Cum Laude
AA Graphic Design; Cum Laude

Fluent in both Mac/PC platforms; Microsoft Office programs.
Experienced in a variety of graphics programs including Flash, Photoshop, Illustrator,
Image Ready, FreeHand and Fireworks.
Proficient in several illustration styles from acrylic and gouache, pen and ink, and digital formats.
Equally comfortable with traditional drawn animation and computer based techniques including use of the
Wacom tablet/Cintiq.
Knowledgeable with basic video editing techniques.

                      References Available Upon Request.

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