• 25% REDUCTION IN TYRE WEAR
                          • 3% IMPROVED FUEL EFFICIENCY
                          • 27% REDUCTION IN BLOWOUTS

Lower vehicle running costs, improved OHS
issues, can you afford not to run on Nitrogen?
Nitrogen Benefits

No oxidation
• As normal compressed air passes through the casing of the tyre, oxidation
  is caused within the tyre belts, reducing the life of the casing and increasing
  the risk of blow-outs. As nitrogen is clean and dry, there is no moisture and
  the larger nitrogen molecules will not pass through the tyre casing like air.

Constant pressure
• Nitrogen molecules are 4 times larger than air and as a result will not
  permeate through the casing of the tyre resulting in pressure loss.
• Nitrogen is a more stable gas than air and as such will not give high
  fluctuations in temperature and therefore pressure within the tyre.

Lower running temperature
• Fluctuation in pressure means increased temperature resulting in
  increased tyre wear.
• As the pressure in the tyre is more constant, you will not get the increase
  in temperature and pressure like you get with tyres inflated with normal
  compressed air.

Reduction of tyre management
• We all know it is time consuming and the last thing checked. But the tyre
  pressure is critical to the handling and efficiency of the truck. With nitrogen,
  as the pressure stays constant and there is no loss through the tyre, less
  monitoring is needed by drivers and maintenance staff.

3% saving on fuel costs
• As the tyre loses pressure, the tyre surface on the road increases. With a
  10% reduction in tyre pressure, research has shown that you will get a 3%
  increase in fuel usage.

5 Psi differential on duals
• Tyre manufacturers recommend a maximum of 5 Psi difference in pressure
  between the inner & outer tyre of a dual wheel.
• Nitrogen assits to achieve this with more constant temperature & pressure.
Pulford Nitroplus
                                                             Key Features
                                                             •   Quality Pulford rotary screw compressor
                                                             •   Refrigerated air dryer
                                                             •   Ample storage for both air and nitrogen
                                                             •   Two step air filtration
                                                             •   Easy-to-operate digital tyre inflator
                                                             •   Nitrogen concentration sensor
                                                             •   Dedicated nitrogen hose
                                                             •   Optional dual system air / nitrogen

Pulford are a 100% Australian
owned air compressor company
who specialise in the design,
manufacture, service and
installation of quality, reliable
air compressors.

The company has been producing and servicing air compressors since 1925 and now boasts a
range of more than 80 models including the flexibility to design and build custom packages to
meet customer’s requirements.

We pride ourselves on being market focused, continually supporting the developments and
introduction of innovative new products.

With our years of knowledge and experience in industry, along with our high standards of
materials and workmanship, Pulford is committed to driving down our customer’s total cost of
business, through improving the overall efficiency of the system operation by delivering the
highest quality, reliable compressed air and continuous nitrogen supply available on the market.

Through the experience gained from our long history with the addition of over 12 months of
product development, we feel that we can offer the transport and tyre industry the best possible
package in nitrogen generation technology in Australia.

                       Sydney Head Office and Manufacturing
                       5 – 7 Baker Street, Botany NSW
                       Ph 02 9316 9735 | Fax 02 9666 5748
                       Queensland Office
                       7 / 66 Pritchard Road, Virginia QLD
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