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					                 The Lincoln Log
                                             January 2009

                From Our Principal- Shannon Walston-Cross
                                 Abraham Lincoln Mission Statement:
   We are a group of children and adults who work together, grow together, and most of all, learn together.
                                  Abraham Lincoln Vision Statement:
Abraham Lincoln School – where children enjoy using their minds, working together, and helping each other grow.

A Day In the Life Of…
“I come to the Resource Center because I want to do my homework and help
others.” – Ashley, 5th grade

“I come to the Resource Center because people help me with my homework a
lot.” – Lucy, 4th grade

“I come to the Resource Center because I need help with my homework, to
learn how to behave, to care about other people, to learn how to love other
people and help them and when we grow up we will grow up with a good
heart.” - Parvine, 4th grade

Ashley, Lucy and Parvine, all active participants in the Glen Ellyn Children’s Resource
Center (GECRC), I believe best share what the children of GECRC experience each
day through the services provided by GECRC right here at Lincoln School.

Focusing primarily on working hand-in-hand with the community and staff of Lincoln
Elementary School, GECRC provides literacy and life skills to children living in low-
income households in Glen Ellyn. Through these partnerships children are offered the
support needed to increase and inspire personal and educational growth.

Our services and educational support are structured around the understanding that
great leaps in learning can happen with one-on-one attention and that strong
language art, mathematical skills and life skills are fundamental to future success.

With this in mind we provide daily nutritional snacks, homework help, after-school
workshops and groups, help for English language learners and assistance with student
projects based on story telling, reading comprehension, enjoyment as well as writing

Volume 4                             The Lincoln Log                                January 2009
             From Our Principal- Shannon Walston-Cross

All of our programs are challenging and enjoyable, and ultimately seek to strengthen
each student’s power to express ideas effectively, creatively, confidently and in his or
her individual voice.

At this time GECRC has open enrollment for all low-income students and welcome any
referrals you may have. Criteria for each student’s enrollment are based on an
individual basis and we welcome your recommendations and partnership. We are
also happy to speak with you further about services offered and answer any questions
you may have.

Because we believe that healthy and constructive attention and assistance are
foundational, GECRC is in need of your help. We are currently looking for mature
students and adults, individuals, families or groups to regularly commit to volunteer
once a month, every day or somewhere between. From September through June,
volunteers are needed weekdays from 3:30 to 6 p.m. at Lincoln Elementary School.

If you’re interested in referring a student to GECRC, looking to volunteer or would like
more information please contact GECRC Program Director, Jessica Rozga at (630) 899-
9919 or

Fourth grade family projects now on display District 41's fourth-grade Parent
Involvement Family Home Project is now on view at the Glen Ellyn Public Library, 400
Duane St., in the Youth Services section. Students and their families are urged to stop
by to see the projects, which focus on family stories and relationships. Students were
asked to choose one of two approaches to delving into their family's past: either
interview a family member about his or her life, or create a family tree depicting family
relationships. The results make fascinating reading and are displayed in scrapbooks by

Samplings of the Fifth Grade Family Home Project are now on view at the D41 Central
Services Office in the Board Room. The purpose of the District 41 Parent Involvement
initiative is to increase participation of parents, guardians and other adult family
members in the child's education. The upcoming Third Grade Family Home Project will
ask students to create a family shield that communicates the family’s heritage, values,
and experiences.


Shannon Cross

Ms. Shannon Cross

Volume 4                      The Lincoln Log                     January 2009
                 From our PTA President – Michon Andreasik

Happy New Year! It’s seems ages ago that it was 2008. As I wr ite this, we are all at home trying to stay warm
in this frigid weather. I hope you and your family have stayed safe and warm in this snowy and freezing winter.

We began December with a flurry of activities. The Book Fair w ith Andersons was truly spectacular. Not only
w ill the PTA receive $2000, but we were also able to earn over $1,000 worth of new books for the LLC. Miss
White is going to have fun shopping!! We treated the Teachers and Staff to a Holiday Luncheon on Dec. 5th with
a faire of Panera sandwiches and bread bowls and salads and deserts donated by volunteers. We have had three
hot lunches since the beginning of December and the kids have loved them. We have also had a Barone’s Night
and a Chicago Prime Meat Co during January. Unfortunately, the Literacy Night for grades 3-5 was cancelled
due to the frigid temperatures. The rescheduled date is Tuesday, March 3 . We also have two of the most
popular PTA events of the year scheduled for January. The Family Dance is on Friday, Jan. 23, and High
Interest Day for grades 3-5 is on Friday, Jan. 30 .

