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                                                November 30

Annual                                          2009

An annual report for the Fall 2009 and Spring 2009 Intramural
year. Short and long term aspirations and accomplishments for
the program in areas such as: marketing, facilities, officials/
student development, and extramurals, are included.
                                          Table of Contents

Section I: Short and Long Term Goals for Campus Recreation

Short Term and Long Term Goals: Intramural Sports………………………………………………….. Page 3-8
Short Term and Long Term Goals: Outdoor Adventure………………………………………………. Page 9
Short Term and Long Term Goals: Club Sports…………….………………………………………………..Page 10-11

Section II: Activities Reports for Intramural Sports (Spring 2009-Fall 2009)

Intramural Sports Activity Report Summary…………………………………………………………………..Page 12
Gym/Weight Room Activity Report Summary……………………………….……………………………….Page 13

Section III: Financial Information

Financial Philosophy………………………………………………………………………………………………………Page 14
Financial Outline for the FY 2008-2009 year………………………………………………………………….Page 14
Financial Outline for the FY 2009-2010 year………………………………………………………………….Page 14

Section IV: Evaluation/SWOT Analysis
Fall 2009 SWOT Analysis…………………………………………………………………………..…………………..Page 15

Section V: Graphs

Graph 1: Gymnasium Usage (Bar Graph)……………………………………………………………………..Page 16
Graph 2: Weight Room Usage (Pie Graph)…………………………………………………………………...Page 17

Campus Recreation: Intramurals (Short and Long Term Aspirations and Accomplishments)

Intramurals: Piece 1: Marketing

Short term Aspirations (1-2 years):

    •   Develop a marketing plan for Intramurals using technology, flyers, banners, word of mouth, bulletin
        boards, information tables, and other communication/marketing vehicles.

    •   Develop and institute a values system for Intramural sports. Every decision would be based on these

    •   Develop a mission statement for the program. Post the mission statement online and in public places.

    •   Develop an Intramural Sports logo for the AUM Campus.

    •   Gather outside supporters for the Intramural Sports program to help promote the program and to better
        serve the campus community.

    •   Develop and collaborate with on campus supporters for the Intramural Sports program to promote the
        program and better serve the campus community.

    •   Develop and collaborate with off campus organizations for the Intramural Sports program to promote the
        program and better serve the community.

    •   Expand program offerings beyond major sports such as flag football and basketball.

    •   Develop an intramural sports advisory board, to among other things, help promote and market the
        intramural program at AUM.

Short term Accomplishments (1-2 years):

    •   Developed a marketing plan which included the use of more technology to promote the Intramural
        program, including increased usage of Facebook (720 members), developed a website that is useful and
        easy to navigate, started to use the AUM e-mail system to communicate with perspective participants,
        used text messages to get information out faster to registered participants, etc.

    •   Develop and instituted values for the Intramural Sports department which include: safety, cleanliness,
        dependability/consistency, quality, and fun.

    •   Developed the beginnings of an Intramural Sports logo, which will be done by the beginning of the Spring
        2010 semester.

    •   Gathered support from outside organizations to help promote and better serve students who participated
        in the program.

                     1.   ACIS: Sport Beans, Schwinn, Acquafina…

                     2.   Cheezies Pizza: Sponsor of our 1st annual College Football Pick Em (18 free large pizzas to

                     3.   Several places donated table tennis tables to use for the Battle for Bama IV

    •   Gathered support from inside the campus community to help promote and better serve students who
        participated in the program.

                     1.   AUM Bookstore: Book Scholarship for AUM Poker Tournament

                     2.   Campus Activities Board: Battle for Bama Funding, and other program funding

                     3.   BCM: Helped organize Free Agent Teams and has allowed us to use building for events
                          for the Spring 2010 semester.

    •   Collaboration with on campus entities including BCM, SGA, CAB, Housing and Residence Life, AUM
        Bookstore, Athletics, and University Relations for Intramural events.

    •   Collaboration with outside businesses including Brunswick (Bowling), Eastdale Mall (Broomball), Cheezies
        (College Football Pick Em), 1st Place trophies, Outback, Texas Roadhouse, Shoney’s, and other area
        businesses for Intramural events.

