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                                             What is Rheumatism?
                                             By Annette Badowski

   Rheumatism is a broad medical terminology that is used to describe various painful conditions,
particularly those that affect the joints, bones, tendons and muscles. Rheumatism can also involve
internal organs like the heart, skin, kidneys and lungs. One should note that the word rheumatism does
not refer to a single disease or condition. There are over 100 ailments commonly referred to as
rheumatism, but the word is something of a modern day anachronism, particularly to the medical

 However, the term "rheumatism" is still used in colloquial speech. Even so, it would be disingenuous
to ascribe rheumatism to any one condition. The general terms arthritis and rheumatism between them
cover at least 200 different conditions.

What are the symptoms of Rheumatism?

 Because the term rheumatism can be applied to a variety of conditions and ailments, it would be
extremely difficult to cover the entire range of symptoms. There is however, one thing all rheumatism
type conditions share with one another, and that is chronic, often times debilitating pain. Other
common symptoms associated with rheumatism include pain, intense soreness, swelling, stiffness in
the affected area, and a loss of function in the joints. In addition, people with the disease may have
fatigue, occasional fever, and a general sense of not feeling well. The pain associated with this
syndrome is very difficult to treat.

What causes Rheumatism?

 Causes for rheumatism will vary with the type of condition that is being attributed to the disease, For
example, rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is an ‘auto-immune’ disease where the antibodies, which normally
attack germs to prevent infection, attack the body’s own tissues. With other ailments and diseases,
Rheumatism can be caused by damage or wear and tear to joints, bone, cartilage or organs. For
instance, Osteoarthritis affects the smooth, shiny cartilage that covers the end of the bones where they
come into contact, making it a rheumatic ailment. Other factors to look out for in regards to rheumatism
are, heredity, tooth infections, hormonal imbalances, toxicity of the blood and inflamed tonsils.

Rheumatism may affect any and all of us at some time or another, however, only a small minority will

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                                  Presented by Daniel Toriola

develop a form of rheumatism that is severe enough to be crippling.

Will Painwave X4000 Help with Rheumatism?

 Since the Painwave X4000 is a non-invasive, drug-free method that gives real pain relief then it would
be safe to say that, yes, it can provide amazing results for people who suffer from rheumatism. Unlike
TENS or other similar methods of pain relief, it does not ‘block’ pain signals to the brain, rather, the
Painwave X 4000 works in concert with the body’s own bioelectromagnetic ecosystem. Another bonus
is that the Painwave X4000 has no side effects, and the unit is simply moved gently over the surface of
the skin in a small circular motion. After a short period of time Painwave X4000 will improve cell activity
and lymphatic movements and blood circulation, all of which are beneficial in the relief of pain and
other discomforts. In many cases, this stimulation will greatly reduce or eliminate pain for good.

 Note: The information in this article should not be used to diagnose a disease. If you are experiencing
rheumatism like symptoms, seek the attention of a medical professional for a related exam.

For further information, please visit

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                           What Good and Bad Fat can do to Your Health
                                              By Knut Holt


High consumption of fat or of the combination fat and carbohydrates causes obesity, heart disease and
other health problems. However the different types of fat have very different effects on the health. Here
is a survey of the different fat categories and their effects:

Mono-unsaturated fat - This type of fat prevents heart disease and circulatory disease in moderate

Omega-6-poly-unsaturated fat - This fat type prevents heart disease if you do not consume too much
of it. However it causes inflammatory reactions. This type of reactions are benign when they are
moderate and when they are provoked to fight disease. But a constant high inflammatory response is
dangerous, and can cause rheumatism, heart trouble and cancer. A very high consumption of this type
of fat is therefore dangerous.

Omega-3-poly-unsaturated fat - This type of fat prevents heart disease and reduces inflammatory
reactions in moderate amounts. Therefore it also reduces the risk of cancer, intestinal inflammations
and rheumatism.