As January comes and goes, we are looking ahead to February and the prospect of being one month closer to
spring! We will start the month off with the 5 grade Drama Club’s performance of “The Wiz-dom of OZ” on
Saturday, Feb. 7 at Hadley Jr. High. There are two performances, 1:30 and 3:30. Admission to the
performances is free but we will once again ask for monetary donations to the Glen Ellyn Children’s Resource
Center. This w ill quickly be followed by Math Night for grades K-1 on Monday, Feb. 9 and by the exciting
Science Night on the 12 . We hope to see you at these wonderful events.

The PTA has begun the process of nominating and electing the Executive Board for the 2009-10 school year. We
have three board positions open, President, Secretary and Treasurer. Christine Graham has agreed to be the
V ice President. I know I speak for the other Board members when I say it is an awesome and rewarding
opportunity to enhance your and your neighbor’s children’s experience at Abraham Lincoln. If you are
interested, know someone who is or simply have questions about any of the positions, please contact me or any
other Board member, Carrie Skelton, Heidi McTaggert or Linda Fanning.

Special Thanks To … As always, there are many volunteer hours and efforts to acknowledge. Thanks to Joanne
Lombardo and Julie Stachowiak, Ms. White and Mrs. Wyatt for an awesome Book Fair, Carrie Skelton and the
many parents who helped make the Holiday Luncheon for our outstanding school staff a festive event. Your
service and delicious desserts and salads were greatly appreciated. Thank you also to Carrie Skelton for
arranging the outstanding Learning Express Days. Our deep appreciation also goes out to Stacey Sarley and
Marcy Bouton for their stellar organization of two more Market Days; Susie Halford for our January Barone’s
Night; Danice McGrath, Karen Tolman and Melissa Pauer for our Hot Lunches, and Ellen Green for Chess Club.
Our ontinued thanks to all the parents and staff who continue to so generously support our programs.

Did you know…?Our next PTA business meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, Feb. 12 at 9:15 a.m. The location
w ill be announced as the date nears.

  TV Free Week is April 13-17. We are still looking for someone to work with Miss White on a reading
      program for that week. Please contact me with any questions or if you are interested. Many events are
      already planned for that week.

Michon Andreasik

Volume 4                              The Lincoln Log                              January 2009
                                      Student News

              Not just for ʻbigʼ kids!
Don’t miss out on “Musical Mayhem.” It’s fun for the whole family, not just the big kids. Little
brothers and sisters can play some cool games and win prizes too!
It’s fun, rewarding and supports our wonderful District 41 Music Programs.
Check out the new games and toss a bean bag at Sponge Bob or catch a duck in the duck pond!
Zap bugs or pop in a puck for plinko! Mayhem is where you can unlock your treasure or karate
punch your way to prizes!
The Lip Synch competition is enjoyed by kids of all ages and inspires the American Idol in all of
Try you luck in the raffle and tap down the hall with your own iPod Touch! Kick back with your
own Wii or practice your lip synch routine on your own karoke machine! Print your own pics on
your new printer you won with the new digital camera bundled with it!
Musical Mayhem includes games, lip sync competition, food, raffles and the cake walk!
To help, Contact: Evelyn Cabrera at or 773-716-7840 or
Mary Nannenhorn at
To donate for the raffle, contact Jennifer Porter at or 630-790-
Students: Please watch for Lip Sync Entry Forms at school!

Now available via OneStep is the Lincoln Yearbook "Sneak Peek" created by Lincoln's very own
students. If you have not yet ordered a book, we have additional copies of the 2008-2009
Yearbook on order and are making them available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Feel free to
drop off your order in the school mail. Order forms are available via the Lincoln PTA site or in
the school office. ONLY 90 COPIES LEFT … BUY ONE WHILE THEY LAST! Feel free to
contact either Marylin Speizman or Carrie Skelton if you have any questions.

Volume 4                         The Lincoln Log                         January 2009
                                       Student News

Character Counts & Student Ambassador Update
The Pillar for January is Respect
      A respectful person lives by the Golden Rule; is polite and courteous to everyone; accepts
      others even if they look, act, or believe differently; and uses peaceful ways to solve

Last month, a school-wide service project was organized with the help of our room
parents. During the Winter Parties, students took time to create simple hand-made
greeting cards for area seniors. Over 600 cards were created and distributed before and
after the holiday break. Thank you room parents and the Ambassador Leadership
Team for helping us show respect for our seniors and share some winter cheer.

The Ambassador Teams have also been busy with the following:

 The Environment Team secured four blue recycle bins and is actively assisting our
  students their lunchtime recycling efforts. The group is also making plans for an
  Earth Day assembly for April.

 The Leadership Team has been working on creating personalized letters of
  appreciation for all Lincoln School paraprofessionals. Next month the group will be
  assisting the school in its Valentine Party service project – creating American Red
  Cross Comfort Kits. In addition, the team will soon begin developing its final
  school-wide service project for this spring.