    •   Expanded program offerings beyond basketball and flag football to include other sports and events, such
        as: indoor soccer, softball, frisbee golf, pickle ball, college football pick em, poker, broomball, bowling,
        sand volleyball, indoor 6 on 6 volleyball, 4 on 4 volleyball, outdoor soccer, dodge ball and other intramural

    •   Improved the quality of the Intramural Sports bulletin boards around campus to be more appealing and to
        provide up to date information for students and other participants.

    •   Collected marketing surveys to determine where students and other participants were hearing about
        intramural sports and other useful information.
    Long Term Aspirations (3-5 years):

•   Develop a more interactive website where participants and others can go and register for online activities,
    send suggestions or comments online, polling questions can be posted, and enhanced videos and picture
    galleries can be utilized.

•   Obtain more concrete sponsorships for the Intramural Sports program that become annual sponsorships
    that can be counted on (especially with Championship T-shirts) and other marketing products.

•   Recruit and market intramurals to attract a continuous quality of students to help run the program at

•   Continue to develop more loyalty to the Intramural Sports program. We have a consistent pool of teams
    to pull from, and want to begin to focus on expanding its reach to include other student groups.

            Examples of student groups: BCM, PE MC, CAB, Lamba Chi, Sigma’s, Alphas, Kappa’s, Delta Zeta,
            Alpha Gamma, and Zeta Tau Alpha.

•   Start to focus on marketing to faculty and staff by promoting more programming areas that can meet
    their interest.

            Example: Lunchtime basketball

•   Recruit and plan programming for more nontraditional student groups that would otherwise not play in
    intramurals for various reasons, including culture and disability.

            Example: Wheelchair basketball

•   Bring extramural events to AUM that would promote the school and program throughout the state,
    region, and nation.


            State basketball tournament
            State Flag Football tournament
            More expansive Battle for Bama table tennis tournament

Intramurals- Piece 2: Student/Staff Development

Short Term Aspirations (1-2 years):

    •   Develop staff needs for the Intramural Sports program and job descriptions for each position.

    •   Develop an Intramural Sports Advisory Board to help market and promote the program, as well as, serving
        as a disciplinary appeals board for students for Intramural discipline matters.

    •   Develop a student staff incentive program for Intramurals.

    •   Send staff to conferences and other student development opportunities to give them other insights and
        perspectives which will help the program continue to grow.

    •   Use specific majors for specific areas for Intramural Sports.

    •   Develop a pro-recreation registered student organization aimed at promoting student development and
        other opportunities in the recreational and athletic administration field.

    •   Work with American Collegiate Intramural Sports (ACIS) to offer internship opportunities for intramural
        staff interested in the marketing field.

    •   Develop positions for Intramural Sports Graduate Student Assistants to help with the intramural sports

Short Term Accomplishments (1-2 years):

        •    Develop job descriptions and employment needs to the Intramural Sports department.
               including: weight room supervisors, intramural supervisors, officials, equipment manager.

        •    Beginning of the Spring 2010 semester the department will institute an advisory board which will
             serve 5 purposes ranging from marketing the program, advising intramural staff on student needs
             and desires, and the use of the board as an appeal step for student/participant disciplinary measures.

        •    Beginning in the Spring 2010 semester, the department will start an incentive program for student
             employees employed with intramural sports.

        •    Beginning in the Fall 2009 semester, intramurals will be more engaged in assigning students to task
             that are more aligned with their educational interest.
                including: Marketing (Danny Wiley), technology (Davey Allen), Sports Management (Chris Ivey),
                           Business (Joey Thees), as so forth.

        •    Beginning in the Fall 2009 semester, intramurals will offer an internship through ACIS to market their

             program within the AUM Intramurals schedule.

        •    Developed two intramural sports positions for graduate student assistants which will pay students to
             be the point person for the facility side of intramurals and the program side of intramurals.
         •   Sent student staff to various NIRSA (National Intramural Recreational Sports Association) conferences
             including NIRSA national conference, state workshops in Alabama, Region II conference, sport club
             symposium and other student development opportunities.