Omega-9-poly-unsaturated fat - This type of fat also prevents heart disease and reduces inflammatory
reactions in moderate amounts. Therefore it reduces the risk of cancer, intestinal inflammations and

Saturated fat - This type of fat is probably not dangerous in small amounts. In higher amounts,
saturated fat gives high cholesterol levels, causes clogging of the blood vessels, causes coronary heart
disease and increases the risk of infarct of the heart and other organs.

Cholesterol - Cholesterol is a fat-like compound found in the food, but also synthesized from saturated
fat by the body. High intake of saturated fat or of cholesterol itself therefore elevates the cholesterol
level in the body. Cholesterol is a necessary compound, but in higher amounts it causes clogging of
the blood vessels, causes coronary heart disease and increases the risk of infarct of the heart and
other organs.

Trans-fat - This type of fat is produced by chemical processing to yield specific mechanical properties.
Margarine often contains this type of fat. This type of fat is dangerous, and is a probably a causal
component for heart disease and cancer. There is however one exception: Some amount of fat
containing the trans acid conjugated linoleic acid seem to be benevolent for the skin health and may
help reduce weight. Conjugated linoleic acid is found in milk and butter.


The average American and European diet generally contains too much fat and carbohydrates
combined. The fat consumed is generally a mixture of trans fat, saturated fat and
omega-6-poly-usaturated fat. This bad fat consume causes overweight and is probably a major

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contributing component for the incidence of heart disease, cancer, intestinal inflammatory diseases,
rheumatism and other inflammatory conditions.


A common advice is to let 25-30 % of the energy needed be covered by fat and the rest by
carbohydrates. However, experts do not agree at his point. Some recommend a low carbohydrate diet
with more fat, and others recommend a high carbohydrate diet with a low fat amount.
In either case, the combined intake of fat and carbohydrates should not be much higher than your daily
energy consumption if you have a normal or wanted weight. If you want to loose weight, this combined
amount must be lower. If you want to gain weight, it should be higher.


The right mixture of different fat types is as important as the amount of fat in the diet to keep good
health. However, you must not take the percent ratios given here too literally, since there is little
agreement about the exact ratios that should be recommended. Furthermore, if you have an active
lifestyle that demands much energy, this is best achieved by increasing the amount of carbohydrates
and mono-unsaturated fat.

Mono-unsaturated fat - Ideally as much as 35% of the fat consumption should be from this type of fat.
You can find this fat in olive oil, raps oil and walnut oil.

Omega-6-poly-unsaturated fat - 30 % of the fat consumption should be from this fat type. You find it in
soy oil and corn oil.

Omega-3-poly-unsaturated fat and omega-9-poly-usatureted fat - 20 % of the fat consumption should
be this type. You find it in fish oil and in fat fish. If you suffer from inflammatory conditions like
rheumatism and intestinal inflammation, you will probably benefit from increasing the amount of this fat
type, and reduce the amount of other fat types.

Saturated fat - Not more than 15 % of the fat consumption should be saturated fat. Saturated fat is
found in fat from mammals, coconut fat and in milk.

Cholesterol - The cholesterol level in the body depends upon the combined amount of consumed
cholesterol itself and saturated fat. To keep the cholesterol level right, you should not consume too
much saturated fat, and not very much of food containing cholesterol, like eggs and spawn.

Trans-fat - This type of fat should ideally not be a part of the diet at all. Margarine, cookies, snacks
and often also bread contain this type of fat. It is therefore important to reduce consume of margarine,
cookies, snacks, and to check the composition of the bread you consume.

Conjugated linoleic acid - This is perhaps the only trans fat acid that is benevolent in some amount. It
is found in natural milk fat, and you can buy dietary supplements of this substance. A small amount of
this substance may help keep your skin healthy and may help you to reduce weight.

Knut Holt is an internet consultant and marketer focusing on health items. TO FIND natural medicines
against common diseases, for example: Over-weight, acne, eczema, hypothyroidism, fatigue,
depression, hemorrhoids, joint pain, hypertension, high cholesterol, circulatory problems, digestive

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