Climate Change and the Implications for People and Poverty by jxu10151


									                 Climate Change and the
           Implications for People and Poverty
                                  Two Dates:
                      Monday 5 October 2009, 9am – 5.30pm
                       Friday 4 December, 9am – 5.30pm

                   Feedback from previous sessions of this course:
           “Very well delivered and brilliant exercises, I really enjoyed it!”
                     “Very helpful to hear practical experiences”
   “Excellent delivery, very participatory, good mix of styles to respond to different
                                  learning techniques”

This interactive training course presents an opportunity to examine and debate why
climate change is a key issue for international development.


     •   Get an up to date understanding of climate science and current and
         predicted impacts on poor communities;
     •   Learn about mechanisms for mitigation;
     •   Develop your knowledge of practical adaptation techniques through working
         on case studies;
     •   Hear from a Practical Action staff member about our adaptation project
         work in the less developed world;
     •   Explore roles and motivations of actors in the international climate change
         negotiation process;
     •   Examine the links between climate change, poverty and social justice for
         the poor;
     •   Work on a range of exercises to explore these issues and take back
         lessons to inform your own work.

Who’s it for?
Anyone interested in climate change, its impacts and the ways in which people are
already adapting their lifestyles in the less developed world.

Who are we?
Practical Action is an international NGO working around the world to tackle climate
change with adaptation, technology, campaigning and advocacy.

For bookings please email Sophie Peachey at or
call 01926 634 403. Please also forward to anyone else who may be interested.

New Climate Change Training: Implications of climate change for people
and poverty. More info here

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