Long Term Aspirations (3-5 years):

    •    Development of an official’s skills class for different intramural sports such as basketball, softball,
         volleyball, and flag football where students can earn credit.

    •    Work with the new sports management program at AUM to help students get internship opportunities in
         sports management/intramurals/campus recreation.

    •    Send student officials and supervisors to state and regional extramural sports tournaments.

Intramurals Piece 3-Extramurals

Short Term Aspirations (1-2 years):

    •    Support state extramural tournaments by sending teams to extramural events within the state of

    •    Support Region II extramural tournaments by sending teams to extramural events within Region II.

    •    Host the Battle for Bama Table Tennis Tournament through Intramurals at AUM.

Long Term Aspirations (3-5 years):

    •    Hold a state extramural basketball or flag football tournament for the state of Alabama at AUM.

    •    Hold a regional extramural basketball or flag football tournament for Region II.

Intramurals Piece 4-Facilities

Short Term Aspirations (1-2 years):

    •    Work with on campus units to use their facilities to hold intramural events, such as, flag football,
         basketball, softball, volleyball, and other events.
           Example: athletics and housing and residence life

    •    Improve the weight room and open gym experience for students, faculty, staff, and alumni who use the

    •    Improve customer service for the weight room and gym and ensure policies and rules are enforced.

    •    Continue to promote to secure funding for the proposed AUM Wellness Center scheduled to be opened in

         2012. Also, continue to give input on the components of the building.

    •    Work with university units to upgrade the frisbee golf course and low ropes course on the campus of
Short Term Accomplishments (1-2 years):

    •   Worked with athletics to use the gym for intramural indoor sports and athletic fields, such as the softball
        field for intramural outdoor events. Worked with housing to secure and extra football field if needed.

    •   Continued to improve the ascetics of the weight room and gym. Removed old equipment that was broken
        and not in use, replaced mats for users, set up a schedule to mop and sweep the floor on a regular basis,
        improved the look of the marketing tools inside, with usage of the bulletin boards, etc.

    •   Helped to solicit approval of the new wellness center activity fee, approved by a 3 to 1 margin by students
        during the Fall 2009 semester.

    •   Worked with several university units: SGA, University Relations, Chancellors office, etc. to get new Frisbee
        golf course signage for the university frisbee golf course. The signage was put up in early November 2009.

    •   Worked with University Relations, ROTC, and others to start to develop a plan to improve the low ropes
        course on the AUM Campus. Worked with Kelly Gaston, Physical Education faculty, and the Campus
        Activities Board to repair the current low ropes course.

Long Term Aspirations (3-5 years):

    •   Begin to develop a relationship with the Montgomery YMCA to develop a plan to utilize their fields
        (Across from AUM) if necessary for certain intramural events or for extramural tournaments.

    •   Develop specific short and long range goals for development and usage of the frisbee golf course and the
        low ropes course on the campus of AUM.

Component 2: Outdoor Adventure Program

Short Term Aspirations (1-2 years):

    •   Start the framework of an outdoor adventure program through the outdoor recreation class offered at
        AUM through Physical Education.

    •   Start the framework of an outdoor adventure program by revitalizing/repairing the low ropes course on
        the AUM campus.

    •   Start the framework of an outdoor adventure program by offering several different trips throughout the
        Spring 2010 semester in relation to the outdoor recreation class offered at AUM through Physical

    •   Promote the outdoor adventure program using different forms of marketing techniques including
        technology (website, facebook, text messages, and e-mail), etc.

    •   Research and study other outdoor adventure programs on university campuses in Alabama to help
        develop a strong framework for the outdoor adventure program to enable growth.

Short Term Accomplishments (1-2 years):

    •   Offering the Outdoor Recreation class twice a semester in 8 week courses offered at AUM through the
        Physical Education department.

    •   Applied for and received funds to repair certain equipment for the low ropes course built on the AUM

    •   Worked with University Relations and have developed the area of the campus recreation website set up
        to market and promote the program. The web content will go online before Spring 2010 semester.

Long Term Aspirations (3-5 years)

    •   Continue to promote program growth by evaluating program offerings, utilizing creative methods for
        program expansion, and marketing the program to the AUM students and campus community.

