Pringle Mail by maclaren1


									                3rd Quarter Project: The Pringles Are In The Mail
  Goal: Mail 3 regular size Pringle potato chips to my house in the lightest package possible without
                                       breaking any of the chips.

  1.     Anything can be used to pack the chips. The only requirement is that the chips cannot be
         coated with any substances. Students may be asked to eat the Pringles to prove they were
         not tampered with.
  2.     All packages must be sent through U.S. Postal Service. Use the cheapest possible
         shipping option available to you! Packages that are sent FedEx, UPS, Priority Mail or any
         other non U.S. Postal Service mail will be disqualified and the student will receive a zero.
  3.     Packages should be mailed from either the Montgomery, Maybrook, or Walden Post Office.
         See extra credit section for clarification.
  4.     All packages must be postmarked by March 21, 2009. Packages postmarked after this
         date will be considered late and receive a point reduction. It is expected that the packages
         will be opened sometime between March 20 and March 27, 2009.
  5.     Students must have a receipt from the post office to prove that the package was sent (in case
         the package is lost). No receipt, group receives a zero.
  6.     Any flavor of Pringle chips is acceptable. Chips with ridges are unacceptable. Mini-Pringles
         are unacceptable.
  7.     Students will mass and open their own packages in front of the class. Pringles must be fully
         removed from the packaging. Pringles that are broken in the opening process will be
         considered broken in transit.
  8.     Cracks and chips in the Pringles are considered breaks (see grading scale).
  9.     Pringles CANNOT be stacked.
  10.    You may work in groups of 1 – 10. You may work with students from outside your class.

  1.     Your grade will be determined by the following 3 factors:

         a. Meeting the deadline: 40 points will be awarded for a package with a postmark on or
            before the deadline stated above. If the package is mailed late, there will be a 10 point
            deduction for each day. Students must have a receipt from the post office to prove that the
            package was sent. No receipt, group receives a zero.

         b. Mass: Points for mass of the package will be distributed as indicated in the table below.
                             Mass (kg)                                   Points Awarded
                           Under 0.1 kg                                         10
                         0.10 kg – 0.19 kg                                      8
                         0.20 kg – 0.29 kg                                      6
                         0.30 kg – 0.39 kg                                      4
                        0.40 kg and above                                       2
         c. Condition of Pringles: Each Pringle in the package will be evaluated on the following

PERFECTLY INTACT- (like it just left the factory) 16.67 points per Pringle

A CHIPPED CHIP - (chipped along the edges) 13.34 points per Pringle

SLIGHTLY DAMAGED - (cracked, but still in one piece) 11.70 points per Pringle

A SPLIT CHIP - (chip is broken into 2 fairly equal pieces) 8.35 points per Pringle

SIGNIFICANTLY DAMAGED - (chipped and/or cracked less than 20 pieces) 5.01 points per Pringle

POTATO DUST - (too many to count, more than 20 pieces) 3.34 points per Pringle
Send To: Mr. Cozzolino
            691 Albany Post Road
            New Paltz, NY 12561

Extra Credit / Grade Boosting Opportunities:
  1. While full credit will be awarded for any package shipped from the Montgomery, Walden, or
     Maybrook Post Offices, extra credit will be awarded to the package shipped (ON TIME) from the
     farthest location.

  2. Extra credit may be added on to your project score by entering the AAPT High School Physics
     Photo Contest You must submit your entry for the contest to me by Friday April 3rd. Rules for the
     photo contest are below.

  3. Extra credit may be added on to your project score by entering the Joliet High School Physics
     Music Video Contest. You must submit your entry for the contest to me by Friday April 3 rd. Rules
     for the music video contest are posted on my website and in the classroom. The required

Photo Contest Rules – view past winners at

  1. Photos must be unmounted and may be either black-and-white or color.
  2. All submitted photos must be printed on photographic stock and should be trimmed to 8” x 10” or 8½” x
  3. Original photos may be cropped for better composition (as long as the final product is still an 8” x 10” or
     8½” x 11” print). Minimal manipulation of digital images with the intention of accurately rendering the
     subject is acceptable eg.: small adjustments to brightness, contrast, color balance and/or sharpness, is
     acceptable. No other digital manipulation of an image is allowed.
  4. An electronic file of the photo must be copied onto a CD which is sent with the submission of the photo.
     Please send the electronic file of ONLY the photo being entered in the contest.
  5. Only one photo per student. (Multiple small photos on one 8.5” x 11” sheet are not allowed.)
  6. Only one student per entry. (Photo cannot be taken by two or more people.)
  7. The student must take the photo.
  8. The submission must include the following:
         1. Photo (8 ½ x 11 inches or 8 x 10 inches) with no additional backing attached to the photo.
         2. CD containing a digital file (preferably jpeg) of the photo.
         3. Signed copy of the Contest Rules and Entry Agreement form .
         4. Printed hard copy from the on-line registration. This printed copy will automatically include the
                 a. Student’s name and home mailing address; including city, state and zip code;
                 b. Student’s email address and phone number
                 c. Student’s high school, complete school address; and school phone number
                 d. Teacher’s name and email address
                 e. Choice of “Natural” or “Contrived” category for entry;
                 f. Essay of 250 words or less describing the physics in the photo. The essay should have a title
                     and must be written by the student.
Video Contest Rules
The contest you’ve been waiting for!
Do you love music videos?
Here’s a chance to make a music video set to the tune of “Energy” and qualify for a chance at winning $100.
The video should emphasize physics demonstrations involving some form of energy, while also allowing the
students to be creative (such as lip syncing and dancing)

Attached is an mp3 for the song you must use, “Energy”

The winner will be announced by May 24, 2008 on the site
Richard Anthony will select the top ten videos and a group of physics students will vote to decide which of the ten
will win the prize money.

   1. Nothing potentially harmful should be shown.
   2. The video must use the song “Energy”.
   3. There are no more rules!!! This is you or your students chance to be creative.

How to enter
You can enter the contest two ways.
   1. Record your video to VHS or DVD.

   2. Upload your video to

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