Rental Application and Credit Request by eddie22


									Rental Application and Credit Request
Landlord Information: Name of Property Manager: Whizway Property Management Phone number of Landlord: (310) 792-7778 Premises and Lease Information: Full Address of the leased Premises: 1918-B Gates Avenue, Redondo Beach CA 90278 Description of the Premises: 6 bedrooms, 6 baths Commencement Date of Lease Term: June 22, 2008 Termination Date of Lease Term: August 27, 2009 at 11:59 p.m. Lease Term: 1 year Monthly Rental Amount: $8,280.00 Security Deposit: $8,280.00 Application Fee Received (for cost of credit check, etc.): $20.00 per person Number of Occupants for the Premises: no more than 5 occupants Applicant Information: Name: Current Address: Home Tel. Number: Mobile Number: Driver's License No.: Employment History: Occupation: Employer Name:

Work Tel. Number: Social Security No.:

Employer Telephone No.: Contact Person Name: Length at this Job: Current Monthly Salary: Financial History: Checking Account No.: Savings Account No.: Bank Name: Bank Address: Name of Credit Reference: Tel.# of Credit Reference:

Have you ever been evicted? No

Yes Yes Yes

Have you ever been sued for unlawful detainer? No

Have you ever been delinquent paying rent in the last 3 years? No Name of last 2 landlords: Name: Name: Signing Location This application will be signed in the city of, state of CA. Phone: Phone:

This completes the information input for your Rental Application and Credit Request. Ensure all facts stated in the Summary are correct in all respects. By signing above, you are authorizing our company to complete a credit check based on the information provided. Each credit check is $20 per person and should be deposited in Bank of America account 00638-40303. Please fax rental application and deposit slip to (310) 543-1202 or email to Call May at (310) 792-7778 to confirm receipt and confirm qualification. Thank you.

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