    •   Expand the program to include other individuals besides the outdoor recreation class. However, still
        utilize the outdoor recreation class so students can still take advantage of earning academic credit for

    •   Investigate program growth in relation to the AUM Wellness Center.

    •   Offer a long range trip at the end of the Fall semester and or in the summer months.

Component 3: Club Sports

Short Term Aspirations: (1-2 years)

    •   Work with other university units to develop a framework for a club sports program on the campus of

    •   After gathering information from those within the university, research other club sports programs and
        begin to develop a program manual suited for a club sports program on Auburn University Montgomery’s

    •   Research and investigate insurance cost for a club sports program by communicating with Auburn’s main
        campus, student activities and student life on the campus of AUM, and the National Intramural
        Recreational Sports Association.

    •   Work with Student Life to register perspective sport clubs, including: table tennis, wrestling, Frisbee golf,
        fishing, and other clubs of interest at AUM.

    •   Work on the framework of developing a Sports Club Council to promote student development within the
        club sports program.

    •   Launch a pilot club sports program in the Spring 2010 semester with the introduction of low risk clubs.
         example: table tennis, fishing, frisbee golf

    •   Help clubs develop ways to generate revenue for their clubs.

    •   Develop specific rules and regulations clubs sports will have to follow in order to be able to be recognized
        as an AUM club sports, including, but not limited to the following areas: risk management, funding, using
        generated funds, discipline, travel, and so forth.

Short Term Accomplishments:

    •   Met with university units, including the College of Education, University Relations, Student Life, Student
        Activities Board, risk managements and other units on campus to develop a framework for the club sports
        program at AUM.

    •    Begun to develop a manual for a club sports program at AUM. The manual will be set up to develop a
        revenue generating or no cost pilot club sports program at AUM.

    •   Continuing to work on and have develop a basic framework for a club sports council for the club sports
        program at AUM, consisting mainly of Presidents and Vice-Presidents of sport clubs within the program.

    •   Put the necessary mechanisms in place to begin a pilot club sports program for AUM beginning in the

        Spring 2010 semester.

    •   Worked with campus units to develop rules and regulations for club sports in regards to marketing,
        funding, using funds, travel, risk management, and areas vital to a club sports program.
Long Term Aspirations (3-5 years):

    •   Develop the program to include even milder high risk sports for the program.
          Example: wrestling, instructional martial arts clubs, and volleyball.

    •   Develop the program so club programs can start to host events on the AUM campus.

    •   Develop the program so clubs can start to function even when individuals graduate from AUM.

    •   Hire a graduate student assistant to help with the running of a growing club sports program.

    •   Develop other student development opportunities for club sports participants.

    •   Find creative ways to store and check out club sports equipment to the different club sports.

                                 Intramural Activities Report Summary

Sport/Activity                                      Teams         Participants    Participations

5 on 5 Basketball (L)                                    25           151            1,042
   Playoffs                                              14           105              370
Indoor Soccer      (D)                                   6             60              132
Sports Trivia (S)                                        3             12                8
March Madness Pick Em*                                                 30               30
12” Softball (L)                                         12           180              150
Pickleball (D)                                           6              6              20
Sand Volleyball (R)                                      4             16              24
Week of Welcome activities**
   Volleyball                                            4            47               47
   Basketball(S)                                         14           70               130
   Dodgeball (S)                                          4           25               37
   Frisbee Golf                                                         8               8
7 on 7 Flag Football (L)                             25               250             908
   Playoffs                                        8(M) 3 (W)      88(M) 30 (W)     138 (M)
Tennis (D)                                                             50              196
6 on 6 Volleyball (L)                                 12               98         212 (CR) 121 (W)
  Playoffs                                         7 (CR) 3 (W)        60          72 (CR) 24 (W)
AUM Fest*(3)
    Cornhole                                                            72               72
Texas Hold em Poker Tournament*(4)                                      50               83*(4)
12” Softball Tournament (R)                              4               48              76
3 on 3 Basketball Tournament (D)                         11              44              168
College Football Pick Em                                                106
Dodgeball                                                12              90              368

Total:                                                   102           1,696            4,436

R-Round Robin
D-Double Elimination
S-Single Elimination

Other Notes:

