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									WINTER 2004                                                                        breathing room Sourcing Wellness

       A publication of breathing room, a full-service healing arts center in Wayzata

from the owner of
breathing room                            He/she who laughs, lasts.
As we enter the busy holiday season       Since 1930 laughter has been studied     destroying antibodies and defend
and the stresses of our lives increase,   for it's healing properties.             against infectious organisms from
we tend to back into some unhealthy       Psychoneuroimmunology is a relatively    entering through the respiratory tract.
patterns for coping. We forget to take    new field of medical research that       Increased concentrations of salivary
time to just breathe and remember we      explores how emotions impact the         immunoglobulin A are then produced.
have a choice. breathing room can         immune system. "If you go around in                              Chuckling and
help redirect those less than desirable
patterns and support you in enjoying
                                          an angry state of consciousness
                                          you're not healing," states James   Ho,Ho,Ho!                     laughter
                                                                                                          stimulate the
the holidays. Take time for yourself.     Green, AIDS survivor. Experiences        muscles in the thorax, shoulders,
Try Yoga, Pilates,or Body Rolling. All    of negative emotions and stress are      abdomen and diaphragm as well as in
of which will help shed those holiday     correlated with immuno-suppression       the arms, legs and pelvic muscles.
pounds and reduce your stress levels.     as partially measured by increased           We invite you to enhance your
You can also try any of our healing       stress hormones epinephrine and cor-     immune system and increase your
modalities to keep your immune sys-       tisol found in blood levels. Laughter    "happy chemicals" through laughter.
tem healthy. Lymphatic Massage and        increases levels of gama-interferon.         - Cheryl Martin- CMT, *Lymphatic Drainage,
Cranio-Sacral in particular are power-    T-cells and B-cells are natural immune        Lomi Lomi, & Integrated Massage therapy
ful treatments for drainage and tissue    responses that make up dis-ease               excellent for immune building
rebuilding. We also offer Chiropractic,
and a wide variety of body work
modalities for reducing pain and
increasing your sense of well-being.
                                          Chiropractically speaking
  For myself, I wanted to take a          Since its development nearly 110 years ago, Chiropractic has slowly but
moment to thank any of you who            methodically been gaining recognition for its ability to heal. Once the sole
have been a part of breathing room. I     province of neck and back pain sufferers, recent scientific studies show
am grateful on so many levels for the     strong positive responses as chiropractic principles are applied to a myriad
blessings I have received and the         of symptoms relating to other alignment issues.
opportunity to be involved in so many
                                                   Primarily, Chiropractic is concerned with the body’s nervous sys-
people’s lives. breathing room has
                                          tem.While your spine works hard to protect this network, when it is not
been a large part of my life this past
                                          correctly aligned, it distorts your body’s ability to send, receive and execute
year and I look forward to the coming
                                          signals correctly.The message simply cannot get through.
year of personal and professional
                                                   As you consider the wide array of healing options available to you
growth for myself and each of our
staff. May your holidays be filled with   today, remember that Chiropractic has always been a pioneer in healing the
love, laughter and health.                body naturally and holistically. If you would like to learn more about chiro-
         -Elise Bohaty, owner             practic and how it can benefit you, please call to make and appointment.
Reiki – realizing recovery                                                                       Get on the ball
As we move through life, we experience               emotions are released.
many events that leave their marks on us.                In application, Reiki is very simple.   Yamuna Body Rolling can make you
Some of these marks seem superficial                 The practitioner lays their hands on the    feel so much better in your body.With
while others leave deep scars, both in               receiver’s body in places that corre-       routines to open up, elongate and
our bodies and in our emotions. As                   spond to the major energy centers.          balance the entire body, anyone can
with physical scars, emotional scars can             Energy is then moved through the            benefit from a session on the ball. Body
bind and hinder us from movement                     receiver to the area where healing is       Rolling is a great way to release tight
and growth. Reiki reaches these scars                needed. Just as we are all individuals,     muscles, build core and upper body
and allows us to move forward in our                 each Reiki experience is different. Many    strength, create total freedom of
healing. We have all experienced nerv-               common observations of the Reiki            movement and prevent injury. Body
ous stomachs or tension headaches, like-             experience are warmth, tingling, or a       Rolling is literally fitness and massage
wise, many other ailments have roots in              feeling of being very far away, yet pres-   rolled into one. One of the unique ben-
our emotions, and can develop physi-                 ent in the moment.                          efits of Body Rolling is you can bring it
cal symptoms. Reiki helps reach those                    Reiki helps us realize the links        anywhere. It can be used on its own, or
deeper levels. For example, some sur-                between our bodies and our emotions.        to enhance any other program of exer-
vivors of rape and other physical abuse              It peels away the levels of emotional       cise. It addresses Scoliosis, chronic pain,
have experienced healing while re-living             scar tissue, allowing the energy of our
                                                                                                 scar tissue reduction, lymphodemia
the moment safely during a Reiki ses-                emotions to once again flow freely.
                                                                                                 and other serious structural concerns.
sion, allowing them to let go of the                         -Koren Walsh CMT, Reiki Master      Get on the ball and feel the difference.
emotional pain. Often these people feel                       Doula (Labor Coach).
                                                                                                          -Daphnae Koop Cranio-Sacral,
an unwinding of their bodies as the                                                                       Yamuna Body Rolling

      What’s happening at
       breathing room?
         Introducing Kids Teen Yoga
    A Yoga class for teens taught by a teen.         breathing room Sourcing Wellness
  starting in December with Haley Goldstein
                 Saturdays 11:30                     1310 Wayzata Blvd.
                                                     Wayzata, MN 55391

        Faretheewells from Roxanna
    Many blessings to breathing room and
     the breath of life in each of you. As I
     prepare to depart to the West Coast
 (December 9th) please know I hold each of
    you in my heart and I look forward to
  seeing you at workshops and meditations
             when I return to visit.
     My first visit will be in April/May 2005.

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