 The Safety Team continues to help keep our school and students safe and remind
  all people at Lincoln to practice good character.

Valentines Day Service Project
During the upcoming Valentine’s Day parties Lincoln students will have an
opportunity to take part in a service project centered on the pillar of CARING. We will
be creating “Comfort Kits” for the American Red Cross to distribute to disaster-affected
individuals and families throughout Chicagoland. See back-pack mail for details.

Lisa Tylke, Character Counts/Student Ambassador Chair

Volume 4                         The Lincoln Log                          January 2009
                                          Student News

              Lincoln’s Fifth-Grade Drama Club Presents

                                  “The Wiz-dom of OZ!”
Calling all friends and family! Come see Lincoln’s fifth-grade Drama Club present the fun and
exciting “The Wiz-dom of Oz,” based of the wacky adventures of the beloved “Wizard of Oz.”

The public is invited to this special performance Saturday, Feb. 7 at 1:30 and 3:30 p.m. at the
Hadley Auditorium. Admission is free but donations to the Glen Ellyn Children’s Resource
Center are being accepted.

Continuing the adventures of Oz, the play opens with Oz in Crisis! The Wizard contemplates
resigning and Oz may be coming to an end. It is reported that the Wonderful Wizard of Oz may
be calling it quits. That’s right. Quits. The Lollipop Kids are beside themselves. The reason for
Wizard’s early retirement seems to be a rebellion led by our own beloved fairy tale characters.
They no longer believe that young readers find them interesting. Alice, Dorothy, Snow,
Cinderella and a slew of other fairy tale characters have gone berserk. Glinda, the Mad Hatter,
and Cinderella’s Godmother have witnessed this sad state of affairs and hope to help Oz. It has
been reported that there even may be a visit from that great spinner of fables, Aesop.

All citizens are encouraged to attend and give their support. For any information, please call Lisa
Fagan at (630)545-1912.

This news breaking report comes directly from the playwright and director of the Wiz-dom of Oz,
Maria Boundas Bakalis

Lincoln Log Submissions
This is the fourth issue of The Lincoln Log for the 2008-2009 school year. Submissions to the Lincoln
Log are accepted via e-mail to Melissa Erickson at Future deadlines are at 5 p.m. on
Fridays, Feb. 13, March 20, April 17 and May 22.

The primary method of distribution for this Lincoln Log is via e-mail. It is also posted on, and on Ms. Cross' Principal's Corner at

Contact to:
1) request to be added or removed from the e-mail distribution list, or
2) request that a paper copy be sent home each month via backpack mail.

Volume 4                             The Lincoln Log                             January 2009

Bookfair a Big Success
A big THANK YOU to everyone involved in the Anderson’s Bookfair Company Bookfair on December
4th and 5th. The bookfair sales surpassed our goal! As a result, the PTA has increased revenues and our
library will be receiving an amazing number of new books! Thank you to:

   •   Cece White and Elizabeth Wyatt for their enthusiasm for and extraordinary support of every
       aspect of the bookfair.
   •   Shannon Cross for sharing and supporting our vision of a “new” bookfair.
   •   All the Lincoln teachers for promoting and attending a bookfair preview day.
   •   Beni Loci and his crew for preparing the space in the library before and after the bookfair.
   •   Laura Chinnici and Donna Kelly for their never-ending support.
   •   The Glen Ellyn Resource Center for their flexibility in using the library after school.
   •   The wonderful group of women who volunteered their time to set up the bookfair, be cashiers,
       oversee teacher wish lists and place backorders: Michon Andreasik, Katie Cairns, Dessa Carter,
       Cindy Dayton, Jody Devereaux, Ramona Filippelli, Cindy Glavin, Heidi Hoppe, Julie Johnston,
       Molly McNally, Sarah Mical, Cherri Morawski, Angela Rozak, Amy Schilling, Penny Taback,
       Cathy Testyon, Lucia Tillman, Karen Tolman and Lisa Tylke.
   •   All the Lincoln families and staff who purchased books at the bookfair in support of the Lincoln
       PTA and promoting literacy!

Joanne Lombardo and Julie Stachowiak

              Planter’s Palette Gift Certificate Fundraiser
   Celebrate the coming of spring & support PTA at the same time!
                It’s truly a win-win opportunity, you get a jump on spring and
             Lincoln’s PTA receives 20% of the purchase price back as a donation
                 from the Planters Palette (28 W 571 Roosevelt Road, Winfield)

           The Certificates are $10 each and can be redeemed for full value anytime
            throughout the year. They make great teacher and Mother’s Day gifts
                      or a jump-start investment on your spring planting.

             Look for an order form to come home in your child’s backpack mail or
              download it from the Lincoln PTA website at

           Call or email Lisa Tylke with questions at 469-6499,

Volume 4                            The Lincoln Log                            January 2009