*: Participations count once-bracket
**: Some activities played just for fun
*(3): Corn Hole was just for fun
*(4): 50 played Poker, 33 played other games available
                         Weight Room/AUM Gymnasium Report Summary
                             Hours between 5 PM-9 PM (Sun-Thurs)

                         August*         September        October         November (*2)   December Total

Gymnasium #’s:

Basketball                95                514             577             315                    1,501
Running                   4                  48              56              48                     156
Badminton                 30                78              60               44                      212
Other                     73                262             278             162                      775

Total                    202                902              971            569                    2,644

Weight Room #’s:

Weight Room Usage        151               325             344              221                    1,041
Weight Room Average       25             15.47 a day    16.38 a day       14.7 a day

Total                                                                                              3,685


*: August numbers were for the week of August 24-August 31st, 2009 only

*(2): November includes Thanksgiving break November 23-27, 2009 and basketball games.
      During athletics games the weight room is closed for security purposes.


Intramurals currently has a budget near 103,000 yearly. Values that are used to incorporate what is spent with the
budget are the following: cleanliness, dependability/consistency, quality, safety, and fun.

Philosophy on discretionary spending:

Currently the Intramural budget gets about $5,500 of discretionary spending each year. The following will be the
programs philosophy on that portion of the budget.

Spring 2009: Equipment and Student Development
Fall 2009: Technology/Marketing
Spring 2010: Student Development/Marketing
Fall 2010: Equipment

                                    Spring 2009-Summer 2009 Budget

Salary:           $27, 777.78
Wages:            $49,213.00
Benefits:         $10,600.00
Discretionary:    $14,861.92
Reserve:           $727.00
Total:            $103,179.70

Note: Management started in January 2009 and not responsible for budget in the Fall 2008

                                        Fall 2009-Summer 2010 Budget

Salary:            $36,320.00
Wages:             $46,213.00
Benefits:          $10,351.00
Discretionary:     $5,479.00
Reserve:           $-10,615.50*

Total:             $98,363



1 One of the few programs on campus that students can participate in and have fun.

2 Diversity of Sports offerings.

3 Increased participation each semester. Better Organized and better underlying foundation built.

4 It is free.

5 Schedules are flexible for participants and staff.


1 Officiating needs improvement

2 Not all the teams showing up at all times (women’s and co-rec)

3 Getting even more teams to participate and play women’s intramurals (although volleyball and flag football did
  see an increase)


1 Ability to expand offerings

2 Wellness Center

3 Opportunities to expand and collaborate even more with other university organizations and units


1 Staff Support

2 Teams not necessarily always showing up to play when scheduled and not communicating effectively with staff.

The SWOT Analysis was accumulated from student participants and student staff during the month of October
GRAPH 1: Bar Graph showing AUM Gymnasium Usage for the Fall 2009 semester

                                             AUM GYMASUIM USAGE
                                            AUGUST-NOVEMBER 2009
                                              5 PM-9 PM (Sun-Thurs)

Note: In November the numbers are lower due to Thanksgiving Break (November 22-29, 2009) and
AUM basketball games.

Points to Make:

    1.    The graph shows that basketball is by far the most popular activity within the gym. Participants usually
         need all 6 rims down in order for everyone to have a chance to play a pick up game. Even after
         intramurals did an extra crack down on ID’s in the month of October and November, the numbers stayed
         the same.

    2.    The numbers for each activity (exception November…see note) show an increase each month out of the

    3.   Other includes: classes usage of the gymnasium, volleyball, and spectators.

    4.   Supervisors took statisics every 30 minutes each hour the gym was under intramural sports control.
         Numbers are caculated at the end of each month.
GRAPH 2: Pie Graph of percentage of weight room usage for the Fall 2009 semester

                                          AUM WEIGHT ROOM USAGE
                                           AUGUST-NOVEMBER 2009
                                            5 PM-9 PM (Sun-Thurs)

Basically, without looking at specific numbers, the graph shows that weight room usage is pretty much consistent
throughout the semester. The dip in November is due to the weight room being closed for Thanksgiving Break
(November 22-29, 2009) and for home basketball games.


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