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									                           Lip Sync 2010
       The West Gates Avenue 2010 Lip Sync Show is scheduled for Friday, March 26th @ 7:00 PM
at the Lindenhurst High School. Please complete the form on the back of this page if your child wishes
to participate in the show. West Gates students in grades Pre-K through 5th grade are eligible to
participate. Any child who does not wish to perform in the show is invited to be an announcer. All
performers and announcers are expected to stay for the duration of the show. Each announcer will
sit with the group that they will introduce.

Note To Parents: Please review the lyrics to the song your child is submitting and verify it is school- appropriate
 (see rule # 3 listed below). Attach a copy of the lyrics to the participation form. A parent/guardian of the
student submitting the song media (CD) MUST sign the lower section on the back of this page after song review.
          Lyrics can be viewed on Google ( by typing “Lyrics to” and then the song title.
                                      (Example: lyrics to yellow submarine)
             Entries will NOT be accepted if not signed off by a parent !!!        No exceptions !!!!

                 Note: The following rules apply in order to participate in the show:

(1) Each Lip Sync act MUST include at least 3 (or more) students.

(2) Songs MUST be submitted on a CD (no tapes or records accepted). The CD will be returned to the
    student who is listed on the completed form.

(3) Attach of copy of the lyrics to the completed participation form. All songs MUST be “school
    appropriate” which means no foul or obscene language. No song will be accepted with inappropriate

(4) Songs MUST be within the time limit of “4 minutes” (maximum). The song must be submitted as it
    will be performed in the show. No special editing will be done on songs submitted.

(5) No duplicate songs will be allowed. Songs and acts are accepted on a “first come – first served”
      basis. If you submit a song that is a duplicate you will be notified and you can submit another

       Please send in your completed participation form attached to your CD to the PTA Box in the
school’s Main Office. We will accept these forms until Friday, March 5th, 2010. No entries accepted
after this date! You may find additional copies of this form on the PTA website.

                                       Got Questions?? Please contact
                                         Denise D’Angelo @ 957-4696
                                          Geree Zoccali @ 226-9305
                            West Gates 2010 Lip Sync Show
                                  Participation Form
Please fill out COMPLETELY and return no later than Friday, March 5th, 2010!!
Don’t forget to submit:
    o Signed, completed Participation Form
    o CD
    o Copy of Lyrics

Song Title

CD Track #

Return CD to:
(Name, Grade, Teacher)

                  Full Names of All Students Performing or Announcing
PLEASE write clearly and verify names are spelled correctly as they will appear in the Program as written.
                                                                                       Please check one:
      Last Name                     First Name              Grade/Teacher        Performer      Announcer
                                                                                       o              o

                                                                                       o              o

                                                                                       o              o

                                                                                       o              o

                                                                                       o              o

                                                                                       o              o

                                                                                       o              o

                                                                                       o              o

                                                                                       o              o

    A parent or guardian MUST complete this section. Incomplete forms will be returned.

Parent/Guardian Review of Lyrics

I,___________________________________, have reviewed the lyrics to the song listed at the top
of this page and have attached a copy to this form. I am submitting this song for the 2010 Lip Sync
Show and confirm that it is school-appropriate and contains no foul, obscene, or inappropriate language.

             Signature                                                          Date

Print Full Name: ____________________________ Sign:

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